Best Attractions In Ireland

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There is rarely a place so beautiful that can be found anywhere, then that of Ireland. From the renowned architecture, to the scenic views of the Irish countryside, it draws people from all over the world, who are looking to experience it for themselves, and anyone who has ever set foot on it’s rolling green hills will tell you that it is worth every penny for the trip, and then some.

But if all of this is not enough to get you to book your trip, you may be interested in knowing about the many of incredible attractions in Ireland that offer great sightseeing, history, culture, and entertainment opportunities. Everyone who has been there will have their own recommendations, and I am no different, so here is a list of my favorite attractions in Ireland, and a few of the reasons I find myself going back again, and again.

Top Travel Tips: Limiting the Horrors of Reclining Backrests in Planes

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Here’s the scenario – the sun is peeking out of the clouds when you look out of plane’s window. The smiling flight attendant gives you coffee the way you like it. Its going to be the perfect flight. You think. And then suddenly the person in the front seat heaves the weight of his entire back and then some on your knees. Not satisfied with the way the seat contours against the flabs on his back, he punishes your legs again and again until he finds the right articulation of comfort at the expense of yours.

You grumble and you wait. At least there’s some small comfort in the fact that your chair also reclines. Pushing the backrest, you try to keep the discomfort the person in front caused you out of your mind. Minutes later as you zone out watching the clouds roll by in wisps, the kid directly seated in the back row kicks your backrest. Repeatedly. Frazzled, you give a cursory glance behind you only to be rewarded with a burst of freckles and a smile full of broken teeth.

Enjoying the holidays aboard Christmas Trains


Christmas TrainsFamilies around the world have different traditions in celebrating the Yuletide Season. Some enjoy strolling around the mall. Have you tried celebrating the Christmas cheers while on a train? In the United States a new tradition of celebrating with Santa Claus costumed conductors aboard Christmas trains is starting to gain ground.

The Christmas train ride is a very unique and fun experience for the whole family. Every journey is magical and memorable for every passenger regardless of the age. Here are some of the rides offering cookies, milk, and a big hug from Santa:

Grand Canyon Railway (Wililams, Arizona)

You will take a ride in one of the oldest “Polar Express” in the United States. It has been in service for about 108 years. Passengers will enjoy the great story which comes with a good cup of hot choco. The highlight of the train ride is the arrival at the “North Pole” where you see the northern lights, reindeers, and Santa himself. You can enjoy the ride for $29 (Adults) or $14 (Children).

Travel tips: Staying safe while in an unfamiliar city

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As much as you try to blend in with the locals so you will not look like a tourist, something always gives you away and make you a potential victim of lawless elements on the road. Here are some safety tips so you can be more safe when traveling:

Be always on the move

When you are lost in a city which you are not familiar with, keep moving and be alert. Go around the block and try to find your bearings or go to a place where there are a lot of people. You can ask locals or go into a business establishment to ask for some directions.


Even before hopping into that train or plane, research well ahead of time before heading to your destination. Read about safety considerations and common crimes in the area. You will find a lot of tips online and know of hot spots where snatching, holdups, or even kidnapping happens. Ask friends or relatives who have visited the place and ask them about their experience and any tips or recommendations.

Food Trip: Traversing the Cheese Trail through Vermont

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vermont-cheeseYou will find Vermont, the Green Mountain State, on the northeastern tip of the United States. Whenever you try a food sampler from Vermont, you cannot miss the big chunk of cheddar in the basket. You might also have a hard time pronouncing gorgonzola, chevre, feta, and gouda but your taste buds will know that you are in cheese haven.

The Cheese Trail is roughly 280 miles or about 450 kilometers. Aside from cheese, you will definitely enjoy the colors of the foliage. Here’s how you should go about it:

Plymouth Notch
Calvin Coolidge was born in Plymouth Notch in 1872, and this will be your starting point. The whole village is declared a historic site by the state. You can also see the house of John Coolidge where he administered the oath of office to his son who took the presidency after the death of President Harding. You can grab some candy and toys from the general store in the 1920’s home of the Collidge.

Top Prague destinations to learn more about architecture

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Prague should be in your bucket list if you love to know more about architecture. The city practically offers a glimpse of different architectural styles ranging from Baroque, Gothic, Art Noveau, Functionalism, Cubism, and the list goes on. Some even joke that you can get a PhD on architecture when you go on a Prague holiday.

We cannot cover all of the important landmarks for the architecture tour of Prague but we pick some of the best examples.

Charles Bridge (Gothic)

The building of the bridge commenced in 1337 commission by Charles IV and was completed during the 15th century.  The bridge was a vital link between the Prague Castle, the Old Town, and the nearby areas. The Charles Bridge is among the most photographed and visited destinations in this part of the Czech Republic.

Best places for diving into underwater ruins

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I am sure you like diving, who wouldn’t? More and more people are very fond of diving in all its forms. It is actually an amazing unique experience: you are alone with the water creatures in the middle of the ocean.

A bad movement could be very dangerous for you. Try to remember the path and try to stay away from the shark infested waters. There are some dangers for sure, but even on the Earth are a lot of risks you must take.

The professional and even the hobby divers know already the traditional diving destinations around the world: tropical clear waters with plenty of interestig plants and animals. To mention just a few : The Caribbean, Maldive and other islands in the Indian Ocean; Tahiti and New Zealand, as other many islands of the Pacific Ocean etc.

Top 5 destinations in June


1. The european football championships is organized in Austria and Switzerland. A good opportunity to discover two alpine countries and some interesting cities as Vienna, Zurich, Basel, Innsbruck,Berna etc

2. New York. Simply amazing, has always something new!

3.Monte Carlo

4.Disneyland in Paris

5.Stockholm | | manual de formulas tecnicas de gieck senha | loans for atvs