TOP 4 places to see before they disappear


First place: The pyramids of Giza
The pyramids of Giza are the most famous monuments from this world. A huge number of people have visited them during their history, and almost everyone has heard about their existence. There are many tourists and the increasing number of Cairo’s population lead to excessive pollution of the atmosphere, a lot of trash and many poor people who stole pieces of pyramid in order to sell them to visitors. All these particularities lead to catastrophically consequences, to degradation of Pyramids. Additionally, you should visit them now, because tomorrow can be late.

Second place: Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal is one of the most significant views of India. This monument attracts yearly between 2 and 4 millions of tourists, and about 200 000 are overseas’ visitors. Nowadays, of pollutant cars are prohibited to access that zone, so that tourists should walk in order to reach the wished destination. Therefore, the enormous number of visitors that breathe, sweat and touch things that they should not to, affected negatively the building and it seems that the unique method to resolve this problem is to reduce considerably the number of sightseers.

Time-lapse video: Eurolapse in 12 Cities, 3 Summers

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This time-lapse video was done by David Kosmos Smith. We are suckers for such travel videos so we are sharing it with you guys. He traveled through 12 cities during three summers. And what a great way to preserve such journeys!

Most Impressive Churches

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I think that almost all of you have a strong believe in a God, however you name it. I am sure that this believe makes us more human, as no other creature on the Earth has such believes. This is for sure one major diference between human and animals.

That’s why I don’t miss any occasion to step in a church. Old or new, big or small, this a very peaceful thing for myself. I  have visited a lot of churches, and I loved them all. Thinking of them, and trying to evaluate them, some of them can seem very spectacular to any viewer. Here are the most spectacular and impressive churches in my opinion, and I hope that this is not a blasphemy making such classification.

1. St Basil Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow has been for centuries a landmark for the Russian capital with its coloured towers and impressive dimensions. No one can imagine Kremlin without the St. Basil Cathedral!

5 New York City Rooftop Bars perfect for the summer

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If you will be in NYC this summer, there are some interesting bars you can hop to from one hotel rooftop to another. Here are some of the best where you can enjoy a round of drinks, the view, some fresh air, and a good company of friends:

Above 6

The people at Six Columbus has made a great stride in terms of what you can see at Above 6. Before, you will be staring at a drain pipe but right now, you will be able to get a glimpse of the Central Park. This rooftop getaway is inspired by the 60s and gives you that arty and minimalist vibe. Sip some Hummingbird while enjoying the panorama.

Empire Hotel

Adventure tour France

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If you are interested in adventure holidays, then France can be an excellent destination as it has some of the most challenging and scenic countryside in Europe, with high mountains ranges that offer superior climbing and skiing conditions, and miles of coastline that suits a whole range of different water activities. France also has a number of fast running rivers and natural gorges that offer perfect conditions for white water rafting, such as the Isere and Dora Baltee rivers.

white water rafting

One of the highest mountain peaks in Europe, Mont Blanc is located in the stunning French Alps, and there are a number of excellent hiking and climbing opportunities in this area that will challenge all skill levels. Thousands of people flock to the Alps each year to scale the mountain ranges and see the breathtaking scenery, and of course there are the many famous luxury ski resorts, which take advantage of the perfect conditions for skiing and other winter sports. If you are interested in hiking and trekking there is also the Pyrenees Mountain in the south west of France, which offer some amazing views and landscapes.

Paris hot spots

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Paris doesn’t mean only Tour Eiffel or luxury hotels, but much more than that. At your second visit in Paris (or even at your first, if it is longer, or you are a skilled traveler) you must strive yourself to know Paris like a pro. I found myself a few hot spots in Paris, which are not very well renowned, but are definitely worth your visit, if you really want to round your imagine about the Ville Lumiere (The city of light), as the local tenderly nickname their flamboyant residence.

1. La Defence is one of the the newest quarters of Paris. Simultaneously La Defence is very spectacular with its skyscrapers and the underground circulation. You will be amazed first time you see La Defense: it is too silent to be in Paris. You need only to take care to the hurdles of skaters, who simply love this part of the city.

Seven Most Mysterious Stone Circles in the United Kingdom

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Stone circles have an undeniable mystique which draw people to wonder about the life in the times these formations where constructed. It is this mystery that draws crowds from the United Kingdom to Stonehenge spend the solstices there. But unknown to many there are at least a thousand more stone formations across Britain.
Archaelogists believe that these circles were made during the Megalithic era. These circles are believed to be centers of ceremonies for the people of that time. They initially believed that the circles involved burials but no such artifacts have proven the idea conclusive.
Travelers can delve into the questions and mysteries that these circles pose by visiting the following sites.

Grey Wethers

America’s Top 8 Pizzas

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If you were anywhere else in the world, a pizza would just be a pizza. That is, of course, unless you’re actually in Italy, which is the pizza capital of the world. Away from its motherland, though, the pizza has also gained quite a following in the United States. If you want more than just another slice of pizza, here is a list of the best pizza places you can find in America.

New York: Co.

If you want authentic pizza, you should visit Jim Lahey’s eatery in Chelsea. The restaurant itself if sparingly decorated, which would lead you to believe that it’s not much of a pizza parlor. That is, of course, you smell their dough. Lahey, who owns the Sullivan Street Bakery as well, cooks his pizza over EarthStone oven. A whole pie might cost a lot, but nothing beats the taste of the pizza’s artisanal (if not scorched) dough.