Perfect way to have a Washington DC vacation

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Washington DC, which serves presently as the capital city and seat of power in the United States, is an ideal place for vacation seekers. The city which has grown in importance since been named the capital city of the United States offers so much attractions tourist and visitors on vacation.

Mount Everest, the ultimate challenge

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I think everybody of you heard about Mount Everest(or Chomolungma). If you want to know more about it, please read this post.

Mount Everest is a legend. World’s highest mountain with its 8848 meters. Imagine only to run, or to walk, almost 9 km. It means already an effort, and not many people will do this.

Climbing these almost 9 km is much worse! You need equipment, you need oxygen, you need intermediate camps and logistics. But a wider philosophical question emerges: why some people climb mountains? Maybe they seek the Gods. The legends about the Gods on Mount Everest are an explanation for the fact that no local conquered this mountain! The New Zealand born Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to realize it, together with a frightened local sherpa Tensing Norge.

Reinhold Meissner conquered Mt Everest without oxygen mask.

Food travel Denmark: Discovering new Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen has been on any gourmands dream food destination ever since it generated buzz about the new craze for Nordic cuisine. The capital of Denmark is also home to the best restaurant in the world according to the S.Pellegrino top 50 restaurants of the world award– Noma.

Noma ruled the gastroscape in 2010 and remains to be on top of the culinary world. Aside from the top restaurant, Copenhagen is also where some restaurants with Michelin stars are located. Add to this the best chefs residing in the city.

The young chefs in Copenhagen spearheaded the transition of the city from a pork and potato meal destination to a gustatory top destination. These young chefs define what new Nordic cuisine is by blending all their skills, creativeness, and ingenuity learned from the best chefs from around the globe.

5 Places to Spot Celebrities While Traveling


Celebrity spotting while traveling can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. Providing there are no crowds or hoards of people around, a famous person may take the time to chat with you and sign a photo or piece of paper. While most celebrities do lay low and avoid being noticed, there are some certain places you can go to look for celebrities or other well known faces!

If you are visiting a huge city then go to some of the well known restaurants. For example, L.A. has Pink’s Hot Dog Stand, a well known celebrity hang out. Despite their cheap prices famous people still love getting a delicious one of a kind hot dog from here. Delicious and world famous food usually draws in celebrities! If you know there are celeb dining hot spots in the area, be sure to check them out!

Tips to Find the Cheapest Christmas Airfare


Christmas is all about spending quality and quantity time with the family and the people you love. Most of us are busy with our daily obligations that we do not see them much so being home for Christmas is really a must. Reality bites though as Christmas airfare is such a pain in the pockets.

It is quite a challenge to find a cheap airfare during the holiday season. Anyone who might have booked their flights might have stricken out the word cheap from their vocabulary. Go to a website and punch in your target dates and you will get the ticket prices that can knock you out of your seat. Adjusting the dates doesn’t do any good since the prices are really sky high during the Yuletide.

How you should behave in a Japanese Hot Spring

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Japan is frequented all-year-round because it has some of the world’s best natural hot springs. The country sits in a hotbed filled with geothermal activity which could be a good thing during volcanic calms, and sadly a bad thing when the neighboring volcano decides to wake up. It’s a good thing volcanoes tend to stay “asleep” for decades, if not centuries. If you’re visiting Japan for its hot springs, you might want to try Gyozanen and Seryo. These resorts are located in Ohara, which is just a stone’s throw away from Kyoto and very close to the Sanzenin Temple.

Why you should go

Top Restaurants in 10 of the Best Cities Across the Globe (Part 1)

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It’s hard to navigate around a foreign city in search of the best places to eat. Amidst all the banners and the neon signs of food establishments in the sprawling city, there are only a select few worth visiting. Unfortunately, unlike the locals, you do not have the time to wander around and taste every place that strikes your mere fancy. In this article, we guide you to the best restaurants in one of the top global cities of the world so you know where to eat when you’re there.

New York

  1. Locanda Verde – Andrew Carmellini helms this Italian restaurant in TriBeCa. The dish that most reviewers recommend is the sheep-milk ricotta served with herbs. The patries of Karen DeMasco gives a hearty breakfasts in the restaurant its muffin top with her signature lemon tarts and coffee cake.

Car rental at Alicante Airport


Most of the leading rental car companies operating throughout Spain are represented at Alicante Airport and this makes it quick and easy for arriving visitors to rent a hire car to suit their budget and travel needs. The following hire companies have desks at the airport: Atesa, Auriga, Avis, Centauro, Europcar, Europa, Hertz, Record and Sol-Mar, and these are located just by the exit to the arrival area, and the rental vehicle car park where you can pick up and drop off your hire car is just across the main parking area, a quick three minute walk from the arrivals hall.

Renting a Car at Alicante Airport