Traveling with kids can be quite a challenge for parents. One, you worry how they will be behaving during the trip. Two, what things will you be packing for them. And three, will they enjoy will they enjoy where you will be going.

There are hotels though with kid-themed suites which we are sure the youngster travelers will enjoy in, and will give parents the much needed rest and relaxation.

Here are some of the best themed suites that you can find in hotels from different parts of the globe:

SpongeBob Suite at Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Florida

The poolside features in this hotel makes use of about 10,000 pies and roughly half a million liters of green slime a year.

Kids will be all smiles when they’re in the sleeping quarters as they will sleep just next to SpongeBob or other characters of the Nickelodeon gang.

The Nick Hotel in Orlando, Florida has 777 suites which comes complete with a kitchen, themed room for kids, and a sitting area.

African Adventure Rooms at Chessington World of Adventures in England

The kids will enjoy sleeping under a tented area with animal prints on their sheets and furniture, and animal designs on their walls. These are the details Chessington World Adventure make sure are present in every hotel room. For the parents, they have the kind of pampering they expect too, 4-poster beds plus tons of activities to keep the children busy for quite some time.

Guests who will be able to unravel a secret code to win them prizes when they participate in the savanah quiz.

There are 9 themed rooms which will be available thru a package that offers a family of 4 an over night stay, parking, breakfast, and two days of access to the Chessington World of Adventure.

Barbie Suite at Grand Hotel Savoia in Italy

Your girls will love staying in the Barbie Suite at the Grand Hotel Savoia. No the girls do not need to be wearing their gowns and tiaras but the room is dominated by pink. The hotel located in a ski resort in norther Italy collaborated with Mattel to devote the pink rooms for fans of Barbie.

For now, the Barbie Suite is not yet open. It is scheduled to welcome guests by September this year. The adult suites by the way are not in pink.

Pirates Lego Suite in Legoland, Denmark

From kids to adults, everyone can relate to Lego. So the whole family is familiar with the primary colored bricks which will build things from cars to houses or even machine guns.

If your kids are future engineers or architects, you will see them go on an overdrive building things at Legoland in Denmark There are tons of activities like treasure hunting, contests, games and fun in the play room.

The parents will be free to do the things they want to do or just relax in the hotel as the little kids will surely be busy in the pirate themed Lego room.

Hello Kitty Suite at Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Taiwan

If there is a Barbie themed suite, then this list will not be complete without the Hello Kitty suite or else we will make the other girls frown. These Hello Kitty hotel rooms are popular for tourists and features everything from Hello Kitty bed sheet, bikes, dolls, and Ferris Wheel.

In case you want to go around the city, you can even hire the hotel’s Hello Kitty chauffeured vehicle.

While the kids are enjoying at their Hello Kitty Room, the adults will sure enjoy some Hello Kitty chocolate and liquor.



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