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The ultimate experience: space tourism

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Supposing you are sick of all these terrestrial adventures and travels. Supposing you are sick on the Earth and angry with the human. What to do on these circumstances? The space tourism is a solution.

Book an extraterrestrial travel ! The American millionaire Daniel Dito was the space tourist from the history: he lived a week in the Russian Space Station Sojuz, and he payed 20 000 000 $ for this ultimate adventure.

Space tourism is unique and the Earth seen from the space is wonderful. Simply fantastic, says anyone who saw it.

There are already a plenty of interested people(20 000), and even 3 companies offering places for these special flights. Space tourism is booming, but the prices are still not very acceptable; nevertheless they started to shrink (200 000 Dollars nowadays). There are even planes for building a space hotel. In a few years we are going to ask our wives: What to do this week end: Mallorca or an extra atmospheric trip? I can hardly wait for it.

Nicaragua Vacation

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If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Central America, a Nicaragua vacation might be just what you’re looking for.

Top 10 of the Best Party Hotels

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Part of what defines a getaway is the freedom from responsibility. A new place, some refreshing faces and warm bodies, no reservations. Cutting away the puppet strings from the people we have to answer to and the paperwork on our desks is what a vacation should be. So spread your wings a little and go wild in one of the best venues in the country – the hotel.

Believe it or not hotels have the most chill places to lounge or bump and grind the night away. There are the infinity pools, rooftop bars selling the most knockout drinks, the restaurants and hotel-based clubs which only allow A-listers to go through and not to mention the grand rooms which can house concerts or large events. In this list we have compiled the best places to get down for a wild night.

Ice Cream Parlors You Shouldn’t Miss Out on In the US

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Summer is fast approaching, and if you find yourself in Portmouth, NH, you know that nothing tops the afternoon better than ice cream in one of the city’s famous parlors. Actually, anywhere in America, the staple street food is ice cream come July. Aside from the Independence Day craze, the weather just calls for it. This is why it’s such a good thing that the country is dotted with ice cream parlors which can give you a cool respite from the heat.

Below is a list of the parlors which serve the most to-die-for ice cream fixes. If you’re battling a 97ºF heat from where you’re sitting, you know that there’s no better tour worth taking than an ice cream tour. We invite you to indulge your taste buds with us as we search for the best tasting and coldest ice creams in the land.

Tips and Tricks for an Argentina Holiday

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Argentina is a vast and beautiful country with diverse landscapes, which range from tropical rainforests through to sub zero mountain glaciers. As well as its natural beauty, the country is also renowned for its rich and vibrant culture, and its passionate Latin American spirit.


Argentina also has some fantastic city landscapes for visitors to explore, including the bustling capital Buenos Aires, which is a beautiful mix of old colonial architecture and modern design. This is an excellent place to visit during your Argentina holiday, as Buenos Aires has a welcoming cosmopolitan vibe, and there are plenty of places to shop, eat out and relax with friends.

Skyline in buenos Aires

Skyline in Buenos Aires

Here are a few tips that will help your Argentina holiday to run more smoothly:
* Language Spanish is the official language of Argentina, but English is also spoken in many popular tourist destinations. It is helpful if you learn a few basic Spanish words though, especially if you are travelling to any rural or remote parts of the country

Restaurant Spotlight: The French Laundry, Yountville, California

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Owned by renowned chef Thomas Keller, the French Laundry is one of the world’s most exclusive and well-respected restaurants. Specializing in American and French foods, French Laundry’s food is, “to die for”, with critics and diners alike agreeing that the food, as well as the service, is virtually unrivaled. In fact, the French Laundry received the #3 spot on Restaurant Magazine’s 2005 list of the Worlds Top Restaurants, and has recieved countless other rewards from critics all around the world.

The French Laundry

Located in the fairly quaint town of Yountvile, the French Laundry is quite secluded and private. Many fine diners enjoy this change of pace, as most quality restaurants are located in large, densely populated towns. The building itself is also something to be admired. Originally built as a saloon in the early 1900’s, this all-stone building is extremely beautiful, and has not seen any major renovations, so its originality is intact.

Paris holiday: Modern marvels you must see

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Paris offers a lot for travelers and if you already covered the basics of Paris, then it is time to go for the younger and newer face of the city.

Palais de Tokyo

Enter the hallways of this modern art museum and you should prepare your eyes for amazing artworks ranging from whimsical, bizarre, and the surreal. The terrace offers a great view of the Eiffel Tower while you enjoy a night of good food, drinks, and some music.

Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou in Paris houses Europe’s biggest collection of modern art which includes works of Picasso and Matisse. The Pompidou is among the most popular museums in Paris because aside from its art collection the structure o the building itself is fascinating. It is an inside-out structure designed by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano back in the 1970s. Aside from the museum of modern art, Centre Pompidou is also home to a public library and a research center for acoustics and music.

Must Check out Websites for Travelers

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Thanks to the Internet we get to do anything we want online. Recently I’ve come across a few traveling websites that can not only help you arrange your trip but also book hotels/public transport and do more.

1. TripIT

TripIt offers the best way to organize and share your travel plans. All you have to do is simply forward your individual booking confirmations, reservation emails etc. TripIt will recognize these emails and create a master itinerary that puts together all the individual pieces, provides extra information.It also enables the user to add notes and ultimately share and collaborate on this master itinerary with others.

2.  ATMLocator


ATMLocator is a free service provided by Visa that allows you to instantly locate ATM cash machines in your vincinity. All you have to do is select the country and city name along with the pin code and it will provide you address details and map for each ATM. Currently, it covers over 170 countries worldwide.