You must win the morning draw to get warm water

Although conditions offered would determine 99% of tourists to walk in the opposite way when it comes to accommodation, Null Stern hotel from Switzerland is on the list of the most appreciated places to spend the night in from Europe.

The Swiss Null Stern Hotel, first (and only) to have zero stars officially, enjoys great success, despite the conditions offered to tourists are not something you would wish even to your worst enemy. Arranged in an ex bunker from Teufen and with a horrible look, it made to the list of Top 100 most appreciated hotels in Europe. There are several reasons for that.

First of them would be that a ‘room’ (no windows) costs 7 euros/night. Another one would be the new sensations you will be experimenting. Rooms aren’t heated, and to prevent hypothermia during cold nights you get water bottles to put under your blanket. Plus, if you are one of the people who are brave enough to go there, a pair of head-sets is a must if you don’t want to hear the very disturbing ventilation system.

As for bathrooms, you get to share it with the rest of the people at the hotel (perfect for comparing some ‘things’ or making ‘new friends’). But, if you consider yourself lucky enough, you may hit the jackpot and get warm water to shower. Yes, there is a lottery every morning for a normal shower. With all these, the hotel is never empty, unlike his more valuable ‘neighbours’ from the top made, where you can’t find a room with less than 300 euros.

If your mother-in-law is searching for the perfect vacation too, now you know where to send her :)



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