The ultimate experience: space tourism

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Supposing you are sick of all these terrestrial adventures and travels. Supposing you are sick on the Earth and angry with the human. What to do on these circumstances? The space tourism is a solution.

Book an extraterrestrial travel ! The American millionaire Daniel Dito was the space tourist from the history: he lived a week in the Russian Space Station Sojuz, and he payed 20 000 000 $ for this ultimate adventure.

Space tourism is unique and the Earth seen from the space is wonderful. Simply fantastic, says anyone who saw it.

There are already a plenty of interested people(20 000), and even 3 companies offering places for these special flights. Space tourism is booming, but the prices are still not very acceptable; nevertheless they started to shrink (200 000 Dollars nowadays). There are even planes for building a space hotel. In a few years we are going to ask our wives: What to do this week end: Mallorca or an extra atmospheric trip? I can hardly wait for it.

Top 5 food destinations in Abu Dhabi for the best brunches

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Abu Dhabi has an oil reserve that is expected to last thru this century so we can expect this attractive metropolis to make some more leaps to improve its attractions to lure travellers. It is not as city-like as Dubai but this green city has a lot to offer. First, they do not have traffic jams. Second, they have offer the best destinations to satisfy your craving for good food.

We line up some of the best food destinations in Abu Dhabi where you can get the best brunches:


Talay gives you the best choices you can ask for a brunch. Get a bowl of soup and some Thai salad as your starter. Next enjoy the hot dim sum choices. Your next stop can be seafood, chicken, or beef main dishes. If you are a vegetarian, you only have limited options at this place and the best one can big servings of the pineapple fried rice.

The Most Romantic Sunsets in the World

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Many people will agree that a beautiful sunset is a good way to end the day. The dreamy quality it produces when it swathes everything in an amber glow is enough to make you swoon over your partner. However, as most of us know, though there is only one sun, the ambience and the surroundings must be taken into consideration. The real romantics have searched the world over just to find the right setting.

Naturally, a good view, meaning a clear, unobstructed one, is on top of the list. A wide expanse where the sun is directly over a sea or desert may be ideal to some, while other prefer the contrasts offered by a landscape of mountains, temples, or even buildings, which can highlight the setting of the sun. Even climate plays a role, as warmer places can bring out the best glow, and a shower prior to sunset will cleanse the skies of dust that can lessen the vividness of the colors.
Wherever you go, even if you don’t get a chance to see an amazing view of the sunset right away, the best part is that you can always try again the next day.

Explore new Routes with Bikely and MotoWhere

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It can be quite tricky traversing a car dominated city by bicycle, particularly when you need to travel an unknown route to a new destination. But the chances are, someone has cycled that way before you. I have discovered a website that makes it easy to show you the best possible way to your destination.

For those of you who are into cycling and would like to discover new routes and places in United States, Europe and other countries need to check out Bikely. A free web-service that allows you to browse bicycle routes that are shared by other cyclists from around the world.


Bikely allows you to browse up to 100,000 bicycle routes. You can even add yours if it isn’t mentioned on the website yet. To narrow down your search you can also search for bike trails by country, by specific location and filter results by length of the route.

Thailand – 5 Years Later


In 2004, one of the worst natural disasters in recent memory occurred: a 9.3 magnitude earthquake in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The earthquake, not so devastating; the tsunami on the other hand, decimated many regions in southeast Asia. There is no official figure, but estimates peg the casualties to be around 230,000 people across 14 countries. It sounds pretty hard to believe, but it’s been 5 years since.

Thailand was one of the hardest countries hit by the tsunami, with an estimated 6,000 people killed by the tsunami. Even more shocking was the massive amount of structural damage – entire cities destroyed. If not by flood, then by debris – the tsunami carried boats dozens of miles to the interior, and there’s no doubt the boats took out many structures along the way. One of the hardest hit areas were the tourist areas like Phuket and Phi Phi. Anyone that came to visit in 2005 would have been met with destruction and decay. But how’s the tourism industry doing now?

Munich Hotels

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If you’re traveling to Munich any time soon, then you might be trying to find some Munich hotels to stay in. There are many websites that can assist you with your search. Some of them even offer customer reviews that might help you make a decision. But most decisions, even ones regarding which Munich hotels to stay in, are never easy.

Face it. If you don’t have a good hotel experience, that can ruin your whole vacation. It really can. So one of the most important parts of your trip could be making sure, absolutely sure, that you choose the right hotel or hotels for you.

In your search for Munich hotels, think about what your vacation is all about. Is it about pampering and relaxing? Is it about running from attraction to attraction and going home more exhausted than when you left? Is your vacation a trip for two…or more?

7 Towns across the globe with embarrassing names

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These towns on this list might be nice travel destinations. Honestly, I have not been to any of them but surely their names make a lot of people smile.

Wank, Germany

According to recent surveys, the hotels in Wank have the highest rates of single occupancy.

Condom, France

We got a feeling that unwanted pregnancies are not a major concern in this corner of France.

Shitterton, UK

The folks here just are in dire need to go.

Bendova in the Czech Republic

The people here will just do anything to please anyone.

Moron, Andalusia

A highly recommended destination for those seeking higher learning.

Middlefart, Denmark

This is your midpoint on your way to Shitterton.

Accident, Maryland

It just happens to be there. Nobody knows why.

How to Save Money During the Holidays


Let’s face it, no matter how much you love the holidays it can be the stressful time of the year, and by the time the end of December  rolls around, you are probably ready to pull out your hair in frustration. From the crowded stores, to the sold out items, to the parties, to the preparation, it can be hard to keep up, and with all of that stress the last thing you want to be worried about is your bank account.

That’s why I have a few tips to help you to save a little of that hard earned cash during the holidays, and lessen the Christmas load.