Travel Tips: Simple Ways for you to Avoid Traveler’s Diarrhea

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One way to ruin an otherwise stellar vacation is to have traveler’s diarrhea or TD. Basically, this is loose bowel movement which could last for days, and which could offset your plans while you’re abroad. 

This ailment is so rampant that it has gained several nicknames including Turkey trot, Montesuma’s Revenge, turista, and Delhi Belly. While the nicknames might sound cute, loose bowel movement while you’re traveling is definitely not a laughing matter.

Top 6 Cities to Watch the World Cup From

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If you weren’t able to grab tickets to head to South Africa to watch this year’s World Cup live, you can go to these cities for the best World Cup parties instead. You can celebrate the wins (or mourn the losses) of your favorite teams from impressively big screens.

Even if you’re not in the Mandela stadium, it would still feel like you’re watching with the audiences in South Africa. The cheers emanating from these crowds will certainly bring in a bucket-load of energy.


The second-best view of the World Cup this season is from Berlin. A wide stretch (about a mile long) of fans donning their national colors will welcome you as over 500,000 of them watch from Juni. Here, screens as wide as the boulevard show all forty-eight matches. You’ll get to witness the second to the final rounds of these games. If things go as expected, you’ll even get to see the game between Germany and the United States at 4PM on 27 June.

Unique Hotels: 10 Airplane and Train hotels around the world

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If you are tired of the high rise hotels or the rustic bed and breakfast, check out our list of some of the most unique hotels you can ever find. These are not your ordinary accommodations but these are train hotels and airplane hotels . Staying in them will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Here are some of the most unique hotels in the world:

Jumbo Stay in Arlanda, Sweden

Jumbo Stay is an airplane hotel, a 747 airliner to be exact, that has 75 beds in its 27 rooms. This retired jumbo jet was converted to a hostel that can make your sleeping in the cockpit dream come true.

Guests can choose from several types of airplane hotel accommodation like a budget dormitory, suite, and combo rooms. The shower and toilet are shared and aptly located along the corridors of the plane. The cockpit suite gives you a good view of the airport.

Where Can a Package Holiday Take You?


chicken itza mexicoAs savvy holidaymakers know, the package holiday market never stands still. It’s bubbling over with a fantastic array of holidays, covering hundreds of gorgeous destinations and thousands of hotels right across the globe. It might come as a surprise to those who rarely take a package holiday, but the market has moved on quite a lot since the early days of Spanish beach breaks.

The big players like Thomas Cook are the ones to watch, as these are the ones that have a solid support network and a wide reach, meaning they can serve some of the world’s most beautiful and far-flung locations. Take Thomas Cook’s Mexico holidays for instance. There’s lively Cancun with its modern shopping malls and buzzing nightlife, and cheery Riviera Maya with its contemporary hotels and authentic Mexican vibe. They’re within day trip territory too, so you can easily join an excursion to discover the mysterious Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza or follow a guide into Mexico’s lush steamy interior.

The Best of Comfort Foods in Busy Cities

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It’s 3AM and your stomach is growling for a slice of pizza and a diet soda. You try to sleep off the hunger pangs but the growling wins and you get up to find there’s nothing but a tub of crackers on your pantry.

As you much on a cracker and sip soda, you try to think what you had for dinner. Did you get enough food or did you just eat early thus the hunger pangs. While there are people who can simply sleep it off, there are those who can’t get some shut eye without giving into temptation.
However, if you do find yourself in these cities, here are the best dishes to order that will have you dreaming of your next visit all night long.

Top travel adventures in the Mediterranean

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If you are planning to head to the Mediterranean for some adrenaline-pumping travel adventure, here are some of the best things that you can try:

Greek Isles – Sailing

What will be Mediterranean but the paradise for those who love to sail. The potential routes offer memorable adventures and enchanting destinations along the way. You can hop from island to island wile enjoying a dose of history and warm weather. You can enjoy Delos and the great archaeological finds or maybe go for some wine tasting in Santorini. If you want to relax and rely on private cruise operators, they can easily be arranged to take you to ruins of ancient communities or scuba diving.

Best boutique hotels in Rio de Janeiro

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Brazil equals festivities and thing will even be hotter this coming decade as Rio de Janeiro plays host to the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016. The hotel scene of Rio has been evolving and it is currently being dominated by French professionals or hoteliers who turned entrepreneurs after being mesmerized by the life in Brazil.

There are quite a number of small French hotels you can choose from ranging from the pricey to the most affordable. We listed down some of our favourite boutique hotels:

Insólito Hotel

Residents and travellers flock Búzios because of its gorgeous beaches and its innate charm. The beaches remain to be isolated and not so developed just like how they were found by Bridge Bardot back in the 1960s. The beauty of the place serves as backdrop for the Insólito established in 2009. Since last year, the boutique hotel founded by Emanuelle Meeus de Clarmont-Tonnerre is among the top choices along the peninsula.

A Chocolate Tour of Belgium


According to the International Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, the tradition of making artisanal chocolate was introduced into Eastern Europe in the early 17t century. Since the very beginning of early chocolate making, Belgium chocolate has widely been renowned as being the highest quality chocolate in the world. Their claim to this fame is because of the long history of their bean cultivation. The same strain of beans used in traditional Belgium chocolates more than 200 years ago are still developed and grown today. This is why Belgium chocolate is easily regarded as the highest quality chocolate in the world.