Top 5 Charlotte North Carolina Hotels


1. Charlotte Dunhill Hotel
This lovely hotel offers a peaceful and relaxing space right in the heart of Charlotte’s bustling uptown district and is just a short walk away from a number of attractions including the Blumenthal Center for the Performing Arts, the Time Warner Cable Arena, the Spirit Square Center for the Arts and the Discovery Place Science Museum. The Dunhill is a historic building that dates back to 1929 and was designed by architect Louis Asbury (Sr), and combines elegant European style with the wonderful comfort and good service that traditional American hotels are famous for. The Dunhill has over 60 luxurious guestrooms and facilities including an award-winning restaurant, cocktail bar, babysitting services, meeting and banquet rooms, business centre, parking, room service and a fitness centre.

3 Ways to Beat Air Travel Stress

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Traveling by air is one of the most convenient ways to travel but it does not come without stress. Read on to discover how you can conquer air travel stress and emerge a victor at the end of the flight, plus or minus a little jet lag of course!

1. Air travel insurance beats the blues
Air travel insurance is most often overlooked by most travelers when they book their air tickets. They do not realize that travel insurance is one of the most valuable things to have when traveling abroad. Imagine what would happen if an accident or illness occurs on the trip. One traveler got sick with meningitis and had to be air lifted off by a helicopter to a nearby hospital. The total cost if her travel insurance did not cover the medical fees? A whopping $150,000! Be sure to get a reliable quote or ask your travel agency if they have an insurance panel you can contact.

New York Pizza – A Pizza as Famous as the City It’s Named After


New York, affectionately known as the city that never sleeps, is known for many things, especially it’s food.  One of it’s most treasured culinary items to a New Yorker is the New York Pizza.  Well known around the world, it is often replicated but never duplicated.  When you are traveling in New York, it is probably best that you never refer to a pizza as a pizza.  Instead, you should refer to it as a pie.  And while New Yorkers generally disagree on what makes up a “true” NY-style pizza, the most defining feature of the NY pizza is the crust.  Hand tossed and rolled out as thin as possible, it is covered with a tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and toppings, with pepperoni being the classic choice.

But what truly makes a NY pizza stand out?  Some say it’s the water, as if New York Municipal Services laces the water with MSG.  Others insist it’s the mafia’s monopoly on the mozzarella market, keeping the best mozzarella in New York.  Quite frankly, I find that the reason is much more simple:  New York just does it better.
So where might you find some truly great slices in New York?  You could
go to Rays, but which one?  With so many to choose from, there’s no way you’ll be able to try them all.
Here are our suggestions:
1. Lombardi’s – Located on Spring Street in the SoHo district, it is arguably the most famous pizza joint in town, and for good reason: they were the first!  New York’s oldest pizza joint, Lombardi’s has been in business since 1905!  People travel from all over the world, just to have a slice at the world famous Lombardi’s.  Lombardi’s is heavily rated by critics everywhere, including Zagat, Bon Appetite, and the most important critic – the people.  The pepperoni pizza here is to die for.
2. Di Fara’s NY – You can find Di Fara’s at 1424 Avenue J.  Hailed as one of Brooklyn’s best pizza joints, if not one of NY’s best,Di Fara’s is most known for it’s neopolitan pies. The crust is perfectly thin, with an excellent crust.  Topped with fresh basil, mozzarella, and tomato sauce, it’s a wonderful testament to the simplicity of pizza.  It’s a little known fact that Di Fara’s actually gets their ingredients flown in from Italy.  No wonder customers wait up to 30 minutes for just a few slices!
3. Grimaldi’s Brooklyn – Grimaldi’s has been serving some of NY’s finest pizzas for quite some time now, as evidenced by their legions of devote fans.  Grimaldi’s patrons say that the coal brick oven makes all the difference, and it truly does.  It’s as if the oven adds the essence of smoke and fire to the pizza, giving it a one of a kind taste that will leave you speechless.
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to NY Pizza.  One can travel to New York hundreds of times, and never eat at the same pizzeria twice.  NY pizza, eating New York, one slice at a time.

Things to do in Milan

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Milan is one of Italy’s richest and largest cities, and situated on the fertile plains of the
Po Valley in Lombardy. This was originally a large Celtic settlement back in the 7th Century BC, and it was known at that time as Mediolanum. It has always been a successful and affluent place, and has been overseen by many different rulers in its time including the Goths (600AD), French, Austrians and Spanish. Milan was heavily bombed during the Second World War, and over a quarter of the city was completely
destroyed, but despite this many of the cities greatest historic, religious and architectural treasures survived including several priceless masterpieces by world famous Italian artists such as Leonardo da Vinci.

Worlds biggest building


No, it is not Empire State, which leaded for many years in the top of the words highest buildings!

I ment big, not high! The building I am speaking about is not very high, but has a surface of more than 1 billion sqm( 10 000 hectars!= 20000 acres). The mankind could have some crops on this area!

But its destination makes it even more useful to travelers and to the all mankind: it is an airport terminal in Beijing, which will wate billions of guests very soon, on the Olympic games! An amazing building, at least through its proportions.


Tell me about it, if you travel there by chance, and tell me also about your favorite airports.

Burj Dubai

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What is the Burj Dubai?

If you’re not really very familiar with Dubai, then you might be curious about some of the buildings and events and holidays that occur in this middle east country. And you’re not alone. Most people, unless planning to visit or conducting research of some sort, don’t normally work outside their comfort zone. But there are so many wonderful things to learn about other people and cultures that it’s a shame most people know so little.

Best Luxury Accommodation in Malaysia



Traveling on a shoestring budget is great but sometimes, you feel the urge to splurge when you see how living in the lap of luxurious can give one so much pleasure. You don’t need to scrimp when you order at a classy restaurant and neither would you need to think twice before booking a suite at a luxury hotel. I would suggest balancing it out with your budget and see if it is feasible to travel in style based on your desired holiday destination. Take Malaysia for example. It’s an affordable place to travel so if you feel like splurging on luxury hotel stays, THIS is the place!

Best camping sites in England

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The streets near the Westminster Abbey has been a camping site as everyone goes sightseeing for the royalties of England. After the royal wedding, what will everyone do? We list down some of the best camping sites in England in case you feel like getting up close with nature and spend some good time with friends and family:

Westermill Farm in Somerset

This camp site started as a place for the local guides where they can earn their badges for camping. The area around the farm provides a good camping experience as you can tour the fields and start a camp fire, a lambing barn, and a good cider for sale.

Beacon Cottage in Cornwall