Santiago Restaurants

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Ooh, the flavor. And, oh my, the aroma. The wonderful food fare offered up in Santiago restaurants include so many different cultures. From European and North American to the ocean. Santiago restaurants offer its customers an opportunity to combine the flavor of the city with the flavor of the food. It doesn’t matter that Santiago is just another city in Chile. Not at all. This city is on the verge of something big and it has everything to do with the atmosphere, the friendly residents and the wonderful food that can only be found in Santiago restaurants.

Looking for something nice, Santiago restaurants that are some of the best in the city? Then try Madro Al or Mare Nostrum. Both of these Santiago restaurants offer a South American or Spanish flavor. When in Santiago, you should try a little of everything at the Santiago restaurants. They have restaurants for all budgets and all tastes, but what is the point of going somewhere different if everything you do is going to be the same?

In Search of Pig

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Bacon makes everything tastes better. Whether or not this statement is true doesn’t change this simple truth: the bacon craze is sweeping the nation. It’s hard to watch ANY food related show without hearing some remark on the glory of pig. However, if you’re real serious about pig then there is only one answer: Spain. A trip to Spain for a pig-lover is the equivalent to a trip to Japan for a sushi lover. They are SERIOUS about their pig!

Cured ham, in particular is one Spanish specialty. Locals have been curing ham for thousands of years, and last year alone Spain sold over 40 million hams. The pride and joy of Spain comes with their Iberian pigs. The secret is in the diet. The Iberian pigs have long feasted on the local acorns, which are known to give the pigs a nutty, unique flavor. The acorns are also filled with oleic acids, a healthy fat which is believed to further intensify the flavors of the Iberian pigs.

Dallas extended stay hotels


There is plenty to see and do in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and whether you are travelling for business or pleasure you should try and find the time to fit in some of the sights, from the renowned Nasher Sculpture Museum through to the many excellent dining, shopping and sporting facilities there are on offer. There is a great variety of outdoors activities from golf through to live sporting events, and ever year the Texas State Fair is held in Dallas, which is a hugely popular attraction that draws over three and a half million visitors from all over the US, and lasts for three weeks during October. The fair offers traditional fair attractions such as food and produce stalls, animal competitions and lots of fun fairground rides and games (including North America’s largest Ferris Wheel, The Texas Star). Dallas is famous for its warm southern hospitality and lively atmosphere, so why not spend some time exploring this fascinating area, and take advantage of some of the great low cost extended stay hotels offering affordable accommodation in the area.

Los Angeles – Being Transformed by L.A. Live

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With L.A. Live finally nearing completion, Los Angeles is truly becoming the entertainment capital of the west coast. An entertainment center supported by an extensive network of theaters, bars, and restaurants, L.A. Live is an entertainment mecca like no other, and truly an impressive sight to behold for any tourist.

Anchored by the Staples Center, home of four different major sports teams, L.A. Live consists of an outdoor shopping area, a world class theater, numerous clubs, restaurants, movie theaters, and mall stores – it even boasts two separate five-star hotels on the same property and even luxury condominiums starting at over $1,000,000 each! As if that weren’t enough, as a testament to it’s worldwide clout, L.A. Live is also the proud home of the Rock and Roll Hall of fame museum, which, for the budget traveller, is open free to the public.

Hidden travel costs

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Travelling to a favourite destination is probably on everybody’s wish list. Who would not want to soak in the sun on a pearly white beach, with the sea gently lapping at your feet? It is probably one step away from paradise. If you were to ask a mother of two, she would still be very hesitant to say that she is any where near paradise – any guesses why? Well, coming to think of it, the answer is pretty simple – the cost of travel today.

Going wild, going green

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Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. What is comfortable to a fifteen year old might not be so for his Mom or Dad. This article looks at travel from the point of view of young boy of fifteen. He is all set out to go out on this school trip with a few of his friends. Travelling in groups can be a lot of fun provided you know where you are going and you are comfortable with the people with whom you are going to travel with. Before going any further, let me reiterate that this entire trip is supervised by three teachers, whose duty it is to ensure the safety and well being of each child.

The Best Beer Gardens Around the Globe

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The grill’s smoking and the wind in the outdoor spot you’ve camped yourself at for two hours now is wafting the smells of grilling meat. The staff brings out a round of brews the establishment produces. You look around the wooden bench and the flushed happy faces fill you with mirth. You lift your mug for a toast and let the beer slip into your throat, tasting of hops or barley and that usual tang of fermented alcohol. Good times indeed.

Though the beer garden is a German invention, there are already incarnations of these kinds of establishments all over the world. Here are some of the beer gardens worth lugging some mugs around in.

The Flask Tavern

Puerto Penasco: A Lesser Known Mexican Vacation Spot



Puerto Penasco is a beautiful city located by the shore of the Gulf of California. The name translates to “Rocky Point” in English. This beautiful city is a gorgeous vacation spot for families and couples that prefer a quiet vacation. Cancun and other well known Mexico resort areas are great, but if you want something a little closer to what Mexico is really like, Puerto Penasco is the place to go.

The actual area of the city is large, but there aren’t very many people or buildings crowding the area. There are tons of wonderful restaurants, beaches, hotels, and shopping areas to nab great locally made things. Puerto Penasco is the closest beach for people in New Mexico and Arizona, making it a very popular spring break destination for college students. It doesn’t get as crazy as other Mexico spring break destinations, but if you prefer fewer crowds then don’t visit here in April.