5 Cooking Classes around the Globe with Unique Approaches

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If you have the passion for cooking and have attended cooking classes on the road, there is that different feeling of being a local and enjoying the access to all the best local ingredients. The awesome cooking classes available to travelers are being conducted by home cooks who know to use the local products and produce.

There are bed and breakfasts that welcome guests in their kitchen while there are also locals who open their kitchens to let others know what the flavors are like from where they live. The options are endless depending on where you are and where you want to go but here are some of the best cooking classes offering unique experiences for travelers:

Souk Cuisine in Marrakech

Top 10 Dangerous Bridges in the World

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Bridges are built for a fast and secure transport. It should not be the cause accidents once one transfer from one end to the other end. It should be sturdy enough to ensure the crossing person’s security. What’s weird is that there are bridges around the globe that are not that safe and too risky to even attempt to pass through. Well at least for the faint of heart. For those living near the area, they are no longer scared walking in these bridges since they are used to it, but for those who are new or has plans of visiting them, please do not forget the warning that will be provided. It is not also advisable especially for those people who have fear of heights to try it.

One best reminder we can give you when you set foot on any of these bridges– never look down.

Top 10 camping sites that define luxury and style

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Many people like the idea of going on a camping trip. The desire to hie off and sleep outdoors starts when you’re still a kid poking around in the backyard after dinner, armed with a flashlight and a pack of snacks.

Camping’s appeal and the prospect of combining adventure and romance doesn’t really leave us as we get older through the years. We want to be able to pack our backpacks in a moment’s notice and escape into the wilderness. We want to sleep under a blanket of twinkling stars with an occasional comet perhaps, or a satellite; we want to go back to our roots and be one with Mother Earth, feel nature’s pulse and hear her speak through the flowing waters and whistling winds; we want to toast marshmallows over a warm campfire, and hear the flames crackle as we trade scary stories with one another or sing songs while another person strums a guitar. All of this sounds truly inviting indeed, however, the truth is camping does have some minor setbacks, especially if you’re a city mouse used to hot showers and bubbling jacuzzis.

Magellan Announced RoadMate 1475T Navigation Device

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Magellan is committed to providing navigation solutions that provide the best possible experience to consumers. They have recently introduced their new RoadMate 1475T personal navigation device which is more of an update to their previously launched RoadMate 1470.

The new Magellan RoadMate 1475T is equipped with traffic receiver for receiving subscription free, real-time traffic alerts, incidents and road congestion reports. It comes with a 4.7 inch touchscreen display and built-in NAVTEQ maps of United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, 6 million points of interest,  multi-destination routing function, Highway Lane Assist.


Senior director of product marketing for Magellan, Mike Wagner said “The new Magellan RoadMate 1475T takes that commitment to the next level by offering users an enhanced ease-of-use and convenience with premium features like the built-in traffic link and the exclusive OneTouch user interface.”

Basic French Phrases

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Anybody Speak French?

Okay. So you’re going to France and don’t have a clue how you’re going to communicate. Don’t panic. Really, don’t. You’re not the first person and will doubtfully be the last to ever plan a trip to France and not have a clue about how to get by. But it’s really not as hard as it seems. You don’t have to learn much, just enough to help you get by if you need to.

While you can easily go to any book store, or even online and purchase a translation book, it’s not that hard to learn a few key words and phrases that might help you get by on your vacation. At least, it shouldn’t be. But then again, what basic French phrases does one deem important?

Temples of Damanhur

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Located under the streets of Italy are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of long since forgotten tunnels and buildings. Having been abandoned and built upon long ago, citizens often find hidden treasures of history located within the depths of their own homes, behind hidden doors and stairways that have gone undiscovered for decades. It is a part of Italy’s legacy, and one that is unknown to many outsides who have never visited the country.
But one man went beyond the usual mystery associates with these secret locations, and began to build his own modern legend: the Temples of Damanhur. Stemming from what he claims are visions he has had since he was a young boy, Oberto Airaudi (also known as ‘Falco’) has created an underground world of wonder and beauty, a temple consisting of several rooms filled with towering pillars, arches, and some incredible works of art, spanning from one wall to the next.

14 of the Most Romantic Places you can go to this Valentine’s


Valentine’s is just around the corner. Couples around the world most probably have made their plans, and for those who love to travel we want to give you a dose of the most romantic places for 2010:

Barefoot Romantics at Islamorada in Florida

Setting up the mood for a romantic date takes no effort in this former coconut plantation in Florida Keys. Rent one of the 18 private cottages connected to white sand beach by wooden paths. The lush green makes the beach an isolated get away. The Moorings Village and Spa have hosted high end photo shoots. You can set up a snorkeling trip and enjoy great sea foods after.

Teasing the Palates in Paris, France

12 Months of Valentine’s: Top Romantic Destinations from January through December

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Who said that you can only celebrate Valentine’s Day every February when you can treat your loved every month in the best romantic destinations. Here are some the top romantic destinations that you can head to each month:

January – Buenos Aires

We already missed this trip but there is always next year. You can start saving up and planning now for a great romantic getaway. If you do not like the cold weather in your country, you and your partner can head to Buenos Aires. January means summer in Buenos Aires where you and your partner can enjoy great street foods (well, aside from your cande-lit dinner), enjoy the best wines and cocktails, or maybe visit Museo Evita. Of course, don your dancing shoes and learn tango with the locals. You can also watch great football, visit the tombs, or just hike and have a picnic. | best essays review | cambridge essay service | | essay proofreading services