The Best Out of the Box Hotels

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A clean bed with comforters, a lighted and maintained space, interiors that effect well-being, perhaps some sauna, a  bar, a restaurant or a pool – these are the most basic things we look for in hotels. But for the seasoned traveler, there are times that the conventional hotel rooms with their standard themes become commonplace. It feels like spending just another night in just another bed in just another town.

When the hotels offer only the same cookie-cutter level of hospitality, the best cure is to get a sense of wonder from the place you’re staying. These off the wall hotels are the places you can stay in for the night and recapture a sense of newness from.

Capsule Hotel

Win a Free Trip to Thailand

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thailand1There’s a new competition being started by Thailand’s tourist authority. This latest competition is in a bid to raise awareness of the popular country which has been affectionately nicknamed the Land of Smiles.

Exotic Sahara Vacations In Nouakchott

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May be you did not hear until now about Nouakchott. I can forgive, there is no matter, I can understand that. But please don’t let it happen again, as you are a profesional traveler, aren’t you?

Aerial View of Nouakchott, a city initially designed for 15000 people, which is counting now 1 million

Aerial View of Nouakchott, a city initially designed for 15000 people, which is counting now 1 million

But Sahara must be well known to you, even if it is one of the toughest places on Earth. There are no many cities in Sahara, and Nouakchott is the biggest of them. I would say, Nouakchott is the capital of Sahara, if you understand what I mean. Fact is that Mauritania desperately needed a capital after gaining independence from France in the 60’s, and thus Nouakchott became the capital of Mauritania. Unfortunately, it was designed first for 15000 people only, but today counts 1 Million, and the explosive development continues. Meanwhile, the big infrastructure problems have been partially  solved. The city has some wealthy citizens in the neighborhood of Las Palmas, but also counts unending slums wit poor hygienic conditions (e.g. Kosovo). But even the poor citizens are very happy here in Nouakchott, as they are mostly Sahara refugees due to the dramatic droughts from the last decades.

5 Websites to Help Refine Your Travel Plans

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The Internet has opened a world without borders for people who reside in different continents and countries. Given the right site and tools, people located in Africa can communicate with anyone from Alaska. It is this particular far-ranging anchors of the technology that allows the mind to travel and experience other cultures.

Necessity is the mother of invention they say and every traveler will need handy information wherever she may roam. The Internet  fulfills that basic function. But the more important question is: Is the information that we need presented in the form that will help us?

This particular question led to the inception of Christopher Muise, who was once a member of a large travel company, had the privilege of being able to go on planes for free and without needing to get  a seat reserved. After working in that profession for 13 years, he finally had to quit and book his trip in advance and pay his way.

Malawi vacations

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Malawi is a hilly high country in South East Africa, between Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. Malawi is a landlocked country. But they really don’t need ocean, as they have the Lake Malawi!


When David Livingstone discovered and described for the first time  in 1858 the Lake Niassa, known today as Lake Malawi, he was simply astonished by the beauty of this lake. It is one of Africa’s biggest lakes and is very rich on fish and wildlife. Maybe it is in a way comparable with the south american Lake Titicaca.

Fishing on the lake Malawi on sunrise

Fishing on the lake Malawi on sunrise

The Top Maldives Attractions You Must See


The Maldives is a breathtaking and refreshing island resort area that features numerous activities to enjoy. This area is one of the most unique and remarkable travel destinations in the world. It is made up of over 1,000 tiny islands otherwise known as islets, but only a small portion of those are occupied. The islands are located in the Indian ocean, and make an ideal travel destination for those that enjoy desolate areas and exploring tropical paradise.

In the Maldives, Male is the capital city. There are tons of museums and attractions to visit while in the capital, as well as luxury restaurants and hotels. This is the main place that tourists come to while in the area, but there are plenty of other places that are much better. In this city you can go to the nearby beaches and even explore underwater caves.

Travel tips: Staying safe while in an unfamiliar city

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As much as you try to blend in with the locals so you will not look like a tourist, something always gives you away and make you a potential victim of lawless elements on the road. Here are some safety tips so you can be more safe when traveling:

Be always on the move

When you are lost in a city which you are not familiar with, keep moving and be alert. Go around the block and try to find your bearings or go to a place where there are a lot of people. You can ask locals or go into a business establishment to ask for some directions.


Even before hopping into that train or plane, research well ahead of time before heading to your destination. Read about safety considerations and common crimes in the area. You will find a lot of tips online and know of hot spots where snatching, holdups, or even kidnapping happens. Ask friends or relatives who have visited the place and ask them about their experience and any tips or recommendations.

Airport Bars made of actual airplanes

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You might not see it or experience it everyday that while waiting to board another airplane, you will be enjoying a drink or snack in another airplane. You can only do this in five airports across the globe where they have made used of aircrafts which can no longer fly and converted them into bars.

Here are the best airport bars made of airplanes:

DC6 Diner (England)

This funky resto-bar can be found at the Coventry Airport in England. The old Douglas DC-6 can accommodate 40 diners. So if you are craving for a good steak after a long trip, this is a nice place to visit once you touchdown. If you want some cocktails, you can head to the cockpit of the airplane and the bar tender will be more than gland to mix you a refreshing blend. Coventry is not a very busy airport and a lot of people tend to use Birmingham more. If you are coming in from Birmingham, you just need a ride to cruise along the A45 and you will be able to see the DC6.