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The magic of Beirut

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Beirut is a brilliant glamorous city, with a special identity. It is both Oriental and Occidental, and also the most European among the Arabian cities. It is doubtless right to name it the Paris of the East!

The magic Beirut seen from the Mediteranean

The magic Beirut seen from the Mediteranean

Beirut has been lived for over 5000 years, and thus one of the oldest cities worldwide. Phoenicians, Greeks, Ottomans, Arabians came here and settled, as the ruins are able to prove it. In the first half of the XXth century Beirut was under French protection, and became a very modern and attractive touristic city. Beirut is an incredible mix of different religions and nationalities, and thus by far the most cosmopolitan city of the East, and mixed marriages are still a taboo. Christian and Muslims are the most important confessions, sharing approximately 40 % each. They have lived for decades very peaceful in this magnificent city, until 1976 when a Civil War began. It lasted longer than 10 years, splitting the city and destroying very much of it. The City Center with its many hotels, restaurants, fancy boutiques, elegant avenues and theaters became a devastated  no man’s land. Very sad and very true.

All about coffee: Knowing what to order in an Italian cafe

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Coffee. The drink’s popularity has spread worldwide since its appearance in written history in 1671 to its aroma reaching different countries via instant coffee packs at homes and offices, via Starbucks, or other brands which satisfy every person’s craving.

One country which can really claim that it knows coffee like it knows how to breathe is Italy. In Rome, for example, you can find coffee bars in every square, cranny, monuments, and nooks that you will see. Cappuccinos are part of their souls.

Those who do not know a lot about coffee may think that when in Italy, you can order either an espresso or a cappuccino. You can get these two but they are only a small part of a long list that you can choose from. Coffee in Italy is spelled as V-A-R-I-E-T-Y.

Here’s a list that may help out coffee lovers in case you go to Rome and decide to get a cup in a coffee bar:

Things to Do in Seattle, Washington

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Seattle, Washington is a popular vacation destination for many reasons. It’s chilly but pleasant climate is attractive to outdoors enthusiast, and it’s thriving downtown is a favorite of shoppers and tourists. There are many things to do an see in this beautiful city, but below you will find some of the most popular attractions.

1. Pike Place Market

For those who don’t know, Pike Place Market is a huge marketplace, similar to a farmers market. You can find fresh food, collectibles, and just about anything else there. Plus, the market itself as well as the surrounding area is very beautiful, so it’s a good place to go just to sight see.

2. The Space Needle

The Best US Shopping Destinations

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Whether you enjoy shopping normally or not, shopping at some of the legendary destinations in the US can be quite exciting and fun. Of course in order to properly shop you have to have a fair amount of money to spend, but window shopping can be fun as well. If you’re looking for a fresh new kind of vacation, consider the destinations below:

1. Mall of America, Minneapolis

Mall of America

Almost everyone has heard of the Mall of America, but many people have yet to experience it. This 520+ store behemoth is the grand-daddy of all shopping malls. Literally everything you could possibly think of is available for sale at the Mall of America. Obviously due to the massive tourism industry surrounding the Mall, prices are fairly high. However, for most people, the experience is well worth the price. If you can’t afford to drop much money, visiting the Mall of America can still be very fun, even if you only go for a day. There are so many activities and things to see that you will find it hard to get bored.

A tall order: searching for the world’s highest redwoods

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Trees make are a major component of nature’s wonders. These living things have been around for thousands and thousands of years and are responsible for supporting life on this planet by regulating the air we breathe, providing food for our nourishment, serving as building materials for shelter and transportation, and many more. Trees are a common sight everywhere: they can be found on the side of the road, in parks, mountains, and even inside buildings. We’re familiar with a lot of types of trees, and the changes that they undergo as they grow older.

But one particular type of tree literally stands out among the rest and is recognized as the tallest type of tree that you can find in the entire planet, and this is what we call the redwood. These trees (bearing the scientific name Sequoia sempervirens) can grow to as high as 379 feet and have a trunk that measures 26 feet in diameter. It really is no exaggeration when other people refer to these trees as giants.

Top Things to Do in Las Vegas


Las Vegas seduces all of its visitors with neon lights, casinos that never close, and entertainment around every corner. There is no shortage of things to do in Las Vegas, no matter what your budget might be. Whether you have a little extra money to spend or are planning on traveling on a budget, there are things to do in Vegas that will keep you entertained 24 hours a day.


In Las Vegas, entertainment is bigger, glitzier, and more visually impressive than in other destinations.

Best travel credit card

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choosing travel credit cardThere are many types of reward credit cards available in today’s market and some are tailored towards frequent travellers, allowing you to gain points for air miles, hotel accommodation and other travel related expenses when you use your card to make a purchase. If you do travel a lot then this can be an excellent way of saving money on your business or leisure trips in the future, and there are several top travel rewards credit cards that can offer you some excellent points programs and discounts.

There are several ways you can redeem your travel reward points and there will be some restrictions and limitations in how you spend your points with most programs, which will need to be taken into consideration. Typical limitations include:

  • You will most likely be required to book your trip at least either 14 or 21 days in advance in order to use your points.

5 Best tools to find the perfect hotel for your travel budget

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During these tough times, finding the best hotel to fit your budget will make sure that you can stetch your travel money. That is what smart travel is all about. If in case you are traveling to splurge and pamper yourself, then you have to find the hotel room of your dreams.

We are also lucky nowadays to have excellent travel tools to find our way around. We can use them to find the best hotels whether we are having a European travel, a holiday in Greece, exploring China, or maybe relaxing with a quick getaway in Bali. Here are some of the most useful tools to find the best hotels for your budget: