Travel Photography: Tips to Capture those Priceless Moments

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For writers, traveling without a journal is a no-no. Having a journal where you can chronicle your travels and jot down your daily, spur-of-the-moment adventures is mandatory. It allows you to capture your thoughts on papers so you won’t lose them in time and to memory. Yes, having a journal when your travel is essential for writers. For everyone else, bring a camera.

Photography Tips

When you think of travel, the first narcissistic item that comes to mind is a camera. Whether it’s a professional camera or a point-and-shoot or even a camera phone, not having a camera during your trip often causes you to feel so crappy to the point that you want to fly back home to get your camera or purchase one right then and there.

5 Tips on how to travel like a pro

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First time to fly? Avoid getting the ire of those intimidating business people who fly back and forth several cities on a monthly basis. With these helpful tips from travel enthusiast, you too can take to the skies like a seasoned jetsetter.

Air Travel

Avoid excess baggage

Again, how do business travelers manage to fly out with just one briefcase or the smallest carry on fit for normal travel behavior? It’s not even about how short their business vacation is, since most of them do fly out for an entire week. It’s all in the art of professional packing—you bring only the basics and buy what you need when you get to your destination. Moreover, follow airline instructions and restrictions about liquids, baggage size and weight, and other reminders to avoid paying extra at the gates, which causes unnecessary stress not only to you but your fellow boarders as well.

Food Travel: Chinese Dumplings 101

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Every country has an iconic local delicacy that is recognizable around the world. In China, nothing is more distinguishable than a local dumpling, which comes in varying shapes and flavors, even in its national home.

Dump your tourist’s notions about dumplings because here we give you the list of China’s most popular dumpling variations.

Chinese Dumplings

Har gow 

When you order a serving of dim sum, don’t forget the har gow. These are small, plump, translucent dumpling with a shrimp inside as filling.

There is also a novelty in preparing the har gow wrap. Chinese restaurants pride themselves in being able to prepare the perfect har gow wrap—just thick enough to retain breakage when wedge in between chop sticks. More importantly, the har gow wrap should not be too sticky or too chewy when eaten.

Events in Cedar Rapids this June

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Cedar RapidsIf you are planning to visit Cedar Rapids, Iowa , you can easily find a home away from home since there are a lot of Cedar Rapids hotels. While enjoying the attractions, destinations, and activities, you will be assured of a comfortable abode where you can relax and have quality time with your family.

While in Cedar Rapids here are some events that you might want to participate in:

Five Seasons Ski Team Show (13 June)

Head to the Cedar River and watch the Five Season Ski Team perform some amazing water skiing stunts on the river. The place might get packed since there will only be a set of bleachers for the show so be sure to come early. Don’t forget to apply some sunscreen!

Story Time at the CRMA (13 June)

Anti-Travel Scam Tips: Don’t Leave Home Without It

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Travel TipsWhether you’re a seasoned jetsetter or a first time traveler to a local or international destination, make yourself aware of these common travel scams that plagued many countries.

Here’s what you need to know in order to secure your personal safety when traveling to an exotic country.

Overpriced cab rides

When you’re a tourist, the most familiar thing to you is a cab ride. First timers in Hong Kong and Malaysia are often intimidated about taking the trains and buses. So the best thing is to take a cab.

While there is nothing wrong with taking a cab, be wary of taxi drivers who will try to raise your fare so high or drive you around in circles. Before jumping into a cab, research ahead on how much it usually costs and consult your map.

World’s Most Famous Eco Lodges

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These days, more and more travelers are discovering and enjoying the advantages of booking at eco lodges. Apart from adapting more eco-friendly travel tips, the travelers themselves find interest not just in exploring what Mother Earth has to offer but also helping her out in return.

Here are some of the best eco lodges in the world that offer a more rewarding experience for world travelers.

Misool Eco Resort in Indonesia

Indonesia Destinations

One of the best eco lodges in Asia can be found in Indonesia. Despite its remote setting, which is located in Indonesia’s Raja Ampat archipelago, going to Misool Eco Resort is an adventure in itself. The 13 bungalows at this eco lodge are made from saved driftwood. Each one is as picturesque as the next in this beautiful and strategically located eco lodge.

World’s Top Budget Airlines

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With today’s modern technology, the world has become a smaller place. Anyone with a computer or smart phone and Internet connection can book hotels halfway around the world and plan their travel itinerary in a heartbeat. And with more and more budget airlines taking on the skies, it’s really about time every one flies. When we say ‘budget airlines’, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from bad service or cramped, smelly seats. You might be surprised at how much you can save on your airline ticket, money that you can allocate for a more worthy obsession—shopping! Here are the world’s top budget airlines in no particular order.

Top Budget Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Top Kebab Restaurants in Turkey

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When in Turkey, do what the Turks do—dine at the best kebab restaurants! After all, no one else understands the delicacy that is the kebab more than the Turks. For them, kebabs are not just staples but tiny slices of luxury—the perfect union of spices, meat, and grilling artistry.

With every restaurant aimed to master the art of the kebab, how do you find the best kebabs in Turkey? Moreover, kebabs are not just the “must-have” items on the menu. There’s also meze or mezze, which is an assortment of small portions of Turkish appetizer (antep ezmesi, pickled beetroot, Turkish bread with olive oil, etc.) served before a meal. It is quite similar to the Italian antipasti but the Turkish meze consists of really flavorful starters compared to your usual salads and dips.

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