Travel during pregnancy

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Being pregnant does not mean you can’t go on holiday for the whole 9 months of your term, but it does mean that you should take a little extra care when making plans, to ensure both the comfort and protection of you and your unborn baby. Here is a quick guide to the various issues you will need to think about when you are planning any trips, whether it is a holiday abroad or a visit to family or friends.

4 Reasons to Ride the Singapore Flier

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The Singapore Flier is arguably one of the best places to visit in all of South East Asia. When I first heard of its construction, I did not believe that such an enormous structure could fit in the tiny city island but once I see it upon completion, I am awed beyond belief because the Singapore Flyer is indeed larger than life itself.

1. Enjoy 360 panoramic view
If you want want to enjoy a beautiful 360 degrees panoramic view of the city, you don’t need to sneak up to the tallest skyscraper in Singapore. All you need to do is get a ticket to ride the Singapore Flyer and you will be rewarded with sights that will take your breath away! On a clear day you can see the bustling streets of Orchard Road, the scenic Straits of Singapore and even Batam Island in neighboring Indonesia! Being in this gigantic Ferris Wheel does not mean that you will only be contained in your seat for the entire 45 minutes – in fact, you get to take a stroll, take in the views and get excellent snap shots as souvenirs!

All about coffee: Knowing what to order in an Italian cafe

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Coffee. The drink’s popularity has spread worldwide since its appearance in written history in 1671 to its aroma reaching different countries via instant coffee packs at homes and offices, via Starbucks, or other brands which satisfy every person’s craving.

One country which can really claim that it knows coffee like it knows how to breathe is Italy. In Rome, for example, you can find coffee bars in every square, cranny, monuments, and nooks that you will see. Cappuccinos are part of their souls.

Those who do not know a lot about coffee may think that when in Italy, you can order either an espresso or a cappuccino. You can get these two but they are only a small part of a long list that you can choose from. Coffee in Italy is spelled as V-A-R-I-E-T-Y.

Here’s a list that may help out coffee lovers in case you go to Rome and decide to get a cup in a coffee bar:

Things to Do in Seattle, Washington

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Seattle, Washington is a popular vacation destination for many reasons. It’s chilly but pleasant climate is attractive to outdoors enthusiast, and it’s thriving downtown is a favorite of shoppers and tourists. There are many things to do an see in this beautiful city, but below you will find some of the most popular attractions.

1. Pike Place Market

For those who don’t know, Pike Place Market is a huge marketplace, similar to a farmers market. You can find fresh food, collectibles, and just about anything else there. Plus, the market itself as well as the surrounding area is very beautiful, so it’s a good place to go just to sight see.

2. The Space Needle

Ibiza holidays

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Ibiza holidays are for party addicted. Ibiza is nevertheless a wonderful spanish island in the Mediteranean sea, 80 km away from Spain coastline.


Officially, the languages on Ibiza are spanish and catalan( in the Catalan the name of the Island is pronounced Eivissa) but the plurilingualism is there a norm. Everybody understands English; German and Russian are also widespread because of the many tourists coming from these countries. Many of them are already having sommer or permanent residencies on the Island of Ibiza.


The seducing Saint Lucia

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Saint Lucia (or Sainte Lucie for the French speakers) is a special Carribean island. It is hilly, covered with rain forests, has a surface equal with two thirds of Cape Cod and counts 160 000 people.

Map of the blessed Saint Lucia

Map of the blessed Saint Lucia

From these 160 000 inhabitants (most of them African descents), Saint Lucia gave to the rest of the world two Nobel Prize winners. That means, that statistically speaking, Saint Lucia counts more Nobel prize winners than any other nation!

Saint Lucia was subject to 14 wars between France and Britain, which were both mesmerized by the beauty of this unique island. Today Fort Rodney is still a mute eye witness of the past glory, and a major tourist attraction.

The picturesque Castries is the capital of Saint Lucia

The picturesque Castries is the capital of Saint Lucia

Top 5 Mediterranean Islands that you must not miss

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The Mediterranean is always among the top dream destination of anyone who loves to travel. The islands here are very diversed in terms of languages, social customs, flavors, religion, architecture, and other practices. They have rich history, beautiful waters, very warm people, and amazing mythology in common though.

The islands are surrounded by turquoise waters and great scenery anywhere you look. It is place where you will wish time can slow down or even stop or even get stuck in one the paradise islands.

The options for a Mediterranean holiday are endless and it can be quite challenging to pick your Mediterranean destination. We line up some of the best Mediterranean islands you can go to to experience the culture, beauty, and uniqueness of the region.


Unique Train Trips in the World

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Taking a train to explore places is one of the best experiences one can take. Not only does it offer a fast travel time; it also gives the traveler a breathtaking view of the sceneries.