Acer Announced Aspire AS5536,AS7735Z and AS5739G

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Being a proud owner of Acer’s laptop I’m glad to spread the word that Acer has just added 3 new members to its Gemstone Family code name Aspire AS5536, Aspire AS7735Z and Aspire AS5739G. The company reveals that all notebooks come with a 16:9 widescreen, Dolby surround sound audio and a sapphire design known as Gemstone Blue.


“As part of our highly acclaimed Gemstone Blue family, the latest Aspire notebooks feature excellent price/performance and mainstream entertainment in a mobile PC that delivers significant value for their investment,” said Ray Sawall, senior manager of product marketing for Acer America. “Consumers are increasingly selecting notebooks as their primary device. As proven by our latest Aspire notebooks, we recognize that value-based mobile PCs need to offer appealing aesthetics as well as great performance and multimedia capabilities.”

The Acer Aspire AS5536

Luxury vacations in Vina del Mar

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Vina del Mar is Chile‘s most attractive touristic destination. The Chilean are very proud about their Vina, and with a good reason. One month ago Vina del Mar hosted the G20 summit, which was focused on the today global crisis. That means a lot: world’s most powerful leaders joined in a spectacular destination. And they were very happy in Vina del Mar for sure! It remains only to hope  that they met the best decisions for our future.

Exquisite hotels in Vina del Mar

Exquisite hotels in Vina del Mar

Vina del Mar means in Spanish “the vineyard of the coast”. All around there are unending vineyards, and you can taste the result in the many gourmet restaurants of Vina del Mar. Start with the Cabernet and Pinot gris, they are simply fantastic!

Argentina Cruise Guide – Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is the lively capital of Argentina, and has a busy port on the Parana River. Cruise ships sail right into the harbour, and passengers can disembark to enjoy all of the wonders that this vibrant city has to offer.

Buenos Aires is an amazing vibe city, specially at night

Buenos Aires is an amazing vibe city, specially at night

If you do stop off on your cruise in Buenos Aires then you may feel slightly overwhelmed at the many amazing sights and activities on offer, so here is a round up of some of the main highlights to give you an idea where to start:
* Plaza de Mayo – this is the main square in the city and a great starting point for a sightseeing tour as it has a number of excellent examples of colonial architecture and is close to many of the main pedestrian shopping areas of Calle Florid and Lavalle.
* La Recoleta Cemetery – this is the main resting place of Argentina’s most famous daughter Eva Peron, and is a mecca for many Argentineans and also visitors interested in the often turbulent history of the country. This is often combined with a visit to the Museo Evita (Eva Perón Museum)

Yogyakarta and the myth of Borobudur Temple

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Indonesia is a beautiful country that I regularly fly to. Whether it’s for the bustling city life in Jakarta or the serene Balinese islands that constantly lure my physical and spiritual self to visit, I love Indonesia and never fail to recommend it to people who want an experience of a lifetime. But for seasoned travelers who have been to Indonesia and want an out of the ordinary vacation, why not take an hour’s flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta and visit the Borobudur Temple?

Also known as Candi Borobudur, this magnificent temple was literally carved out of volcanic stones during the reign of the Sailendra dynasty, which is estimated to be around 700-850 AD. Historians are clearly awed at the majestic structure but was baffled as to how and why the temple was erected. They were also puzzled how the temple was abandoned and was consecutively covered by thick layers of ashes (there were lots of volcanoes in the area). The Borobudur temple was rediscovered by the British as they came to Indonesia for the first time in the 1800’s.

Top 5 beaches in Ireland

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Ireland may appear gray and dreary to outsiders but this emerald country offers a lot of spots where people can sun themselves silly and enjoy some water sports. To taste Ireland’s beaches, one only needs to go to County Donegal for some green waters and some sand.

The Silver Strand

The Silver Strand is a beach in Galway. Its shape is that of a horseshoe with the beach being flanked on by a cliff on one side and rocks on the other. The beach is rather famous as a family destination. Despite being located in the Atlantic, the view it has offers a Mediterranean appeal.

The Silver Strand can be reached by using the coastal road in the southwestern area of Donegal. Turn left at the signpost bearing the name of Malin Bheg and head off for 10 minutes. Singposts for the Silver Strand will appear. Visitors can park their car at the park and walk down stone steps leading to the beach.

Argentina beaches

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If you love beaches and seaside holidays then you must check out the South American country of Argentina, which has some truly exotic and unspoilt coastal destinations to offer. From long stretches of pure sandy beaches to ravines and coastal woodlands, there is a wealth of interesting and outstanding scenery to enjoy, especially along the impressive Atlantic coast in the province of Buenos Aires. Here there a number of top beach resorts which are popular with families and also some fun vibrant spots such as San Bernaro and Pinamar which offer lively bustling nightlife for party lovers and is very popular during the college breaks. The southern resorts of Necochea and Monte Hermoso have some of the best waters for swimming all year round, as well as various water sports including snorkelling, water skiing and fishing. Also there are plenty of land based activities on offer, such as horse riding, wildlife safaris, hiking and off-road quad bike adventures.

5 Websites to Help Refine Your Travel Plans

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The Internet has opened a world without borders for people who reside in different continents and countries. Given the right site and tools, people located in Africa can communicate with anyone from Alaska. It is this particular far-ranging anchors of the technology that allows the mind to travel and experience other cultures.

Necessity is the mother of invention they say and every traveler will need handy information wherever she may roam. The Internet  fulfills that basic function. But the more important question is: Is the information that we need presented in the form that will help us?

This particular question led to the inception of Christopher Muise, who was once a member of a large travel company, had the privilege of being able to go on planes for free and without needing to get  a seat reserved. After working in that profession for 13 years, he finally had to quit and book his trip in advance and pay his way.

Top 5 Beach Resorts for Families

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When you are looking for a good, family beach resort, there are several main factors that most parents consider:
* Cost – family holidays can be expensive, with additional costs of food, drinks and activities really pushing up the budget. Most families look for resorts that include their own swimming pools and beaches, so that there are some free areas to entertain the children, and inclusive activity clubs are also a bonus. Resorts should have their own reasonably priced restaurants and cafes, as it can be expensive dining out in the main towns of many holiday destinations.
* Safety – if you have children, especially very young ones, then beach resorts will need to have good safety features such as lifeguard covered beaches and swimming pools, and secure accommodation and public areas.
* Activities – supervised clubs and activities for youngsters can be a huge bonus for those families that enjoy doing their own things on holiday. Also if you are an active family you might look for a beach resort that offers plenty of water sports, day trips and evening entertainments. | best essays review | cambridge essay service | | essay proofreading services