Common phrases that you need to know when in Asia

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Language is fascinating and when you are in a different country, it is the wall which can help you make connections with other people or it is a barrier which can be a big hurdle to close a deal. We all sound differently when we talk when we all mean the same thing and trying to say the same thing.

It is priceless though how you can make locals smile when you try a few words of their native tongue. Knowing common phrases will help you find directions, bargain for a good price, win new friends or business partners, and save your life during unfortunate situations.

Those in Asia are very fascinated with how people in the west talk and act. Likewise, those from Europe, the Americas and other parts of the globe are mystified with the language, culture, practices, and traditions of the peoples frome the East.

Getting Great Food on the Streets of Thailand Is Easier Than You Think


Just like its other southeastern neighbors, street food is everywhere is Thailand. Just walking down the food district streets can bring smells of grilled meats, sweet spices and exotic fruits. Every small shop is a little different, some with dishes sure to knock your socks off, and others that might possibly make you run in the other direction!

Imagine going to a fair or carnival with food stands and stalls lines up everywhere. This is exactly what it’s like in a Thai street food market. Instead of corndogs and lemon shake-ups, Typical Thai staples that you’ll find on the street include marinated and grilled meat skewers, bowls of hearty soups and stews and even fried local bananas. All of which, by the way, are absolutely delicious.

5 Little Known Secret Spots in Florida


manatee floridaTravelers love Florida with a passion, and for a good reason too. What’s not to love when there is fun, sun, sea and sand to be had all year round? To make your next vacation in Florida even more interesting, here are 5 hidden spots you visit for a truly unforgettable experience!

1. Stuart/Martin County
Fishing enthusiasts will definitely love this place – More than 800 species of fishes can be caught offshore! For those who are not into sport fishing, they can opt to just enjoy the relaxing scene while basking in the soothing jazz music in downtown Stuart. Watch out for the vibrant Pirate Fest in September all year!

48 Hour Argentinean Eggplant


This is a classic Argentinean recipe that is simply wonderful. This recipe isn’t necessarily easy and there is quite a bit of preparation involved, but trust me; the work is well worth it!

 1 Medium to large eggplant

1 C white vinegar

2 to 3 C water (the less water you use in the recipe the more tart the eggplant will be when it’s finished)

3 ½ T of minced garlic

4 T fresh oregano (yes you can use dried but fresh is much better)  

Canola oil (enough to completely cover the eggplant)

Salt and Pepper

 Step 1

Perfect vacations on Phu Quoc Island

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The biggest advantage of Phu Quoc Island is to be still out of the paths of mass tourism. You can still visit this interesting island before the expected tourism boom, as many leading hotels chains are waiting to start up big infrastructure on the Phu Quoc Island.

Coast line on Phu Quoc Island

Coast line on Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island is under Vietnam jurisdiction, but was an important motive of arguments between Vietnam, Cambodia and even Thailand. Phu Quoc Island even caused a Vietnam-Cambodia war in the 70’s. Therefore on the island are more units and squads of the Vietnamese army. Adding to that the fact that 80 % of the island are protected due to its forest as a national park results in a totally unfriendly island. Which is  terrible wrong!

Luxury hotel on Phu Quoc Island

Luxury hotel on Phu Quoc Island

Perfect way to have a Washington DC vacation

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Washington DC, which serves presently as the capital city and seat of power in the United States, is an ideal place for vacation seekers. The city which has grown in importance since been named the capital city of the United States offers so much attractions tourist and visitors on vacation.

Mount Everest, the ultimate challenge

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I think everybody of you heard about Mount Everest(or Chomolungma). If you want to know more about it, please read this post.

Mount Everest is a legend. World’s highest mountain with its 8848 meters. Imagine only to run, or to walk, almost 9 km. It means already an effort, and not many people will do this.

Climbing these almost 9 km is much worse! You need equipment, you need oxygen, you need intermediate camps and logistics. But a wider philosophical question emerges: why some people climb mountains? Maybe they seek the Gods. The legends about the Gods on Mount Everest are an explanation for the fact that no local conquered this mountain! The New Zealand born Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to realize it, together with a frightened local sherpa Tensing Norge.

Reinhold Meissner conquered Mt Everest without oxygen mask.

Food travel Denmark: Discovering new Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen has been on any gourmands dream food destination ever since it generated buzz about the new craze for Nordic cuisine. The capital of Denmark is also home to the best restaurant in the world according to the S.Pellegrino top 50 restaurants of the world award– Noma.

Noma ruled the gastroscape in 2010 and remains to be on top of the culinary world. Aside from the top restaurant, Copenhagen is also where some restaurants with Michelin stars are located. Add to this the best chefs residing in the city.

The young chefs in Copenhagen spearheaded the transition of the city from a pork and potato meal destination to a gustatory top destination. These young chefs define what new Nordic cuisine is by blending all their skills, creativeness, and ingenuity learned from the best chefs from around the globe.