10 of the Strangest Buildings in the World

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The strangeness of an architecture can contribute to its uniqueness. Whatever its odd features are make it amazing to our eyes. The strangest buildings we know off are products of great imaginations and sometimes of obsession.

The design approaches in making these buildings are often out of the box. They are truly extraordinary and all we can do is marvel at them. Here are some of the strangest buildings that your eyes could ever ogle at.

Ontario College of Art and Design (Toronto, Canada)

Upon seeing this crossword puzzle building you will either look for a giant newspaper or just wonder what it is doing in this rather mundane neighborhood in Toronto. The improbability ups as you approach the strange structure that was created by Architect Will Alsop.

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The Great South African Hitchhike: Tips for the Roadside Adventurer

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Africa, dubbed as the Cradle of Civilization, is a continent teeming with different realities and opportunities as there are landscapes. The best way to experience this is through a slow communion with the land and its people. Bumming a ride from passersby is a sure way to let Africa wind its way into the heart.

Asides from the various sights you’ll see there are also various individuals you’ll meet along the way. There are many volunteers who make their way through Africa by way of hitchhiking and various convoys traverse the rugged highways of the continent. You’ll have a lot of interesting conversations along the way.

Riding through different vehicles and different kinds of people will put you in situations that maybe partly uncomfortable but will nonetheless open you to the strangeness of life.

Here are some tips to help you survive and have a great time while negotiating with everyday life on the road in Southern Africa.

Chris Christensen on travel writing and building an audience

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Starting a travel blog is very easy but travel blogging requires more than writing and sharing your travel experiences. You produce quality articles, or so you thought, but who reads you?

Travel writing entails telling your story. It is not just about throwing in verbs and adjectives, and posting photographs taken from your expensive digital camera. It is about connecting with people and making them curious of what happened, what did you see, what it is like, and making them say to themselves, “Oh, I want to go there!”

Some are gifted in crafting out sentences and do not need formal training. Do not be disheartened though if you are not one since everything can be learned, even travel writing. If you do not have the natural knack for it, you can read a lot to learn about the basics. Study how to write by enrolling at a journalism school or take free courses online. Then, of course, you have to try your writing skills by writing and turn drafts to beautiful articles.

10 Best Global Food Markets

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Going to places and exploring their culture is not enough without enjoying the country’s best delicacies. But dining doesn’t have to be fancy all the time. Eating in a kiosk or local market is fun and practical. It won’t take your time choosing the best dress nor finding the perfect shoes to enjoy this nibbles. You can eat it anyway you want, standing up or sitting down without worries on making your clothes dirty. Munch as much as you can with these best global food markets.

La Vucciria, Palermo, Italy

Make sure that you know how to get out of the maze as you enter this smelly and rough market. Their products include pomegranates and Pantelleria capers.

Try this:

If this is your first time, you should try Pane c’a meusa,a yummy spleen sandwhich which can be bought in every stall. Trying this out is part of their ritual.

7 Tips to Plan the Best Vacation of Your Life


Vacation planning can take up to two years, it can be tedious and difficult to choose hotels and car rental services, and it definitely takes a lot of patience. Planning is one of the most important aspects of travel! Without a solid plan you will end up lost, confused, and probably broke. When planning vacations you should always follow these 7 tips to help you plan the most epic vacation of your life!

1. Always plan ahead. This is a given in any instance, but planning ahead saves money, time, and makes the trip that much better. While for many services you have to wait closer to the destination date to plan, buy plane tickets as soon as reservations are available. Book hotels for holiday travel far in advance to ensure your reservation is a solid YES, and always book reservations to popular restaurants if you think you will eat at an upscale restaurant.

Travel Tips: How you can lose weight while enjoying a cruise

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When you go on a cruise, you may hear the cruise director that you can expect some extra pounds when you hit the scales after your journey. During the cruise, there will be tons of eating and drinking.

How about a challenge? How about losing some weight while you are on a holiday cruise? Well you do not really have to deprive yourself of all the fun and all the food. Losing at least three pounds instead of gaining them during a week long cruise is actually possible. Here are some weight loss practical tips while on a cruise:

Visit the gym

You do not have to do your regular workout regimen but you can do some variations of your cardio and strengthening routines. You can also tap the personal trainers on board so they can guide you which will be best while you are on vacation. They might ask you to hit the treadmill, do some rounds on the weight machine, and maybe some sit-ups or aerobics.

The world’s craziest public transports

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Are you the adventurous type or do you always mind the gap? Test your limits and dare to get on the following rides.

When we travel to foreign countries, we like to make sure that we’re always in good hands. Safety is a primary issues for travelers especially those who are visiting a certain country for the first time. Many airlines nowadays earn the trust of their patrons not just because of the cheap flights that they offer, but also because of the safety they can provide their passengers, especially after the 9/11 tragedy. Before you board a plane these days, you have to be ready to subject yourself to various checks and inspections. Sea tragedies have taught ferry operators to be strict in implementing capacity limits for passengers; having the proper rescue gear is also regularly checked in major shipping lines.