The national parks in the United States are probably among the best ideas of this country. Here you get a chance to see and explore nature at its finest. In these national parks, though not all of the, are lodges or inns where you can relax that tired body after a day of being on nature’s trail.

These accommodations are inside the boundaries of the parks, or if not are within a few hops away. They are properties that are beautiful, sustainable, and comfortable while being so close to nature. Here are some of the best examples of these national park inns and lodges:

Crater Lake Lodge in Crater Lake National Park

The national park in Oregon opened back in 1902 while the Crater Lake Lodge took sometime to be completed before opening in 1915. The building was renovated back I 1995. About half of the rooms of the lodge give guests a great view of the blue lake which is considered as the deepest lake in the U.S. Room rates vary from $160 to around $300.

Zion Lodge at the Zion National Park

Zion Lodge is the only accommodation you can get in Zion. This inn was the work of Gilbert Underwood who was also behind mos t of the beautiful lodges in different national parks. It was built in 1925 until some parts of the structure were consumed by fire in 1966. The building was rebuilt a few months after the blaze.

Renovation works were done recently to rejuvenate the conditions of the 1920 built rooms. The hiking trails and canyons is just a few minutes away from the lodge. The lodge operates whole year round with rates between $160 to almost $200.

The Ahwahnee in Yosemite National Park

A lot of people flock to the Yosemite Valley to see Gian Seqoias, granite cliffs, and waterfalls. If you are in this national park and want to avoid other tourists but still want to enjoy the Royal Arches, Upper Yosemite Fall, Glacier Point, and Half Dome, then the best place to be at is the Ahwahnee. This hotel started operating back in 1927 and was renovated back in 2004.

It has six floors with ninety nine rooms plus the cottages around the property. The daily rates go from about $180 to $500.

El Tovar Hotel at the Grand Canyon National Park

This hotel in the national park in Arizona first welcomed guests starting in 1905 . It has hosted the likes of Theodore Roosevelt and Albert Einstein. El Tovar is considered as a historic landmark;

The hotel has a hunting lodge that offersa great view of the canyon. You can expect themed suites, good service, and great food. You can get a room that will set your budget back for at least $175 thru $450.

Asticou Inn in Acadia National Park

The Asticou Inn has been operating since 1883 and it still occupies a great location today by the Northeast Harbor. The structure shows some aging but the inn remains desirable for a lot of travelers. Asticou was built by A.C. Savage with its 48 rooms dominated by touches of classic new England. The floor boards will creak but the rocking chair, round rugs, and florals have that element of gentility with them.

The rates range between $230 and $340 for double occupancy during the months of July and August while May, June, and September thru October goes for $235 to $245 for double occupancy.

Old Faithful Inn at the Yellow Stone National Park

The management of Yellow Stone partnered with Northern Pacific Railroad to put up the Old Faithful Inn. This facility opened its doors in 1904 to accommodate visitors of the the first national park of the U.S.

Upon entering the inn, you will notice the 76 feet clearance from the floor to the ceiling of the lobby. There are several levels of balconies surrounded by railings made from branches of trees. The chimney is also imposing as it is made from rhyolite, 5 tons of it.

If you are wondering why it is named as such, it is because the lodge offers a great view of the Old Faithful. The guest rooms here are pretty basic with the essentials you need for your stay. The rooms on the wings are better and provides more privacy. Old Faithful Inn has two restaurants to cater to its guests.

The inn charges from roughly $120 to $500. It is closed for a few months during year but you have several other options like the Mammoth Hot Springs and the Snow Lodge.

Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier Park

The Glacier Park Lodge is the best accommodation you can find in this national park in Montana. It has 161 rooms and amenities that will make you forget that there are other options in the area. The lodge has a 9-hole golf course, an outdoor swimming pool, and a day spa.

The East Glacier Park celebrates its centenary this year so there are a lot to things to see around the park. Rates at the lodge goes from $130 to around $450.



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