Centara Grand Pattaya

A new hotel has recently opened in the heart of Thailand. Located in the ever-popular tourist destination of Pattaya, the Centara Grand Beach Resort is Pattaya’s and perhaps Thailand’s first ‘theme hotel’.

But don’t worry. This isn’t some Thai knock-off of a Japanese love hotel, but it is actually a 500 room, 18 story, five-star luxury resort in the theme of the Lost World.

By theme hotel, we mean a hotel that has been exquisitely decorated, painstakingly constructed and kept to the highest standard. The rooms at the Centara Grand Mirage, Pattaya are to say the least, exquisite. You certainly won’t be a Robinson Crusoe in this hotel as it has everything you could ever want in the rooms.

Centara Grand Room 2

Outside, the hotel boasts numerous swimming pools, waterfalls and countless water activities in the dedicated water park located right on the beach, the Centara Grand Mirage is actually located on its own private beach in the heart of some of the best coastline in Thailand.

With every room facing the beautiful Andaman Sea, you can watch as the sun sets across the ocean in this destination resort hotel which has facilities to cater for almost every type of traveler.  This well featured hotel has a range of bars and restaurants including on-site spa facilities, as well as a huge convention center which can accommodate up to 1,200 people.

Centara Grand Room

Pattaya in recent years has earned itself a reputation as a place for debauchery and lewdness, but this has not stopped this beautiful coastal city from becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, if not Southeast Asia.

The city of Pattaya is far more than what many people think, and thanks to the recent opening of this new five-star resort – the Centara Grand, it’s hoped that more people can finally take the opportunity to discover a side of Pattaya that’s focused on relaxation and having an unbeatable vacation.

With beaches, SCUBA diving and some of the best nightlife in the world, Pattaya has a little bit of everything to please tourists. Located around two hours south of Bangkok International Airport, it’s a quick taxi-ride to get to what has been described by many as paradise.

The Centara Grand Beach Resort, Pattaya may be the ultimate five-star resort for that dream vacation you’ve been waiting for. Take a look for yourself and find out why this five-star hotel is better than anything else Pattaya has to offer.



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