Hotel Phone System


A good hotel phone system is essential to the efficient management of any hotel, creating a seamless connection between the reception desk, office, accommodation, leisure and business facilities. There are a number of telephone systems designed for hotel businesses, and you should take the time plan out exactly what you need for your phone system, and shop around and compare prices so that you find the system which best suits both your needs and your budget. PhoneSuite provide two useful phone systems for mid-size hotels, which can provide high quality, low costs solutions for your telephony needs.

Economy Option – PhoneSuite 64 Communication Solution

This entry level package provides connectivity for up to 64 rooms and so is ideally suited to small and mid-size independent hotel, guesthouse and motel set ups, and offers the following practical features:

Travel Tips: Enjoying short trips, the slow travel style

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Many people say a picture is worth more than a thousand words. The easiest way to travel while capturing every moment is thru taking the road slowly, enjoying one’s culture, living life to the fullest, and feeling beyond sheer seeing the most wonderful sights even at the shortest time possible.  

slow travel

Several months ago, travelers became acquainted with the infamous “Slow Travel” concept so that they could veer away from the usual sight-seeing peek-a-boo itinerary in the hustle and bustle of the place they’re visiting.  

Slow travel advocates were not adamant in the success of their spiteful proposition: one only needs to travel at a slow pace much like what Armstrong did when he stepped his feet on the Moon way back in 1969. Instead of spending his or her holiday spree around France’s entirety, a faithful follower of the Slow Travel would spend a number of weeks perhaps months, inhabiting random areas, roaming around through cab or train and not thru plane, building a routine, and residing temporarily in selected areas. One could only wish to never let this dream end once getting back into the reality of life.  

Top Tips for your Istanbul holiday

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We list down the best tips so you will have a great time when you decide to visit Istanbul.

Sleeping Where You Party Will Make You Dizzy

If you’re planning to go to where the action is like Taksim but you’re intent on doing some sleeping, go to another place like Cankutaran or Galata. Taksim is indeed a great place to go because it comes alive at night. Just keep in mind that the music in the area doesn’t quiet down even after midnight as the sound systems of the different nightclubs have either been acquired 20 years ago or refurbished. They don’t have acoustic control. Since the local authorities are quite liberal with the noise, expect that your ears will be thumping as the club’s bass go booming into the early daylight.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty – A Survival Guide

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The Statue of Liberty is easily one of the most recognizable symbols of America. A gift from France, the Statue is now 123 years old and made it’s mark welcoming immigrants to America. However, the Statue is only half the equation. Immigrants would pass by the Statue on the way to Ellis Island, where they were processed by immigration officials. It is at Ellis Island where millions of people entered the country, looking for a fresh start and a piece of everything America had to offer.

So, now that we’ve got that history lesson out of the way, what do you need to know when visiting the statue?

The Best US Hotel-Top Bars

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There is quite nothing like drinking at a posh environment which puts the sprawl city right under your feet. Bars built at the topmost level of their hotels provide this particular experience. However, not all bars are built equal. There will be those who will exceed the others and deserve the heights wherein they were placed. If you want to know what the best rooftop bars are, this list will enumerate them.

ADC, Washington, D.C.

People wanting a little more exclusivity in their lounging areas need to get membership with the ADC (Above D.C.) to get into the mix with politicians and co-eds. Come and enjoy their fireplaces or feed yourself with their wontons filled with foie gras delivered by the people from Todd English’s Cha.

Sunset Beach, Scottsdale

Art exhibits that are worth your time and budget

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As spring goes full blast, art exhibits from the Van Gogh Museum to the Musee d’Orsay and other galleries have already kicked off. If you are looking for a getaway to enrich your mind, spirit, and creativity, here are some of the most inspiring art exhibits this season:

Brazil – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

Catch the works of one of the most influential movers of the modernist art in Brazil in Flavio de Carvalho: The Modernist Revolution in Brazil. The artist was also a nominee for a Nobel Prize in Literature and also practiced as an architect. He had the honor of representing the country during the Venice Biennial in 1950 and the exhibit at this museum features a lot of the famous works like the Modern Artists Club.

Ten Beautiful Wine Regions

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When we hear the word wine, we always associate it with Napa Valley.  But can you believe that thirty years ago, the world’s top wine experts and wine lovers alike dismiss the Napa Valley wines as so-so?  But today, the Napa Valley Wine Country has become a famous tourist spot not only for Americans but for wine connoisseurs around the globe.

Of course, this means that Napa Valley is becoming more and more congested.  The good news is that a handful of advanced wine-making techniques have started in uncommon wine countries like India and even in Tasmania.  This is definitely good news to all wine experts and wine lovers out there because it means that there are now new flavors that are distinct to these wine regions; another reason is that as the wineries in California and France become crowded, we can opt to visit these other wine regions that offer more than just new flavors but also a spectacular scenery and natural charms.

Paris Luxury Hotels

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Paris is a beautiful and charming city, and there are so many things to see and do it is well worth a visit. Paris is famous for its chic lifestyle, and there are plenty of top class hotels you can stay in, that are the height of luxury and elegance.

Here are a few of the best Paris luxury hotels currently available:

Hotel Intercontinental Le Grand Paris

Hotel Intercontinental Le Grand Paris