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Top 10 things to do in Boston

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Boston, Massachusets, is really an amazing city. It is not very big (600 000 people), but one of the most visited cities worldwide with 12 000 000 visitors every year. What makes Boston so attractive to so many people?

First of all, the position is very picturesque: on the Charles River, in the Suffolk County. And on the Atlantic Ocean! From this position results a very mild climate, with subtropical influences.

Second, this city founded in 1603 played a major role in the American Independency War and was very present in the all american history. You can see it in every corner of the city.

Third, the city is not overcrowded and very safe. The crime statistics are very low for Boston, a real miracle after the ’30 decade, when police was very corupted and had no efficiency.

The Top Ten Ecotourism Destinations

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If you are a seasoned traveler who’s tired of the usual destinations, why not visit these green places to help you become aware of the beauty that our earth has to offer. Two places on the list may seem obvious picks, the Galapagos and the Amazon, but there are plenty of new and yet-to-be-discovered places, such as Dominica, as well as the Blue Mountains in Australia and Africa’s Botswana.

If staying in one of the environmentally friendly lodges in the middle of a rainforest appeals to you, stay in Costa Rica or Borneo. But if you wish to get up close and personal with the glaciers and wildlife, Antarctica and Alaska will give you the opportunity to experience that from an inflatable zodiac, or just at a ship’s deck. For those who love sleeping outdoors and trekking to high plateaus, trek the Himalayas.

Himalayas in Nepal

Chile’s Amazing Beaches

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Upon mentioning Chile, one would immediately imagine the beautiful Andes capped with snow, the lovely capital that is Santiago de Chile, or simply the country’s elongated shape that covers the driest desert as well as the magnificent glacial fields there are in our world. More than that, Chile does not lack beaches. Here are the most amazing ones this wonderful country has to offer:

The magic of Amazon River

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Amazon River means for many people something fantastic, something over natural. Fact is, Amazon River is magic, irresistible and attractive. One fifth of the total water reserves of the Earth flow through Amazonia. It is by far the river   with the biggest volume worldwide, and its volume is bigger than  the combined volume of the following eight world’s big rivers.

The springs of Amazon River

The springs of Amazon River

Its basin is mostly an unexplored jungle (selva), called Amazonia, which is an important lung of our planet. According last measuring Amazon is also the world’s longest river, with a length 0f 6240 km. It becomes so longer than the Niles, Africa’s representative in this selective club, but there are other measuring needed to prove this thing. There are practically no bridges on the Amazon, as nobody needs them (There are no people and no roads in the jungle).

Amazon River and its tributaries

Amazon River and its tributaries

Top 10 Most Dangerous And Coolest Things To Do On Vacation

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When most people think of vacations they think of relaxing days spent on sandy beaches, hikes through a peaceful wood, long nights spent lounging in hotels, or being pampered in spas, and maybe a day or two standing in line at an over priced amusement park to ride a few rides. While that may be the perfect plan for your parents, chances are many of you out there are less then impressed with these tame (and lame) trip itineraries.

Which is why we have compiled a list of some of the most dangerous, exciting, cool, and unique travel experiences that most of us never even consider doing on those all too rare holidays away.

10) African Safaris

OK, so I know what you’re thinking: you have an Uncle Bob and Aunt Midge who just rave about their own safari, and love to show slides of the memorable event with coma-inducing details about their lovely guide, the hungry hippos, the fact that they think they might have seen a lion… Well, that, my friends, is not a real safari.

To hire or not to hire a tour guide? Tips to help you decide

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Personally, I love traveling on a do-it-alone style. I hit the road armed with my wits, experience, and a credit card. I also do understand the value of hiring a tour guide who can be more knowledgeable and experienced on that point of the map where we are heading.

Tour guides can help with a lot of things but they can also be a bit pricey at times. If you are having a hard time figuring out if you need a tour guide or not, here are some tips that you can use to determine if you need one or you are better off traveling by yourself.


1. if you don’t have much time

Holiday in the Philippines: Day Trip in Bohol

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I am currently in the Philippines for some business. Manila is a buzzling place. It is a mix of old buildings and modern structures but the influences of Spanish and American colonizations are very evident. After some meetings and client calls , I scheduled a flight for Bohol island which is among the best destinations in the Philippines. It is one of the 7,107 islands of this archipelago in Southeast Asia and boasts of the Chocolate Hills, the smallest known primate, and a lot more.

Sharing with you my Bohol experience yesterday:

Going to Bohol is very easy. There are several flights you can choose from. I took a flight to Cebu, another historical island in the Visayan region of the Philippines, and from there took a ferry going to the island of Bohol. Summer is almost over but the airport and the port are still pretty crowded. Get to the airport and port a few hours before your ride so you will not have any problem with the long lines for the security checks.

Looking at the World’s Oddest Museums

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In the old school, there was bad art and good art. Today, though, you’ll find several museums showcasing some of the oddest collections ever created. You’d begin to wonder if the categories “bad” and “good” still fit them. If the aesthetic ladder of contemporary art is way over your head, don’t shrug off these oddball museums just yet. They still make for an interesting quirky trip across town. Some of them might just hit your sweet spot.

Bunny Museum, Pasadena California

Unless the killer rabbit in Monty Python gave you endless nightmares, this museum should be a harmless, rather wholesome trip. It’s still going to be strange seeing 23,000 bunnies, in total, but it’s not going to shatter your sensibilities. You’ll find a wide (and that is an understatement) collection of ceramic bunnies, plush bunnies, stuffed bunnies, plastic bunnies and more.