5 of the Most Wonderful World Heritage Sites

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If you have a bucket list of travel destinations, most likely you have a lot of world heritage sites on that list. These are the best travel destinations in the world, the must see destinations that offer universal value. Below are five of the most beautiful places on earth:

Phoenix Islands in Kiribati

World Heritage Sites

The Phoenix Islands Protected Area is among the newest world heritage sites. Instituted just in 2010, this remote piece of land about the size of California can be found just in between Fiji and Hawaii. It is a marine protected area that boasts of about 30 underwater volcanoes, two beautiful submerged reefs, and about eight atolls. You can see one of the most pristine ecosystem in the planet here.

Top 10 secluded beaches around the globe

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The beach is a place that caters to almost all types of people. Whether you’re an athletic person who wants doesn’t want to miss a workout, an adrenaline junkie who simply wants to keep their blood pumping, a nature lover who likes to bond with the elements, or an unabashed sloth who is content to spend most of the day under the shade of a tree, open to the prospect of a snooze every now and then.

The wide, empty beach is a perfect place for games like Frisbee and volleyball. The clear blue waters and seemingly endless ocean is ideal for water adventures like getting on a speedboat or a surfboard. Inhaling the fresh air cleanses your body, and digging your toes in the sand is so simple yet lots of fun.

Top Class Vienna Hotels

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Vienna in Austria is a city that affords a visitor or tourist with lots of top class hotels to choose from. Most hotels in the city are situated right at the city’s centre and they make access to place of interest very easy. The most interesting part of all these is that most of these hotels have tour buses lined at the premises to convey visitors who wish to tour the city the perfect and adequate comfort of these buses. Hotels such as these would make your stay in the city enjoyable.

MOZART HOTEL VIENNA; this hotel has a warm atmosphere and will probably suite most visitors. It is located within adequate transport site. It offers visitor  easy access to tour the city, and is just view meters away from most of the city’s side attraction. Also, staffs of this hotel are always available to accompany a visitor on a sight seeing tour. The beauty of this hotel is that rates are cheap and affordable and the comfort of the facilities is fantastic and modern to make your stay enjoyable.

Monument Valley – What to Do and How to Be Safe


Monument Valley Utah is a perfect nature lovers attraction. It is part of the Grand Circle of national parks in the Southwestern United States. Monument Valley is composed of sandstone buttes that jut from the earth. Many are as high as 1,000 feet. These formations are often though of as mountains, but are mesas and buttes. This area is dry and arid and extremely hot during the summer, and colder in the winter months. Monument Valley is a beloved symbol of the Southwest, and many movies include the landscapes as a crucial part of the backdrop and scenes.

If you plan to hike the area or visit it, be prepared in every manner possible. You may want to include this as part of a national park itinerary. It is ideal to arrive late at night to the area and stay at a nearby hotel. There are numerous cabins, bed and breakfasts, and comfortable hotels. Most are within a decent price range. Staying at one of these overnight is an ideal way to leave in the early morning for a hike in Monument Valley.

Alternative Accommodation Ideas When Staying in London


When traveling around Europe and London in particular, there are a number of quirky accommodation alternatives to help spice up your trip. These can help you see real London and possibly save you some money along the way. Perhaps something interesting to try if you are visiting for the Olympics… is a cult phenomenon, with a strong following in London, throughout Europe and the USA, with over 3 million members worldwide. This cost effective accommodation alternative allows travellers to the city to do as the name suggests and stay on couches for free, with no charges expected from the hosts.

As a good will gesture however, it is common for guests to cook a meal, clean the house or help continue the community spirit in some way to give back to the hosts. It is also common for local hosts to show visitors around the area to allow them to understand the local attractions of the area. This not-for-profit business requires some community engagement to use successfully, so is worth looking into early if it is a longer term accommodation plan.

Food Travel: Letting Moroccan flavors seduce you

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Around ten years ago, you can go to any restaurant in Marrakesh and for sure your plate will be served with some exotic floor shows complete with drummers and belly dancers. With all the frenzy your palate will really have a hard time distinguishing what’s bad and what’s not. Faux food, faux flavor and real Moroccan food done better in places like Berlin or San Francisco.

Morocco Best Restaurants

Today’s story is a few miles different. Restaurants have gone back to the roots and tap dadas, female cooks who make the best home dishes. The meals made by dadas are featured along side creations of young local chefs.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Morocco where you can meet the real local flavors to make your holiday memorable:

Classic Moroccan Flavors

La Maison Arabe

Vilnius as you don’t know it

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Vilnius is a very old town, and one of the traditionally biggest and most influent cities of the Northern Europe. Its name comes from the River Vilna, on whose banks Vilnius proudly sits since the XIIIth century. Vilnius counts 500 000 inhabitants and this year is a special one for Vilnius: it was chosen the European Cultural Capital 2009, together with the Austrian city of Linz.

St Anns Church is a landmark of Vilnius and an example of Gothic architecture

St Anns Church is a landmark of Vilnius and an example of Gothic architecture

Along the centuries Vilnius met more periods of flourishing, but also very tough times. Vilnius has been occupied whether by the Russians, or by the Poles, or by the Swedish. During World War I and World War II Vilnius was occupied by German troops. In the XVIIth century Vilnius suffered 5 destructive fires, and also the bubonic plague hit the city, killing 20 000 people. After all these sad events Vilnius came back to life, showing a lot of character.

The Ugliest Airports Around the Globe

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Airports in the movies are always portrayed as squeaky clean places with fancy walkalators and big, panoramic windows. Or, if the movie is about a small island in the middle of nowhere, the airport can look like a scene from a war movie. They look pretty much like the airports we’re previewing here.

If you’re ever passing through these airports, don’t bother getting your camera out of the bag. The view’s not really something you’d want to remember.

John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York

Surprisingly enough, the first airport to make this list is the JFK International Airport in New York. Once upon a time, the airport was a pretty sight, but that was when JKF was still young, and the airport was still called Idlewind. It showcased the best assembly of modern architecture and made New York proud to be New York. Fifty years later, though, we have what modest tourists would describe as hell.