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Santiago Restaurants

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Ooh, the flavor. And, oh my, the aroma. The wonderful food fare offered up in Santiago restaurants include so many different cultures. From European and North American to the ocean. Santiago restaurants offer its customers an opportunity to combine the flavor of the city with the flavor of the food. It doesn’t matter that Santiago is just another city in Chile. Not at all. This city is on the verge of something big and it has everything to do with the atmosphere, the friendly residents and the wonderful food that can only be found in Santiago restaurants.

Looking for something nice, Santiago restaurants that are some of the best in the city? Then try Madro Al or Mare Nostrum. Both of these Santiago restaurants offer a South American or Spanish flavor. When in Santiago, you should try a little of everything at the Santiago restaurants. They have restaurants for all budgets and all tastes, but what is the point of going somewhere different if everything you do is going to be the same?

Acer Announced Aspire AS5536,AS7735Z and AS5739G

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Being a proud owner of Acer’s laptop I’m glad to spread the word that Acer has just added 3 new members to its Gemstone Family code name Aspire AS5536, Aspire AS7735Z and Aspire AS5739G. The company reveals that all notebooks come with a 16:9 widescreen, Dolby surround sound audio and a sapphire design known as Gemstone Blue.


“As part of our highly acclaimed Gemstone Blue family, the latest Aspire notebooks feature excellent price/performance and mainstream entertainment in a mobile PC that delivers significant value for their investment,” said Ray Sawall, senior manager of product marketing for Acer America. “Consumers are increasingly selecting notebooks as their primary device. As proven by our latest Aspire notebooks, we recognize that value-based mobile PCs need to offer appealing aesthetics as well as great performance and multimedia capabilities.”

The Acer Aspire AS5536

Argentina Cruise Guide – Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is the lively capital of Argentina, and has a busy port on the Parana River. Cruise ships sail right into the harbour, and passengers can disembark to enjoy all of the wonders that this vibrant city has to offer.

Buenos Aires is an amazing vibe city, specially at night

Buenos Aires is an amazing vibe city, specially at night

If you do stop off on your cruise in Buenos Aires then you may feel slightly overwhelmed at the many amazing sights and activities on offer, so here is a round up of some of the main highlights to give you an idea where to start:
* Plaza de Mayo – this is the main square in the city and a great starting point for a sightseeing tour as it has a number of excellent examples of colonial architecture and is close to many of the main pedestrian shopping areas of Calle Florid and Lavalle.
* La Recoleta Cemetery – this is the main resting place of Argentina’s most famous daughter Eva Peron, and is a mecca for many Argentineans and also visitors interested in the often turbulent history of the country. This is often combined with a visit to the Museo Evita (Eva Perón Museum)

Top 10 cities for Gorgeous Girls

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There really are some truly gorgeous girls out there in the world, and if lovely local scenery is your thing, then here is a list of the top 10 cities for spotting beautiful girls, from the bottom up!

10. Paris, France – Paris is the city of lovers, and again there is that sultry French accent that can do strange things to a man’s will power. The women in Paris have excellent fashion sense and really look after themselves, so if you like your girls elegant, beautiful and groomed to perfection this is the ideal place for you.

9. New Orleans, USA – that Cajun drawl really sends shivers up and down your spine, and despite recent troubles New Orleans is still one of the sexiest, vibrant places to visit. The girls here are jazz smooth, and a cosmopolitan background means that there are some really stunning and unusual looking girls in every bar, pretty much something for all tastes.

New Zealand – An Unknown Culinary Gem


The foods of New Zealand are straightforward and unpretentious, very much like its people and culture. Since the country’s main area of commerce is agriculture, its not surprising that the majority of food that’s coming out of New Zealand is based on fresh ingredients and simplicity rather than complex and muddled flavors. In California this idea of “New American” cuisine is all the rage in the states now, but New Zealand has followed this doctrine of fresh ingredients and unpretentious preparation for hundreds of years. Of course it isn’t simple food at all, and because of a surge of immigration from various other countries, New Zealand’s food is becoming quite the melting pot indeed.

Top 10 Best Fried Chicken in the US

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Fried chicken is enjoyed by adults as much as kids. Whether it’s deep fried, less greasy, or spicy, America has different ways of enjoying this most craved dish.

Roscoe’s House of Chicken

Chicken with less crumbs and oil paired with waffles is the pride of Roscoe’s House of Chicken in Los Angeles. But hey, it is also good with rice and gravy. Roscoe’s House of Chicken is also well-known as a celebrity’s hot spot.  Moreover, several movies like the Swingers and Rush Hour have featured this chicken wonderland on the silver screen.

Rack and Soul

Chef Charles Gabriel and Chef John Wheeler of Rack and Soul in New York serve their chicken in two ways. You can choose from a golden brown chicken whose recipe is handed down for fifty years and counting or a pan-fried chicken with a secret seasoning.

Side Street Inn

Vacations on Isla Margarita

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Isla Margarita is a Venezuelan island in the Caribbean Sea, very close to the South American continent and the Venezuela mainland. I like Isla Margarita so much, as it is not so expansive and overcrowded like other Caribbean Islands (e.g. Puerto Rico, Cuba etc.).
Isla Margarita
is first of all a major destination for the caracuenos (inhabitants of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, which is at half of hour flight), because it is picturesque and much cheaper than Caracas. The major difference to other Caribean Islands is the price of beer: Isla Margarita has the unbearable price of 1 $ for a beer, which is the quarter of the price payed somewhere else.
After that some tourists from the western world discovered also Isla Margarita. The number of tourists increases year by year, and the real boom is still wanted. Nevertheless, the infrastructure is not prepared for receiving much more tourists. First of all, Isla Margarita is very aride and the water comes from mainland through a pipeline, and another one is needed. Second: The local airport faces long delays on week ends and during the peak seasons. Third: the Venezuela President Hugo Chavez wants to build a military base on Isla Maragarita, which would be a major threaten for the local unspoiled environment.

Travel Tips: How things are done in Russia

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Russia is home to most billionaires in Europe. Everywhere you look, you will notice status symbols, glitzy restaurants, and other reminders of fortunes made every time the price of oil jumps up. Russia’s citizens are still adjusting to the lifestyle so is the rest of the world. The Moscow of today gives you the feeling of being in Dubai with a bit of London while St. Petersburg hints of Paris with a tinge of Mumbai.

The place is a lot of fun to go to. Businesses are also doing well. For travellers, we need to keep an open mind when we travel for leisure or when we go ther for some official business. Here are some tips to help you in the streets of Russia.