Top hotels for pet lovers

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Pet lovers and owners all over the world are taking a stand: when it’s time to go on vacation, no crew member shall be left behind and that includes those both two legged and four legged members. A recent survey conducted among travel agencies in the United States reveals that 18 percent of those traveling for leisure purposes admit to having taken their beloved pets along with them on vacation during this year. But travelers also agree that while it may be fun to have their pets tag along with them, it’s also important for them that their buddies don’t feel sorely out of place.

Hotels in the World with History

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Choosing the right hotel to ensure that you have a great travel experience is an art. Here are some of the must sublime and luxurious hotels with very interesting pasts:

The Liberty Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts

The name of this hotel contrasts wildly with its former state –  a prison. During 1851, the prison was home to suffragists, World War II captives, and even Malcolm X. in 1990 it was closed due to overcrowding. Later, 150 million dollars was used to restore the atrium, arched windows and catwalks, turning it into a magnificent hotel.

In 2007, this luxury hotel finally opened, boasting of 300 rooms and restaurants and bars which are aptly named, based on the history of the place: The Yard, Clink, and Alibi. Rooms start at $299 a night.

WordPress Permalink & Rss problems

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If you use wordpress, you should check ASAP your blog’s permalinks/rss feed.
If they are broken and look like this
‘error on line 22 at column 71: xmlParseEntityRef: no name wordpress’ for your feed
then you are the victim of the new hack attempt targeting our blogs.

To fix things:
– go to Setting->Permalinks and delete the above mean code
– go to users, you will notice there are more administrators than usual
Put your mouse over the users and find the one that is last to register like this
Right click and copy the edit url, then paste it into the address bar. Also increase the number by 1.
You should find the hidden admin with a weird code as a first name. Delete the code and make him a subscriber then return to users and delete him.

Top Mountain Bike Trails in New Zealand

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New Zealand has been blessed with the most beautiful landscapes. These unique and varying land formations also provide sports lovers and adventure seekers some of the best trails for mountain biking. Here are some of the best mountain bike trails in New Zealand:

Whakarewarewa (Rotorua)

Riders in Australia call the Whakarewarewa as the Disneyland of Biking in New Zealand. The trails are specifically designed for experienced mountain bikers. These trails are constantly modified so be always be on the lookout for some surprises on the track.

You can first try the Repco Trail which is a combo of gravel road, single track, and 4WD. There is also the grintastic trail which takes the difficulty several notches up. The bike tracks are off limits to walkers and the paths for pedestrians are off limits to bikers. When you see XXX, these are the difficult routes of the track.

Experience the Best Thrill Park in California: Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Six Flags Magic Mountain is undoubtedly the best thrill park in all of California – in fact, it may be the best thrill park west of the Mississippi. The park is home to some of the world’s most famous thrill rides, several of which have been world record holders – Revolution, Viper, X2, just to name a few. Unlike it’s nearby amusement park brethren, Six Flags is built for the thrill seeker and makes no qualms about it.

The park itself is loosely themed – there’s the mandatory boardwalk area, Gotham City, a Batman-themed section, an Asian inspired area, and a southwestern style area. Let’s not kid ourselves here – this isn’t Disney-style decor, this is “because we have to” decorating. The decor is easily lost on the ridiculous amount of steel and wood that make up the park. The park itself is built on a hill, which makes walking around the entire park a formidable task, especially in the 100-plus degree summer weather. However, for your troubles you are rewarded with an unbeatable collection of coasters.

Travel US Christmas

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One of the most popular holiday destinations in the US around Christmas time is New York City. For some the attraction is the superior shopping and glamorous nightlife, and for others it is simply the magic of all the wonderful street and shop decorations. Whatever your reasons for going, this is one of the busiest times for the city and so it is vital to book everything well in advance before you go.

Accommodation can range from cheap to chic, but it all gets booked up for Christmas well before autumn each year. If you are not familiar with the city then look on some of independent New York community websites such as or, to get some insider knowledge on the best places to stay and dine out. Prices in a good, standard hotel start at around $80 a night for a double room, but you will need to spend at least $120 to get something really nice.

Travel Asia: Thailand’s Best Beaches

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There are more than two hundred nations across the globe but it’s Thailand that took the big portion of the best beaches in the world.
It’s not your normal range of sand; you are about to discover the best sand and spectacular limestone crags which pop directly from the perfectly clear waters. You can’t beat this, Robinson Crusoe.

Hat Phra Nang, Railay

This particular splendor can surprise and shock. Excellent sand, limestone caves and cliffs, vibrant boats in long-tail and emerald water surely make the scene bliss. It can get crowded in peak season and it’s more than just a really comfortable nook.
Hat Khao Lak

The Best Seven Sunken Ruins of World Civilizations

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Antirhodus, Alexandria

Cleopatra has to be one of the most intriguing characters in World History. She broke away from tradition, learned Egyptian and assumed the role of the goddess to her people. The tragedy of her death by suicide has been highly romanticized by writers like William Shakespeare and modern pop culture.

Now one of the few remains of her glorious reign can just off the Alexandrian coast part of  Alexander the Great’s citadel. Frack Goddio of France, together with his team of explorers, had unraveled upon the ruins they believe to be the residence of Cleopatra herself. The palace and the other islands off the harbor sunk around 1,600 ago after encountering staggering earthquakes and tidal waves. | best essays review | cambridge essay service | | essay proofreading services