Drinking in Asia on a budget: 5 Best booze that you must try

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If you go on a drinking spree in Asia, your usual buy one take one cocktail and happy hour beer after beer marathon will be put into shame. Drinking in Asia means a lot of traditional drinks and cheap, really cheap good beer. Add to it some wild karaoke sessions.

San Miguel Beer (Philippines)

This is the household name for beer in the Philippines. You can find it in every supermarket, in every convenience store, or practically any corner store you can find. A bottle of San Miguel is dirt cheap at around 50 cents per bottle. So budget is not really an issue but the quality of this beer is world class. They also have several varieties ranging from Premium Malt, Super Dry, Strong Ice, San Mig Light, Colt 45, Cerveza Negra, Red Horse, and their brand carrier the Pale Pilsen.

Arak (Indonesia)

Top 10 of the Best Party Hotels

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Part of what defines a getaway is the freedom from responsibility. A new place, some refreshing faces and warm bodies, no reservations. Cutting away the puppet strings from the people we have to answer to and the paperwork on our desks is what a vacation should be. So spread your wings a little and go wild in one of the best venues in the country – the hotel.

Believe it or not hotels have the most chill places to lounge or bump and grind the night away. There are the infinity pools, rooftop bars selling the most knockout drinks, the restaurants and hotel-based clubs which only allow A-listers to go through and not to mention the grand rooms which can house concerts or large events. In this list we have compiled the best places to get down for a wild night.

10 of the Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants in the US

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Unhealthy eating is not just bad for your body but also bad for the environment. Take for example the burger you ate during lunch. We all know that the cholesterol from the patty and the oil can block your heart. But did you know that the act of raising the livestock where the meat for your burger came from, actually contributed greenhouse gases into the atmosphere? According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization the entire act it takes to make a 500 oz burger from raising the cow to killing and cutting it releases greenhouse gasses equivalent to driving a car for 10 miles.

Enter Farm-to-Table Restaurants, eating places which utilize produce and livestock grown locally in the community where their operation is based. Since the ingredients can be found in their neighborhood, these establishments do not support the transport systems that transport imported food and lessening pollution in the process. The proximity of the producers guarantees the freshness of the items. Diners eat vegetable dishes handpicked from the nearby farm just two hours ago. As the restaurant grows, so do the local farmers who are the partners of such businesses.

San Diego Restaurants

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Are you looking for the best restaurants in San Diego ? Maybe you’re planning a special dinner or a big business dinner. Maybe you just have expensive taste. :) Of course, good doesn’t necessarily mean expensive or vice versa.

You can find good San Diego restaurants no matter what you are in the mood for. Like Mediterranean? What about mouth watering spicy Mexican food? Or maybe you feel like something romantic, maybe Italian? Some of the favored San Diego restaurants include EXY, Candelas on the Bay and Baci Ristoranti. They sound pretty expensive. What do you think? As far as some of the other San Diego restaurants go, the first one is fairly average in price while the other two are up there.

The Beauty of Wyoming

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If you’ve never been to the state of Wyoming, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. From the majestic mountains to the calm lakes to the wildflower-filled prairies, Wyoming has been blessed with lots of untouched land and beautiful blue skies. The skies are probably one of the most remarkable sights because Wyoming is a place where you can still be blinded by the brightness of the stars and be awed by the painted sunrises in the early morning light.

So if you’re considering traveling to Wyoming, then you’re in for a treat. Some of the Wyoming attractions are all around for you to see for free. Like that pretty sunrise. Or the awe-inspiring mountains. But some of the other Wyoming attractions are worth seeing, too. Such as Yellowstone National Park.


Save travel expenses

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When you are setting a budget for your holiday, it can be easy to forget that there can be lots of additional travel expenses as well as the usual accommodation, flights, food and drink, and this can mean that by the time you return home you may have spent far more that you originally intended. Here is a quick overview of some typical travel expenses and also how to save money on them:

Best Places to go Whale-Watching

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Whale-watching seems to be an enjoyable leisure time nowadays. The biggest mammal in the sea has provided entertainment for these watchers on their past time. You can ride a boat, travel by air or simply sit on a bench while using your binoculars in capturing Moby Dick and his friends have fun under their blue-shaded home. Read on the top places to whale watching whenever and wherever you want.

San Diego

There are different ways to catch and see whales up close in San Diego. You can go to Seaworld and see Shamu. If you enjoy the sea, you can also go there and catch Gargantuan Gray whales. They are freely around in their blue-shaded environment. Best time to see them is during winter where they travel from Baja’s Southern spot going to San Diego. Another option is to ride a boat and be closer to them. You can also visit Cabrillo National Monument set in the city. You can go whale watching in Cabrillo by land. It is more than 400 feet above sea level. It has an observatory made out of glass to better appreciate the sea world.

How to Find the Best Airfare Deals

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You have your vacation planned out. You know where you’re going, when you’re going, what hotel you’re staying at, and when you have to forsake the relaxation of your vacation and return home. The only problem? Finding cheap airfare deals without spending a fortune.

Luckily, there are several ways you can do this.

1. Use the Internet

Airlines and travel companies often offer discounts on the internet. It’s also the easiest way to search for the cheapest airfare, because you can use search engine and airfare comparison websites to see which airline offers the best deals. With a little research, you can even see the differences in pricing over time and on different dates and easily compare fares. Also, more sites online are starting to offer package deals, which could help you save time, hassle, and money.

2. Change Flight Times