Bordeaux vacations

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Make Bordeaux Travel Fun

If you are considering going to France on your next vacation, you might consider passing Paris up for Bordeaux. Why? Well, why not? Bordeaux travel can be so much more fun than Paris. No, no insanity here. While Paris is known for its attractions, fashion and worldly culture, Bordeaux is known for its wine. But Bordeaux has a lot more to offer to its visitors.

How to Spend your Holidays the Healthy Way: Top Hotels to Visit

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Your holiday doesn’t have to be spent on booze, staying up late at night, and losing sleep on overcrowded schedules. As a matter of fact, there are spots around the world you should visit if you want to spend the holidays improving your health. Here they are.  

Milestone Hotel in London 


This hotel offers a “Sleep Experience Package” which is especially designed to help busy individuals get their sleeping cycles back in order. The package includes a one-on-one session with the renowned sleep expert Tej Samani. After this one-hour session, you will be able to enjoy a 90-minute sleep-inducing massage.  

According to Samani, all sleep issues are caused by physical factors even if specialists peg the culprits as burnout and exhaustion. The package works to balance the parasympathetic and the sympathetic sides of your autonomic nervous system. Imbalance in your nervous system apparently causes insomnia.  

Death Valley National Park

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What’s to Do in Death Valley National Park

The name doesn’t sound too inviting, does it? Death Valley National Park. It’s a wonder that anyone ever visits or thinks to visit with a name like that. In fact, it’s amazing that you can find plenty of living things once you enter. But Death Valley National Park is a place that can be a lot of fun for visitors. If you’ve ever been there, you know that it can be a lot of fun. If you haven’t, well then, you might wonder why you should consider going anywhere near a place called Death Valley National Park.


Paris holiday: Modern marvels you must see

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Paris offers a lot for travelers and if you already covered the basics of Paris, then it is time to go for the younger and newer face of the city.

Palais de Tokyo

Enter the hallways of this modern art museum and you should prepare your eyes for amazing artworks ranging from whimsical, bizarre, and the surreal. The terrace offers a great view of the Eiffel Tower while you enjoy a night of good food, drinks, and some music.

Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou in Paris houses Europe’s biggest collection of modern art which includes works of Picasso and Matisse. The Pompidou is among the most popular museums in Paris because aside from its art collection the structure o the building itself is fascinating. It is an inside-out structure designed by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano back in the 1970s. Aside from the museum of modern art, Centre Pompidou is also home to a public library and a research center for acoustics and music.

Must Check out Websites for Travelers

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Thanks to the Internet we get to do anything we want online. Recently I’ve come across a few traveling websites that can not only help you arrange your trip but also book hotels/public transport and do more.

1. TripIT

TripIt offers the best way to organize and share your travel plans. All you have to do is simply forward your individual booking confirmations, reservation emails etc. TripIt will recognize these emails and create a master itinerary that puts together all the individual pieces, provides extra information.It also enables the user to add notes and ultimately share and collaborate on this master itinerary with others.

2.  ATMLocator


ATMLocator is a free service provided by Visa that allows you to instantly locate ATM cash machines in your vincinity. All you have to do is select the country and city name along with the pin code and it will provide you address details and map for each ATM. Currently, it covers over 170 countries worldwide.

Travel Shopping: Best airports for travelers who love to shop

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We can come up with a hundred reasons why we love to shop. During our holiday, we often find people in airports trying to burn their layover by shopping at the airport and we also see travelers who scramble to get their friends and loved ones some souvenir.

Every airport comes with lines and lines of gift shops and magazine stands, but there are airports who give another meaning to retail therapy on the go. These airports that we feature below have tons of arcades for duty free shopping, local retailers, and luxury boutiques.

Frankfurt International Airport

The FRA is the biggest airport in Europe with 60 stores and more than 250 businesses catering to the needs of the travelers passing thru.

Cheap Yoga Holidays

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There is no better way to unwind from a hectic busy lifestyle then by having a
vacation in one of the many yoga retreats around the world. These retreats are
aimed specifically at balancing your mental, physical and spiritual well being, and
combine beautiful, serene locations with healthy food, meditation and yoga tuition.
Most yoga retreats provide classes for all levels of experience, from beginners to
professional looking for some quiet time out, and there are often additional
entertainments provided if you want to bring a partner who is not so interested in the
yoga itself.

The wet sand on any beach is a favorite place for yoga practice

The wet sand on any beach is a favorite place for yoga practice

8 best places to plan a vacation if you’re going solo

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These days, the onset of budget airlines and travel promos make people more inclined to travel abroad. Almost everywhere you look there are posters, advertisements, and even TV shows featuring exotic places, delicious food, and interesting people. It used to be that going on a trip abroad usually meant you’re traveling with someone. But going solo can also mean lots of fun.

Setting off by oneself isn’t so unusual for travelers these days for a number of reasons. Friends may have difficulty agreeing on a date when they can all take some time off at work; changing demographics can affect itineraries; and sometimes when the hectic work environment seems a bit too much to bear, we feel the need to take a step back and space out. However, there have been unfortunate stories from travelers on supplement fees being charged for solo travelers.