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Ever Tried a Segway Tour?

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segway1Perhaps your wondering just what exactly a Segway is? Well if you’re on a tour of a city, a Segway is the end of tired legs, and the start of a new relationship with what could be the best invention ever. It’s an electric vehicle with two wheels that really does change the whole tour experience. Segway tours are fun, exciting and really, you have to try one!

Cheap Flights To New York

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The New York State is one of America’s most popular destinations, and has a lot to offer visitors from the vibrant and bustling New York City, to Long Island with its beautiful beaches and boardwalks. New York State also has some fantastic mountainous regions in the upstate Catskill and Adirondack areas, where visitors can go skiing, snowboarding and hiking through the stunning slopes and valleys.


There are plenty of cheap flights available to New York, and both the urban and rural environments are beautiful to visit any time of year, making a perfect summer or winter holiday destination. New York State is in the Mid-Atlantic area, and has very cold, snowy winters and hot humid summers, so whatever season you are visiting make sure you pack appropriate clothing and footwear.

Trip Planning: 5 Mobile Apps to Help You Plan Your Next Last-Minute Adventure

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TravelAppsPlanning a trip gets easier with all of the available technologies that we have today. We list down some of the best apps to help excited travelers prepare for their next travel destinations:


Create a packing list so you will not forget the stuff that you need for your holiday. The app will be a smart buddy that will ask you where you will go. Answer its questions and it will help you determine what you need to bring for the trip. The user interface is very simple and friendly even for the not so tech savvy. The app will create a customized list where you can check off things as you pack.


Plan on the go using Triposo. Download this app for your iOS or Android device and be able to see recommendations, detailed maps, and travel advice that will help you explore more than 15,000 places in over 200 countries.You can also use the travel guides of the app even when you are offline.

Top 8 Most Iconic Streets in the World

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There are boulevards, streets, avenues, or corners that are world famous. Most travelers know them because it is where you can find the best goods, walk down to remember a very important part of history, or simply because they are amazingly beautiful.

Here are some of the most iconic streets that you must not miss if you be going to one of these wonderful cities:

Oxford Street in London, England

If you make shopping as your therapy and you are in England, make sure you allot some time of your London holiday to go to the West End. Here you can find around 600 shops open even on Sundays. Oxford Street is one of the busiest shopping districts you can find in Europe and is considered as among the best place to be at if you love carrying shopping bags on your way home. You can find most department stores and brands you can think of and people watching is awesome to. Along Oxford Street, you will find fashion extremes from trendsetters to fashion freaks and it is really the people here that adds life and color to the place.

Cheap Hawaii Hotels

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Hawaii is made up of a group of beautiful, tropical islands and atolls, which are situated approx 2,400 miles off the US mainland. There are 8 main islands in the Hawaii state, only six of which allow visitors, and one of which is not inhabited at all, and the capital Honolulu sits one of the largest and most commercialized islands, Oahu. Oahu has a large number of top resorts, and miles of beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear tropical waters, and also has two large mountain ranges, the Waianae and Koolau. Hawaii’s economy is mainly fueled by tourism (it is one of the top 10 holiday destinations in the world), but the islands also produce diverse agriculture crops of tropical flowers, macadamia, pineapple, sugarcane and coffee, and there is also manganese nodule mining in the mountains and film and television production across the islands and surrounding waters.

How to Accept Cultures on Their Own Terms

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If you want to travel abroad, it is crucial to learn to accept cultures on their own terms.

It can be all too easy to find yourself in a strange situation and begin reminiscing about home and the “normal” way of doing things, but this greatly detracts from your enjoyment of the foreign culture you’re being exposed to! The situations you find yourself in will often be awkward or downright strange, and occasionally challenge your own morals and beliefs.

Instead of reacting with defensiveness or hostility and thinking about “how strange people are here”, remember that your own culture isn’t perfect, either! This is called “seeing the strange in the familiar”. For someone growing up in another culture, being exposed to North American or European ways of life would seem totally strange, awkward, or even morally wrong.

World’s Best 6 Chefs Hired By Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore


I’ve always enjoyed visiting Singapore. With its great shopping malls, delicious hawker delicacies and, my favorite favorite, Night Safari Zoo, you can name a thousand and one reasons to visit the beautiful city state whenever you drop by South-East Asia. Now, with the news that Singapore’s very own Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino has hired six of the world’s more talented chefs to head its dining outlets, there are even more reasons to plan your trip to Singapore when the resort opens next year. With chefs like Daniel Boulud – whose restaurant was awarded no less than 3 prestigious Michelin stars – as well as 2 American chefs namely Mario Batali (based in New York) and Wolfgang Puck. They are quickly joined by other gourmet gurus such as Santi Santamaria, Guy Savoy and Tetsuya Wakuda.

Seven wonders Of The Modern World

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Number seven is magic.The seven wonders of the ancient world as classified and described by Herodot perished due eartquake, wars, erosion etc, with one exception: the great pyramid from Gizeh. Which is really impressive even today.

Nowadays there are much more wonders, but I want to make a simplified choice and propose to you seven wonders of the modern world. They are all, with an exception, old buildings stimulating our imagination even today. They are impressive and full of misteries. Try to see them and tell me your personal rankings.

1. Taj Mahal in India is a love temple of an extraordinary beauty, build by a Middle Age maharajah ruler in the memory of his beloved wife died very young. There are many legends and traditions about Taj Mahal. If you were in love once, and if you like the beauty of the art, you must see Taj Mahal. It is also recommended as a destination for honeymoon.