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5 World’s Most Bike Friendly Cities

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What makes a city to be bike friendly? I have chosen personally the bellow listed cities judging the length and safety of the special bike lanes, the use of the bike in that city or country, the respect showed by drivers and walkers against bikers. Also, the basics: that city must anyway to be worth to be visited. Fact is that every city could be visited much better by bike, than by car, but not all the municipalities have understood this simply law. Every Maire of a major city should be aware of this simple fact: letting the bike hire for free could enhances the number of tourists. But let see the winners right now and go green !

1. Amsterdam is doubtless the capital of the biking Europe. There are many bikes, many bike lanes, a bike culture and a bike education . Also an amazing permissive city.

Food Travel: The best Korean cuisines

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The flavors of Korean food originated from ancient traditions in the Korean peninsula that evolved thru the ages with the interaction of culture, politics, and the environment. The Korean culture is very unique in its approach to food.

In fact their food seems to penetrate every aspect of their lives. Korean food is also more than just filling your stomach because it also provides taste and medicine. Listed here are our top picks of the best Korean restaurants that serve the best of Korean foods that are ‘must-try’.
Yong Su San

The Best Summer Fests in the World

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The first festivals involved celebrations for a bountiful harvest. After the cold of winter has gone, people plant in the springtime. When the summer heats up onwards autumn, people harvest what they’ve sown. It is during this period that people hold ritual gatherings in order to give thanks to a bountiful harvest.

In this day and age, festivities are no longer just centered on crops. People have found that there are a lot of things to celebrate for like music, hobbies, inventions and events.

The fine weather during the summer months are worth celebrating as well and is also one perfect reason to pitch one’s tent on the grass and sooner or later queue up to watch live acts like Green Day, Norah Jones and U2. Here are some of the best festivals to visit during the summer.

Florida: Red Bull FlugTag

The Sensitive Traveler’s Best Guide to Okinawa

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A country’s culture does not necessarily stay the same region by region. Knowing how people do things in the specific area you’ll be visiting will help you avoid you from committing faux pas. This is particularly true when one goes to Okinawa. Okinawa has different rules from Tokyo. For an enjoyable time in these islands without appearing like a clueless tourist, here are some tips for you to consider.

In Okinawa Time Unfolds Through the Motion of the Ocean

So throw away your expectations of a bustling metropolis. There are subway train lines to make the commute easy from place to place. No fast foods. No fender to fender car traffic along the roads. All the hustle and bustle details that make city life appear like an elaborate rat race.

Top 5 best islands to live on

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When it comes to downsizing your life, you may just want to sell up your belongings and make a clean break to one of the many exotic and remote islands around the world. What better way to while away your time and relax from the hustle and bustle of a busy life than sunbathing under the fronds of coconut palms, or swimming in the crystal clear waters of the tropics? Or maybe sunshine is not for you, but the remoteness and close-knit community of one of the more northerly rural island appeals? Here is a list of the top 5 best islands to live on, for those that want to change their lifestyles for the better:

Top 7 scariest abandoned cities around the globe

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There are cities in the world that just do not last our lifetime. It turns into a ghost town—no people, isolated, all but empty buildings. They are there as a shadow of the past telling stories about calamities or some just cannot keep up with their function. Here are some of the creepiest, abandoned metros that we know of:

Pripyat (Ukraine)

The town of Pripyat is a ghost village near the site of the infamous Chernobyl power plant considered to be the worst nuclear meltdown in history. The disaster is a big preview of what can happen if the something goes wrong with nuclear energy platforms. The town is frozen in a 1980’s era as the nuclear accident happened in April of 1986.

Top 10 Cities to Visit this coming 2010

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We came up with a short list of the best cities to visit in 2010.


It is the city which really deserves the East meets West adage. Boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants, and trendy clubs have been mushrooming in this beautiful city through the years. Visiting Istanbul provides a perfect mix of fun, culture, and history. By 2010, the city will be formally recognized as a Capital of Culture in Europe.


It is a gem in the west coast of the North American continent and tagged as one of the best cities to live in. The cultural scene is very colorful with hotels and restaurants being able to accommodate the flock of tourists falling in love with the city. Vancouver forms an excellent picture of modern skyscrapers with the coastal mountains as backdrop.

Toronto Nightlife

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Toronto is a great city to visit and has a lot to offer including sites of cultural and history significance, a lively arts scene, excellent shopping facilities and plenty of good hotels and other accommodation.

Toronto also has a vibrant, fun nightlife and is widely considered to be the entertainment capital of Canada. There are plenty of fun ways to spend your evenings including going out for a meal in one of the many good restaurants, relaxing with friends in a bar or dancing the night away in one of the excellent nightclubs.

Toronto Bar

Toronto Bar

Many nightclubs in Toronto combine bar, restaurant and dance floor into one establishment, which is perfect for people who want to stay up late, unwind with some music and dancing and also enjoy good food. Here are a few of the top nightclubs in Toronto:
* Afterlife, 250 Adelaide Street West – this trendy nightclub is open all week, and each night has a different theme, such as ‘Seductive’ on Thursday and ‘Ladies Night’ on Fridays. Prices are reasonable, and this club is geared to those that like dancing and partying hard all night long.