If you love making a grand entrance, these hotels’ check-ins will surely lure you in. They’re personalized, fun, high-tech, and seamless. They just spell top service from the doorstep—and sometimes, even from the airport. Below is a list of check-in worthy hotels across the states you shouldn’t miss out on.

Peninsula Beverly Hills

Created by James Northcutt, the Peninsula Beverly Hills boasts of its impeccable service. Just like its customized room scent and the monogrammed pillowcases, this Los Angeles hotel’s check in is just as flawless and personalized. From the minute you step in, their guest relations manager will know your name, hand you your registration papers and keys, and escort you to your suite, room, or your private villa in the garden.

That was 18 months ago. Today, they’ve actually stepped up their game. They now welcome their guests from the Los Angeles International Airport itself. A total of five concierges are deployed to greet the newly arrived guests. According to one of the Peninsula’s Managers Gareth Brooks, at least 45 percent of their guests book chauffeured cars through the hotel.

For $134 to $280 added to their bills, they can have a Lincoln Town Car, a Mercedes-Benz, a luxury SUV or a BMW take them to the Peninsula. The concierge in charge will also take care of their luggage and lead them and their companions to the rented car parked at the curb.

Brooks proudly said that their check-in system is seamless. Their guests do not need to line up at the reception to wait because even the front-door staff already knows who’s arriving at what time.

Andaz Hotel

While the Peninsula Beverly Hills certainly tops the most interesting check-ins across the United States, the new Andaz Hotel which sits at 75 Wall Street downtown in Manhattan is not far behind. You don’t have to worry about long queues when you book for a room here because they have an efficient alternative to the usual conventional check in desk.

From the lobby, you will be greeted by a host who will then offer you a seat and a cool glass of wine. S/he will then type in your name using an electronic tablet which resembles an iPad, swipe your credit card, and hand you your room keys.

The host will then escort you to your room, which costs around $245 on average. The room is just as impressive, with high ceilings, dark oak floors, and a transparent window which separated the bathroom from the bedroom.

If you prefer the faster lane, though, and you wish to skip the pleasantries, you can also check in at the elevator through your indifferent but efficient host. The 253-roomed Andaz Hotel is owned by Hyatt and designed by David Rockwell. News has it that this will be followed by another Andaz Hotel at 5th Avenue, this time, designed by Tony Chi. This will also have an e-tablet holding host instead of the old check-in booth.

Aloft Hotel

Created by Rockwell, the Aloft Hotel in Hawaii will remind you of e-ticket machines at the airport. The only difference is, these e-ticket machines are actually staffed. Or, you also have the option of using a kiosk that’s unmanned, if you prefer. Not only can you check in through these kiosks, you can also print out your airline boarding passes.

Recently, through, the Aloft Lexington which is just outside Boston was reportedly testing out a third protocol which is called the Smart Check In. This allows preferred guests to be issued with radio-frequency identification key cards. If you’re one of them, you will receive a text message with your room number on the day of your scheduled stay.

Palazinna Grassi

If you’re in Venice and you’re not really into these automated, high-tech, high-end check ins, you will find comfort in the Palazinna Grassi where you can check in anywhere and anytime you like. If you’re going there by water, you can choose to check in aboard their vintage Celli boat. By land, you can simply walk into their bar and check in leisurely while sipping a glass of Prosseco. You may even choose to check in your room.

The Palazinna Grassi has no reception area because the setting is bereft of formalities. For most guests, it’s really more like a private club than it is a hotel. Not surprisingly, guests find this set up more cozy and convenient.

W Retreat and Spa

When you book with the W Retreat and Spa at Maldives, your reception begins at the Male International Airport. You will be gracefully welcomed by the W Ambassadors and escort your to the W van which will then take you to the W Lounge. You will then be offered drinks, food, and you may even take a shower first, if you wish. Then, you’ll be boarding a seaplane which will deliver you in 25 short minutes to the Fesdu Island.

Here, you’ll find the resort which has 78 well-furnished villas. You don’t have to worry about standing in queue here because you will be taken directly to your villa where you can check in, officially. Now that’s top service even before your registration.

Ana Yela

If you think that going it Morocco is all about roughing it out, think again. When you book a room with Ana Yela, you’ll be treated like royalty, and your check-in papers will be handled long-distance. Which means that by the time you arrive at Marrakesh you’ll be welcomed by the hotel’s representatives and led to a waiting SUV which will transport you from the Merana Airport to the walls of the medina.

The medina’s borders are only five minutes away from hotel where owners Andrea and Ben Kolb will be waiting for you. The Kolbs welcome their guests with milk and dates, which is a traditional Moroccan welcome, according to the owners.

This is a far cry from the credit-card swiping, conventional hotel check-ins, and is a welcome change for travelers who are forever reminded that they need to pay for everything they’re getting. The Moroccan Hotel offers a homier, check-in alternative.



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