World’s Best 6 Chefs Hired By Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore


I’ve always enjoyed visiting Singapore. With its great shopping malls, delicious hawker delicacies and, my favorite favorite, Night Safari Zoo, you can name a thousand and one reasons to visit the beautiful city state whenever you drop by South-East Asia. Now, with the news that Singapore’s very own Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino has hired six of the world’s more talented chefs to head its dining outlets, there are even more reasons to plan your trip to Singapore when the resort opens next year. With chefs like Daniel Boulud – whose restaurant was awarded no less than 3 prestigious Michelin stars – as well as 2 American chefs namely Mario Batali (based in New York) and Wolfgang Puck. They are quickly joined by other gourmet gurus such as Santi Santamaria, Guy Savoy and Tetsuya Wakuda.

Travel Guide: Exploring New York like a New Yorker

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After discovering the big sites in the Big Apple, you should try to drop the New York guide book and try to discover the place like how the locals do.

Enjoy the Seafoods at City Island

City Island is a small community off the coast of Bronx. This fishing village was practically moved out of New England. They alsohav shp yards famous for building award winning yachts.

The place though is popular for its excellent line of seafood restaurants which line the main street. Try the dishes of The Lobster Box . Enjoy their steamed, broiled, stuffed, marinara or fra diavolo lobster . They also have very good pasta specials like their chicken and shrimp primavera, lobster ravioli in light cream sauce with some sun dried tomatoes.

More Than Just Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

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With over 3oo wineries, Napa Valley, California is best known as a wine tasting destination.  However, if wine tasting isn’t your thing, or if you are traveling with children, there is plenty of other things to do in Napa Valley.

Go on Safari without going to Africa with Safari West.  Safari West is not a zoo, and it is not a theme park. It is an African Wildlife Preserve which is home to over 500 animals, including mammals native to Africa, and exotic birds from around the world.  At Safari West you can take a truck tour where you will see a variety of African animals living together.  Some of the animals you  might see include giraffes, ostriches, zebras and wildebeest!   Then, after your truck tour you will take a walking tour where  you will see the cheetahs and the lemurs. Currently tours at Safari West are $68 and you must have a reservation.

A Dozen of the Best Donut Shops in the U.S.

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Before reading this post. Forget about your diet and remember the time when you enjoy sugar and the high it brings to your day. Donuts is an all day perfect treat. It will not matter if you grab one for breakfast, may be for a quick snack, or a midnight sweet delight. For this post, we focus on the best donut shops you can find in the United States:


Randy’s Donuts in Los Angeles

Los Angeles will be one of the places in the world where donut is almost in every street corner. If you want the best donut in this megaplace, start looking for a big donut on the roof of Randy’s Donuts near the LAX. Say the name and locals will tell you it is a legendary stuff you are getting and a sweet grub you will never forget. You want to know about the favorites? Go for their buttermilk donuts! In case you miss the big donut on West Manchester Avenue, call them via 310-645-4707.

Super Bowl Frenzy: Things you can do in South Florida before and after the football madness


The upcoming Super Bowl will be held in Miami but the whole of South Florida is gearing for the big event and ready to party.

The three airports in the region give in coming travelers a line of options from beaches, clubs, social scenes, and restaurants from the mainland stretching to Florida Keys. South Florida is a great place to be in while waiting for the great passes, tackles, and touchdowns of the Super Bowl.

The host committee is expecting an influx of 70,000 ticket holders to watch the game and about 40,000 more people will come to join the parties and other activities. Many will come early to also watch the Pro Bowl that will also be in Miami on January 31. Here are some things you can busy yourself with in South Florida around the time of the Super Bowl.

The Best Pancakes in America

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As a child, we become huge fans of those fluffy, soft, golden-brown pancakes served during breakfast. What joy it is to lather the thick, gleaming syrup, watching it cascade over stacks of pancakes. And who has not tried making one? Misshapen pancakes forced to other family members, we have great memories of our first tries in making these delicious cakes. And if you’ve managed to let a pancake fly as you tried flipping it over in the pan, then welcome to the happy and huge club of pancake aficionados. Don’t worry though, as there are lots of places to try them.

Chosen for their creativity, toppings and filling, here are some of the best places in America where you can satisfy your cravings for this simple yet delightful cake which, though it has been enhanced, flavored, and changed in countless ways, remains everybody’s favorite.

Top 5 best destinations in Taipei

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In the earlier days of this city, the traffic was so bad and the quality of life was very poor for its citizens. The people demanded for change and in the 1980s, the city planners did an amazing job of rebuilding their city. During the next decade, Taipei had a major transformation with a rail system installed, parks built so kids can play, the river banks were rehabilitated, and buildings were re-structured. These things we mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg and from being an ugly duckling of the region it has become one of the best destinations in Asia.

Here are some of the best things to do in Taipei:

National Palace Museum

Three Toronto Tourist Traps


Close to the US border, a major Canadian city, and often mistaken for the capital of Canada, Toronto is a popular destination for tourists. As always happens when a destination becomes popular, however, tourist traps have formed to accommodate the masses of tourists and squeeze cash out of them. Here are three of the biggest tourist traps in Toronto.

1. CN Tower

CN Tower

It can be a tempting place to visit, since it looms above the Toronto waterfront and downtown skyline. The only reason the CN tower is a good visit is the great view of the surroundings you can get from it, and the glass floor. If you feel the need to waste $20 or more to stand in a building, make sure you show a Hostelling International card for a discount, at least!

2. Canada’s Wonderland

Canada's Wonderland