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Top 5 VIP Cruises around the Globe

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Everything about taking a cruise is classy and romantic. That is, of course, until you leave the boat, and you’re fighting for space in off-shore attractions along with your hundred or so companions. There are exceptions, though. We’ve listed the best cruises to take if you want to step out of the usual tourist hellhole. You can call them VIP cruises because you’ll be served like royalty when you take these tours.

Seven Seas Navigator’s Cruise to Italy

When you join the Seven Seas Navigator on one of their cruises to Italy, you get to enjoy an all-suite cabin, which keeps most of the ship’s passengers inside their quarters and out of the corridors. The crew also offers 24-hours of room service, so you can actually enjoy the trip without leaving your room too frequently.

Cuba Travel Planning: Things you need to remember if you are going to Cuba

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A lot of people have Cuba as one of their bucket list travel destinations. Cuba has been embargoed for a long time now and getting into it is not very easy. The restrictions for Americans though have been relaxed just this year and so you can join some tour operators that offer trips to Cuba. Here are some things you need to remember if you are planning to join a trip to this enchanting country:

Cuba is not your regular holiday destination

A holiday in Cuba may not mean days of chillaxing on the beach under the sun while sipping mojitos since you have to follow a strict set of rules. You can only go with accredited and authorized tour operators in the United States and Cuba. Your itinerary should also indicate very busy schedules that will involve cultural immersions and educational trips.

The Joys of Panama Cruises


The Panama Canal is without doubt one of the most impressive feats of engineering and design in the modern world, and has often been referred to as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ for the sheer magnitude of its building achievements. Panama itself is also a fascinating country, with a wealth of historic and modern charms on offer, and a cruise is one of the best ways in which to explore the amazing landscapes throughout Central America from rainforests and Mayan ruins, through to delights of Mexico and on the Caribbean tropics.

Eating up Miami


Miami Florida has some of the freshest ingredients and most modern chefs anywhere in the United States. With an abundance of incredibly fresh seafood and citrus, Miami is the rising star of culinary cities in American fusion cuisine. Although it would take months to talk about all the great restaurants in Miami, here is a short list of some of the best.

ACQUA (Miami Four Seasons Hotel)
The very popular ACQUA restaurant is located right off of the ground floor lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami. With a very fresh take on Asian ingredients and Latin American preparation, ACQUA is one of the must see restaurants in the area. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and meals typically range from $20- $40 per guest. .

Top Hotel Wonders of the World

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Before, when one speaks of architecture, one would refer to churches and other grand, historic structures. Today however, cities boast of a new kind of architectural wonder: hotels. And what better site than one that you can admire externally, and sleep in once you get tired?

Bella Sky in Copenhagen, Denmark

This hotel actually has two buildings that are inclined in different angles; they seem to be facing each other slightly. Yet this innovative play using angles is not just seen on the outside, but in the inside as well; there are more than 200 different shapes of rooms inside this hotel. The place where these hotels stand is near the airport, so the height of these structures could not exceed more than 246 feet. This then inspired the leaning design of the hotels. Rooms start at $155 a night.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Top 10 best US college campuses to check out

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Different college campuses all over the country are starting to get busy as another year starts to unravel. The air is buzzing with activity as people come pouring in from different places to embark on another academic adventure. It’s interesting to note that aside from being a place where we can enrich our minds; these campuses are also a good place to check out when you’re on vacation. Today, we’re focusing on ten different places that are not only ideal for students but for tourists and wanderers, as well. For those who are a bit hesitant about getting in the car because you’re anticipating a strictly scholarly tour of these campuses, don’t worry because this isn’t going to be a boring field trip.

Argentina beaches

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If you love beaches and seaside holidays then you must check out the South American country of Argentina, which has some truly exotic and unspoilt coastal destinations to offer. From long stretches of pure sandy beaches to ravines and coastal woodlands, there is a wealth of interesting and outstanding scenery to enjoy, especially along the impressive Atlantic coast in the province of Buenos Aires. Here there a number of top beach resorts which are popular with families and also some fun vibrant spots such as San Bernaro and Pinamar which offer lively bustling nightlife for party lovers and is very popular during the college breaks. The southern resorts of Necochea and Monte Hermoso have some of the best waters for swimming all year round, as well as various water sports including snorkelling, water skiing and fishing. Also there are plenty of land based activities on offer, such as horse riding, wildlife safaris, hiking and off-road quad bike adventures.

Food Trip: Traversing the Cheese Trail through Vermont

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vermont-cheeseYou will find Vermont, the Green Mountain State, on the northeastern tip of the United States. Whenever you try a food sampler from Vermont, you cannot miss the big chunk of cheddar in the basket. You might also have a hard time pronouncing gorgonzola, chevre, feta, and gouda but your taste buds will know that you are in cheese haven.

The Cheese Trail is roughly 280 miles or about 450 kilometers. Aside from cheese, you will definitely enjoy the colors of the foliage. Here’s how you should go about it:

Plymouth Notch
Calvin Coolidge was born in Plymouth Notch in 1872, and this will be your starting point. The whole village is declared a historic site by the state. You can also see the house of John Coolidge where he administered the oath of office to his son who took the presidency after the death of President Harding. You can grab some candy and toys from the general store in the 1920’s home of the Collidge.