Top 5 Tips for Traveling with Kids


Traveling is a hassle no matter how you look at it.

But when you throw kids into the mix, it can turn into a truly harrowing experience that may have you confining yourself to 30-mile radius around your home for the next 18 years. Of course, traveling by air is the worst with kids. Between long lines at the airport, dragging them through security, losing track of them in a crowd, bustling them onto the plane, and realizing that they’re too small to chew gum to pop their ears (leading to ear-splitting wails at every takeoff and landing), you’ll be ready to tear your hair out by the time you reach your destination (and you don’t even want to think about the incumbent trip home). But by following a few simple tips, you can significantly increase your odds of making your way through the airport without any hassles or heartache.

A city you want to see again and again

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Which of your travel destinations do you want to see again? In my opinion, Sankt Petersburg is one of that! I visited it twice, once in winter and once in summer. In summer I was delighted of the endless white nights. This city can spare a lot from the electricity bill, believe me! It is such a nice sweet light in the middle of the night, you can almost read.

In winter the modern technique could mod cope with the cold, the batteries were almost instantly empty!

This city is full of history, you can touch, smell, feel it everywhere. In the center, almost every house is a museum.

You should not miss:

a Neva sightseeing

the Palace Square with the Generals’ Arch

Top Royal Honeymoon Destinations

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Everyone is awaiting the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton this coming 29 April at the West Minster Abbey. The world has been a big rumor mill where the royal honeymoon will be. Will it be in Maldives? Australia? Or perhaps Nepal? The future king and queen received a ton of invitations from family friends and governments, and we shall await for the official announcement.

Is it the royal honeymoon destination that defines the couple or is it the other way around? For the mean time, let us look back at some of the best royal honeymoon destinations that we know of:



Prince Charles and Lady Diana spent their honeymoon by sailing in the Mediterranean. They were on honeymoon for a few months. They spent some time in Hampshire and then they were off to Gibraltar. They also spent some time at the Balmoral Estate of the Royal Family in Scotland.

Travel Tips: Reading the fine print of the Cruise contracts

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When Carrie Streahle’s cruise docked super late in Houston, she had the unfortunate situation of having to pay about $1,900 for airfare and lounging in order to reach home.  After that, she decided to contact Carnival Cruise Lines to reimburse the amount she paid using her own money.  Unfortunately, Carnival Cruise Lines replied by saying that they do not have a travel insurance.  Carrie complained and the cruise line responded by explaining that they blame the weather for the delay of the Carrie’s cruise and her having to pay the extra amount of $1,900.  Carnival Cruise Lines said that they do not have control over the weather conditions of her cruise.

If only she had read the fine print on her cruise contract, she would have seen the clause that bluntly explains that the times for departure and arrival are subject to change without prior notice and without any reason.  That includes the weather.  The clause also explains that Carnival Cruise Lines do not have any accountability for whatever damage the circumstances may cause.

Video: Top Ten Roller-coasters in the World

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The best and exhilarating events people experience in life are those that pit them against danger. This is the secret behind the allure of roller-coasters and our insensible desire to continually ride their cars and bite the bullet as the we are treated to the rushes, pulls and close calls lain across the track.

Since the first structured rollercoasters sped across their tracks in 1919 by John Miller, the thrill ride has gone on through various transformations throughout the last century. Now a theme park is not considered one until it builds one of these juggernauts. In fact, theme parks outdo each other in this aspect by designing ones that are faster and that simulate more dangers than their rivals. In this article we feature the top ten rollercoasters in the world. Enjoy the videos!

The Behemoth

Four Expressions in Chinese that may come handy

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A lot of peole are interested to go to China to explore its best travel destinations, seek business opportunities, and discover a wonderful culture. If you are among this crowd, you might want to read on because we have meaningful Chinese phrases that will help you understand the mindset of Chinese:

Learning Chinese

Mei banfa

Mei banfa translates to ‘there is no choice’. The history of China tells a lot about famine, tragedy, and not really much of fun time. This Chinese phrase is how people express their acceptance of what is available and their acceptance of any hardship that may come their way. They may also say it with regard to other people. This may say that one must not stand out or not be different. It is basically said in a relaxed mood while being a bit worried of a hardship that can only be accepted.

Things to do in Tokyo

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Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is one of the largest cities in the world. This city is one of the world’s most perplexing cities with dense population concentration, making the city very crowded. It has all of the major characteristics of most large cities, but apart from this normal aspect of most cities, Tokyo is one of the major tourist cities to visit. The city lies at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. And it is in fact a megacity with 20 000 ooo inhabitants.


For tourists who are planning to visit the city, there are many site attractions in the city and numerous activities to engage in. There is also a long list of very conducive hotels for visitToors to choose from. Such hotels include kyo Hotel, Kei Plaza, Century Southern Tower, and Grand Palace Hotel, among many other the top class hotels for adequate comfort.

Top 7 of the Oddest Prisons in the World

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While we don’t suppose you’ll be taking a tour around these odd prisons anytime soon, a glimpse of them makes for a fun read. Below are the seven strangest rehabilitation/prison camps you’ll find in the world.

Top 1: Bolivia’s San Pedro Prison

This prison doesn’t look like a prison at all. It’s really more of a community or a small town which keeps criminals from mingling with the rest of society, but which doesn’t isolate them in a gray concrete barren hole with bars. Here, prisoners will have to work (either selling groceries or making something useful) if they want a roof over their heads.

The point is to let prisoners learn to make their lives useful by letting them earn their own cells. At the end of their stay, they might actually miss the community. Hopefully, they don’t try to commit another felony just because they’re homesick.