Travel Adventure: Best destinations for whitewater rafting

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If you are seeking for some adrenaline pumping travel adventure, you might want to consider whitewater rafting. It will be a ride of your life as you negotiate the great rapids. This travel experience may be one of the best experiences of your life yet whitewater rafting does not require much of training.

The rivers for whitewater rafting are ranked depending on their roughness and maneuverability. The easiest will be Class I which is practically peanuts for any one since it does not have a lot of rough areas and does not require maneuvering. Class IV or V is the other end of the story where the rapids is practically unraftable.

We list down some of the top whitewater rafting destinations:

Magpie River in Quebec, Canada

Top 10 Places to spend Christmas

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Christmas is a special holiday and whether the perfect vacation for you means snow and magical lights or parties and Santa girls, we managed to come up with a list with the top 10 places to spend Christmas.

1. Las Vegas – Christmas is all about indulgence and treating yourself and your family, and what better place for this than the city of over the top luxury and entertainment that is Las Vegas. There are a number of impressive hotels that go all out for the Christmas and New Year period with some visually stunning decorations, and this time of year you can also get some great bargains as there is heavy competition among hotels to secure Christmas bookings. The Mirage is one of the biggest luxury hotels, and the massive aquarium in the lobby will take your breath away. It is also a casino and has its own shows such as the very popular Cirque du Soleil extravaganza, which you will need to book in advance as it can sell out at peak times.

Travel Adventure: Tips on understanding the backcountry weather

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When you go on long adventure getaway on the backcountry for some mountain climbing or camping, the weather can get quite unpredictable. Being in an isolated location, the weather forecast is not a button away. You do not have the internet or your smart phone to tell you that rains will come or it will be really a hot day. All you can rely on are the clues given by mother nature herself.

Here are some tips on how to read the clues the weather gods send your way:

No morning dew

When you wake up and see no morning dew on your tent or vegetation around you, look up and most probably you will see clouds forming. Thru the hours these clouds might build up until they get heavy and pour some rain shower. If you see dew in the morning, you cant expect rain thru the day.

Travel Tips: How to bargain when shopping in Asia

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If you are in Asia right now on a trip then you also have a gazillion choices to shop for gifts to bring to your loved ones back home. Buying stuff in a foreign land is quite a unique experience but imagine the smiles on the face of the people at home when they open their very unique gifts. Remember that when you go to night markets or street markets, haggling is accepted. Bargaining can be an exciting experience and a new skill to learn. Be good at it and you will be able to save some money for more gifts or for your next trip.

Here are some things to remember when bargaining:

Try using the local language

Establishing rapport with the shopkeeper is vital to get a bit of discount.  Sometimes saying “nihao” if you are in China or “kamusta” in Manila will create a bridge between you and the seller. The phrasebook that you have comes handy when it comes to shopping for souvenirs and gift items.

20 Summer Travel Ideas

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We love the sun, sand, and the water but the summer is long and we just have to come up with more ideas to have fun and make sure the season is well spent. Here are some travel ideas that you may want to consider this summer…

Be close to wilderness

If you area heading to Europe, you can come close to nature and the wild in different wild pockets in the region:

Go up to the mountains of Montenegro

Europe has a long stretch of the Prokletije mountain range that crosses Bosnia, Kosovo, Albani, Macedonia, and Montenegro. This is only for extreme adventurers since the maps cannot guide you well thru the mountains and the facilities are not yet so developed. Add to that traces of war. The most accessible part of the mountain range today is in Montenegro. If you want to skip Prokletije, you can try the canyon in Durmitor National Park which is considered deepest in Europe.

6 Ways to see Budapest, Hungary on a tight budget


Budapest Hungary is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. Aptly it is called Queen of the Danube as the old Buda is on the right bank of the river while Pest sits on the left.

Travel to Budapest and explore its more than 1000 years of history and culture. As a tourist, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot in Budapest. There are several ways you can enjoy Budapest on a budget:

Walking Tours

Ready those walking shoes when you get to Budapest since there is no other way to know the city by walking through its streets. No, you will not have to walk them on your own. The city provides free walking tours that take about two and a half hours. The guides, of course, will appreciate some tips.

City Park

Travel Guide: Paris holiday in July

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A Paris holiday in July can get pretty exciting. We remind you that tourism in the City of Lights is at its peak this month and their museums and other Paris best destinations can get pretty crowded. The locals though will most likely be having an exodus, having a vacation in Spain or the French Riviera. So July can be pretty nice for tourists and travelers while the locals get pretty claustrophobic of their beautiful city.

The weather in Paris will be around 15 degrees Celsius through 25 degrees Celsius so walking around the city will not be an issue. The sunny terraces are very inviting for those who want to enjoy a glass of drink. You may also be lucky to catch some items for your collections back home since there are a lot of good deals to grab during some Paris summer sales.

Madrid hotels

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Madrid is a fabulous part of the world. It offers something for everyone. Have kids? Madrid has great attractions for the kids. Love to shop and look at art? Then you’ll think you’re in heaven. And maybe a little morbid fun is good for everyone as you take part…well, watch anyway…in the bull fights.

What isn’t to love about Madrid? Absolutely nothing. Madrid is everything you want it to be. You want it to be a honeymoon? No problem. You want it to be a family vacation, it will be. You want it to be where you fall in love with your husband of forty years all over again? No wishful thinking needed.