A London holiday surely is far from being described as cheap by any measure. The daily rates of hotels especially with the approaching London Olympics are skyrocketing. You will also be lucky if you can get a booking for the dates of the games. The travel money too is hard to stretch if you have to eat out every time. There are alternative London accommodations though if you really want to witness the 2012 Olympics:

Bed & Breakfast Club

You will find The Bed & Breakfast Club houses in the more pleasant neighborhoods of London offering rooms of private residences offered for rent. Since you will be occupying a private room, do not expect luxury hotel like conveniences and pampering. It will have the basics though like entertainment system, phone, and twenty four hour check-in. Add to the simple elements the personal touch of the service.

The rooms may vary but on average it is about £50 a night. Some offer apartments that are self contained so these are perfect for families.

Jumeirah Living’s Grosvenor House Apartments

You can choose from 133 new luxury apartments overlooking the Hyde Park ranging from cozy apartments and functional studios. The concept is combining the comfort that feels like home and the convenience of a luxury hotel. You will enjoy the concierge service, fridge stocking, and a restaurant.

The room rates kick off at £450 per night with a minimum required booking of seven nights during the tie of the Olympics. Each room has its own wet rooms, safes, and well equipped kitchens. It can still will be wise to book this London hotel before May 20 so you can still avail of the discounted rates. Get a penthouse and you will be spoiled with a butler and you can ride an Aston Martin.

Athenaeum Hotel Apartments

The Athenaeum is among the best hotels in London but this brand also offers mayfair apartments which you can rent for a day or for as long as you want. The hotel which is just next to the apartments provide all day room service, free Wi-Fi, and use of their spa. These apartments start at £450.

The apartment will include Kid’s concierge who can help you book tickets, find books, or get a bike for the youngsters. The children also get their nightly bedtime cookies and milk. The accommodation will also have a toybox for the kids. The kids who are under 12 can eat for free as long as they are dining with the adults.

Spitalfield Lofts Apartments

These apartments have an open plan lay out for the living areas and located in the stylish neighborhoods of London. You will just be a few hops from the station of Liverpool Street so getting to the game venues will be quite easy. The company also has properties in Mayfair, the city, and Chelsea. A single bedroom apartment goes for £160 per night with a required minimum booking of 7 days. Basically their prices go down the longer your stay will be.



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