Top 6 Spas in Europe for 2014


If your idea of having the perfect getaway is touring the best spas all over Europe, you’re not alone. But how can you visit all of them with so little time? Europe is practically crawling with the excellent spas these days. But because we want you to have the most relaxing spa get away ever, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of all the best ones.

Augustine Spa in Prague

The Augustine Spa in Prague, Czech Republic, is a four-room spa and salon which takes residence in the Augustine monastery. While it’s tucked in the Gothic pillars of the building, it’s also an exceptional first-class spa redesigned by the master hotelier of U.K Rocco Forte.

The spa itself is a bit minimalist, sporting whitewashed walls, arched ceilings which are about a century old, and architecture that generally emanates the old world. The Augustine Spa draws a fine clientele of nobles from Central Europe, Hollywood celebrities, and even local moguls of real estate.

Travel Tips: Navigating the English tea table


The table is set: there’s hot tea in the pot, warm milk in the jug, sugar in the bowl and cakes in little plates. The custom of sitting down for some afternoon tea has been a part of English culture for centuries. If this is your first tea time experience, you might notice one or two differences from your usual coffee klatsch with your friends. For starters, good conversation instead of food is the main order of the day; another is that in lieu of flavored coffee topped with whipped cream, tea is the beverage of choice. And believe it or not, those who strictly observe the customs of afternoon tea follow it down to the dress code.

Hawaii Continued – Here Come the Great Beaches



As if we could write about Hawaii and not talk about it’s fantastic beaches. Hawaii sports countless world famous beaches, and for good reason: Hawaii’s beaches are gorgeous! Whether you’re just relaxing on the sand or scouring the planet for the best waves, Hawaii’s sure to have a beach for you.

If you want a more relaxed beach, here’s some great spots for you:

Sandy Beach (Sandy’s)/Makapu’u – Two of the favorite local beaches, with great bodysurfing at both. However, unless you are actually body surfing or surfing, don’t enter the water as it’s deceivingly dangerous in terms of both the break and the current. But you will see tons of locals getting some sun if it’s out, and the beaches themselves are quite nice.

8 Wonderful Geological sites that you might want to see


When you go travel around the world, there are just places where your jaw drops in amazement. You might not be able to see all of them in your life time so we came up with a list of some of these amazing geological wonders:

The Wave – Border of Utah and Arizona

The Wave is a natural gallery of sandstones that can be found along the border of Utah and Arizona, particularly on Colorado Plateau. You will see stones resembling mushrooms, cones, pillars and other odd shapes. The twisted rocks come in a rainbow of reds, pinks, and yellows which might be due to the iron deposits in the region.

It is ideal to go to this perfect nature photography subject between mid-March to November when permits are also granted for hiking. Aside from The Wave, you have to take note of other landmarks like the Vertical Crack, Twin Buttes, Colored Domes, Top Arch, Alcove, The Groto, and Dinosaur Tracks which will guide you to find and explore this stone stunner.

Things to do in Bordeaux

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Bordeaux is an ancient city, which lies between the River Garonne and miles of fertile countryside, and is famous for its rich, classic wines and hearty cuisine. Bordeaux is a lovely place to visit, with its relaxed, laid back atmosphere and convivial café culture, and the mild climate is perfect for walks along the river and dining out in the evenings.

A little taste from Bordeaux and its charming architecture

A little taste from Bordeaux and its charming architecture

There are plenty if things to see and do in Bordeaux, and many of the city museums and architectural sights are within walking distance of one another, so you can take it easy and stroll around the city at your own pace, stopping now and again for a strong coffee or a leisurely lunch. Favorite sights include:
* Quartier des Chartrons – this amazing area became rich on the busy wine trade of the 18th Century, and is full of stunning historic buildings and upmarket shops and restaurants. This is also the sight of the popular Musée d’Art Contemporain, which some varied and fascinating exhibits on 20th century experimental art, ‘arte povera’ (1960′s Italian art movement) and excellent temporary displays that showcase contemporary artists.

Three Classic Beach Vacations

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If you’re looking for a perfect getaway from the stresses of everyday life, a beach vacation will fit the bill! There’s nothing better than lying in the sand, basking in the sun and hearing the sound of waves gently lapping the shore for hours on end.

It can be hard to decide where exactly to go for your beach vacation, however. Tourists have many choices of beaches to visit and even different regions of the world; here are just three classic destinations for beach vacations to help you make a decision.

Hawaii Beach

1. Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii offer a classic relaxing getaway. Hawaii is so used to tourists now that you can indulge in many activities catered exclusively to visitors, from golf to spa visits. Whether you choose to stay on Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, or elsewhere, you’ll find lots to do — or you can choose to do nothing at all.

Travel Money: Where can your $30 take you?

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Travel MoneyThere comes a time when you just want to say [enter expletives here]! I need a vacation. Indeed you do. Sadly, your budget sucks and you end up thinking, I might as well stay home during my three-day vacation. Fear not, my fellow young professionals. Travel need not be expensive. In fact, you can go to many places inside and outside of the country with a budget of $30/day. Don’t believe us? Well, here are our top 5 places to go to when we’re out of budget but really desperate for a vacation away from the city.



Slum Tours: the new trend

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Slum Tourism is a relatively new phenomenon, and has been widely criticised in the media for exploiting those living on and below the poverty line, and has been deemed ‘voyeurism’ rather that tourism. Some media types are calling this form of excursion ‘poorism‘, as it involves taking tours of some of the world’s most poverty stricken communities, and is said to have begun about 15 years ago in Brazil, when the company Favela Tour began to give guided tours around Rio De Janeiro’s largest and poorest shantytown or ‘favela’. | | manual de formulas tecnicas de gieck senha | loans for atvs