Travel Tips: 6 Pocket-friendly ways when going to destination races

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A lot of people today are very conscious when it comes to health issues. We go through weight loss programs to get that six pack abs that we dreamed of or simply improve our overall health. Millions around the globe run on a regular basis to shed off the extra pounds. There are also those who join marathons and travel to destination races to conquer challenges or to help fight for a cause or charity.

Joining destination races involve a lot of planning and also some spending. Here are some useful tips you might want to try so you can stick within your budget:

Early registration

Race organizers often give discounts for those who register early. You can save some money when you sign up early and of course you are assured of a spot before the race hits the maximum number of participants. No matter how small you save, you can definitely use this extra money for your other travel expenses.

The fascinating Orient Express

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Travelling by car is obsolete and damages the environment. I love more and more the travelling by train, and specially the Orient Express.

Orient Express was first of all managed by Compagnie Internationale des Wagon Lits and lead from Paris to Istanbul, through Switzerland, Austria, Budapest, Bucharest.

Orient Express stands always for high luxury, haute cuisine and high society. It was the favorite way of transportation for state officials, adventurers, business people, bourgeoisie. La creme de la creme.

And it stands also for crimes, intrigues and espionnage. Mata Hari, the famous spy, used to travel by orient Express. A few diplomates died in the train on more or less natural causes. Agatha Christie had a lot of material for its novel “The crime from Orient Express”, which she wrote patially even in the train!

RCA Introduces the Perfect Portable HD Recording Camcorder

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RCA has recently introduced their brand new Portable 720p HD camcorder. The Small Wonder 720p HD camcorder is small enough to be easily carried in your pocket and has the ability to record 1280×720 HD video in H.264 format as well as a 8 Megapixel still photos.

It comes with a 2 inch LCD display and lets you connect it to your HDTV using HDMI connection. Furthermore it features a 256MB internet memory and supports microSD/SDHC cards up to 16GB. This can enable you to high definition movie up to 8 hours and about 40 hours of web quality video.


Camcorder comes complete with integrated Memory Manager software that allows you to download video through high-speed USB connection to email or share video clips with family and friends. To make things much easier for you it activates automatically when camcorder is connected. his small and compact digital camcorder is the perfect portable device for capturing video on the go.

Mini travel guide to enjoying Chamonix

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The restaurants in Chamonix is far more than fondue and raclette as you usually hear about and picture them. Shadowed by the grand Mont Blanc in the region of Haute-Savoie, Chamonix is home to the best restaurants in all of French Alps.

Enjoy popular cheeses like the tomme de savoie and the gruyere de montagne with a bottle of Savoy wine and some cured saucissons.

Best things to do in Chamonix

When going on a Chamonix holiday on a tight budget, you can save some money by packing some food instead of buying lunch up the mountain. Grab some bread at Au Pain d’Antan. Get a warm artisan loaf with chorizo and olives for just 1.10 euros.

Enjoy the great views of the Drus, Grandes Jorasse, and Mer de Glace peaks. Ride to the top, around 1,913 meters, by taking the Train du Montenvers. Enjoy the ice caves and then enjoy some drinks at the Hotel du Montenvers. Return tickets go for 25 euros.

Boston Vacations

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What to Do in Boston on Vacation

Have you decided to take a Boston vacation? It’s supposed to be a wonderful place to visit and there are lots of things to do in Boston. Do you have plans to see specific things or are you just going there because you’ve never been? If that’s the case, then you should consider what you want to do on your Boston vacation. Why? Because it will be more fun and you will experience more if you go with some activities in mind.

10 of the Strangest Buildings in the World

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The strangeness of an architecture can contribute to its uniqueness. Whatever its odd features are make it amazing to our eyes. The strangest buildings we know off are products of great imaginations and sometimes of obsession.

The design approaches in making these buildings are often out of the box. They are truly extraordinary and all we can do is marvel at them. Here are some of the strangest buildings that your eyes could ever ogle at.

Ontario College of Art and Design (Toronto, Canada)

Upon seeing this crossword puzzle building you will either look for a giant newspaper or just wonder what it is doing in this rather mundane neighborhood in Toronto. The improbability ups as you approach the strange structure that was created by Architect Will Alsop.

Luxury car rental Atlanta – Exotic Car Rentals


If you are interested in travelling in style during your trip to Atlanta then you can quickly and easily hire a wide variety of the finest top of the range vehicles from Exotic Car Rentals Atlanta. Choose between iconic sports and luxury sedan cars from the best manufacturers in the world including Bentley, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz, and there are also a number of the latest models of top line SUVs (Porsche, Range Rover, Hummer and Cadillac Escalade models) available as well.

Exotic Car Rentals Atlanta are located conveniently just a few minutes from downtown Atlanta and you can reserve a car either by booking online through the website or by calling the showroom directly. Exotic Car Rentals make it easy for you to hire some of the best luxury cars in the world so that you can travel in style during your stay in Atlanta.

The Great South African Hitchhike: Tips for the Roadside Adventurer

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Africa, dubbed as the Cradle of Civilization, is a continent teeming with different realities and opportunities as there are landscapes. The best way to experience this is through a slow communion with the land and its people. Bumming a ride from passersby is a sure way to let Africa wind its way into the heart.

Asides from the various sights you’ll see there are also various individuals you’ll meet along the way. There are many volunteers who make their way through Africa by way of hitchhiking and various convoys traverse the rugged highways of the continent. You’ll have a lot of interesting conversations along the way.

Riding through different vehicles and different kinds of people will put you in situations that maybe partly uncomfortable but will nonetheless open you to the strangeness of life.

Here are some tips to help you survive and have a great time while negotiating with everyday life on the road in Southern Africa.