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Flight Delayed? Know Your Rights (or Lack Thereof)

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Being the ex-general counsel at Expedia and now running Avvo and its free legal advice Q&A forum, I am often asked “What are my rights if I my flight is horrendously delayed?” This question usually comes from someone who just spent an unexpected afternoon on the tarmac due to flight delays.

Well, before you get too excited to learn about your rights, I must inform you that you don’t have any. Zippo. Zilch. Nada. Yep, let’s get your gasps out of the way up front. I know you hear about travelers’ rights all of the time on TV, and you are sure that as an American you have the right to sue any flight attendant who refuses you an extra bag of party mix, but the reality is that your only rights are those that the airline gives you in its carriage agreement.

Travel Planning: How to budget for a holiday in Italy

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Dreaming about an Italy holiday is easy, you just close your eyes and let your imagination work. Reality sets in when we try to figure out how much you need to spend for an Italy trip. Going to Italy has never been cheap and some even skip this travel destination because they want to stretch their budget during a tour.

You budget for an Italian holiday really depends on how you want to travel. You can splurge and spend a fortune or you can make things happen even with a limited travel budget. There is no way we can come up with a formula for an Italy travel budget but we lay out some of the things that you need to consider so you can enjoy your trip to Italy.

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World’s Strangest Landscapes

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Defining a strange place or landscapes is not an easy task. Strange means only out of normal, beyond the common sense, or something more ? For most of the terrestrials, Antarctica or the Everest are strange places, aren’t they ? Thinking deeper, Mount Everest is maybe not so strange, considering other very high mountains, whether close to it or on other continents. O.K., than strange means unique! The strangest places on Earth seem to be not situated on Earth, they tend to be lunatic, or even alien looking. If you agree this definition, O.K. , and if not the same. If you feel this definition to need fine tuning, be free to deepen and refine it, letting me now about it.

The following destinations are in my opinion world’s strangest destinations:

Unexpected Charm in Uruguay


Uruguay is a country in the Southeastern area of South America. It is a charming country with plenty of old villages and towns. It also has big cities and modern attractions, but most people come here for small town rustic feel. Uruguay is bordered by water, and only has one land border. If you visit you may be taking boats to get to other areas quite often. The foods, culture, and scents of the country are amazing enough to lure in anyone that has a love of traveling out of the norm.

First of all, traditional foods are delicious and well prepared. Some of the most popular meals are Milenesa, Pancho, Chivito, Asada, and Strudel’s. These meals are all very affordable, though upscale establishments may cost a bit more than you would expect.

Food and lodging tips in Rio de Janeiro


It is no secret that traveling in Rio de Janeiro is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But what makes your travels truly unforgettable, is if you have your food and lodging all lined up ideally. Here are some tips that should be useful in getting you started.

1. Fancy eating what the Brazilians are enjoying when they are not partying the night away? For really authentic yet tasty snacks and drinks that will whet your appetite for more, check out the locations of nearby botequims. A botequim – pronounced “bo-tech-kym” – is a smaller version of an American bar or an English pub. You’ll find great bar food to nibble on while in the company of delightful friends and the locals.

2. Don’t like how commercialized Copacabana is nowadays? Check into the Ipanema Plaza Hotel for pleasurable yet affordable lodging, and don’t be afraid to ask the courteous hotel staff to arrange an IMPROMPTU tour for you!

16 of the most beautiful villages around the World

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If you are looking for that Old Country charm, and you wish there was a way for you to witness civilizations before they got too busy getting ahead of themselves, you should frequent old villages more. There are sixteen exceptionally charming villages around the world that won’t disappoint you with their cobblestone roads and old-style stone houses. While not exactly medieval (there’s better plumbing, and the people here aren’t clad in high stockings and jumpsuits), these places are sure to give you goose bumps because they have managed to retain so much of their culture from decades, if not centuries ago.

Wengen in Switzerland

Do you ever wonder how the world was before cars were invented? Switzerland’s quaint village called Wengen might just help you realize your dreams. Cars are banned from this area for close to 100 years, and everything looks like it was taken right out of Heidi. Imagine seeing timber all around you, snow peaked mountains, log cabins, and locals who have kept their Swiss culture intact.

How to Use Hummus in Two Delicious Dishes


Hummus is a staple Middle Eastern condiment spread typically made by pureeing various beans, kosher salt, garlic, and corn or olive oil. Usually Hummus is served as a complimentary flavor and texture addition to another dish. Its uses however, as shown by Middle Eastern natives, are endless. Once you’ve mixed the traditional spread, you can pretty much add anything to it that you can think of. You can use hummus in so many dishes that it can easily be incorporated into nearly any dish that you’d like.

How to skip the sunburn on your next trip to the spa

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If you want to relax and pamper yourself, you can always visit a spa. Focusing on providing services for relaxation, health and wellness, spas offer an assortment of services and products to keep your body relaxed, balanced and healthy. For example, you can get a massage using a myriad of oils and lotions that can untie every knotted muscle in your body; or you could dip in a warm bath for an hour or two, the steam opening every pore in your body, ridding it of toxins and other impurities.

When you step into a spa, you are greeted with aromatic scents of oils and candles in the air, pretty much any spot in the area is conducive to sleeping, and the staff all go through their routine in a slow and mild manner. This is a sharp contrast to the sterile atmosphere of hospitals and clinics where lots of times, doctors and nurses who treat their patients are scurrying back and forth. But it is important for you (and the spa managers as well) to remember that spas are not only here to pamper you, they are also here to make sure that your health is well maintained.