Pantone LLC, an X-Rite organization and the worldwide authority on color, on 24 May, declared the opening of the Pantone Hotel in Brussels. It is located near Avenue Louise, an enchanting shopping and business region named for a daughter of king and now a muse to nowadays designers, the Pantone Hotel joins and combines an attractive, colorful aesthetic design with comfy, well-appointed guest rooms.

This hotel is a perfect place for transnational adventures as well as small commercial meetings and business conferences; furthermore, it is an ideal place for unique and special events. Designed by Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaert, every hotel’s seventh floor is enlightened by various color palettes to balance emotions of visitors with characteristic hues-whether glowing or subdued.

The guest rooms are works of art-white walls and bedding offer a clean, crispy canvas for saturated pops of vivacious color. Rooms feature photographic settings up produced by famous Belgian photographer Victor Levy that contains a variety of energetic Pantone colors to generate an exceptional atmosphere in every room.  The 59 affordably priced rooms and suites allow guests to transform their vacation by choosing a room that harmonizes their mood through a particular color. Furthermore, the rooms are decorated after one of seven distinctive Pantone color palettes and comprise inviting bedding, LCD TV and central air conditioning, many, as well, offer unmatched sights of Brussels.



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