All set for the Melbourne Cup

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If there is one horse race you would want to see in Australia, that will be the Melbourne Cup. It is the most prestigious event with the host state, Victoria declared a holiday so the public can watch the races and of course, place bets.

The Melbourne Cup is on its 152nd year and it has been the horse racing event in Australia with the most spectators, highest winnings, and the oddest and most creative hats. Not everyone will be using their binoculars to watch the horses but also to see the most fashionable people in the galleries.

All is set as the gates of the Flemington Racecourse opens on 6 November. Bets will be placed. And this corner of Australia will be glued in anticipation of who will win the event. It is the kind of race that stops the country. Just like in 2000, about 80% of the population placed bets to have a chance to grab the big pot.

4 People that you do not usually tip but should and 4 People you tip but should not

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We avoid the awkward situation when you really do not know if you need to tip someone or not. Do not worry if you find some of your tipping mistakes as you read along, there is always the next time. A great service might automatically mean a good tip for a lot of people, but of course you need to consider some cultural aspects and how the service staff is being paid.

They need to be tipped – people you often just say thank you to

Tour Guides

When you book a tour, rarely will the tip for the tour guide be included. The tour guide deserves around $4 if it is just a short tour. A full-day of his or her service deserves around $10 of tip. If you are not sure how much you should give the guide, ask the tour operator. You might have heard that tipping in Japan and China are not really practiced, but giving tips to tour guides is an exception (just do it discretely).

Vogue Cafe set to open in Dubai Mall

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Conde Nast RestaurantsConde Nast is expanding its business and is schedule to open a branch of Vogue Cafe in Dubai Mall. The media brand already owns several cafes in Istanbul and Moscow, and it is just a wise business move to open one in a city driven by consumers that love to spend.

The Vogue Cafe is set to open before the end of 2012 at the Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping center in the world. The Dubai Mall is home to more than 1,200 retail stores including brands like Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Armani, Marc Jacobs, and Burberry.

Following the laws of UAE, alcoholic drinks will not be served at the cafe since all the drinking happens only at the hotels.

Emirates A380 now allows passengers to use mobile phones during flight

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In-flight phone callsCall me, maybe? Now you can say that to someone that will be taking an Emirates A380 flight. The company recently announced that they are implementing a technology that will allow passengers to use their mobile phones to make and receive calls while in flight. This is another milestone for the airline as they were also the first one to introduce satellite phones for passengers back in 1993.

The first of the super jumbo jets equipped with the technology flew between Munich and Dubai last week with one passenger using the service to contact folks at home. Everything went well and the technology will be rolled out to all A380s of the company and the older members of the fleet.

Flyers will have to shoulder regular roaming charges without having to worry about extra charges even if their mobile service provider does not have a contract with Aeromoble or OnAir that provides the technology.

Puerto Rico Hotel: Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Dorado to open 12 December 2012

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Ritz-Carlton HotelRitz-Carlton will cut the ribbon of it first Reserve property in Puerto Rico called the Dorado Beach this December 12. This was first announced back in June and recently confirmed by the company. Ritz-Carlton Dorado is already accepting reservations for their debut. The weathers is starting be cooler but the opening is perfect for travelers looking for a winter getaway.

The room rates of Ritz-Carlton Dorado during peak season starts at $1,600 a night. This is a bit lower than the initial projection of $1,900 but still pretty high for Puertor Rico hotel rates. You just need to remember though that you have a beachfront hotel room, butler service, and a private pool that you can use.

Famed restaurateur Jose Andres was also convinced to put up a branch of his restaurant at Ritz-Carlton.

Basing on the photos going around, it looks like it will be among the new hot spots in Puerto Rico.

The Best Spots in Tokyo for Science-loving Kids

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Are you traveling to Tokyo with a pre-adolescent or adolescent who just can’t get enough of technology and Science? You’ve chosen the right destination because Japan’s capital happens to be home to some of the world’s best technology and science museums. What’s more, they’re really designed for kids.

Sony Explorascience Museum

This is the best place to take your very young techie to. Of course, most of the exhibits you’ll see here would laud consumer technology. If you have no qualms with that, you and your child can enjoy an entire day exploring the museum’s interactive exhibits and games. It’s certainly a fun yet educational place to take your child to.

Autumn Festivals: Three events to enjoy some Pumpkin and some Beer

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A week into October and you will be hearing beer festivals as autumn marks the shift to spicier flavors and darker colors. You will still get a lot of ales, stouts, and lagers but do not count out the pumpkin, the favorite food for this month. We have a short list of some October festivals where you can enjoy a lot of beer and a lot of pumpkin:

Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Beer Festival in Philadelphia

This festival actually kicked off yesterday and you might have to cancel some plans over the weekend if you want to catch the celebrations. This festival started this year with a pumpkin brunch at The Institute where around fifty seasonal beers will make their way to the tables.

Great Pumpkin Beer Festival in Seattle

Hotel Concepts: Russian design firm rethinks Noah’s Ark as a hotel

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It is 2012. No, no one here is saying the world will end soon but one company in Russia has a hotel in mind that will most likely withstand natural disasters. Remistudio has a concept called Ark Hotel, a floating hotel inspired by the Noah’s Ark. The structure will have solar panels,vegetation, a system to collect rainwater, and an exterior that cleans itself.

The design firm says it takes the form of a shell but a lot of media agencies noticed how it looks like a slinky.

How the company envisions the inside is definitely impressive. It will be featuring manicured lawns and well-lighted spaces where guests can enjoy.

It definitely looks great but there is a big doubt if a project like this will ever materialize. Imagine how regular hotels encounter setbacks during the build and how something like this Ark hotel will avoid major problems along the way. | best essays review | cambridge essay service | | essay proofreading services