Washington DC Tours

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A tour of Washington DC isn’t easy at all, but the ideal of a wonderful tour is what every tourists visiting the city will like to accomplish. For a successful tour, agencies such as tour 4 fun is the premier sightseeing and tour provider in the US. This agency offers wide range of services for tourists all over US. Their service involve tours from single day to a weeklong tour, probably as the tourist prefers.


Going on a personal is a lot more difficult, and it takes a while to get adequate access to the various tourists’ attraction available. For those who visit for the first time, tours 4 fun could be the ideal solution to having a perfect tour. But for those who know their way around, a tour will definitely be enjoyable.

Foods of Greece


Whether it’s a simple dish of grilled vegetables or a highly complex and delicate pastry dish, Greek cuisine is as colorful and diverse as the legendary history of Greece itself. Simple Greek fare of rural villages and farms has merged with complex flavors and ingredients of the big cities to make up the wonderful variety of Greek food available today. Greece is becoming just as famous for its diversity of cuisine as it is for its historically fascinating past. Although there are hundreds of indigenous ingredients to Greece, ingredients alone do not make up Greek food. Traditional preparation, fresh ingredients and flavors and Greek ingenuity are all required to make a truly Greek dish worthy of recognition.


Dakar, the Gate of Africa

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Dakar is the capital city of Senegal and the westernmost city of Africa. It has a long history and counts nowadays 1 500 000 inhabitants. Also, not a very big city comparing to other African metropolis, like Nairobi, Addis Ababa and Cape Town.


But a very nice one city is Dakar for sure. In some neighborhoods Dakar still keeps the flavour of the colonial times, in other the genuine smell and flavor of the African way of life. You can visit in Dakar the outskirts of Saint Louis (former capital of the French West Africa) and Medina (African life at its best).


Dakar, due to its excellent position, developed itself to one of the biggest and most important African harbors. Visiting the harbor is quite an experience which you may not miss while visiting Dakar, because is huge, impressive and interesting.

Top 5 Ideas of how you can spend lavishly when you travel around the world

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Before anything else, let this be a warning to all the budget travelers out there: read if you must, but you won’t be able to afford anything on this list.

Now that that’s out of the way, let us explain the reason behind this list. We, the common folk, are all about budget traveling. We scour the world for the best bargains whether it be cheap but clean accommodations, hearty meals under five dollars, two for one air fares and freebies as much as we can. We tell you how to stretch that dollar so that in the end, it will last you a whole week (okay, that’s a gross exaggeration). We share with you the one hundred and one ways on how you can save money so that in the end, you can spend it on–bargains.

Top 5 VIP Cruises around the Globe

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Everything about taking a cruise is classy and romantic. That is, of course, until you leave the boat, and you’re fighting for space in off-shore attractions along with your hundred or so companions. There are exceptions, though. We’ve listed the best cruises to take if you want to step out of the usual tourist hellhole. You can call them VIP cruises because you’ll be served like royalty when you take these tours.

Seven Seas Navigator’s Cruise to Italy

When you join the Seven Seas Navigator on one of their cruises to Italy, you get to enjoy an all-suite cabin, which keeps most of the ship’s passengers inside their quarters and out of the corridors. The crew also offers 24-hours of room service, so you can actually enjoy the trip without leaving your room too frequently.

Cuba Travel Planning: Things you need to remember if you are going to Cuba

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A lot of people have Cuba as one of their bucket list travel destinations. Cuba has been embargoed for a long time now and getting into it is not very easy. The restrictions for Americans though have been relaxed just this year and so you can join some tour operators that offer trips to Cuba. Here are some things you need to remember if you are planning to join a trip to this enchanting country:

Cuba is not your regular holiday destination

A holiday in Cuba may not mean days of chillaxing on the beach under the sun while sipping mojitos since you have to follow a strict set of rules. You can only go with accredited and authorized tour operators in the United States and Cuba. Your itinerary should also indicate very busy schedules that will involve cultural immersions and educational trips.

Checking out the different Chinatowns of the world

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With a history that dates back more than 5,000 years ago, it’s no wonder that China’s culture is so rich and diverse. There is so much to learn about this massive country that serves as the home to over a billion people. Travelers who have been to China can keep coming back for years on end and still be amazed to discover new things they didn’t know about the country before. But let’s face it, not all of us who want to pack our bags and schlep them to China can actually afford it. Fortunately for there rest of mankind, the Chinese held on tight to their culture so much so that wherever they went, they made sure that they will maintain their traditions and maintain their distinct identity.

Top 10 Mega Ships


When we say Mega Ships, we just don’t mean the size but the entire assortment of luxurious accommodations and attractions these ships have to offer.  From Swarovski-stairs to planetariums, these top 10 Mega Ships are simply elite class.  So if you’re planning to go on a cruise, do it in style in one of these Mega Ships.

Elegance Like No Other:  Queen Mary 2 of Cunard Cruises