The 6 Best Travel iPhone Apps



There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone apps at the iTunes store, and a fraction of those are travel applications designed to appeal to travelers of all ages and types. No matter where you are in the world – an iPhone travel app can help you have more fun and discover more about the city or country you are visiting. Which apps are the most useful though, and which are really worth your time?

AroundMe is an app that gathers GPS information from your exact location, then tells you where nearby locations are. This is extremely useful if you are lost in a huge city, or on a desolate road to nowhere in Australia. AroundMe can pinpoint locations and directions for banks, gas stations, restaurants, stores, and more.

5 Tips in protecting your home for vacation rental

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If you have an extra property, or you have extra rooms at home, then summer is a good opportunity to rent it out so you can earn some extra money. This is especially true for those living in beach communities where the demand for rental vacation homes will be pretty high.

Homeowners will deal with strangers so all precautions must be taken into consideration so the safety of your family and property will be ensured. If you are renting out the whole home for a few days or a bed space for a night, here are some important reminders so everything goes smoothly with your vacation rental:

Never rush

You will not be operating like a hotel which immediately books reservations for guests. As the homeowner, you can screen potential clients through online profiles, phone interviews, and exchange of emails.

West Edmonton Mall Attractions

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West Edmonton mall is the World’s largest entertainment and shopping center. Situated at the junction of 87th Avenue and 170th Street, the mall covers 48 city blocks and has parking for over 20,000 cars. It’s easy to see why West Edmonton Mall is Alberta‘s number one tourist attraction.

Within the mall complex, visitors can shop in over 800 stores, many exclusive to West Edmonton Mall.
Hungry? No problem. Visit one of the many eating establishments and take your choice of ethnic cuisine from Cajun on bourbon street to sushi or Italian and dozens of others in the 100 plus restaurants. After your meal, see a movie. You’re sure to find something to please at one of the 26 movie theatres. For movie watching at it’s finest, visit the IMAX 3-D theatre. It’s like really being in the middle of the action.

Tropical Sky Announces Cheapest All Inclusive Christmas holidays!


26 August 2009Long-haul tour operator, Tropical Sky, has announced a selection of unbeatable Caribbean Christmas offers, enabling credit-crunched clients to enjoy exceptional festive packages to St Lucia and Barbados from just £999 per person.

By arranging special charter flights with Monarch and matching it with greatly reduced hotel rates, ABTA and ATOL-bonded Tropical Sky is promising the best Christmas holidays deals to the Caribbean this winter, with total savings for two people travelling exceeding £2,256.

Steve Garley, Tropical Sky’s commercial director says, “We have seen a huge demand in people seeking holiday bargains.  Christmas is renowned for being an expensive time to travel, so those wishing to escape for the festivities will need to book quickly as these offers won’t last long!  In essence, for the price of a scheduled flight you can get a holiday.

Shoestring Stockholm: The Best Budget Guide When Visiting Sweden’s Capital

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Sweden is one of the prime destinations in the European Union. Due to their high level of economy and upscale living conditions, it is not cheap to visit the country. However, the pristine beauty of its alps, glacial landscapes punctuated by pine trees and beautiful meadow, are sights that people should not pass up.

This article will guide you on how to enjoy the country on a shoestring budget.

Crash on somebody else’s couch

Travel Planning: Quick guide to a holiday in Provence, France

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Provence with its beautiful coastlines, cobbled streets, and fields of lavender has inspired a lot of travelers, writers, and painters. This place in the southern portion of France offers excitement in its a coastal cities and some quiet in its rustic villages. The region is quite diverse and planning a trip to Provence may be a bit tricky. Here are some tips to help you decide on your itinerary:

Best time to go to Provence

If you want to see the fields of lavender and enjoy the colors of the summer, it is best to go to Provence between June and August. This is the peak season though for travelers so you have to weigh things out if you want to share the purple view with the crowds. The summer is also the time for avant garde theater thru the Festival Avignon so you need to book your hotel way ahead of time.

Calculate Gas Cost For Your Next Trip

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I wouldn’t go anywhere unless I know what it’s going to cost me. It’s not that I’m cheap or something but it’s always better to keep everything planned for the good. Keeping that in mind I started doing my research on the internet and confronted a cool website that gives you an estimate on how much it would cost you to drive in your car from one place to another.

CostToDrive is a free gas cost calculator for driving within the United States. This website is very useful to help budget out for time and gas costs before you’re next trip.

To get started, simply enter your destinations and select the type of car you will be driving and click “My cost to drive” and you will get the desired results as shown in the image below.


Honduras vacations

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Honduras means in Spanish approximately depths. The depths of the Caribbean Sea and of Pacific Ocean near the Honduras shores are not so amazing big, but Columbus, when discovered America, said something about the depths in the area, and the name remained.

Honduras location

Honduras location

A few hundreds years Honduras was a Spanish colony. The Spaniards were specially interested in silver, and brought even black slaves to work in the mines.  Even today, you can find in Honduras silver craftsmanships at very good prices on the local markets and festivals.

Rain of Fishes in Districto del Yoro

Rain of Fishes in Districto del Yoro

Another thing to buy from Honduras is the leather items. Very nice, very special, bargain prices. Besides, in Honduras there is a difficult, but not impossible to explain phenomena, which you can see live if you are lucky enough: La Lluvia de Pesces del districto Yoro. It means the rain of fishes from Yoro District, which is really a miracle. Yoro district is not on the shore, making an explanation of this phenomena even more difficult. You shall see the Rain of Fishes with your own eyes, otherwise you could say I am joking.