Whether you’re planning a vacation on a beachfront or in the middle of a rainforest, you’ll find plenty of treehouse hotels that won’t just give you the basic amenities but wow you completely. No longer is the treehouse the realm of Ewoks and little boys alone. Now, they’re also the trendiest lodgings for adventurous travelers. Read on to find out which treehouse hotels around the globe are worth the visit.

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa: Tsala Treetop Lodge

This one of a kind treehouse lodging overlooks the Tsitsikamma Forest and is artfully made from stone and glass. The lodge itself consists of 10 suites, each one built with floor-to-ceiling windows. The living room of each suite has a fire log, and you can also enjoy the privacy of your own deck which opens to an infinity pool. You can get from one point of this lodge to another through wooden walkways.

While you’re in the Tsala, you should book a day to discover the Garden Route of South Africa. This path goes through the botanical beauty of the West Cape. On other days, you can also enjoy sunbathing on the beaches of Plattenberg Bay.

Lenox Massachusetts: The Aviary

If you want a place you can forget the world with and just relax, the Aviary Treehouse located at the Berkshire Mountains is the perfect choice for you this weekend. This is a two-floor treehouse lodging designed by Frederick Law Olmstead. The first floor is a wet room with limestone floors and a gorgeous soaking tub. A spiral staircase will lead you to the sleeping quarters upstairs, also built with an impressive entertainment system.

Not exactly the best choice for the purely outdoorsy types, the lodging offers the best of their bounty at the Dining Room restaurant. Art and history fans will also have a grand time exploring the vicinity’s nearby museums, antique shops, and art galleries.

Ashford, Washington: Cedar Creek Treehouse

If you don’t mind living 50 feet off the ground, you’d probably enjoy days on end living in the Cedar Creek Treehouse. These suites are literally built on hundred-year-old cedar trees, and while hanging up in the air seems like an uncomfortable concept for some of us, the suites provide nothing but comfort to guests. You’ll enjoy the convenience of your own kitchen as well as a cozy sleeping loft.

Aside from the suites, you’ll also have access to an observation room which comes with indoor hammocks and is encased in glass. Work on your cardio, though, because to get from the ground to the suites and function rooms, you’ll have to climb winding stairways. That’s 50 feet-worth of elevation you’ll have to conquer.

You might also want to visit the recently installed observatory. While this is 100 feet off the ground, residing in an ancient fir tree, the view is certainly worth the climb. You can see the imposing Mount Rainier from this vantage point. If you get tired of the far-off sights, you can also explore the mountain itself. The Mount Rainier National Park is only 10 minutes away from the lodge by car, or a day if you wish to go there on foot.

Amazon: Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel

Where else but in the Amazon can you get the ultimate treehouse experience? The Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel is definitely among the world’s biggest treehouse hotels. It sits 35 miles off the gateway of the Amazon (Manaus) and includes the celebrated President Lula “Tarzan House”. This suite is built at canopy-level and has its own Jacuzzi, plunge pool, and private viewing deck.

If you’re booking for a room over the weekend, be prepared to climb a lot of stairwells and go through wooden walkways. Certainly not a place for the faint at heart, every adventurous traveler will find the jungle jaw-dropping. While they’re 150-feet off the ground, the observation towers are definitely worth the climb as well.

Wayanad, Kerala, India: Tranquil Resort

The suites here are perfect for couples, although they might be a tad too small if you’re traveling with a group of four or five people. The resort sits in southern India, in a 400-acre property comprising of a vanilla and coffee plantation surrounded by the Kerala Rainforest. While the treehouse suites seem to be the main attractions, the main lodge also has eight rooms.

If you opt for the treehouse suite, though, you’ll be given a 500-feet-square lodging built with coffee wood, complete with a full bath, a king-sized bed, and an amicable Royal Poinciana trunk growing into your bedroom, overhead the bed. Be ready to traverse through a water lift, rope bridge, and ascending stairs if you’re planning to book a room over the weekend.

This lodge is perfect for relaxation with its pool and spa. Don’t forget to give their ayurvedic massage a try, perhaps after a guided day tour through the property’s vanilla and coffee plantation.

Australia: Hinchinbrook Island Wilderness Lodge

If you’re just in love with all 96 acres of the Hinchinbrook Island reserve, then you should probably stay overnight, or maybe even over the weekend, at the national park’s Wilderness Lodge. Aside from being surrounded by all that luscious vegetations and wildlife, you’ll also get to live like you’re part of the entire setting.
Who says you need to camp out for this? A better (and more privileged) option is a night (or two) at one of their fifteen treehouses. Each treehouse suite is built with floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you a full view of the site’s rugged mountains and the unrefined, sandy beach. The property also gives you beachfront access, while each suite has its own full bath, private balcony, and a kitchen, just in case you feel like cooking for breakfast.

While you’re here, don’t forget to hop into a boat or hike to enjoy eleven of the island’s secret beaches. Have a picnic with your family or special someone, or rent a boat and a snorkeling gear to explore the island’s underwater wildlife. Once the sun sets, you can get into your pretty dress and enjoy the Wilderness Lodge bar’s signature cocktails.




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