Business Travel: Top 8 Tips to make most of your time


Business trips can be very tough. You will be flying in and out of cities which may be unfamiliar. You will go from one meeting to the next. You will probably be going to countless lunches and dinners. Business travel though pays off and will translate to more opportunities and more profit. Making sure you make most of every tick of the clock while on air or on the ground is very essential.

Here are some tips for business travelers on how you can manage your time well:

Explore the full potentials of technology

New gadgets pop to the scene every month and they are there for a reason. Your iPhone for example is not just for music, or games, or for phone calls. It has iPhone Apps which can pretty much keep you tinkering during your downtime. Checkout Evernote which can help you manage business cards. Another useful tool will be Budget Tracker to keep your finances monitored while you are traveling. QuickNote Voice can record conversations so you will not forget a name or important details.

Travel Tips: Staying fit while on the road

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Going on a holiday does not mean that you have to forget how you worked hard for that six pack abs or to die for silhouette. You do not have to forget about your healthy lifestyle and your exercise routine. There are ways how you can stay healthy while you are enjoying your holiday. Developing this habits especially when when you are always on the road may come useful in the long run.

Here are some useful tips to make sure you keep fit while traveling:

Use the hotel gym

If your hotel has a gym or a fitness center, use it. You can hit the bike or or the treadmill and do a 30-minute cardio. After that you can do a few sets of 10 pushups, step-ups, and step-backs. You can follow this with 5 sets of 10 bicep curls and lat pull downs. Be sure you do proper cool down after.

Travel Adventure: Best Mysterious destinations that you can explore

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You might be tired of the usual get away where you will join groups, meet locals, bargain with hawkers, and take tons of photos. If you have the craving for adventure and plan to go to places with some sense of mystery, then by all means since you may be willing to explore in these out of this world destinations:

Hang Son Doong giant caves in Vietnam

These giant caves of Vietnam are burrowed into Annamite Mountains of Vietnam. The caves seem to be lifted from the imagination of fiction writers who gave us a graphical representation of the world when it was once ruled by dinosaurs.

The stalactites are gigantic hanging from a rocky terrain with ferns and moss, with chambers that are so big you can fit the Tribune Tower in Chicago inside.

The most absurd and nuttiest contests all over the world [videos]

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We all want to be good at something. Whether it’s scoring a goal in a football game, or making the best apple pie, humans have an innate desire to excel at something–anything–and if possible, show off their skill so the world will know who’s who and what’s what.

Sometimes, it doesn’t really take much to be able to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. Take the Rock Paper Scissors Championships, for example, where contestants shake their fists and battle it out for a generous reward of over US9,000 dollars. Former contestant Bryan Bennett says in the world of Rock Paper Scissors, he enjoys some kind of popularity. In 2006, he won the silver medal for the contest and went home with US1,400 dollars. These days, some people who recognize him occasionally challenge him to a battle of the fists and he’s more than willing to accept them to keep himself sharp, as he sets his eyes on the 9,000 dollar prize.

4 Best Shopping Malls to Visit

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People travel for many reasons: to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World, to visit friends and loved ones across the globe, and even to taste the most delicious morsels a French chef can offer. So, it is not a surprise that a select group of people can afford the luxury to travel in order to shop at the most exclusive shopping malls in the world. If you are most fortunate enough to indulge in shopping excursions across the globe, then this list featuring the best shopping malls to visit will definitely benefit you!

Santiago Vacation

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If you have ever been to Santiago, you know why a person would want to take a Santiago vacation. It is an absolutely beautiful city with so much to do.

Of course, there are more beautiful places to go in the world, rather than spending your time on a Santiago vacation. That’s fine. Go to Europe or Asia or even Africa. You might even have a world class time by not taking a Santiago vacation.

See, there is a lot you can do on a Santiago vacation. You can spend your Santiago vacation touring the city. Enjoying the flavorful cuisine of multiple cultures. You can find yourself in an outdoor market in an out of the way place, sampling the native fruits and meeting the residents. Or taking a tour of the wine country.

The fascinating Antigua Guatemala

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The town of Antigua, also referred as Antigua Guatemala (=Old Guatemala)  or La Antigua, has been for 200 years the wealthy capital of the Spanish province of Guatemala. Don’t think to the former province of Guatemala as a forefather of the today tiny state of Guatemala! The Spanish province of Guatemala stretched from Peru and included the southernmost part of Mexico, the state of Chiapas.

Santa catalina Arch is a landmark for Antigua and its colonial architecture

Santa catalina Arch is a landmark for Antigua and its colonial architecture

Obviously for any visitor, the developpment of Antigua was fully planified. There are churches, avenidas and former administrative buildings which are still nice, imposing and very well preserved, which made from Antigua an UNESCO heritage site.

Antigua was founded in 1524 and reached 60 000 inhabitants in 1770 when a strong earthquake pushed the Spanish administration to move away the capital of Guatemala in the new build Ciudad de Guatemala. In the late XVIIIth century the bulk of the population moved away, but some locals prefered to stay.

6 of the World’s Best Eco-friendly Destinations

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It’s old news that the more we travel by plane, the bigger our carbon footprint gets. If you’re concerned about the environment but you don’t think you can ignore your wanderlust, there’s really no need for you to worry. You can have the best of both worlds by choosing a “green” vacation. Ecotourism is getting to be more and more popular these days, what with people becoming more and more aware of their environment.

You might want to do your part as well. And if you think that you’re sacrificing too much by choosing to trod down the unbeaten path, think again. According to Ayako Ezaki of the International Ecotourism Society, by traveling “green”, you not only minimize travel’s negative effects but maximize its benefits as well. How: by giving something back to the people who make ecotourism possible.