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Best Attractions In Spain

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Spain has long since been considered one of the most fabulous, exciting, romantic countries in Europe. Every year it draws crowds in the millions, each to experience the many attractions in Spain that makes it such an incredible place to visit. All offer a unique view of their particular city, and give an experience that is linked to both the traditional, and the modern, aspects of a land long since considered one of the best in tourism.

The Best Rooftop Hangouts in New York City

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Many people in New York love hanging outdoors because of the nice, warm weather they have. Here are some new hotels with rooftop hangouts which are perfect for socializing this summer:

Delicious Places to Eat in L.A. – Pink’s Hot Dog Stand



For 70 years Pink’s has been a family operated hot dog stand in Los Angeles, California. This special hot dog stand began in 1939, when many Americans were struggling and good food was expensive. Pink’s prided themselves on providing fantastic hot dogs that anyone could afford. They have a variety of options to, and special chili that is well known all around the country to day.

In the 1940s Paul Pink bought a small building for his hot dog business, and it stands there today as the place thousands of Americans visit daily. The hot dogs come with any toppings you choose, such as chili, onions, and mustard, and cost only $2.95. Even their massive 10 inch hot dogs cost less than $4! Mostly everything is under $6. Technically from an economic stand point, these amazing chili dogs are a better “value” than they were in the late 30s. Not a lot of mom and pop restaurants can say that they survived 70 years in a growing city, but Pink’s has thanks to the great service.

Gluten-Free Travel


One of the most common digestive problems being diagnosed today is that of gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat and grains. It is found in practically every loaf of bread and every grain of flour. Actually the entire population to some extent is gluten intolerant; however here are some unfortunate people that have serious reactions to it in any sort of substantial portion. Common symptoms of gluten toxin are headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea or other flu-like symptoms. There’s actually a quite serious condition known in America as Celiac disease that actually causes the body to temporarily lower its immunity to several viruses.

Things to do in Ecuador

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Ecuador is  a medium country (240 000 sqkm) in South America, being maybe the only one country in South America which has not Brazil as neighbor. Its neighbors are Columbia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean.


The most important things about Ecuador is being one of the world’s countries with the biggest biodiversity. In a circle with 300 km radius centered in Quito you can find more different ecosystems than in the all continental United States of America!

Through Ecuador is the ecuator passing by, materialized in some regions through a yellow line, giving you two choices: whether  south, or north. You can simply go on your rhytm in the northern or southern hemisphere, which is a fantastic feeling.


The richness of the wildlife in Ecuador is due to the Andes amazonian jungle and to the Islands of Galapagos, searched even by the big english naturalist Sir Charles Darwin 150 years ago, when he was fundamenting its brillant Theory of Evolution.

The Scariest Runways in the Most Dangerous Airports around the World (Watch the Videos)


When the airplane snakes its way through hill tops, banks to the right, its nose pointed directly to the sea… what do you do? I bet you clasped your hands in prayer or just bite your nails. What if we tell you that this can be just a normal maneuver as airplanes do their landing approach to some airports around the globe?
Let us show you:

St. Maarten – Princess Juliana International Airport

Princess Juliana’s is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean. Major airlines from the United States use this airport as well as other carriers like KLM Royal Dutch, Corsairfly, and some regional planes.

What makes this runway scary? The runway is built for small and medium planes with just about 7,152 feet of runway but big 747’s and A340s land on this airport. If you are sunbathing along Maho Beach, there is a big chance that you will in kissing distance from the big wheels of the big, big jet approaching the international airport.

Top 5 Best things to do for free in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is a beautiful city in a country with a colorful history, tango, and a warm culture. The geography is also pretty flat so it is ideal for travelers who love to walk and explore.

There are tons of options for places to see and things to do in this capital of Argentina but some may not be too friendly if you have a tight travel budget. Here are some free things to do in Buenos Aires though that will not burn a big hole in your pocket:

Walking tour around the city for free

Cheap walking tours of Buenos Aires can be found for around 80 pesos while tours aboard a city bus goes for around 180 pesos. But it is also easy to find walking tours which do not require a single penny. There are local guides which will welcome you to join the group for free as their mission is to promote the local history and culture of the city.

New York City best destinations when traveling with Kids

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New York City maybe one of the busiest cities on the planet but it can also be a very big playground if you are traveling with kids. The city is home to famous zoos, a very big park, theaters, iconic attractions, world class restaurants, and museums. Kids will not have any reason to be bored in New York City. Here are some of the best spots where you can bring them:


Kids go crazy to go to the Wildlife Center and Zoo at the Central Park. Time your visit when they are feeding the sea lions.

Another great zoo to go to is the Bronx Zoo which is considered as the biggest urban zoo in the US. Te popular spots here are the Butterfly Exhibit and the Congo Gorilla Forest. Your kids can get up close with some of the animals at the Bronx Zoo and pet them. There is also an overnight safari for families.