Royal Travel: Will and Kate’s destinations in their first year of marriage

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently celebrated their first year wedding anniversar. Truly time flies. The royal couple celebrated their anniversary quietly after months of travel around the globe.

Instead of going to their royal honeymoon right after the wedding, Will and Kate spent their first few weeks of married life in Angsley just northwest of Wales. The prince was deployed there as a helicopter pilot serving search and rescue missions with the Royal Air Force.

So when the couple finally had time to go to their romantic getaway, they retreated and had romantic moments in Seychelles. The royal couple stayed in a luxurious villa that costs £4,000 per night and indulging in champagne picnics around the island and sunset cruises.

Will and Kate headed to the Northwest Territories in Canada in July where they tried out teepee living, street hockey, and kayaking.

80 more border personnel assigned to Heathrow

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Authorities are tapping the services of extra personnel to address the long queues that have been deemed unacceptable by passengers at the Heathrow Airport. As much as 80 workers will be added to the staff to reduce the line and process travelers faster.

This April, passengers have complained that it took them about an hour and a half on the lines just for the passport to be checked. This is far from the target time of 25 minutes for travelers from the EU member countries and 45 minutes for international travelers.

After a personal inspection by Damian Green, minister of immigration, he announced that the staff assisting the passengers on the desks of the UK Border will be getting some reinforcement to improve their efficiency.

PM David Cameron held a meeting with the concerned agencies to ensure that the issues at the Heathrow Airport and other transportation hubs be considered as top priorities especially leading to the Olympic Games.

Hotel News: St. Regis, Westin, and W heading to Dubai by 2017

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If you are a loyal guest of the Starwood hotels, you might have thought too that Dubai will be more fun if it has the St. Regis, Westin, and W hotels. You might have been praying hard enough as Starwood recently sealed a deal with Al Habtoor Group, the firm which put up the Waldorf-Astoria resort, to bring their line of hotels to Dubai.

The three hotels will be sharing a giant complex with an area of about a million square feet with the total number of rooms at 1,675. This rooms will be atop the rooms at the Sheraton, Four Points hotel by Sheraton, and Le Meridien which are all operated by Starwood.

According to the the Middle East top executive of the brand, Dubai has been among the top destinations for international business and leisure travelers thru the years and that the new hotels by Starwood will further establish them as one of the top hotel operators in the region.

Asia Travel: Ten Wonders of the Philippines

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For such a small country, and an understated tourism industry, the Philippines is actually home to some of the world’s most beautiful land and sea features. If you’re thinking of visiting Asia, you might want to check these spots out before booking too many hotels in other countries. This guide might just save you a plane ticket or two. Discover the simple wonders of the Philippines.


The four kilometers long White Beach of Boracay has made this tiny island one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and possibly even all of Asia. A lot of travelers testify that nothing could beat the fineness of the white sands here. The other side of the small island is also famous among surfers. What makes the island even more popular among tourists is its accessibility. It’s very close to the island of Panay which means that travelers get to enjoy direct flights to the bigger island and a short boat trip to Boracay. The island has also been developed so it’s the Philippine’s biggest party place on the beach.

JW Marriott to liven up hotel scene in UAE with Marquis Dubai

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Marquis Dubai by JW Marriott will be the symbol of the re-emergence of the UAE as the crossroads for global business when the 1,608-room hotel start welcoming guests before the end of 2012.

The new Dubai hotel is another beautiful addition to the lineup of world class properties of Marriott International. Marquis Dubai will have two phases. The first one will have 807 rooms, several restaurants, and lounges.

The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai will stand at 1,164 feet and will be the highest dedicated hotel structure in the world and just about 85 ft shorter than New York’s Empire State.

Aside from catering to the luxury business travelers, the hotel is also looking into the lucrative offerings for meetings, exhibits, and conferences which at the moment do not have a fitting hotel which can accommodate big groups. This segment of the market brings in about $106 billion to the GDP of the country which is even more than what the manufacturing sector ($78 billion), performing arts and spectator sports ($71 billion), and processing and information services ($76 billion).

Travel Infographic: Hotels should be going Green

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Infographics are everywhere and we knew that it will just be a while before someone comes up with a cool (in a sense that it screams quite a revelation) infographic on the hotel industry’s wastefulness. We bump into one from with the information sourced from the Green Building Council of the United States, Energy Information Association, Environmental Protection Agency, Forbes, Siemens, NFL, and American Hotel and Lodging Association.

The hotel infographic screams of some interesting or horrible facts about the hotel industry:

  • Every year, hotels throw away about 1.9 billion pounds of trash which is enough to fill about 37 million suitcases.
  • Hotels use enough energy to power up 64.5 milloin TV sets with consumption of 84.7 billion kwh.
  • The water consumption of hotels can be used by one person who would spend about 277 years under the shower without stopping.

Food Travel: 5 Best food stalls on the streets of London

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The street-food scene has been surging in the major cities around the globe and London does not want to be left behind. All eyes are on this city as the Queen Celebrates her Diamond Jubilee and as the rest of the world awaits the clash of the best of athletes during the Olympics.

There are more sots in London now that are open to food trucks and food vans which serve different specialties from different corners of the globe. The standard of food is very high and so gourmet that people from different corners of Britain and travelers look for them just like any other excellent restaurant in London.

Here are some of the best food stalls you can find in London now:

Anna Mae’s

Travel Tips: 8 Ways to avoid extremely high roaming charges while abroad

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While enjoying your European holiday or having a great time during your Bali holiday, you might want to keep in touch with family and friends back home. If you did not plan well, using local networks while you are traveling may cost you a lot. It will be a nightmare when you find out later on that you spend way more for your phone bills than your airfare and hotel.

What if you have a phone bill like this one below after your holiday?

That is a real phone bill but not mine. We are pretty sure the person who received that went like this

Save the big bucks for something else and follow the tips below to cut off roaming charges while overseas:

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