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Perfect Bike Routes for your Family Vacation in the U.S.

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If you want something different this summer because your kids are tired of the monotonous beach trips you’ve been taking, what about going on a bike tour instead? It’s good exercise, it’s environmentally friendly, and it’s exciting because it’s new. There are also plenty of bike routes in the US that are family-friendly.

If you’re closest to Idaho and you don’t want to venture too far from your home to enjoy a bike trip with your family, you must try the Route of the Hiawatha. This is only open from May to October, though. The best thing about this bike trail is the 15 miles of scenery you’ll enjoy as you pass by the Bitterroot Mountains. A shuttle service can transport you and your family from Pearson to Roland trailheads so you won’t have to pedal your way uphill. You don’t even have to bring your own bike. You can rent one at the Lookout Pass Ski Area so you can explore the nine tunnels in the trail. One that’s especially impressive is the Taft Tunnel. This runs for 1.7 miles, and it even crosses the divide between Montana and Idaho.

Where To Smoke Pot: The Best Countries To Light Up


There are few drugs in the world as widely used and loved as marijuana. Pot smokers come in all different shapes, sizes, ages, and colors, and it’s for this reason that the very concept of a free and legal system to selling and using weed is such a beautiful pipe dream…pun intended.
But one of the most common misconceptions is that weed is actually legal anywhere, because the truth is, it almost never is, and the countries that have boasted marijuana legalization in the past tend to change their laws so frequently that you are likely to be caught in a sudden ban halfway through a joint. Which is why it’s important to stop assuming smoking pot is legal anywhere, and instead start looking at the places that have a policy of turning away when you light up.

Visit Amsterdam: Cannabis Capital of the World

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If you’re looking for an exotic, new kind of vacation, consider visiting beautiful Amsterdam. Located in North Holland, this capital city of the Netherlands is the only place on earth where cannabis, or marijuana, is not only legal – it’s sold in coffee shops.

Tourists and locals enjoy their day at The Green House, a cannabis cafe in downtown Amsterdam

Virtually everywhere you go in Amsterdam you will see what locals and tourists call “Cannabis Cafe’s”. These coffee shops serve all the usuals – mocha’s, latte’s, americano’s, and one unique product – marijuana. You can buy it in many forms, including joints, baked goods, or just in its natural state. Whether you’ve smoked marijuana before or not, Amsterdam can be a very exciting place to visit.

Montreal restaurants

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Montreal restaurants offer the same types of cuisine that you can find in almost any country. They offer a multi cultural array of foods, such as Italian, French, Canadian and American. Of course, if you’d like to try something else, you can probably find it.

What makes Montreal restaurants a unique experience isn’t necessarily the food they serve, but the atmosphere that is served with it. Many places can make a good hamburger, but the reason you might like one place over the other is because of the way you feel when you’re there. That’s what is so special about Montreal restaurants.

They have Little Italy. Who ever thought you could have an authentic Italian meal and feel while you were in Montreal? Or enjoy a meal in an underground tunnel? If you are wandering around the Underground City of Montreal, there are plenty of restaurants that offer fare for any taste.

The Rebirth of Winemaking in North Carolina

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Even though North Carolina isn’t well known for winemaking, yet you are able to find more than 90 wineries in the Tar Heel State. An interesting fact is that the number of wineries has quadrupled in North Carolina since 2001.

However the history of winemaking for North Carolina backs long time ago, precisely in 1835 when the first national commercial winery opened its doors. In the 20th century, more than 25 wineries were producing wine making North Carolina one of the most productive states in all over the North America

One of the largest producing wineries in North Carolina is Raffaldini Vineyards,  which has a production of more than 5000 cases every single year.

Raffaldini actually specializes in Italian grape varieties and grows different types of grapes in his 43 acres of land. He is considered to be the only italian exclusive vinery in all North Carolina and he is also the only one growing the vermentino grape. Vermentino is the premier white of Southern Italy and Raffaldini’s version is marvelously crisp and mineral-ric

Proper Sushi Etiquette in Japan


Traveling to Japan can be a wonderful experience. The bright lights and nightlife of Tokyo attract many, while the some enjoy the solitary beaches of the Shiraishi islands. Japan has a multitude of attractions to visit and foods to eat. Eating sushi in Japan is almost a requirement for any traveler to this island. Even the best sushi bars in America aren’t quite the same as eating freshly caught Japanese fish. The experience of a traditional sushi meal can be extremely memorable. Travelers should be aware however, that there is an expectation of respect and professionalism in most traditional Japanese sushi bars. Knowing how to avoid “cultural mishaps” are the key to truly enjoying he sushi experience, as well as your overall vacation in Japan.

First, when ordering at a sushi bar, you will usually still have a waiter or waitress. They are there to take your drink and non-sushi food items. It is considered very rude to order anything but sushi from a sushi chef.

Adventure Travel with a dose of Charity

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If you have been feeling guilty about spending too much money on vacations but still couldn’t fathom a long break without the routine adrenaline rush, you might want to consider giving back. Aside from being trendy, charitable vacations can be your cheapest tickets to the world’s best destinations. Taking the less popular path can also be beneficial for you because these tours tend to be more real and more exciting. Don’t forget the free karma points you’ll get because you’ve chosen to give back.

Sierra Leone

Punta del Este vacations

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Punta del Este is out of the touristic season a small town with 10 000 inhabitants in the south american country of Uruguay. But in summer, which just started in Uruguay, its population reaches an incredible                1 000 000!


Punta del Este is not cheap, even on the contrary! It is an exquisite resort for south american elites coming from Argentina, Brazil, Chile etc. The cabs are expensive, and so do the luxury hotels and restaurants in Punta. Nevertheless, you can find some budget alternatives. My tip: rent a car, it is convenient for the long distances in Punta del Este, and public transportation is not to find. Do not forget in the morning to pick up some hitchhikers coming out from the clubs (Punta is very safe, don’t worry!). The parties are starting after mid night and are held up to sunrise. The only ways to stay on a budget are the Hotel Shelton and the Hostel 1949. About bars,clubs and restaurants I will not mention any names, as they change every year and the fashion pubs appear and disapear over night.