Gateway to Mayo! – The foods of Menorca


Gifted with breathtaking weather, surrounded by a beautiful coastline, and sprinkled with getaway hotels and villas, Menorca is understandably a wonderful beach vacation destination. But there’s a lot more to do and see here than just lazily lying on the beach all day (although we highly encourage it at least 1 day!); the island itself has a very distinctive atmosphere and feel to it and that is leaps and bounds different than the tourist infested islands of Mallorca. The food in Menorca, in particular, is something truly special. It is an exciting mix of authentic island flare and colonial classics.


An interesting island drink

Basic German Phrases


You want to travel to Germany, so you must learn some German. Thus you will get more from Berlin, Munchen, Frankfurt etc. If you would like to visit Austria or Swiss, it is also advisable to learn some German. And you should never forget, that Germany gave so many immigrants in all the corners of the world. Well, it is good to speak some German, it is much more useful as you may think.

Speaking German is not an easy task.( How could the germans speak so damn good German? ). But is far beyond to be imposible. You must observe some influences or similarities with English or French.

But let us go now to the basics.

Guten Morgen=Good Morning

Guten Tag=Good afternoon

Gute Nacht=Good Night

Es freut mich=I am glad

Ich moechte haben=I would like to have

Wie alt sind Sie?=How old are you?

The best villas in Tuscany

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There are a lot of reasons to Tuscany’s very enduring allure. The first is the over thousands of years of rich history, that has created a mark in the landscape as well as the citizens, coming from the Etruscans, the Medicis thru today’s current fashion and wine dynasties.

On spotlight too is the area’s civility. Regardless of whether it is the location of the cypress on the hill, a bruschetta with some freshly made olive oil, the craftsmanship of the Florentine shoemaker’s brogue or even the sparkling elegance of the Masaccio’s fresco the locals manage to be proud of experiencing existence as though it had been a kind of artwork. 

5 Countries that are quite complicated to visit

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There are destinations for which you can get visa applications accomplished in a matter of minutes over the internet. There are travel destinations though which may take weeks or even months. We put spotlight on five countries which may be bit tricky to go to.

If you are planning to go to one of these destinations, you may want to plan ahead and also call the respective embassy to ask about their visa process.


Who does not want to see the Great Wall of China, walk in the grounds of the Forbidden City, explore Shanghai, or check out the Terra Cotta Warriors.

The visa application for China has a long list of requirements and details with the form to accomplished recently stretched to four pages.

You need to put in detail where you will be staying, your occupation, nationality, family members and details about them, and other countries which you visited in the last 12 months and your purpose of visit.

Best beer destinations in Europe

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The Oktoberfest in Munich is on going and the rest of the beer loving world from West to East celebrates and millions of liters of beer are consumed everywhere. For this article we limit our scope to the best beer destinations in Europe:


It is where Oktoberfest traces its roots and Munich is also considered as one of the nicest cities in the world to live in. The atmosphere is always festive in any of the thirty six beer gardens around Munich. The locals have been going to the beer gardens like Paulaner am Nockherberg or Hirschgarten for a mug of good Bavarian beer and enjoy with it some pretzels, salted raddish, or a serving of mashed onions, cheese and spices.

The beer gardens in Munich started to mushroom along the Isar River where it was very cool, making it an ideal place to store beer during the hot summer. During the old times, brewing was not allowed in Germany because of the implemented purity laws.

Small Town Traveling – Asheville North Carolina



Asheville is a rapidly growing city in North Carolina that continues to offer unique travel opportunities and beauty to those seeking a “small town” kind of travel. Asheville is a bit offbeat in many ways, and it isn’t what you would expect from a town in the mountain region of NC. At first glance it seems small, but Asheville is actually getting bigger each day due to the beautiful natural scenery.

One of the most notable attractions in Asheville is the United States largest mansion. Biltmore Estate is a regal mansion with 250 rooms and 175,000 square feet of space. Tours are available year round, and the estate has a number of lovely attractions during the winter. The entire estate is decked out in lights and Christmas festivities.

Travel Tips: How to pack if you are traveling by train

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In a lot of countries, the most efficient way to travel is by taking the train. In Europe, for example, you can go to small towns with scenic views by riding a local train. In Japan, you can get to the countryside and back to the metropolis quickly because of their bullet trains.

Train rides though require a different strategy let us say compared to air travel or road tripping. Here are some travel tips to help you prepare for that adventure on the rail:

Luggage with wheels

If you will be going thru a journey and you will be riding a lot of trains, you should think of the best luggage to bring for the trip. Ideally, you want something that is light and small as you might have to put it on a luggage bin above your seat or to boot, hoist it getting on board. You might also want to get a luggage with wheels. It will be practical since a lot of train stations, in Europe for example, has several platforms and without escalators or elevators.

Travel Tips: How to travel with your musical instruments

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Are you going on a holiday and planning to bring your guitar, violin, or flute (but hopefully not the grand piano). Read on as we listed some useful tips if you are bringing your musical instrument to your next destination:

Know the regulations of the airline

When bring your musical instrument, you need to check on the weight restrictions and excess baggage fees of your airline. It will really depend on the company and where you are heading. You need to factor this when you shop for airline tickets so you will not be surprised how much you will be paying for your guitar case or saxophone.

The average limit is for the baggage to be around sixty-two inches while anything bigger than that may cause you around a hundred dollars.