Don’t Be Bored this Summer – There Are Plenty of Places to Unwind with the Family


things to do during summerPlanning a getaway with the family takes a bit of consideration. Even if you have children of all different ages, there is no reason why anyone would be bored on your trip. There are a number of different destinations that cater to adults and children of all ages and planning the perfect getaway means paying attention to what each of these destinations offer.

If you are looking for a package getaway, one that includes everything from your hotel to your activities, Butlins is the way to escape with the family in 2013. When you are planning the perfect trip to unwind with the family, consider the ages of your children. While there are a number of destinations and activities that are suitable for all ages, not all of them are going to be perfect for every child. If you have toddlers for instance then a rock climbing adventure may not be the best choice.

Top 7 Cheap Hotels in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a modern and vibrant city, and has a reputation for cutting edge architecture and avant garde design. This was the home of one of the most iconic architects in the world, Antoni Gaudi, who left his signature upon the city in a number of amazing and beautiful buildings and structures, from fountains right through to his masterpiece, the stunning Sagrada Familia cathedral. Barcelona also has a reputation for an energetic and exciting nightlife, and in recent years it has become a Mecca for party people, who come here from all around the world to have a good time. If you are thinking of visiting this wonderful city on a budget, then here are the Top 7 cheap hotels in Barcelona


Amiens Cathedral

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Amiens Cathedral Nave

Amiens Cathedral Nave

France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  Here you will find the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, and the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral.  But if you travel just 2 hours to the north of Paris, you can leave the long lines and the crowds behind and visit Amien’s Cathedral.  The Cathedral of Our Lady of Amiens is the tallest cathedral in all of France, and boasts the largest interior volume of any cathedral in Western Europe.

Amiens Cathedral is a classical French Gothic Cathedral.  Construction was started in 1220 and finished around 1288.  In 1981 the cathedral was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the 13th century, what brought the pilgrims to Amiens Cathedral was the alleged head of John the Baptist.  The relic was brought to Aimes from Constantinople by the Crusaders.  It was a popular attraction and was a large source of revenue for the cathedral.  It still is a poplular attraction.

Travel Guide: Going around the Golden Circle of Iceland

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Getting to the harbor of Reykjavik and seeing the beautiful surrounding might have someone think that this is a perfect place to be called home. The city of Reykjavik which sits on the Arctic Circle’s edge offers a ton of excitement .

During the summer, revellers from all over come for the runtur or the famous bar crawl known for its irreverence and excess. Winter time brings everyone indoors, in the warm setting of cafes as the strong winds of the Arctic howl and rattle their roofs.

The World’s Most Challenging Hiking Trails

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If you’re into extreme sports, and you’ve just recently crossed hiking off your list, step back and think about it again. Below are the most challenging hike trails that are sure to keep your heart pumping from start to finish. These trails are definitely not for beginners. The terrains have been proven deadly for some hikers, and that isn’t just a figure of speech. If you think you’ve been trained enough, though, go ahead and pack your bags.

California: Cable Route, Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

There have been a minimum of five hikers who have plunged to their deaths from the Half Dome of Yosemite. The hike is a short eight miles, but the terrain is deadly challenging, so much so that only the gutsiest hikers ever mark it on their maps. What starts off as a fairly average hike would lead you to the most difficult 400-foot climb up a granite wall. This is the last leg of the hike.

Food Travel: Chinese Dumplings 101

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Every country has an iconic local delicacy that is recognizable around the world. In China, nothing is more distinguishable than a local dumpling, which comes in varying shapes and flavors, even in its national home.

Dump your tourist’s notions about dumplings because here we give you the list of China’s most popular dumpling variations.

Chinese Dumplings

Har gow 

When you order a serving of dim sum, don’t forget the har gow. These are small, plump, translucent dumpling with a shrimp inside as filling.

There is also a novelty in preparing the har gow wrap. Chinese restaurants pride themselves in being able to prepare the perfect har gow wrap—just thick enough to retain breakage when wedge in between chop sticks. More importantly, the har gow wrap should not be too sticky or too chewy when eaten.

Shopping: One day, two cities, two countries.


Malmo Turning Torso

Or perhaps one weekend, if you want to make the most of it! Either way, the Øresundsbron (Oresunds bridge) offers a rare opportunity to explore 2 of the largest cities in Scandinavia in one day. On one side you have Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö, and on the other is Denmark’s capital, København (Copenhagen). Both cities offer a host of things to do, see, eat and enjoy! Travelling between the two only takes 35 minutes and there are trains departing every 20 minutes during the day, and every hour at night.

Gumbo – Louisiana’s Greatest Culinary Contribution

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One of the food’s greatest traits is it’s ability to really define a region. Globally, we all know that foods are segregated into different nationalities, ie Chinese food, Italian food, Japanese food, etc. However, we can easily drill that down further into regional specialties. In America, the south has a very distinct style of cooking. While many southern specialties feature fried items like catfish or chicken, Louisiana is home to several “one pot” dishes, and if you had to choose just one dish to represent Louisiana, gumbo is it.

Gumbo represents Lousiana because it’s a true byproduct of the region’s ethnic roots. The basics of the dish are French in origin, however the use of the holy trinity is Spanish, and the file powder is the result of the region’s native American roots. Nobody is sure exactly when gumbo was invented, but the best guess is late 18th century. Over the years, the dish has transformed from a simple dish designed to be hearty and filling on the cheap, to something that is beloved by many, and is definitely quite delicious.