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7 of the Most hazardous foods around the world

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How far will you go to experiment on things your taste buds can take? Some people travel to explore the gastronomic wonders of different cultures on different lands. But did you know that there are foods that might just be too deadly for your appetite?

We have listed some of these foods. Read on to explore what dangers some foods can bring.

Fugu (Japan)

You might be more familiar to the terms blowfish or puffer fish. Though this creature looks so cute in the ocean, it can kill you when it gets to your plate and it was not properly prepared. In Japan, it takes about three years of training before one can serve this dish. If you are in Japan, you can checkout the stores in Shimonoseki but just make sure you see the papers that the fish is safe to eat. In Mumbai, they have a fugu-trained chef at the Four Seasons.

Rock the Boat: Top 10 best cruise group shore excursions

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Passengers of a cruise ship might be happy with seeing the great views, playing at onboard casinos, or pigging out on the buffet but there is a growing trend today as cruise lines organize exciting, extreme, and even outrageous group shore excursions.
Shore excursions are where people can enjoy the wow factor of their cruise and connect with new friends. Below are some of the most adrenaline crazy group shore excursions that we know of.

Riding a Harley in Alaska and the Caribbean

Cruisers who want to feel the wind against their faces while sightseeing can zoom on the road riding cool Harleys in Ketchikan, Alaska and in the Caribbean. You will need a motorcycle permit but you can also go with a licensed rider if you want to watch the Cozumel sunsets or go to the lush Tongass forest. A gang leader in a black leather jacket with tattoos all over will lead your group. Okay, it will be a local tour guide.

Top Stops in Dubai

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I went to Dubai three years back and it was a trip I can never forget. I had actually  planned everything before leaving home. I knew exactly where I had to be each day because  I was suppose to be there for 5 days only. So if you’re planning your trip to Dubai, make  sure you get to visit all the worthy places like Desert Safari, Global Village, Jumeirah Beach, Wild Wadi, Burj Al Arab  and of course all the shopping malls.

Desert Safari

Your holiday won’t be complete if you haven’t visited the Desert Safari. You can experience the fascinating Desert Safari on the sand dunes with 4 wheel drive speed through the desert over the sand dunes.


Remember to keep your camera and films in your bags, as you may not get another opportunity to capture the sun setting among the sand dunes.

Top 5 Charlotte North Carolina Hotels


1. Charlotte Dunhill Hotel
This lovely hotel offers a peaceful and relaxing space right in the heart of Charlotte’s bustling uptown district and is just a short walk away from a number of attractions including the Blumenthal Center for the Performing Arts, the Time Warner Cable Arena, the Spirit Square Center for the Arts and the Discovery Place Science Museum. The Dunhill is a historic building that dates back to 1929 and was designed by architect Louis Asbury (Sr), and combines elegant European style with the wonderful comfort and good service that traditional American hotels are famous for. The Dunhill has over 60 luxurious guestrooms and facilities including an award-winning restaurant, cocktail bar, babysitting services, meeting and banquet rooms, business centre, parking, room service and a fitness centre.

World’s Top Budget Airlines

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With today’s modern technology, the world has become a smaller place. Anyone with a computer or smart phone and Internet connection can book hotels halfway around the world and plan their travel itinerary in a heartbeat. And with more and more budget airlines taking on the skies, it’s really about time every one flies. When we say ‘budget airlines’, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from bad service or cramped, smelly seats. You might be surprised at how much you can save on your airline ticket, money that you can allocate for a more worthy obsession—shopping! Here are the world’s top budget airlines in no particular order.

Top Budget Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Seven things you shouldn’t do in the Windy City…and the seven best alternatives you should try

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When we travel, we often end up following whatever we pick up from the numerous guidebooks we browsed in the bookstore. Sometimes, we plan our itinerary based on recommendations from friends, officemates and relatives. Here are a few tips we want to share with you to make your vacation in Chicago fun and worthwhile.

1. DON’T…make that journey to the top of the Willis Tower

Willis Tower, you say? Oh, you mean Sears! Yes, that’s the one. Even with the change in its official name, we still don’t highly recommend climbing all those floors to the top of the building. Now, you might be confused, especially because among the attractions that you will see in Chicago, this is obviously the most popular one of the lot.

Spending the Best Three Days in Kansas

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So what’s interesting in Kansas? For those who don’t know yet, the city is known for its bebop music, incredible barbecues, and unwavering Mid-Western charm. If we make do with that simplistic description, we’re looking at Kansas City some ten years ago. But what does Kansas look now?

Ten whole years of revitalizing has actually transformed Kansas into quite the Mecca jazz music aficionados. Not only that, the border straddling Kansas and Missouri is now a culture-rich metropolis. Citizens anticipate the further bolstering of the city next year, once the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts opens to the public. With the new center, Kansas will be home to ballet recitals, symphony, and opera.

So what happens to the traveler who’s looking for the charms of Old Kansas? Worry, not. While Kansas isn’t exactly a backwater anymore, it’s not so highly polished either. You can still find traces of the old country and enjoy the upgrades at the same time if you spend your time wisely. Here’s how you can spend three fulfilling days in Kansas City.

There’s more to Swiss cuisine than cheese!


If you’ve never traveled to Switzerland, never attempted a complicated dish from a Swiss cookbook, and haven’t patroned one of a very short list of authentic Swiss restaurants then most likely you’ve never experienced real Swiss cuisine before. Here is a list of the top 3 restaurants in America serving authentic Swiss cuisine.

 Matterhorn Restaurant; San Francisco, CA

 The Matterhorn Restaurant is probably the best place in America you can go for fondue. Not a lot of restaurant goe’ers know that fondue is an authentic Swiss preparation and at the Matterhorn Restaurant fondue is done the right way. When you walk into the Matterhorn Restaurant its like you are stepping through a doorway of a lodge in the Swiss Alps. With a beautiful view and atmosphere, this is as close as you’re going to get to an authentic Swiss mountain retreat outside of the Alps.