Travel Tips: Scams you need to be careful of when you travel abroad

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There is a bigger probability that you are safer when you travel abroad than in your own country but there are some travel scams that seem to be common to any travel destination that we know of. So whether you are on transit, talking to people, or buying something it is always best to keep in mind that if something is too good to be true, then it must really be too good to be true.

Airport taxi

This happens everywhere. Cab drivers taking you around the city will try everything in the book to milk some extra cash from clueless travelers. You will be asked for an extra charge on top of the metered fare, will not use the meter at all, or just drive you around the streets before you realize that you should have just crossed the street where you were standing and you would have been there.

Travel Photography Tips: Doing black and white right

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Are you one of those who love black and white photos whenever you see a beautiful landscape, a beautiful architecture like buildings or bridges, or just need to capture priceless moments? Good thing that with all the digital cameras in the market today, it is very easy to click away compared to back in the days when you have to spend hours in the dark room to make a black and white print. Of course there are things that can make your monochrome shot like a pro:

How can you tell if it is a good black and white photo

A black and white photo is beautiful in itself and not just an excuse for a bad shot that will not be as good when taken in full color. Remember that it will not be wise to shoot during an overcast day if you are planning to have a great black and white photo. Bad light means flat and dull monotone picture.

Top 10 Best Fried Chicken in the US

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Fried chicken is enjoyed by adults as much as kids. Whether it’s deep fried, less greasy, or spicy, America has different ways of enjoying this most craved dish.

Roscoe’s House of Chicken

Chicken with less crumbs and oil paired with waffles is the pride of Roscoe’s House of Chicken in Los Angeles. But hey, it is also good with rice and gravy. Roscoe’s House of Chicken is also well-known as a celebrity’s hot spot.  Moreover, several movies like the Swingers and Rush Hour have featured this chicken wonderland on the silver screen.

Rack and Soul

Chef Charles Gabriel and Chef John Wheeler of Rack and Soul in New York serve their chicken in two ways. You can choose from a golden brown chicken whose recipe is handed down for fifty years and counting or a pan-fried chicken with a secret seasoning.

Side Street Inn

Sacsayhuamán | A Tourist Spot in Cusco, Peru

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In the beautiful old city of Cusco, Peru, an immense fortress was built by huge stone blocks weighing upto 300 tons. There isn’t any such record on how these stones were actually cut and moved to put into that place. These stones are so well placed that some of them won’t even let a single piece of paper come between them.


Saksaq Waman is an ancient Inca ruin at an altitude of 3,701 meters and it is walled with mystery near Cusco.  “A good example of Inca stonework at Sacsayhuamán, Peru. They cut and hauled huge stones to make walls like this, and fit them together — without mortar! — so tightly that you coudn’t get a knife-tip or a piece of paper between them. Solid enough to have survived tremendous earthquakes.”


Nepal Traveling for Mountain Lovers


Nepal is a beautiful country located between China and India. It is referred to as a “land locked” country and features a number of different attractions and national parks. It is also home to the world’s largest mountain, Mount Everest. While anyone can climb the mountain, simply visiting it is usually recommended. Nepal is not a travel destination for those that are afraid of heights. Some of the mountains reach over 20,000 feet, and 8 of the world’ tallest mountains call Nepal their home.

It is important to visit Nepal during it’s prime seasons, where the weather is nicest and optimal for tourists. Nepal essentially has two seasons, dry and wet. The dry season lasts during autumn through winter, and the wet monsoon season is generally in the late summer. Spring and Autumn are the best times for travelers to go to Nepal. The colors and nice temperatures make it a wonderful place to visit during this time. Monsoon season will ruin your entire visit, so avoid going here when heavy rains are expected.

The Best Surfing Sites of 2010

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One of the prerequisites of a real surfer dude is traveling. It’s not enough that you surf on your own turf. You have to see the world, and know when and where to spot the best waves of the season. Of course, there’s also a shortcut. You can have the best surfing experience by listening to other surfers and checking things out for yourself. Below is a comprehensive list of the best surfing destinations and seasons, guaranteed.

Sri Lanka

For almost a decade, conflicts between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil rebels have kept Sri Lanka off travel charts. It was just simply too dangerous to go there for leisure. By the end of 2009, though, the security improved tremendously. Peace was brought back, and Sri Lanka was once again one of the best summer getaways in the world. This was good news for all surfers out there.

Sex in hostels

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There are some particularities when it comes to sex in hostels. First of all, is to prefer wild sex and quickies instead of long foreplay. Ask about the local habits, and if you see things like these, go away!

So, as a foreplay, I would sugest dance, touch, drink and speak about all possible things. Now, you have the partner, the labour is half done.

Then comes the most difficult part: finding the place. I see following possibilities:

-go simply in the dorm, and try to make abstraction about the others. Do not screem, and do not expect that the others will not disturb, you may not ask from them such things!

-check the laundry room

-check other secret invisible corners of the hostel, if you know them, or your partner does. You can ask about them the crew, but I doubt about the results(exception: your partner is a member of the crew)

4 things you should avoid being a tourist in Brazil


A holiday in Brazil can be an impressive experience because this country has a lot of splendid views to see and there are a lot of things to do in the world’s fifth largest country. But, there are  some fixations that you should avoid of, and here are 5 things you should not do.

1. Do not drink water, try to drink less water

As it is one of developing states, the sanitary conditions of Brazil are not really ideal. You should drink only bottled water in order to not have any complications. Also, you have to ensure that bottle is closed and sealed; if all of these will be contrary you could have some negative consequences.   It’s very important to avoid raw vegetables in there.

2. Do not wear clothes characteristic for tourist