Top 5 destinations in April

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1. Greece . In two weeks from now on, there will be the orthodox eastern. You may not miss it, even if you are not an orthodox. It is a kind of magic, you will see.

2. Jamaica. The best, if you are in love or in the honey moon. Take the music of Bob Marley with,you will understand even better,  and after that you will love more both, the country and the music.

3.Addis Abeba. A big and important african city, wonded after a war.

4. New York . You need no special motivations for traveling to New York , I feel sometimes that I simply want to be there. It is a kind of attraction exerted by this megacity I already wrote about it. Let’s see what is new there.

Fuji Announced FinePix F70EXR 10 MegaPixel Digital Camera

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Its amazing to see how far digital cameras have come it wasnt long ago that I was watching my friends boast about their oh so powerful 2 MegaPixel still cam…man, was THAT a joke!

Today a camera twice as powerful can be purchased at half the price of that 2 megapixel cam and I’m going to review one right now!

The Fuji FinePix F70EXR is a 10 MegaPixel Digital Camera that is stuffed to the brim with technology and options! Featuring a 10x Long Zoom lens the FinePix F70EXR has been designed for demanding shots under less than welcome conditions! The cam is relatively tiny (easily fitting into ones shirt pocket) yet the long zoom option backed by FujiFilm’s award winning EXR technology allows you not only to capture long distance objects but the ability to do so under almost any lighting conditions and achieving outstanding results every time.

10 Best Views in the World


There is an unexplainable rush when we see an amazing view before us— a rainbow of colors, play of lights, and the different things that stimulate our being.
We created a list to tell you about the most beautiful views that we know so far:

Manhattan Skyline

You can see some of the vintage skyscrapers like the Woolworth, Flatiron, and Chrysler but of course nothing beats the Empire State Building when you are in New York. The iconic building is still on the top of the list of the American Institute of Architects as among the favorite architecture.

If you want to click your digicam for a souvenir of the Manhattan skyline or you just really want to see, go to the roof deck at Alma right in the heart of Brooklyn. Look at the glory of the lower Manhattan while enjoying a glass of margarita. You can go there all year round but the best time will be during spring or fall.

Top 7 Unusual Easter Destinations


There are several spots where the traditional Easter atmosphere is totally animated by very weird um..elements.

1. Taipei, Taiwan

If you like to spend most of your time on the toilet seat, you can meet people just like you in Taipei. Here is the (in)famous “Toilet Restaurant”. The table are actually modified hot tubs, and the seats are…toilets. The exotic food (fortunately, no other surprises here) is served in other mini-toilet plates.

2. Dawson City, Alaska

Now we get to drinking. In the menu of an Alaskan club there is a cocktail that is a bit different. So different that the magic-ingredient is a man’s finger. You need a hard stomach for this and must be vigilant cause the hosts are evasive when it comes to the origins of the ingredient or if it is a different finger in every cocktail.
One more thing: house rules say the lips of the tourist must touch the salted finger.

15 Most Unique Libraries in the World

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Who says that amidst modernity reflected in gadgets and the Internet there is no room in our world for any hardcopy of books and documents anymore? The following are unique sanctuaries that provide us an exceptional experience of gaining knowledge that neither gadgets nor the Internet could offer.
St. Catherine’s Monastery in South Sinai, Egypt

Library at St. Catherine's Monastery in Egypt
Being the world’s oldest and constantly operated library, it has existed since it was built by Justinian I’s, the Byzantine Emperor, order in 564 AD. Currently, it boasts the second largest (beat by Vatican Library) collection of the earliest manuscripts and codices in the ancient world – it exhibits not less than 3,000 both educational and highly religious manuscripts and scriptures and 8,000 books, together with the very first written scriptures of the historical thinker Plato and classic writer Homer.

Bibliotheca Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt

Unveiling the Truth behind Ten Popular Cruise Myths

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Are you taking a cruise anytime soon? If it’s your first or second time to do so, you’re most likely to encounter some strongly held “beliefs” which are actually misconceptions. Below are the ten most common ones and the facts behind these cruise myths.  

Misconception #1: You can book anytime because it does not matter

Timing matters in booking flights and in booking cruises. Most of the time cruise lines give extremely tempting deals to people who book at the last minute. The savings can be as big as 30% to 50% off. However, you will have to be in touch with a really good travel agent because these same cruise lines won’t let their other passengers know they’ve dropped the rates. While they want their ship to fill up, they don’t want an angry mob of passengers demanding for their money back.  

Boston Hotels

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Choosing Boston Hotels

Planning a vacation is always fun, isn’t it? You look at the pictures of the places you want to go and can just imagine how fun and relaxing it’s going to be. So you decide that the destination of this year’s vacation is going to be Boston. It’s a beautiful place and you spend your time planning and dreaming and waiting patiently for the day you finally get to go. The activities are all picked out, the flight is scheduled and you’ve finally chosen your hotel. But did you really put as much thought into the hotel as you should have?

10 Tips for Surviving Las Vegas During the Holidays



If you plan on visiting Vegas during the holiday season, you will definitely need to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Las Vegas is extremely crowded during this time of year, especially since it is one of the hottest Christmas and holiday season attractions in the world. Not just the United States, but the entire world.

1. Come prepared for anything. The weather in Vegas can be temperamental, so pack for cold weather and warmer than usual temperatures. Also bring a mixture of shoes – from dress shoes to tennis shoes. Do you really want to walk miles in 5 inch heels? Didn’t think so.

2. Bring plenty of money. Getting stuck in Vegas with no money is a tragedy. So bring extra just in case you lose all of your funds gambling. Though, alcohol is usually free.