8 of the Most Impressive Lighthouse Hotels in the World

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In literature as in the media, lighthouses are usually viewed from the perspective of the ship that’s looking for light. It signals “home”, “guide”, and dry land. After traveling for days on end through the vastness of the sea, lighthouses are always a welcome sight—especially for travelers who may feel lost in their journey. This is probably the same charm that attracts most travelers who choose to stay in lighthouse hotels. From a room in a lighthouse hotel, you get the other side of the story.

You get to look out to the vastness of the sea without leaving the warmth of the hearth. Below are the top 15 lighthouse hotels you can stay in—whether you’re a traveler who’s sea-weary, or a native who’s looking at the prospect of setting sail. Nothing can be more romantic than these lounges.

Argentina: Faro Punta Delgada

New York Tours that are actually worth Taking

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If you’re planning a visit to the Big Apple, you might be surprised by the number of tours available to sight-seers. In fact, it can be pretty hard to decide which ones will give you the most bang for your buck. You probably have it in mind to catch a Broadway show and you no doubt want to see the Statue of Liberty and the top of the Empire State Building, but beyond that, how can you best go about getting a good look at the city that never sleeps? If you find yourself goggling over a list of city tours and doing the close-your-eyes-and-point routine, here’s a better way to find the best of New York: try some of these highly rated tours.

Historical facts on Wales

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The country of Wales is an island nation, situated just between the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea to the west, and England to the north. Wales has grown distinctively over the years, popularly known as the land of songs, it is a country inhabited by both the Welsh and English people. It has an estimated population of about three million people. The majority of people that live in Wales live in Southern Wales, while the remaining population lives in Northern Wales.


Cardiff, its capital city, was named in 1955 and has an estimated population of 317,500 people. The city has continued to play an important role even before it was named the capital. The city was very important before the First World War, was reputed as the largest coal port in the world. As a coastal city, Cardiff provides access as a port city, and handles lot of commercial activities.

Machu Picchu Hotels

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It’s not as hard to find information on Machu Picchu hotels as one might think. If you know anything about Machu Picchu, you know how primitive the area sounds. Steep cliffs that lead to breathtaking ancient ruins in the middle of a rainforest. It sounds like a setting for a novel, doesn’t it?


But in your novel is the hero on the run, using the rainforest as cover? Is he sleeping on the ground, fighting off all kinds of insects and predatory animals? Or is he on a grand adventure, sleeping in comfort on some of the softest mattresses, enjoying culinary delights most people can only dream of?

Hotel Property Management System Solutions

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computerThere are a number of software systems that are designed to support hotel property management and this can help to optimize your business structure and provide a seamless booking, checking in and payment system for your guests. The key attribute you should be looking for your hotel property management system solution is functionality, so you need to look at your property and define all of the various factors that need to be incorporated in your management system such as guest rooms, meeting and conferencing facilities and any pre-existing software that will need to be integrated, including websites that provide online booking facilities. You will also need to consider staff training, and your management system should be easy to use and support your current modes of working.

Munich Travel : Oktoberfest guide for first timers

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The Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival in the world, kicks off in Munich today. If you are in Munich in time for this or if you are planning to go for the first time, here is a brief travel guide so you will not be lost in all of the revelries.

The Oktoberfest is a massive event that attracts thousands of beer lovers coming from different corners of the globe. Around six million liters of beer are consumed each year during the two week long Oktoberfest.

There is more to Oktoberfest than all the perfect mix of hop, water, barley. You need to come dressed up for the event with guys coming in with a checked shirt, lederhosen, and woolen socks way above your calves. Women come in the traditional get up off Dirndl with some modern accessories.

Top 15 Chocolate Destinations in the world

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Join us in our journey as we try to get high, sugar high that is as we take a tour of the best chocolate destinations for those who has a weakness for this much loved magical delight:


Belgium has excellent beer, loveliest tulips, and yummiest chocolates! Flanders in particular boasts of the best chocolatiers who have maintained an excellent quality and innovated chocolates as we know it today. If you go the the classy Antwerp, look for the daring sweet creations of Hans Burie. In Brussels check out the the offerings of Laurent Gerbaud with inspirations coming from the East. The country also has several museums where you can learn about the history of your favorite sweets, its production, and more. Of course do not miss Brussels famous Mary Chocolatier, Leonidas, Neuhaus, and Godiva.


A Guide to Tipping For Travelers



In the United States tipping is almost always expected. In other countries around the world tipping is often considered an insult or is looked down upon. This guide will teach you how to tip properly while traveling. During the holidays for example, it is a common courtesy to simply tip more than you would during the rest of the year.

Waitresses and Waiters

If you are visiting a big city where the cost of living is higher, then be kind and tip your waiter at least 18%. If the service is exceptional go ahead and tip more according to your standards. A 15% or even 10% tip isn’t recommended anymore and is considered an insult.

Hotel Work Staff