Cairns vacations

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What is Cairns? Where is Cairns? Which are the things to do in Cairns? Normal questions, if you hear for the first time the name of Cairns. Nevertheless, this should not happen ! As you are an avid traveler, you should know some basics about Cairns, as it is one of the major tourists target in Australia, behind much bigger cities as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Cairns location in Australia

Cairns location in Australia

Cairns lies in the Australian state of Queensland, in eastern part of the country. It is 1000 km away from Brisbane and 2400 km from Sydney. There are good trains for journeys from Cairns to Brisbane and Sydney ( don’t you miss a long, but good and comfortable train travel? You have this opportunity in Cairns,Australia.) Cairns lies in the tropical part of Queensland, in the north of the state. All around are some rain forests where you can go hiking and exploring, e.g the Atherton tablelands and the Paronella Park, as also Daintree forests.

Food Travel: Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

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In Argentina, they have this proverb that tells us that hunger is one fine kitchen. And after you read this article, you may say it makes an excellent restaurant as well. Buenos Aires is magical. It mesmerizes many of its visitors by offering plentiful entertainment – their trick to strip off one’s determination to leave.

The outstanding and luscious cuisine of Argentina’s capital is one of the culprits in its trap. Below are several of the best restaurants in the magical city.

Astrid & Gastón

Astrid and Gaston’s expansion mirrors the Peruvian food’s widening around the globe. Its first branch opened way back in 1994 in the beautiful city of Lima. It has reached Ecauador, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Spain, and Mexico.
Its elegant gold and ravishing red panels makes this colonial townhouse’s unit one romantic haven.

The Galapagos Islands

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The Galapagos Islands are a volcanic archipelago at 970 km from mainland Ecuador, which is the nearest piece of land. 97 % of the islands is a natural reserve with a fragile ecological balance and many endemic species.


You can discover Ecuador playing the young naturalist Charles Darwin, who searched these islands and created his notorious Theory of Evolution of species by natural selection.  It is not easy, as the archipelago spreads over 220 km  and consists of 13 main islands, 6 smaller islands and 107 rocks and islets. On all these islands there many endangered species  as seals, fregates, iguanas, sea lions, whales, marine turtles. 170 years ago when Darwin searched the islands, there was practically no human there. Today, there are 40 000 people living on the islands. All these inhabitants, together with the mass tourism do a lot of harm to the animals and plants of the Galapagos Islands. Nevertheless, the animals are still fearless against humans.

Cheap Melbourne Hotels

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Melbourne is an energetic and passionate city, and has a strong European feel with all of its many excellent coffee houses, outdoor cafes, fine dining restaurants and fashion shops. The Yarra river cuts through the city, and the South Bank area is very attractive and provides many high quality eateries including the world renowned restaurants Nobu, Giuseppe and Bistro Guillaume. If you are interested in foods then you will find all kinds of cuisines in Melbourne, from Lebanese to Vietnamese, and the many food markets around the city are a delight for shoppers.

Yarra River And Skyline in Melbourne

Yarra River And Skyline in Melbourne

Best Attractions In Spain

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Spain has long since been considered one of the most fabulous, exciting, romantic countries in Europe. Every year it draws crowds in the millions, each to experience the many attractions in Spain that makes it such an incredible place to visit. All offer a unique view of their particular city, and give an experience that is linked to both the traditional, and the modern, aspects of a land long since considered one of the best in tourism.

Top 10 boutique hotels your kids will love during your family holiday

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Let’s say you’re a working parent. Five days a week, you’re in your office, working from morning until afternoon. You wake up, make coffee and head off to work only to emerge from your office building at close to sundown. You deal with deadlines, phone calls, emails, paperwork, and even more phone calls that by the end of the day, you feel exhausted. When you get home, you prepare dinner, help your kids with their homework and then it’s off to bed for you and the little ones. Eight hours of shuteye (if you’re lucky) and you’re off to work again.

With a busy schedule like that, it’s natural for parents to want to take some time off away from work and spend some quality time bonding with their kids. Going on a vacation with children can let parents catch up on their kids’ lives and get to know them better. For parents spending some time abroad with their kids in tow, it’s important to stay in a hotel where kids will have fun, instead of getting bored.

Tips to Lowering your Holiday Costs


save money when travelingWhen most people are asked what they would do if money wasn’t an issue, “travel and see the world in all its glory” is usually one of the most common answers. Travelling truly enriches one’s life, but the extreme costs prevents so many people from experiencing such joys.

In an attempt to allow each and every one to dip their toes into the travelling pool, we’ll discuss a couple of great ways that you can lower the costs of your holiday abroad. Follow these tips and give your wallet a much needed break.


Airfares tend to do a great job of denting your holiday budget before you have even reached your destination. Although airfares usually can’t be cut out completely, there are a number of smart ways to lower the cost. Travelling during off-season is a great place to start, although this is not always an option. Making use of connecting flights, rather than direct flights, may be more of a hassle, but the lower prices will definitely make it worthwhile.

5 Messiest Festivals that You can go to across the Globe


Traveling to different places and enjoying a local festival is a great way of understanding other cultures. Well, yes it is also often a great way to understand which part of the globe consumes the most alcohol. If you are planning to just enjoy and have fun, there is no best way but to attend the messiest festivals known across the globe.

Water, tomatoes, oranges, flowers, bowling balls. They are throwing everything during these festivals. The bowling balls not included :) Here are some of the craziest festivals we know off.

Orange Throwing – Carnevale d’Ivrea in Italy

Head to the Piedmont region of Italy, specifically in the town of Ivrea when the calendar hits February and that will be the messiest part of the annual carnival. The battle of the oranges during the Carnevale d’Ivrea is said to have started during the 12th century.