Salzburg Tours

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So you want to go to Salzburg, Austria. Have you ever been? Well, if you have then you might already have an idea of the Salzburg tours that are offered. But then again, maybe it has been a while since you’ve been there so you don’t remember all of the Salzburg tours. No matter, really. Now, if you haven’t ever been to Salzburg (here’s betting that you’re very excited about your trip) then you might wonder what kind of Salzburg tours you might enjoy.

Travel Tips London: Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

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Come June 2, the eyes of the world will be focused on London as it celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Well, you might not be on the official guest list of the royal family but you can still witness the royal spectacle during the 4-day celebration. The hotels and flights on these days are going fast as a lot of travelers are making their travel plans this early to see the celebration of the sixty years in throne of her Majesty.

We list down some London travel tips which may help you make your travel plans if you are going to London this June:


If you are a fan of the royal family and want to celebrate in true royal fashion, book a room at the Horseguards Hotel. You will have a good view of the river and see the Boat Pageant on Thames from your very own suite. In case, a luxury accommodation is beyond your budget, there are other great options that will be near the center of the festivities. Another good choice is the Strand Palace at the West End.

Best Hotels In Manila

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One of the greatest services offered in Manila are the hotels. At an extremely cheap price you can find yourself in a lovely room in one of the city’s fantastic hotels, enjoying your accommodation in style, and giving you a pleasant vacation experience. With so many for under $20 USD a night, you can find decent amenities, clean rooms, and friendly service, making it a value beyond saving a few bucks.


Seven of the Best Honeymoon Destinations for Food Lovers

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Each couple has a special thing which bonds them together. If food is what brought you and your new spouse together, then you simply shouldn’t miss out on these destinations.

Tuscany, Italy
A lot of food loving couples would probably choose Tuscany, Italy first among other foodie honeymoon destinations available. This is not surprising because Tuscany is filled with olive groves and vineyards. What could be more romantic than that? There are also so many restaurants and bakeries to explore while you’re here. Italy, after all, is known for its hearty cuisine. Try to stay in Maremma or Chianti, and book your stay in a charming Tuscan Villa. From here, couples can go where their feet wants to take them—from wine tastings, to bakery explorations, to the most rustic but warm Italian restaurants for the best seafood pasta. If you and your partner prefer a bit of the sea with the region’s infinite rolling hills, you might want to stay in Maremma.

Santa Teresa vacations

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In the Hispanic world Santa Teresa is an important saint and celebration. Consequently Santa Teresa is a wide spread town name : there are Santa Teresa in U.S., Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Only the last one, Santa Teresa from Costa Rica waked my interest and I visited it since short time.

La Playa Santa Teresa

La Playa Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a fast growing city sitting in the jungle. The road conditions are poor, the touristic infrastructure is also not very developed, as the city has been for many years a humble fishing village in Costa Rica. Despite all of these things, the town and the area tourism is booming. Some prominents have discovered this wonderful quiet place ( e.g. Giselle Bundchen owes a property in the area, and she celebrated her wedding there. It was a violent wedding, with shotguns.)

A villa in Sata Teresa

A villa in Sata Teresa

Varna Vacations

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Visiting or traveling to Varna to have a vacation, especially with the potentials of tourist attraction that the city has, is really a must. Varna is one of the most beautiful city in Bulgaria. It is well known as a tourist destination, and lots of visitors, troop in yearly to have a swell time in its serene atmosphere.

Top 5 Culinary Tours around the World

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If you’re idea of the perfect tour is tasting every dish in sight and packing your own eating utensils because they taste “more special” that way, then you certainly deserve to go on the best culinary tours in the world. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and eat to your heart’s content with these unique food-centered trips around the globe.

Trufflepig’s Tour around France

The Toronto-based travel company Trufflepig offers every foodie’s dream vacation to France. The tour includes dishes as classy and delicate as only royalty would have it, and food adventures that would fit rustic, simple taste buds of the village folk. This tour lasts for eight days, with Paris as its starting point, traversing the southeast regions of Alsace and Burgundy by train.

Understanding the Regions of Nicaragua – and Visiting Them


Nicaragua is a land of lush wildlife, beautiful landscapes, lakes, volcanoes, mountains, and sandy beaches. The geography is broken up into a few different groups, and each one offers a number of beautiful landscapes, and national parks. Each region has different wildlife and even different food specialities.

The Pacific Lowlands is the area in Nicaragua is very hot and vast. There are a number of volcanoes and mountains that dot the coastal area, as well as the rain forest. If you come to this area, be sure to visit Lake Nicaragua. It is one of the largest natural lakes in the world, and also the home of the only freshwater sharks in the world. Even though the Pacific lowlands are hot, the area is very fertile. The land is also filled with history, artifacts, and culture.