Portugal Beaches

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Most of Portugal‘s best beaches are in the Algarve, and typically these are vast, sandy areas with beautiful scenery and fantastic local facilities such as hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants. The Algarve has been a popular destination for tourists for many years, and one criticism of this area is that it is very commercialised and there is little cultural input, and Portugal‘s colourful history is barely represented in many of the bland modern resorts and bars. Still it is a lively area, and good value for money so it does make a great sun and beach destination.

Palmyra Atoll

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Palmyra Atoll, called also the ‘Rainforest of the sea’, was made a marine monument last month by ex-President Bush. It is part of the last coral atoll ecosystem humanity haven’t damaged yet, so you can imagine the sight is breathtaking.


But Palmyra Atoll gained her popularity for something that happened 30 years ago. Then a couple ready for their dream vacation came to Palmyra Atoll with an yacht filled with supplies for a whole year. When they came there they were killed by a man that was isolated. Duane (“Buck”) Walker was found guilty and was convicted to 22 years. The story was covered by Vincent Bugliosi in the book “And the Sea Will Tell”.
For now, Palmyra Atoll is opened mainly to scientists and researchers, but the potential is huge and in the future it might open to tourists as well.

Travel Tips: Scams you need to be careful of when you travel abroad

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There is a bigger probability that you are safer when you travel abroad than in your own country but there are some travel scams that seem to be common to any travel destination that we know of. So whether you are on transit, talking to people, or buying something it is always best to keep in mind that if something is too good to be true, then it must really be too good to be true.

Airport taxi

This happens everywhere. Cab drivers taking you around the city will try everything in the book to milk some extra cash from clueless travelers. You will be asked for an extra charge on top of the metered fare, will not use the meter at all, or just drive you around the streets before you realize that you should have just crossed the street where you were standing and you would have been there.

Top 10 cities for Gorgeous Girls

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There really are some truly gorgeous girls out there in the world, and if lovely local scenery is your thing, then here is a list of the top 10 cities for spotting beautiful girls, from the bottom up!

10. Paris, France - Paris is the city of lovers, and again there is that sultry French accent that can do strange things to a man’s will power. The women in Paris have excellent fashion sense and really look after themselves, so if you like your girls elegant, beautiful and groomed to perfection this is the ideal place for you.

9. New Orleans, USA – that Cajun drawl really sends shivers up and down your spine, and despite recent troubles New Orleans is still one of the sexiest, vibrant places to visit. The girls here are jazz smooth, and a cosmopolitan background means that there are some really stunning and unusual looking girls in every bar, pretty much something for all tastes.

China Travel: Top traditional destinations in Beijing

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Beijing reflects the economic boom China is experiencing with its skyscrapers, design spaces, highways, and continuing developments in the different business sectors. Despite all the modernity, the remnants of the past can be revisited to learn about China’s history and culture.

The city is dotted by numerous sites to remind everyone of the very long history stretching between the dynasties. Here are some of the best destinations in Beijing which may make you forget that you are in the metropolis:

Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was constructed back in the fifteenth century and served as the center of power for the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. It is a must see if you will be in Beijing for its size, art, and furniture. The opulence of the place and its walls will shield you from the chaos of the metropolis and you might end up wandering for hours.

Nepal Traveling for Mountain Lovers


Nepal is a beautiful country located between China and India. It is referred to as a “land locked” country and features a number of different attractions and national parks. It is also home to the world’s largest mountain, Mount Everest. While anyone can climb the mountain, simply visiting it is usually recommended. Nepal is not a travel destination for those that are afraid of heights. Some of the mountains reach over 20,000 feet, and 8 of the world’ tallest mountains call Nepal their home.

It is important to visit Nepal during it’s prime seasons, where the weather is nicest and optimal for tourists. Nepal essentially has two seasons, dry and wet. The dry season lasts during autumn through winter, and the wet monsoon season is generally in the late summer. Spring and Autumn are the best times for travelers to go to Nepal. The colors and nice temperatures make it a wonderful place to visit during this time. Monsoon season will ruin your entire visit, so avoid going here when heavy rains are expected.

Every Stranger’s Guide to Brooklyn: Top 5 Neighborhoods to Visit

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No one can really talk about New York City without mentioning Brooklyn. It has been, for at least a century now, one of the most populated boroughs in the Big Apple. The most prominent people live here including publishers, politicians, executive bankers and advertisers. It’s funny, though, that despite its popularity, very little of it is known to outsiders.

Aside from the great place to live and raise your kids in, Brooklyn also makes for a great weekend destination. Below are five of the best neighborhoods to visit if you’d like a quick pan of New York’s finest.

Coney Island

Your Brooklyn trip won’t be complete without Coney Island. This is a short one hour train ride from Manhattan, and it used to be popular for its resorts and amusement parks. Visiting this area of New York is like riding the time machine. You will literally be taken to a wholly different era. Say goodbye to concrete and hello to a small beach (if you’re visiting in the summer) and a neighborhood right with history.

Acer Announced Aspire AS5536,AS7735Z and AS5739G

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Being a proud owner of Acer’s laptop I’m glad to spread the word that Acer has just added 3 new members to its Gemstone Family code name Aspire AS5536, Aspire AS7735Z and Aspire AS5739G. The company reveals that all notebooks come with a 16:9 widescreen, Dolby surround sound audio and a sapphire design known as Gemstone Blue.


“As part of our highly acclaimed Gemstone Blue family, the latest Aspire notebooks feature excellent price/performance and mainstream entertainment in a mobile PC that delivers significant value for their investment,” said Ray Sawall, senior manager of product marketing for Acer America. “Consumers are increasingly selecting notebooks as their primary device. As proven by our latest Aspire notebooks, we recognize that value-based mobile PCs need to offer appealing aesthetics as well as great performance and multimedia capabilities.”

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