The basic things to know about Thailand

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If you need or want to know the necessary things about Thailand, then you really should read this article!

Thailand is not very big with its 513 000 sqkm, only rank 50 worlwide. The same size of France and the state of California, and a little smaller than U.S. state of Texas. I visited Thailand in March, and I was very enthusiastic. Here are the basics.

It is located in south east Asia, and the tourism in Thailand has been booming since decades. It attracts much more tourists than its neighbours due to the geographic variety, low prices and good hotels.

The exotic Thailand was long time associated with sex tourism, which is not fair, because it is not the country’s main attractions. It has mountains, plains, beaches, islands(e.g. the Krabi islands, with its Phi Phi Don Island).

Food Travel


When you think about food and travel we hope you don’t have disturbing memories of reheated frozen airline meals. To some travelers, food is much more than just a means to an end or a simple meal. In fact some people even plan entire vacations around eating alone. There are a variety of choices available to travelers whose love of exciting far off destinations is equaled only by their love of food. You could travel to an exotic city like Paris and take gourmet cooking courses taught by true French chefs. You could also take a tasting tour where you visit a particular region and sample their best cuisine-without the hassle of trying to pick a place to eat. If either of these activities sounds fun here’s some more information you’ll need before buying your ticket.

Win Free FON Routers @ Tripwolf

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Tripwolf is holding a competition that you might find interesting. They’ve partnered with FON to award the users who expand their network on the site the ‘most free’ FON routers.

Have you heard about FON before? If not, they are a European company that have created a global network of free internet access. How it works is, if you use a FON router at home, you gain free access to all FON routers around the world.

So, at tripwolf a competition is running to build up user’s social communities and the prizes are FON routers. The competition mirrors the natural community building experience of the tripwolf site—awarding one point for each friend and ten points for each new member referral. Every two weeks until November 25th, the two tripwolf members who have accumulated the most points win routers. More information about the competition can be found at

Top 10 Fun Family Adventures

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For daring, adventurous families who are tired of the ordinary trips, there are world adventures that await you and your family. Venturing outside your comfort zone will prove to be worthwhile, and will give you an experience that your whole family will still be talking about, many generations after.

Multisport Trip, Sardinia
Ciclismo Classico’s specialty remains in the Italian countryside, though they have branched out in New England and Norway. One of their famous and well-loved trips is the multisport one in Sardinia, where families can bike together along the coastline, stopping at one of the beaches for a swim. Hiking Capo Spartivento will give one an arresting view of the shoreline, and boat rides to coves, market strolls in villages are but some of the highlights of this trip. The end of your exhausting trip is at the house of your guide, who will feed you with home-grilled sausages.

How to have an adventure trip in Mallorca

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I think all of you know, or have heard about Mallorca, this spanish mediteranean island. It means beaches, parties, night life. But if you want to know how to have an adventure trip in Mallorca, then allow me to tell you something about visiting El Torrente de Pareis in Tramontana Mountains.

This is a trip in the mountains, lasts a few hours, and you have to take the following precautions:

-do it only on good weather. During rain, there is life danger, because you are constantly descending under sea level (1000 meters)

-take enough drinking water and food, do not drink alcohol.

-take appropriate mountain equipment

-do not go alone, unless you are an experienced mountainer. In your group must be one, for sure.

-you must be in the best shape

-do not take with you unnecessary things, making your backsack too heavy and unbearable to cary

Top 10 Spas Using Prime Local Ingredients

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There are many reasons why people visit spas. Some want to detoxify after a long week’s work, or maybe a weekend of drinking too much alcohol. Others want to lose unwanted pounds, so they undergo treatments. Some just can’t do without their weekly massages the facial treatments. For some spas, though, service goes beyond simply helping their clients relax. They also offer something culturally rewarding.

What makes these spas different from the ones offering generic Swedish and European massages is that they sport local ingredients. This means that if you’re visiting one of these spas for the first time and you’re a stranger to the customs of the country or region you’re in, you’ll get a comprehensive primer via specialty massages, facial masks, and the fragrant scents burning in your room.

Below are the most culturally educational spas around the globe.

Pennsylvania: Omni Bedford Springs Resort

A Guide to the Best of Mexico City

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With around twenty million people living in it, Mexico City is one of the most dynamic and fun places on earth. Whichever type of traveler you are, there is something in this city that will entertain you. For urban lovers, history lives on in this city through its various museums, restaurants, and even hotels. There are artsy neighborhoods which allow you to interact with local intellectuals for a meaningful conversation.

But beyond that, its streets will offer many surprises that will amuse you. This is one city you’ll never find yourself bored in. And to help you with your trip, here is a list of places and things you should not miss:

Where to Stay in Liverpool

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Liverpool is a beautiful water front city that is known for its shipping industry, the Fab Four and Football. So why wouldn’t you want to take a vacation to such a wonderful place?

Now that you think about it, you might be inclined to start packing your bags. But you might want to hold off on that. At least until you book airfare and a hotel. Speaking of hotels, which Liverpool hotels are you interested in. They have so many that are suitable for anyone from singles and honeymooners to families and seniors. They range from decent to expensive rates. There are Liverpool hotels with tons of amenities or just enough to get you by.


So if you’re thinking about hopping that plane to Liverpool as quick as you can, you might consider where you’re going to stay. Then, after you pick one of the finest of Liverpool hotels, you can call that cab to make your flight.