Chicago Pizza


As a Midwesterner, when I think of pizza I immediately think of Chicago and my favourite pizza place Gino’s. Whether it’s thick crust, thin crust or my favourite deep-dish, Chicagoans are very touchy about their pizza…and they have every right to be.  I mean come on, deep dish pizza on a cold Illinois winter night? Sold.

 The story of traditional Chicago pizza goes far back. While every Chicago native knows that Geno’s is the best pizza in the world, we’re going to focus our attention today on a chain of Chicago-based eateries that are popping up all over the country. Uno’s Pizza. .

Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World

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If you’re environmentally conscious, you probably won’t mind sacrificing a little luxury lodging for a run-of-the-mill mosquito ridden inn. After all, if you can help save mother earth, the sacrifice is all worth it. That was several years ago, though. Now, you don’t have to camp out just to have a guilt-free summer getaway. A green vacation is possible while enjoying high-end facilities and first-class services as well.

There’s a new breed of hotels and they’re aptly tagged “eco-chic”. Now, you can enjoy the best amenities without harming the planet. Below is a list of the hottest eco-chic hotels and resorts around the world.

Costa Rica: Monte Azul Hotel and Center for Fine Arts

Costa Rica is already a known pioneer of eco-tourism, however, the set up as Monte Azul Hotel seems to beg for some redefinition. Here, the hotel’s friends and neighbors seem to give it what it needs. You can find anything just across the road: from organic vegetables to fresh milk to eggs and perfectly aged steak.

Fiji Islands

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Fiji Islands – It is an archipelago that consists of 322 islands and 522 smaller islets, lieing in the Pacific Ocean, not far from Australia and New Zealand. The beauty and diversity of Fiji islands rejuvenates every traveler who arrives there. Fiji’s seascape is verdant due to its myriad colors. It is also known as the coral capital of the world. This mountainous island is a thrilling as well as a chilling destination. You could either go scuba diving down the reefs, river rafting or just take a cruise, the choice is yours!


Fiji is divided into four main regions – North, South, East and West. Vanau Levu Island in the north is a beautiful unknown paradise. Its big, calm bay is swarming with fish, periphery of mountains and sparse plantations. The bay serves as a magnificent port with deep anchorage. The thermal springs around are used by locals to cook their food. Vanau Levu Islands being less polished than the rest of Fiji, gives you a glimpse of the villagers daily activities.

The Top Sacred Caves in the World

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For travelers who love exploring something new, caves are usually a must-see. What’s hidden inside is always a mystery, and the thought of losing yourself inside an old, dark cave thrills every explorer. Add to that are the sanctity of the caves – not just for their age, but for the icons that may be hidden inside. Here are the top sacred caves in the world:

Top 4 reasons for needing travel insurance


Whether you’re setting off for a short family break or trekking around the globe, it’s easy to forget certain things. Some people forget their passports. Some people forget to take enough clothes. But most people forget to arrange insurance. And some people don’t even think you need to get travel insurance for your travels. Well, here are four of the main reasons why you need to get holiday insurance before you travel anywhere:

Overseas medical expenses

This is probably the most important reason for getting decent cover. Getting ill or injured at home may be traumatic but, thanks to the NHS, you don’t have to pay for your treatment.
However, it’s a different story if you’re abroad and have international health insurance. If you’re travelling within the EU, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles you to free or reduced cost healthcare, but it doesn’t always cover all the costs. And if you’re outside of the EU, all the costs would be down to you to pay. Overseas hospital bills can easily run into the thousands; a sum which is sure to cause financial ruin. With a decent holiday insurance policy, any medical costs will be covered in part or in full.

20 Tips so you can blend in with locals when you travel

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As much as we want to bring in something to where we travel, sometimes it is also nice to be intimate with the people, the place, and the culture which we are visiting. Blending in with the locals allow us to see their culture in a way some outsiders are not privileged to see.

Here are tips that can help you blend in without losing your sense of self while discovering other cultures:

Wearing Muted clothes

Your first line of defense if you want to blend in is your get up. Simple clothes will help you to go around “unnoticed”. It might be very popular to wear the Cavs jersey or a NY Yankees cap but this stuff will give you away in the place you are visiting.

Pack Versatile Clothes

Adventure Travel: 5 Exotic summer destinations

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Hotel pools might offer a great view but no one will argue that there is nothing better that swimming in natural bodies of water that nature has to offer. You might have done some laps around the pool but you might want to explore some of the most exotic destinations across te globe where you can take a dip, relax, and splash around:

Jellyfish Lake in Palau

It is not recommended but who will not take the opportunity of swimming with jellyfish, tens of thousands of them. The Jellyfish Lake is home to one kind of jellyfish that has lost its sting because it does not have to deal with predators. They float around and try to find food and you can swim with them without having to worry about getting hurt at all.

Dead Sea in Israel

Top 10 Budget Hotels in Madrid


Madrid is an energetic and exciting city, full of the hot blooded, passionate Spanish spirit. There are plenty of things to see and do in Madrid, from visiting the beautiful old churches to experiencing the wild nightlife in the evenings, and visitors return here year after year to sample the unique atmosphere, which is at once laid back and upbeat. Madrid is famous for its exciting festivals, many of which happen in late spring, when the weather is just starting to get hot (the mid summer can be sweltering and many people prefer to visit the cooler Spanish coastline or mountains). One of the most popular festivals is that of the city’s patron saint, San Isidro, which happens every mid May. At this time you will find live music, banquets and various performances all over the city, as well as many religious ceremonies to mark this special occasion.