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The perfect vacation in the exotic Acapulco

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Acapulco has  a long history. Its travel history started nevertheless after the WWII, in 1949, with the opening of the first discos, restaurants etc.

The resort lies on Mexico western coast, in a wonderful bay.

It was boosted in the travel industry by the famous Hollywood actor Johny Weismuller ( alias Tarzan). After that, in the 60’s it became a favorite destination for luxury travel. The main clients were very rich and came from South America, Western Europe and specially U.S.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy married here Jackie Kennedy, John Wayne owned a beach in Acapulco, Ava Gardner divorced from Frank Sinatra in Acapulco. Acapulco had a strong magic power, which paled totally in the 80’s due to pollution: the water was no more good for a swim!

Today Acapulco is booming again, as the water is again good for swimming. The stars are coming again (e.g Sandra Bullock and Enrique Iglesias) and the golden age of Acapulco is coming back.

Tips on Cutting down on your Travel Expenses this 2010


The past year has been a year of travel deals when airlines and resorts practically did everything to get those bookings. Life has been easy for travelers who got the best travel deals our pockets can afford.

According to experts, 2010 might be a year when the economy will go on a slight rebound so airlines and hotels will also have a different set of strategies. They might not cut down on those rates as much to attract visitors. Here are some tips we want to share with you so you can still save on your travel expenses this 2010:

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Making Thai dishes at home – What do you need?


Thai food is absolutely delicious. It pretty easy to cook Thai dishes from home, but there are some essential ingredients that you will need to make the dish truly authentic. It may be a little difficulty finding some of the ingredients, especially ones like green peppercorns or saffron, but in virtually every city there is some sort of Asian or Thai food store. If not then many of these ingredients can be found in the ethnic or international sections of your local large supermarkets. Worst case scenario you could always order them online, often times cheaper than what you can find in the store.

Look for Fresh Produce!

The hidden secrets of Eastern Island

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The Eastern Island is one of the world’s most remoted and isolated places. It is a Pacific Island, also named Rapa Nui by its polynezian aborigines. It is 3600 km away from Santiago de Chile and stays under chilean jurisdiction under the name Isla de Pascua.


Today the population island counts 1500 people. In the past, in the XVIth century, before the europeans discovered the island, the local population was of 15000 people. The first question about the Easter Island is who were its aborigines and where did they from? A posibility is that they have come from the other Pacific  islands during a more generations process. The other possible answer was that the locals came from the continental South America. This posibility was suported and proofed as posible by the notorious Thor Heyerdahl through a temerary expedition from Ecuador to Easter Island. The expedition was held exclusively with very rudimentary means, accesible to the people of precolonial times.

Swine Flu – Travel Advice

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Swine Flu originated in Mexico, and the first cases were reported worldwide in April 2009. The World Health Organisations acted quickly to assess the risks that this virulent strain of influenza represented, and although the virus outbreak has now been officially labelled ‘pandemic’ (affecting other countries around the world), there have been a low percentage of cases reported worldwide, and no fatalities as yet outside of Mexico.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have advised against all non-essential business and leisure travel, and people leaving the country are scanned at the airport for obvious flu like symptoms, although of course many passengers could be carrying the virus without displaying any symptoms at all. WHO are not restricting travel completely to and from Mexico and other affected countries, as this has been shown to have no affect on containing influenza type viruses.

Spanish kitchen

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If you want to know more and to understand better the Spanish kitchen, then you must read this post.

I discovered the spanish kitchen in February, while visiting Bilbao and I found it fabulous. And it is still my absolute favorite for its richness of flavors and spices.

My tip: do not eat in the restaurants near the main tourists attraction, dig deeper, where the Spaniards eat!

First of all, the basic characteristics of the spanish kitchen:

-massive use of olive oil. Do not worry about it, it is world’s best, and the healthiest of all edible oils.

-many dishes are based on sofrito (tomato sauce with olives oil, garlic and onions)

garlic and onions are the main used spices. If you are sensitive to those, you are lost. No joking, let the house know about it!

-it is usually to drink during the meals

Dallas extended stay hotels


There is plenty to see and do in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and whether you are travelling for business or pleasure you should try and find the time to fit in some of the sights, from the renowned Nasher Sculpture Museum through to the many excellent dining, shopping and sporting facilities there are on offer. There is a great variety of outdoors activities from golf through to live sporting events, and ever year the Texas State Fair is held in Dallas, which is a hugely popular attraction that draws over three and a half million visitors from all over the US, and lasts for three weeks during October. The fair offers traditional fair attractions such as food and produce stalls, animal competitions and lots of fun fairground rides and games (including North America’s largest Ferris Wheel, The Texas Star). Dallas is famous for its warm southern hospitality and lively atmosphere, so why not spend some time exploring this fascinating area, and take advantage of some of the great low cost extended stay hotels offering affordable accommodation in the area.

Top 10 Best Places where you can enjoy your retirement

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Every day, we come closer to our retirement. You might still be young and trying to save for it. Or you might have just said goodbye to your colleagues as you spend your last day at work. If you are planning to have a different environment during your retirement, you may be considering spending it in another country. Here are some of the best places to retire:


Although some parts of the Land Down Under have been hit by floods in the past few weeks, Australia has a reputation of being an ideal place. The lifestyle in this country is very laid back while being close to nature. There several languages used in Australia but English remains to be the primary language.

Applying for a retirement visa though may be a bit tough and you need to prove that you have enough income and assets. Most retirees opt to purchase a home in New South Wales or in Victoria. Going through the visa hurdles will be well worth it.