Part of what defines a getaway is the freedom from responsibility. A new place, some refreshing faces and warm bodies, no reservations. Cutting away the puppet strings from the people we have to answer to and the paperwork on our desks is what a vacation should be. So spread your wings a little and go wild in one of the best venues in the country – the hotel.

Believe it or not hotels have the most chill places to lounge or bump and grind the night away. There are the infinity pools, rooftop bars selling the most knockout drinks, the restaurants and hotel-based clubs which only allow A-listers to go through and not to mention the grand rooms which can house concerts or large events. In this list we have compiled the best places to get down for a wild night.

What’s the best deal about going to a hotel to party? You don’t need to swerve to and fro, dizzily looking for way to get to the curb so you can hail a taxi. You only need to get to your floor and plop down your bed. Staying for the night also means a passport for you to be able to go in these great hangouts without being inspected by the bouncers. As they say, get your groove on, wear the most ill dress or get-up and get down to the most happening hotels all over the world.

The Standard New York

Enterpreneur and hotelier Andre Balazs’ started an 18 floor property in New York’s Meatpacking District. Go up to the topmost of the Standard hotel where Top of the Standard is located. This prestigious, strictly A-list club once was the hangout place of Jude Law, Courtney Love and Madonna.

However the standards are bound to be tighter once the spot opens its doors as a private member’s only social club. When this happens though, you can take refuge in the Standard’s other happening bars like the Standard Grill and the Biergarten which are meant for the more down-to-earth folks. These restos serve up good and copious drinks, al-fresco seating and an easy vibe which is hard to find in the places where the bouncers keep commoners out.

Go to the Living Room on a Friday or Saturday evening or check out Le Bain for the outdoor views of the Hudson river and the New York cityscape. Here you can pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the Astroturf on your feet. Walk down the stairs and lounge around their pool bar outfitted retro-style with a mirror ball. The Standard has 337 rooms to choose from all with excellent views of the city plus the river, glass walls all throughout the room and some mood lights.

Buddha Bar Hotel

Just say “Buddha” and one avid party-goer will probably shout “Bar.” Buddha Bar has become synonymous to party. This restaurant cum lounge chain is honey for party people who swarm its many locations like flies. Since people like to party there so much, it was only a matter of time before the businessmen behind it decide to make accommodations part of the party plans in its hippest branches.

The initial Buddha Bar Hotel branch opened up in the classic city of Prague. These Eastern European locales have a reputation for wild beer gatherings but the old city itself has a hipper and sober approach to partying. Prague’s Buddha Bar hotel is interiored in golds, red and wild prints. Party animals can let the rain showers drizzle on them to sober them up in their rooms. There are digital TVs in the bathrooms and the LCDs which showcase the music being played in the bar below so no one is missing out the party even if they’re just sitting out in their own rooms.

The heart of the hotel has to be the mezzanine where the main bar is. Djs spin the illest tracks at the lounge and hungry guests can eat at the Buddha Bar restaurant famous for its Asian and Pacific cuisine. People who would rather sit pensively and think while the party is raging can spend a quiet time in the Siddharta Cafe. However, it is a doubt that people who stay there are in fact having a quiet time due to the unquiet colors of the Warhol-esque inspired cafe.

Distrito Capital

Mexico may appear to be a somber and traditional city steeped in the Catholic tradition but disbelieve if you must, its capital city holds some of the wildest party spots in the world. One such place is Distrito Capital which opened its doors to the partying throng in February 2009.

This particular hotel has been designed by the Habita hotel group. Look for Distrito Capital in the quarter of Santa Fe, a happening business district and shopping area. Rent yourself one of the 30 rooms available in this 28 floored development and scope out the restaurants. Designer Joseph Dirand from France designed the interiors of the building.

The structures insides are tastefully reserved through the minimalist design and applications of color grays, classic and antique furnitures and art which intermingle with LCDS and retrospective items. After drinking in all the solo spaces go out to the fifth floor where the public is. Enjoy the pool lounge and drink some mojitos while gazing at the stars. If you are sober enough get to the Suite Royal and enjoy the 31st floor with yet another bar. Beside the pool area, you can eat some Mexican fine dining by Enrique Olvera. Staying over on a Saturday or a Sunday costs only 170$ for a double sized hotel room.

Murano Resort

If France, the most liberal country in Europe, does not have its party places, then the world must be a tame place. However, thanks to spots like the Murano Resort, Parisians can lift their heads up in terms of having the most happening places in the planet. This particular resort is located in the neighborhood of Marais and features top of the line tech. You need to have your fingerprint biometrically scanned before you can enjoy one of their 43 rooms plus nine suites.

If you book a suite and you’re lucky enough, you might chance upon those with their own outdoor pools. If you want to start a party, you can start doing so in your very room through the stereos and the controls for the room lights. It is explosive enough to party in a confined space, what more if you go the bar lounge. The bar lounge happens to be two venues in one which are separated by a glass wall. Check out the bar and ask the bartender what is the best vodka of the 180 ones they have in stock.

Don’t be afraid to go among the throngs of party-goers. They’re part of Paris’ in crowd who flock to the club to get their share of the DJ’s beats and the action. To sober up, there’s the Martini Terrace in the ground floor which serves haute Italian cuisine and some Martinis until two in the morning. The jet-set have  aplace to dine in Murano’s and the restaurant even has its own DJ. Scarf up some comfort food even if you wake up around 12 pm. If you need a shot in the arm after a night of partying, fill your cup with a espresso through the espresso machine in your room.

Check in around Saturday, wake up and gorge yourself on their Sunday brunch menu. The hotel caters to the needs of party people through its Rock ‘nLuxe package which provides a two-night stay in one of the premiere rooms, champagne once you check in, transportation to and from the airport, a stocked mini bar, and free break fast plus the option of checking out late. The package costs 600 euros a night and standard packages cost around 350 euros.


Why go and meet one Girl from Ipanema when there are several here? The happening beach of Ipanema in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro boasts of a bar called Fasano. Philippe Starck, architect imprimatur, designed the bar which exudes of decadence and sleekness while centering on the mix of the four elements represented by wood, marble, glass and steel.

Take these concepts and play a little Bossa and you have the design of Fasano. But aside from the interiors, people go to this hotel for its common places – Barreto-Londra a lounge created in honor of Roberta Fasano’s beloved London; Fasano Al Mare, a resto which cooks seafood Mediterranean style and captained by a chef who worked in a restaurant with a Michelin star in Florence. These two spots are further complemented by a spa, a steam room and a lounge pool in the rooftop.

Go through all these places and encounter a sampling of partying means in Brazil. Baretto-Londra with its leather furnishings and walls exposing red bricks is a stage for the Brazilian A-listers to party in to the sound  of rock and trance. Djs usually spin nightly in this club. If Barreto-Londra is a little crowded try going upstairs for a dip in the infinity pool. The pool appears to slip right into Rio’s seascape. Enjoy the partying here where Madonna, P.Diddy and Beyonce once strayed.

ARIA Resort & Casino

Las Vegas has a reputation of a city that never sleeps. The action is thick even into the wee hours of the morning. For a night that will burn down the annals of party history in Vegas, go to the ARIA Resort and Casino sitting right at the City Center. This hotel has turned into one of the prime stamping grounds in Las Vegas Strip. Co-developed along with The Light Group which has created happening places like TheBank and JET, ARIA keeps the party rolling until dawn. O

One of the amazing things about the scene in ARIA is that there are three bars in the hotel keeping the party crowd wet as late as 4 in the morning. Lucky patrons sometimes get to see stars like Usher Raymond, Katy Perry and Mariah Carey. Seventeen restaurants are also open in order to provide the mob with chow. These little pieces of gourmet heaven are helmed by celebrity chefs in the persons of Jean-Georges, Michael Mina and Masayoshi Takayama.

When the sun comes up, you can just crash on your bed and man the controls for the automated curtains to seal off the light. Controls for the light and the temperature can be adjusted at one push. The hotel rates which are as low as $129 during Mondays through Fridays and $199 on Saturdays and Sundays will keep people coming back.

Metropolitan London

Metropolitan London may have its minimalist appeal but under the measured appearance it exudes through its signature luxury items like the COMO Shambhala items you will find in your bath or the Egyptian cotton comforters you will lie down in and your room’s vista of Hyde Park, it hides a party animal. Grab hold of your key which will allow you to fall into the rabbit hole of a rambunctious night. Get your energy up at the Michelin Star awarded Nobu restaurant and then proceed to the ceremonies over at the Met Bar.

The scene is a little mellow at first with the proceedings happening at 3 in the afternoon up to six in the evening. Despite the sobering fare of English desserts and pastries, you can start getting sloshed by asking the attendants to spike your tea with a Martini. As you can imagine, the party starts when the skyline turns a delicious black. Expect the reputed Djs and bands. Metropolitan is also known to draw stars to give a show or two. Among the marquee names that have performed there are the Kings of Leon and the popularly known Oasis. Russell Brand who is becoming a hit in Hollywood used to hold his standups there.

Once a month, the bar also hosts a karaoke cum rock performance event and an electronica night. If you are already booked in the Met, you don’t have to fret as the party grounds are only reserved for you and the club’s members. Metropolitan even has a package for the party jet-setters. The package features some shots of Purple Haze and all-access pass to the happening clubs of London and a gift box with a toy guitar and a mask. The package is being offered at 390 pounds a night but rates tend to differ on occasion.


Look at theWit‘s facade and you know that you’re going to have an electrifyingly good time as a lightning bolt  pulsates throughout the architecture of this 27 floor building. Push the elevator buttons and head out to the topmost floor where the ROOF lounge is. The ROOF lounge is the hotel’s lightning rod for party prestige as it has been given the Windy City’s It crowd nod of approval as the place to be.

Guests can enjoy stunning views of the Chicago cityscape and night sky while being warmed by the fire pits. People enjoy the cocktails and the plates filled with gourmet aperitifs. During the weekends, guest Djs lay down wicked beats. Every so often the venue hosts rock bands and pop acts through its ROOFLIVE concerts which are held twice a month during the summer season and the first months of fall. Step out of theWit and you gain easy access to Chicago’s Loop where the various entertainment options are. Enjoy Chicago’s restaurants and luxury movie houses without losing sight of theWit. However, if you’re feeling a little reclusive and would like to limit your interaction to the city, the hotel has two restaurants and a theater you can rent to host your own viewing party in. Aside from these, there is the relative comfort of the 300 rooms which theWit offers in case you would like to plop down after partying hard or you would like to invite your newly found friends over.

Of course, theWit is not about to be the last one in terms of partying. TheWit has coughed up another possible ball lightning in their Phoenix Lounge. This particular bar is located in the newly renovated second floor of the hotel and focuses on fine dining. You can savor the Mediterranean cuisine served in small plates and sample the wine list which has been written to consider your viticultural language level. After some cocktails lounge a little more and drink the interiors in – black colored velvet chairs, sculpture and leather banquets. If its a Thursday or Friday or Saturday, stay a little more and listen to few sets of Chicago’s local musicians as they electrify the air with their earnest songs played acoustically. Standard rate for a stay in theWit is 299$.


If you want a party place that has been hosting the scene for as long as 1954, look nowhere else but Miami’s Fountainebleau. Fontainebleau may have been old news but thanks to its redevelopment singing to the tune of a billion dollars, the hotel has gained a new lease on life in 2008.

The hotel’s history itself is worth remembering as the former haunts of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack. In its present incarnation, its pulsating and partying heart is LIV. LIV has gained the reputation of being the best nightclub in the world and is the stamping grounds of such stalwart names as LeBron James and Jennifer Lopez. The club is able to attract top draws like Lady Gaga to perform in their many events like their New Year’s party.

All thirty thousand square feet of the club sprawls and allows a complete vision of what is happening on the DJ-beat laden grounds. This particular features affects you to feel that the party is indeed raging all around you and is the main factor why the club is so popular. And for people who want to mellow down a bit, you can saunter over to the poolside Glow bar and order a few drinks and enjoy the pool shaped like a bowtie. Or go into the lobby for some time in the Bleau bar.

All in all Fontainebleau has 1,504 rooms to choose from with their own themes which are often colored by ocean views, blues. Access the Internet through the Imacs available. If you’re feeling hungry, head on out to one of the restaurants that feature some haute gourmet in Scarpetta, Gotham Steak and Hakkasan. You only need to pay 189$ a pop for a night’s stay.

Ritz-Carlton at L.A. LIVE

LA’s Downtown party scene is encountering a rebirth from its former business roots. It has now started to open up to new developments like condominiums, art galleries, bars, an event hall and several hotels. After a series of these developments it is crowned with the stunning L.A. LIVE. L.A. LIVE is a 2.5 billion investment which offers sports and entertainment and a hotel. This particular hotel happens to be the Ritz-Carlton. The Ritz-Carlton is thought to be the gem of the complex.

The building contains living spaces like the JW Marriot and the Ritz-Carlton’s residences on the topmost floor of this 54 floor glamorous behemoth. Guests can enjoy the many amenities and establishments found in L.A. Live like a bowling session over at Lucky Strike and some eats at Rosa Mexicana or the Japanese Katsuya. They can also watch a game of the Lakers or a concert by a Billboard selling artist. If they’re lucky enough, they can have seats at the Grammys or party with the stars at the Club Lounge. R

Ritz’s Club Lounge offers cocktails with a sprawling vista of L.A. Many more activities are in the offing like X Games concerts from Lady Gaga and the American Idols. The hotel also offers a package with streamlines the promos one can have in L.A. LIVE. Pay 309$ and enjoy a one night stay in the hotel plus a guest room, a discount when you eat in the restaurants, some movie tickets, game cards from ESPN Game Zone and some tickets for the Grammy Museum. The 309$ package fee is their standard starting rate.



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