Travel USA: The Best Margarita Bars in America

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Who does not enjoy sipping a beautifully-designed glass of margarita, after a hard day’s work, or simply while hanging with friends? If you find yourself lonely in America, here are some of the best margarita bars to visit – and possibly make friends at.

Jimmy’s in Aspen at Aspen, Colorado
It’s not enough to have fine drinks; it’s always best to sip your margarita with a spectacular view, and this place offers a view of the Rocky Mountains, which surround the place. Jimmy’s has been an institution in Aspen, Colorado, as it serves over a hundred mescals and tequilas. The locals swear by its margaritas, and if you stumble into this bar on a Saturday night, Jimmy’s is a legendary host of Latin dance parties. Groove your way through glasses of wonderful margaritas.

Discover Britain

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In very few countries is the sense of history so deep and the past so steeped in rich tradition as in Britain. Here you will discover magnificent castles, convivial pubs and centuries-old churches, the pomp and the pageantry of the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace and the stunning splendor of Westminster Abbey. Besides this the theatres, concert halls and fine restaurants will fill your nights with a rich fare of opera, plays, concerts, films and elegant dining.


The climate of Britain is notoriously unpredictable. In summer temperatures can be as high as 30 deg C, falling to 5 deg C and below in winter. Although more prevalent in winter, rain can be expected even in summer, so a folding umbrella is often a useful asset.

8 of the Maddest Hotels to Stay in for your Halloween Bash

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Halloween is all about costumes and parties and pampering yourself with candies. Of course, when you’re an adult, “candy” takes on a totally different meaning. Whether you’re up for a trick or a treat, these are eight of the best hotels you should book your stay in this Halloween’s Eve. Do justice to your super hot outfit by being in the right place at the right time.

Surrey Hotel in Manhattan

The Surrey Hotel definitely falls under “treat” this Halloween. Check out the gourmet caramels they’ll give you at the reception. This is also a pet-friendly hotel, as you can see. They won’t forget about your pooch as they give him or her doggy goodies. Are you booking your stay with kids? No problem. Surrey Hotel understands that Halloween is as much the parents’ party as well as the children’s. They get satisfying treats for their tricks too.

Holiday Timeshares

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Timeshares can be a cost effective way of owning a holiday home, as you will share all the costs with multiply parties. Each sharer will hold rights to the purchased property, and will be able to use it during certain agreed times throughout the year. Most timeshare parties keep in contact with each other, so it is possible to sometimes swap your times with someone else, and this can be helpful if your job does not allow flexible holidays.


It is not always possible to use a timeshare property fully each year, so many people lease their share out to other holiday makers either on an annual or one off basis, but in this case the person leasing the property would not actually have any ownerships rights, as these would be retained by the leaser.

4 People that you do not usually tip but should and 4 People you tip but should not

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We avoid the awkward situation when you really do not know if you need to tip someone or not. Do not worry if you find some of your tipping mistakes as you read along, there is always the next time. A great service might automatically mean a good tip for a lot of people, but of course you need to consider some cultural aspects and how the service staff is being paid.

They need to be tipped – people you often just say thank you to

Tour Guides

When you book a tour, rarely will the tip for the tour guide be included. The tour guide deserves around $4 if it is just a short tour. A full-day of his or her service deserves around $10 of tip. If you are not sure how much you should give the guide, ask the tour operator. You might have heard that tipping in Japan and China are not really practiced, but giving tips to tour guides is an exception (just do it discretely).

East Coast Beach Vacation On a Shoestring Budget


When nerves are frazzled and tempers are flaring, what do parents do to ease the stress on the homefront? Plan a holiday of course! Most times, couples with kids long to go on a beach vacation but quickly find out that they either lack the money or resources to go on a proper beach vacation. The fact is that you do not need to pay through your nose or put up with another mortgage just to enjoy a week off at a beautiful beach! The East Coast is littered with enough beaches to last you a lifetime, and more, so why not check out these three best beaches so that you and your family can enjoy a much deserved break?

How to Snap Great Travel Photos


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Traveling is a memorable experience, and we do everything we can to capture the essence of a place, a city, or even a restaurant. Photography is the best way to do this, and getting the best pictures possible is the first step in taking home beautiful cherished memories. When traveling, leave behind all of those cliché photo skills you learned from your mom. Use these to snap the best and highest quality photos possible! Don’t let a single memory or significant event pass you by! Capture all of the beauty of the world, and you might be surprised with what you get in the end!

1. Always use the correct camera setting. You don’t need an SLR camera to take a high quality image. Just use the right setting for your environment, and click away! It is especially important to use flash and macro settings when they are called for. Don’t use flash in an already bright environment, it can ruin the image!

Baltic Vacations in Riga

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Riga Cathedral Square

Riga, as the capital and biggest city of Latvia, had a very interesting history. The city was grounded in the XIIth century by German immigrants and soon became a full member of Hansa, a German association of the most important Baltic ports ( other members were Hamburg, Rostock, Bremen etc). Riga continued its ascension and blossomed again by the end of XIXth century, due to a strong German and Jewish community.

The XXth century was not good at all for Riga, as  the city was almost uninterruptedly under foreign occupation. First came the Germans during the WWII and destroyed the Jewish minority to extinction. Then came the Soviets, which have brutally ruled for 50 years. Through mass  deportations, planned economy etc they reached an unprecedented record: the Latvian majority of population became actually a minority! More amazing: they still preserved a national conscience and they claimed an independent Latvia, which they get today!