Top 5 Surfing destinations in the U.S.

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June 20 is the International Surfing Day and in honor of this important day for all wave riding friends, we list down some of the lesser known surfing destinations in the United States. These waters have all the quality to be great surfing destinations but do not get the spotlight they deserve:

The Cove in Cape May, New Jersey

The Cove might be another famous surfing destination if it were in Hawaii or California but it has been gaining some spotlight lately. It is primarily a long board surfing destination and can be good for surfers of all ages.

Like other surfing destinations, it can get pretty crowded. Parking can also be a nightmare. The tides vary through the year so you can not really tell when the barrels will be great.

Reef Road, West Palm Beach in Florida

Most Haunted Houses

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Do You Love to Be Scared Out of Your Wits?

Do you love to have the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up? Do you like to have shivers run down your spine? What about heart pounding and fast breathing? If you love to get the adrenaline pumping with a little scare, then maybe just maybe the best haunted houses should be on your list of places to visit on vacation.

Why not? People dive off cliffs, jump out of planes and do all kinds of crazy things to get their blood pumping. Why go to all that trouble when all you have to do is go to a haunted house or two? Seriously. There’s a lot less danger to getting your thrills this way. And there are so many wonderfully scary haunted houses to see all over the world. In fact, there are your real haunted houses and the haunted houses that are not so real…at Halloween. But why waste your time going to a manmade haunted house where you know they are going to purposely scare you when you can go to a real haunted house. Where you never know where or when the ghost might appear and give you a scare.

Photo of the day: smog in Beijing

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No megacity can escape to this plague, which represent a major cause for the lungs diseases: the smog. What would you do, being maire in Beijing(Pekin) to stop this strong pollution? Because the summer Olympic Games hosted by Beijing this year will start soon!

Do not try to recognize buildings or corners from Beijing, even if you are familiar with the city. It is practically impossible!

Usedom – The singing Island

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For decades, the Germans have been addicted traveler around the world. They have been world’s most traveling nation, and the vacation abroad was a must for most of them. Nowadays, some facts make the situation changing: they are aware that long distance flights are very bad for the carbon print, and they are also aware of the economical crisis.

Usedom map with its location in the Baltic Sea and the german-polish boundary

Usedom map with its location in the Baltic Sea and the german-polish boundary

Plus, after having seeked for longtimes the best beaches in Mallorca or Thailand, they discovered since a short time the singing beaches of the island Usedom. Literally, when the weather is good, while walking on the pristine beaches of Usedom you can hear a melody! This phenomenon is unique in the all world, and it is produced by the special structure of the white sand from Usedom. A scientific explanation of “the singing island” is that the white sand of its 25-mile strand is so fine that it squeaks when you walk on it. Usedom has been also nicknamed the “Bathtub of Berlin.”

Montreal hotels

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When you take a vacation, you want to stay in the nicest hotel for your money. Who doesn’t want to get a good hotel, with great service and amenities for a great price? Even if you don’t intend to spend a great deal of time in your hotel room you want something that is at least decent making the time you are there a good experience.

How do people find great deals on hotels for their money? Many ways really. They can use the internet or call the hotel to see if they have better rates for certain days. You can even book a vacation deal that covers air travel and hotel.

World’s Most Beautiful Highway

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Officially is called California Route 1, and it is also called as Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH; many people call it much simpler Highway One.  But one thing you must agree with me: it is the world’s most beautiful highway. It goes from the Northern to the Southern California along 1000 kilometers in a rocky environment and offers some of the world’s best coastal sceneries.

Map of The Highway One, probably world's most spectacular highway

Map of The Highway One, probably world's most spectacular highway

Sometimes goes straight, but usually windy, through or near world known cities as Santa Barbara, Los Angeles,San Francisco ,Monterey, Santa Monica. The wonderful bridge Golden Gate is also a part from Pacific Coast Highway, and even the notorious and outrageous Orange County is on the way.

Golden gate Bridge in San Francisco is a part of Highway One

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is a part of Highway One

Brazilian Cuisine, Cheap and Delicious


The variety of foods found in Brazil is as varied as its culture and people. In some ways Brazilian food is similar to our own American fare. Obviously there are geographical differences in the local ingredients, but just as America has become a melting pot of people and foods, so too has Brazil. Many of Brazil’s popular dishes are variations of indigenous dishes brought there by foreign immigrants.

The national dish of Brazil is a filling stew of black beans and pork called Feijoada. It includes various pork cuts such as sausage, knuckles, and ears and is served on rice and collard greens. This dish alone shows the diversity of cuisine in Brazil, with influences in African, Spanish, and Mediterranean food.

Washington DC Tours

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A tour of Washington DC isn’t easy at all, but the ideal of a wonderful tour is what every tourists visiting the city will like to accomplish. For a successful tour, agencies such as tour 4 fun is the premier sightseeing and tour provider in the US. This agency offers wide range of services for tourists all over US. Their service involve tours from single day to a weeklong tour, probably as the tourist prefers.


Going on a personal is a lot more difficult, and it takes a while to get adequate access to the various tourists’ attraction available. For those who visit for the first time, tours 4 fun could be the ideal solution to having a perfect tour. But for those who know their way around, a tour will definitely be enjoyable.