Tips to Lowering your Holiday Costs


save money when travelingWhen most people are asked what they would do if money wasn’t an issue, “travel and see the world in all its glory” is usually one of the most common answers. Travelling truly enriches one’s life, but the extreme costs prevents so many people from experiencing such joys.

In an attempt to allow each and every one to dip their toes into the travelling pool, we’ll discuss a couple of great ways that you can lower the costs of your holiday abroad. Follow these tips and give your wallet a much needed break.


Airfares tend to do a great job of denting your holiday budget before you have even reached your destination. Although airfares usually can’t be cut out completely, there are a number of smart ways to lower the cost. Travelling during off-season is a great place to start, although this is not always an option. Making use of connecting flights, rather than direct flights, may be more of a hassle, but the lower prices will definitely make it worthwhile.

5 Messiest Festivals that You can go to across the Globe


Traveling to different places and enjoying a local festival is a great way of understanding other cultures. Well, yes it is also often a great way to understand which part of the globe consumes the most alcohol. If you are planning to just enjoy and have fun, there is no best way but to attend the messiest festivals known across the globe.

Water, tomatoes, oranges, flowers, bowling balls. They are throwing everything during these festivals. The bowling balls not included :) Here are some of the craziest festivals we know off.

Orange Throwing – Carnevale d’Ivrea in Italy

Head to the Piedmont region of Italy, specifically in the town of Ivrea when the calendar hits February and that will be the messiest part of the annual carnival. The battle of the oranges during the Carnevale d’Ivrea is said to have started during the 12th century.

Tips for Finding the Best Airline Seat

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A few years ago my parents flew from Los Angeles to Australia. The flight took over 15 hours!  They were very happy that they took the time to find the airline seats that would suit them best over the length of the flight.

If you book your flight online, you may be able to choose your seats at the same time.  While there are no guarantees that you will actually get the seat you choose, airlines can and do make changes to aircraft and seating charts, spending a little time doing some research may result in a more comfortable flight.

Top 6 Prisons to Visit around the globe

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“The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.” said Fyodor Dostoyevsky. In spite of the negative image of prisons and the various implications which they symbolize, prisons, especially ones that have been converted to museums, continue to draw tourists. The stories of infamy that continue to play out in the imagination of the public and the legends of the rogues who spent time in these institutions tickle the fancy of visitors. In this list, we will get intimate with six interesting prisons and the men and women they held behind their bars.

Port Arthur

Attractions in San Antonio

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Of all the cities in the South, there is just something about that gem of Texas’ eye, San Antonio. With some amazing historical spots, a wonderful mix of cowboy values and Mexican cultures, and a tourist market that can’t be beat, it’s not hard to see why so many flock to San Antonio every year to witness the magic of this great travel hot spot.

The Best Rooftop Hangouts in New York City

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Many people in New York love hanging outdoors because of the nice, warm weather they have. Here are some new hotels with rooftop hangouts which are perfect for socializing this summer:

Weird Travel Superstitions

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Our world is quickly becoming one of logic and science, and superstitions of the past are often mocked, thought to be little more then silly folklore and wives tales. But, whatever your opinion of superstitious rituals, what can’t be denied is that we are all guilty of them. From touching a piece of metal when entering a tunnel, to telling someone ‘bless you‘ when they sneeze, we all have out little rituals that we feel compelled to enact, and this goes for even the most staunchly scientific among us.
Some of the strangest (and widely believed) of superstitions are those related to travel, and it isn’t hard to understand why. We all get a little edgy leaving our comfort zone and traveling to a new place, especially when the culture is substantially different. This anxiety is intensified by stepping onto a plane, or a ship, or even just spending hours in a cramped car as you drive into the unknown.

A complete guide to finding the right car rental

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Whether you are travelling for leisure or for business, renting a car gives you a lot of flexibility. Here is how you go about finding the right car rental:

Ask for recommendation from your travel agent

You can always use the internet to find whatever you need for your trip but asking your travel agent can save you all the phone calls and all the shopping. Your travel agent can definitely help you find the right ride for at your destination. Your travel agent may have contacts in different cities and can get you a good rate. Travel agents may also have access to car rental promos which are not advertised to the public and only offered to travel industry insiders.

Dealing with car rental costs