Looking for Some Paris Hotels?

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If you are planning a Paris vacation, then you will want to pick on of the Paris hotels that suits your trip.

Are you going for romance?

Hotel room at Elysees RegenciaThen you’ll want to check out the Paris hotels that give an air of romance. There are plenty of them, after all, you’re going to Paris. So some of these incredibly romantic hotels include: the Hotel Elysees Regencia Paris, which offers great service, cozy rooms, fantastic view; and then there is the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris which is a quick walk from the Eiffel Tower and situated in what is known as the “Golden Triangle” (which is a very upscale area of shopping). This hotel also boasts great service, large rooms and is one of Paris’ nicer hotels.

The Wall of Gum


To get an idea of the quantity of chewing gum we can consume, you must take a sneak peak at a wall from Seattle. The respective building is a famous tourist destination now because tens of thousands of chewed gums were posted on its walls.

Wondering how things got so far?

Well, people started to put gums on this building 20 years ago, while they were waiting to enter the Theater that is near that spot. I’m curious how people acted during a play there, if they used to do this before entering.

The local authorities tried to clean the area, but the citizens became even more persistent. The result is this magnificent gum wall aka “The Great Wall of Gum”. :)

The Gum Wall is located in Post Alley at the Pike Place Market. As said above, right outside you can find the Market Theater.

Top Restaurants in 10 of the Best Cities Across the Globe (Part 2)

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We continue our gastronomic journey through 10 great cities and check out the best restaurants that can please our palates. In case you missed the first 5 cities we listed, you can click here to read about the top restaurants we featured.


  1. Modern Pantry – This quirky establishment offers one of the best breakfasts in London. Helmed by Anna Hansen, guests will have an enjoyable time picking on their English breakfast or Modern Pantry’s signature omelettes.
  2. Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House – The English know their oysters well and this is quite evident at Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House. Get a plate of the oysters and drink Prosecco.
  3. The Restaurant at St. Paul’s – This treasure is just right behind St. Paul’s Cathedral. Sample their treats like salmon with brocolli and their leek puree. Their gingerbread sandwich filled with ice cream is laced with natural honey.

Worlds largest aquarium



Supposing, just supposing , you are in Berlin for  a short time. You are a fan of marine life, or you simply are very fond of it, and you would like to see an aquarium. My suggestion is not to try finding an aquarium, if is any in that city. You simply have to go to the Radisson Hotel and take the elevator. It is a glass elevator, moving inside another glass cylinder,which is actually the aquarium. It is really quiet and peacefull in that elevator, zou will be impressed. It is the worlds biggest aquarium, where many marine plants and animals found their natural habitat. Some proffesional divers to the cleaning every day.

Tell me your impressions about it!

4 Walking Holidays You Will Not Want to Miss


Nepal trekkingIf you are looking for the ultimate holiday experience, a walking trip may be just what you need. Walking holidays allow you to experience nature at its very finest and depending on where you go, you may be able to view some amazing sights. If you are looking for a good place to begin, here are a few top choices. These are popular walking trips that offer adventure that you will not get anywhere else in the world.

1. Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. Sitting at more nearly 6,000 meters high, it is an amazing place to visit. When it comes to the ultimate trekking holiday Kilimanjaro should certainly be a top consideration. When you take a walking holiday to Kilimanjaro, you get to experience beautiful views of Kenya and Tanzania and there are a number of different routes that you can choose, based on the experience that you want. There are quiet routes that are great for beginners and more advanced routes that are perfect for those who are a beat seasoned with trekking.

Capture Moments with Samsung’s 12 Mega-Pixel Cameras

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Samsung is one of the world leaders in producing some of the finest multimedia devices for your comfort. Recently they have introduced their new 12 megapixel digital cameras code name TL321 and HZ15W.

Samsung TL321
Samsung’s new TL321 offers advanced high definition video recording at a resolution of 720p along with HDMI connectivity through the use of a cradle to view one’s video and photos in HD clarity on an HDTV.  It utilizes H.264 compression so that users can record HD video for longer periods of time.


Key Features include

  • 12 MegaPixel Camera
  • 5x optimal zoon
  • Schneider KREUZNACH Lens
  • 720P HD Resolution with HDMI connectivity
  • Measures 97mm x 60mm x 21.8mm

Samsung HZ15W
Samsung’s HZ15W offers 10x optical zoon and puts high definition video recording in the palm of user’s hand. This camera has the ability to record HD videos at a resolution of 720p. Just like TL321 it incoporates H.264 compression and offers consumers true HDMI connectivity.

World Restaurant and Bar Tab Etiquette: Global Tipping Rules

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One of the most difficult things to figure out when you’re traveling is whether to tip a waiter or not. Below is a basic guideline of how much to tip while you’re globetrotting. Say goodbye to awkward moments in foreign restaurants and bars. Now, you can dodge scowling waiters because you won’t have to tip too little on trips again.

Canada and the United States

When you’re in the US or in Canada, it’s considered rude not to leave a tip for the waiters. This is especially true in the USA where the customer’s gratuity is considered part of a waiter’s wage. You’d be looked down on if you leave less than 15% of your tab. Word even has it that the stakes have been raised today. The new tipping norm is now 17% to 20% of your bill’s total.

Things to do in Hawaii


With lush, verdant rainforests and sparkling azure coastline, Hawaii is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Pristine beaches and geological wonders dazzle the eye while offering a host of physical challenges including surfing, hiking and hula dancing.

While the natural attributes of Hawaii are reason enough to visit, where you choose to lodge also plays a crucial role in ensuring the perfect vacation. From the moment you wake up and begin your morning to relaxing after a long day of outdoor activities, your hotel is your home while you are visiting Hawaii and luckily, visitors have a plethora of Hawaii hotels to choose from.

Where the vibrant city life meets the shore, Oahu is a perfect mix of urban excitement, organic beauty, luxurious shopping and dining. As diverse as the vacationers who visit the island known as the Gathering Place, Oahu hotels offer everything from the perfect romantic setting for a honeymoon to exciting opportunities for family fun.