5 Things You Should Never Do While Traveling


Traveling has its own set of rules. There are different etiquette rules to follow, as well as a ton of other things you should be aware of. What very few people actually discuss, are the things you should never do while traveling.

5. When traveling you should never try to purposefully hurt the customs of where you are visiting. Being rude and unruly is subject for disaster. You are more likely to get hurt or thrown in jail if you intentionally set out to disrupt the “peace” per se.

4. Never steal in a foreign country, or anywhere you are traveling to for that matter. This should be common sense, but many people think that since they are out of their comfort zone or home town, they can break the law. There is probably nothing worse than traveling and going to jail for committing a stupid crime.

Trip Planning: 5 Mobile Apps to Help You Plan Your Next Last-Minute Adventure

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TravelAppsPlanning a trip gets easier with all of the available technologies that we have today. We list down some of the best apps to help excited travelers prepare for their next travel destinations:


Create a packing list so you will not forget the stuff that you need for your holiday. The app will be a smart buddy that will ask you where you will go. Answer its questions and it will help you determine what you need to bring for the trip. The user interface is very simple and friendly even for the not so tech savvy. The app will create a customized list where you can check off things as you pack.


Plan on the go using Triposo. Download this app for your iOS or Android device and be able to see recommendations, detailed maps, and travel advice that will help you explore more than 15,000 places in over 200 countries.You can also use the travel guides of the app even when you are offline.

Santiago’s best bets for a cool vacation

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Visiting a place you’re completely unfamiliar with is always a challenge. While others may dread the experience, avid travelers always look forward to these challenges and lots of times, they end up being drawn by the intrigue that surrounds a foreign place. Today, we’re focusing our sights in Santiago de Chile. For those who have been yearning to visit this place but feel like they need to orient themselves first with the area, we’ll be talking about the different barrios and communities or the communa. This area alone is home to one third of the entire country’s population, which is roughly about 7 million residents.


Cheap Flights To New York

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The New York State is one of America’s most popular destinations, and has a lot to offer visitors from the vibrant and bustling New York City, to Long Island with its beautiful beaches and boardwalks. New York State also has some fantastic mountainous regions in the upstate Catskill and Adirondack areas, where visitors can go skiing, snowboarding and hiking through the stunning slopes and valleys.


There are plenty of cheap flights available to New York, and both the urban and rural environments are beautiful to visit any time of year, making a perfect summer or winter holiday destination. New York State is in the Mid-Atlantic area, and has very cold, snowy winters and hot humid summers, so whatever season you are visiting make sure you pack appropriate clothing and footwear.

8 things to do in London

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You need some time to understand and visit London. Hard to say how much time. Some cities accepted me fast, other much more difficult. I can’t name the reasons.

London accepted and swallowed me very fast, in 4 days (personal record). But for that I filled the following necessary steps, which I am recommending to you now, as you can do them cheap or free:

1. Catch and make photographies of the well known citymarks: Palace of Westminster and Big Ben; Westminster Abbey; St. Margaret’s Church; Tower bridge; Tower of London.

2. Visit the Royal Botanical Garden in Kew, which is superb and huge. Besides very many plants (it is one of the leading Botanical Gardens in the world) you can see many exotic ore old constructions (pagoda, Japanese house, etc)

3. Greenwich Observatory, which sets the time worldwide.

Tips to Survive the Great Wall of China

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Seeing how the President of United States Barrack Obama himself recently visited the Great Wall of China, we think it’s a matter of time before people would be scrambling to scale the great structure all over again. Here are some survival tips you can take note of before climbing this majestic wall, one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

1. Be fit, be very fit
Let’s face it. The wall measures 8,851.8 km but it is unlikely that you will be scaling the walls the entire length! Moreover scientists and historians have concluded that there are hidden sections of the wall yet to be discovered so be sure to keep an open eye for something off the beaten tracks. However, you still need to maintain a good healthy body before you embark on a quest to conquer the Great Wall of China.

3 Little-known Bangkok Budget Hotels

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Bangkok’s a wonderful place to visit if you’re on a shoestring budget. And why not, when so many affordable hotels are popping up all over the place? To make your stay in Bangkok both comfortable AND cost effective, here’s a rundown on 5 little-known lodging spots that will a smile on your face, NOT a dent on your wallet!

1. The Arun Residence
Located in the Old City, guests in this charming four-storey hotel can bask in the beautiful scenery of the Chao Phraya river at dawn or dusk. We think you’d also love having your meals at The Deck, the hotel’s French-Thai restaurant. Forget your alarm clocks, it’s more pleasant to wake up to the sounds of the nearby temple bells and the roosters crowing nearby.

Top 8 Most Iconic Streets in the World

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There are boulevards, streets, avenues, or corners that are world famous. Most travelers know them because it is where you can find the best goods, walk down to remember a very important part of history, or simply because they are amazingly beautiful.

Here are some of the most iconic streets that you must not miss if you be going to one of these wonderful cities:

Oxford Street in London, England

If you make shopping as your therapy and you are in England, make sure you allot some time of your London holiday to go to the West End. Here you can find around 600 shops open even on Sundays. Oxford Street is one of the busiest shopping districts you can find in Europe and is considered as among the best place to be at if you love carrying shopping bags on your way home. You can find most department stores and brands you can think of and people watching is awesome to. Along Oxford Street, you will find fashion extremes from trendsetters to fashion freaks and it is really the people here that adds life and color to the place.