Tips on how to handle the language barrier when you travel

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Not the sponge type when it comes to foreign language? No need to worry if you are planning a trip abroad and you do not have an idea about the local tongue. People from wherever you are going may not understand you but that is the reality that you have to face. You do not have to be afraid of language barriers if you really want to travel. It does not have to be your unconquerable wall that blocks you from exploring the world around you.

You will experience a certain language gap even within the same continent. English, for example, sounds different in the US, England, and in Asia. In countries like the Philippines, an archipelago made up of more than 7,000 islands, people from one province has a different language compared to another province which is just a few miles away.

Surviving an Airline Strike

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There’s no knowing when an airline strike will hit you, and when you’re one of the many who book their flights months up to a year in advance, you’re probably going to be caught in the middle of the crossfire. That means you’ll be stuck in the airport for at least a day trying to book a flight with another company. Below are tips on how to handle airline strikes.

It’s pretty obvious that if you want to survive this one, you can’t do it alone. Befriending your travel agent wouldn’t hurt a bit.

Know how an airline strike works

If you know how they work, you don’t have to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with useless tickets in your hands. Days before your trip, read up on the corporate health of the airline you’re flying with. If there have been threats of strikes and you’re on your way to a wedding, it’s much better if you cancel your ticket with the airline with a strike threat.

Family Travel: Tips to help kids give up their gadgets

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Are you traveling with the whole family but feel alone because your 9-year old is locked onto his PSP while your teenage daughter seems to be texting the whole world while listening to her favorite indie band. When you look at to your husband, he is on the iPad trying to check on some work stuff?

Are they doing this

Family Travel

Instead of doing this

Family Bonding

Family travel should be family bonding time. Although gadgets can make life easier for us, there are times when they just simply get in the way. You might not have a magic wand to make these gadgets disappear but you might find our tips below useful to make the family unplug and gadget-free during your family getaway:

Brace themselves for a goodbye

Travel Tips: How to behave in saunas, spas, and public baths

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Whether you do it to pamper yourself or for wellness, spa treatments, public baths, and saunas are  essential parts of some cultures. It is something which can be enjoyed by the heads of states as much as it is soothing to manual workers. There are certain norms when we go to these places, and knowing the proper etiquette is a must if you do not want to be smirked at, frowned at, or kicked out. Not knowing how to act properly in these public baths may upset the locals, and in a foreign land, we do not want to do that.

One rule of thumb when you enter a communal pool is to make sure you soap and scrub properly. Some bathhouses will even have instructions and teach you how to properly wash with focus on your armpits, feet, head, and genitalia. If you are not used to it, there are also cultures which have no problem at all with nudity.

The best Fireworks Display this coming New Years Eve


It has been a tradition to welcome the New Year with a big bang. There is no better way to say hello to 2010 with the best fireworks display all over the globe:

London, England

The New Year 2010 will be welcomed with a colorful spectacle in London. You can join the crowd that will form along the banks of the River Thames to see the best fireworks in town. According to organizers, the 2010 fireworks will be the grandest so far. The London Eye will be utilized as part of the light display with fireworks thundering from every direction.

The best views of the fireworks can be seen from the Victoria Embankment, the South Bank, Waterloo Bridge, or the Westminster Embankment.

San Francisco, California

Hotel Phone System


A good hotel phone system is essential to the efficient management of any hotel, creating a seamless connection between the reception desk, office, accommodation, leisure and business facilities. There are a number of telephone systems designed for hotel businesses, and you should take the time plan out exactly what you need for your phone system, and shop around and compare prices so that you find the system which best suits both your needs and your budget. PhoneSuite provide two useful phone systems for mid-size hotels, which can provide high quality, low costs solutions for your telephony needs.

Economy Option – PhoneSuite 64 Communication Solution

This entry level package provides connectivity for up to 64 rooms and so is ideally suited to small and mid-size independent hotel, guesthouse and motel set ups, and offers the following practical features:

Travel Tips: Enjoying short trips, the slow travel style

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Many people say a picture is worth more than a thousand words. The easiest way to travel while capturing every moment is thru taking the road slowly, enjoying one’s culture, living life to the fullest, and feeling beyond sheer seeing the most wonderful sights even at the shortest time possible.  

slow travel

Several months ago, travelers became acquainted with the infamous “Slow Travel” concept so that they could veer away from the usual sight-seeing peek-a-boo itinerary in the hustle and bustle of the place they’re visiting.  

Slow travel advocates were not adamant in the success of their spiteful proposition: one only needs to travel at a slow pace much like what Armstrong did when he stepped his feet on the Moon way back in 1969. Instead of spending his or her holiday spree around France’s entirety, a faithful follower of the Slow Travel would spend a number of weeks perhaps months, inhabiting random areas, roaming around through cab or train and not thru plane, building a routine, and residing temporarily in selected areas. One could only wish to never let this dream end once getting back into the reality of life.  

Top Tips for your Istanbul holiday

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We list down the best tips so you will have a great time when you decide to visit Istanbul.

Sleeping Where You Party Will Make You Dizzy

If you’re planning to go to where the action is like Taksim but you’re intent on doing some sleeping, go to another place like Cankutaran or Galata. Taksim is indeed a great place to go because it comes alive at night. Just keep in mind that the music in the area doesn’t quiet down even after midnight as the sound systems of the different nightclubs have either been acquired 20 years ago or refurbished. They don’t have acoustic control. Since the local authorities are quite liberal with the noise, expect that your ears will be thumping as the club’s bass go booming into the early daylight.