Best Honeymoon Hotels for the 2011 newly weds

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After exchanging vows, you might want to treat your partner to a nice overnight or maybe weeklong stay in one of the best honeymoon hotels. It is the time to be sexy and spend some intimate times so you get to celebrate the lifetime you have ahead of you.

There are honeymoon hotels which will make a burn mark on your bank account but there are also honeymoon hotels which will just be right for your budget. It is really up to you and how you want to spend this special moment of your married life.

Luxury Honeymoon Hotels

Cap Maison Resort and Spa

Quick guide: Good museums in Amsterdam without the crowd

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If you are going on a short holiday on Amsterdam, or you just do not have the patience to deal with the long queues to enter the Van Gogh Museum there are smaller museums which are worth visiting to give you another perspective on Amsterdam:


Holland has a good chunk of great local talents that produce great works from fashion, photography and architecture. The name of the museum literally translates to Handbag Museum. The pieces here all started as ideas and were carefully crafted that anyone will think that these bags are pieces of art themselves. The Tannsenmuseum is actually a reflection of the city and how it pays attention to details keeping life beautiful for everyone enjoying its comforts.

Houseboat Museum

Travel Guide: Some of the Best Spots to discover in Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley is one of the top destinations in Southern California. This locale is the perch of mighty technical giants like Google, Intel and Apple and the home of their savvy employees. Since the growths of the tech industry continue even through the recession, the various towns and cities in the area have managed to survive the ravages of the difficult times. Today, Silicon Valley is a major destination if one wants to spend time to the US’ most progressive locales. Here are some activities you can add to your itinerary if you want to spend a day and a half there.

Airport and Lodgings

If you want to fly to Silicon Valley, take the JetBlue plane that flies off from Kennedy Aiport and land at the Mineta San Jose airport. You might need to rent a car to go places in Silicon Valley. However, if you love taking long walks and train rides, the area has a limited train service. For places to board, you can scope out the Avatar Hotel in Santa Clara and the Rosewood Sand Hill in located in Menlo Park.

Nokia E71x Available for Purchase in US

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Nokia is the world’s number one manufacturer of mobile devices by market share and a leader in the converging Internet and communications industries. Nokia has just announced the availability of their much anticipated E71x with AT&T in stores across the U.S.

I earlier mentioned that AT&T will be releasing 6 new QWERTY cell phones and Nokia E71x was one of them. According to Nokia it is the slimmest smartphone on the market and is priced at just $99.99. It comes with a beautiful black steel finish and award-winning design. Based on S60 on Symbian OS it will offer the Wi-Fi and the flexibility of many Symbian-based applications.

Nokia E71x is a full QWERTY phone specially designed for those who would prefer to communicate via text messages or email over phone calls. Nokia explains that the trend for messaging, whether email, IM, texting or social networking, is stronger than ever. Because of that many people are shifting to smartphone that offers maximum flexibility for text messages and email features.

How to Explore Dublin, Ireland in a day



If you are having an Ireland holiday and only having a day in Dublin before heading to the countryside, then we suggest that you enjoy the city by walking through its streets. You might not be able to cover all the must see spots but this will be a good start.

Start your walking tour at the ivy-covered Trinity College and see their Old Library. The library can give you a glimpse of Ireland’s history and you can find whatever you want to know by browsing through their vast collection of literature.Head to the City Hall along Dame Street. The best thing to do here is go under the dome of the lobby, and look up. You will find the artwork worth straining the muscles of your neck.
On the riverside of Dame Street, you will find Temple Bar. This is the center of night life where you can find the coolest bars, pubs, and discos. If you want some alcohol this is the place to be. You can also find great finds in some of the shops nearby.

7 of the Most Strangest Spots on Earth

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When planning a trip, we make sure to visit well known countries and learn from their culture. But wouldn’t it be fun to learn new places that you never knew existed? Learn more about these strange spots on earth by reading the list below.

Mir Mine

Mir Mine is a manmade pit situated in Mirny, Siberia. It is humungous enough to swallow flying helicopters because of air flows downward.  It stands at 525m (1720ft) and 1200m (3900ft) wide.  It has a sister mine called Udachnaya pipe.  The Mir Mine is one of the biggest diamond mines in the world.

Antarctica’s Pole of Inaccessibility

Antarctica’s Pole of Inaccessibility is a spot where it is farthest from any sea. This might be the most isolated place in the planet. It has a temperature of -58.2C (-72F), which makes it the coldest place on earth. The Pole of Inaccessibility was hardly been visited because of the challenging way of getting in Antarctica.

Top 8 holiday destinations for a traditional Christmas

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Everyone is coming up with lists of Christmas travel destinations as families prepare to enjoy the holidays. We have featured in our recent post warm Christmas destinations but for those who may be dreaming of chestnuts roasting on an open fire or maybe of white Christmas then this list is for you.


If you will be in Europe this holiday season, then consider spending the Yuletide in Vienna, Austria.  This city is picture of postcard perfect elegance and warmth which spells the true meaning of the season.

Visit the Schonbrunn Palace which is among the most iconic monuments in Austria. The palace and the surrounding gardens give you a peek of the lifestyle of the country’s royalties. There are also classical concerts that you can attend at the City Hall for those who want to dig down into their emotions for that holiday spirit. Of course you don’t want to miss out on shopping gifts for your loved ones back home, and Vienna offers you Christmas markets which are considered as among the best in Europe.

Weird Destinations: Bone Churches in Europe

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If you ever thought that bones were simply part of human remains, or left studied by medical practitioners, the Europeans decided they were more than just that, and started using them to decorate their churches. The following are six churches that celebrate humanity in a different sense.
Capuchin Crypt in Rome

Near the Spanish Steps, there is a crypt just under the church of Santa Maria della Immacolata Concezione dei Cappuccini, and it is said to be the most popular among Europeans. There are six chapels inside; each of them decorated with a distinct style, making use of around 4, 000 monks’ bones. These are monks who passed away between the 16th and 19th centuries. Certain bones are utilized for creating complex patterns on the ceiling and walls. There is one chapel that made use of the whole skeleton; he is in a reclined position, donning his Capuchin robes, completely preserving who he was. At the last chapel, there is a sign hanging which serves as some sort of warning to people, given by monks, stating that who we are now was also who they were before, and that who they are now, pertaining to the bones, we also shall be, someday.