The Travel Tipping Guide



Tipping has become a culturally accepted norm in most parts of the United States. When traveling you sometimes wonder exactly how much you should trip, but you don’t want to create an awkward situation either. So, keep these guidelines in mind next time you’re traveling.

The first person you’ll probably meet is the luggage porter at the airport. This person is responsible for getting your luggage onto the plane. Now, maybe I’m just paranoid, but I’ll pay 1-2 bucks for that peace of mind. Should you choose to take a taxi cab to get to or from the airport, 10% is the norm.

9 Luxury Playgrounds of the Billionaires


When you have at least 10 figures defining your bank account, you most likely have a holiday in style. People think of private islands, exotic places, secret entrances, and the works. Below we feature the playgrounds of billionaires.

Richard Branson (Necker Island)

The billionaire owner of the Virgin empire owns a whole 74-acre property just near St. Thomas. It is an island surrounded by blue-green waters and home to about 1010 flamingos. Necker Island is managed by a crew who will be more than willing to teach visitors to snorkel, kayak, or kitesurf. There is also a resident personal chef to make sure the billionaire’s taste buds are satisfied.
Branson rents out the whole island if he is not using it. Necker Island can accommodate 28 guests and have played hosts to famous personalities like Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, and Oprah.

Oprah (Antigua)

Travel Photography Tips: Doing black and white right

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Are you one of those who love black and white photos whenever you see a beautiful landscape, a beautiful architecture like buildings or bridges, or just need to capture priceless moments? Good thing that with all the digital cameras in the market today, it is very easy to click away compared to back in the days when you have to spend hours in the dark room to make a black and white print. Of course there are things that can make your monochrome shot like a pro:

How can you tell if it is a good black and white photo

A black and white photo is beautiful in itself and not just an excuse for a bad shot that will not be as good when taken in full color. Remember that it will not be wise to shoot during an overcast day if you are planning to have a great black and white photo. Bad light means flat and dull monotone picture.

Looking for a Fresh Vacation Idea? Try a Fishing Trip!


It seems like these days, most people take the same kinds of vacations all the time. They go to a large city, stay in a hotel, Fishingand explore the town a little bit. While this is fun and can produce good memories, I believe it’s important to mix things up a bit. So if you’re planning your next vacation and would like some inspiration, consider a fishing trip.

Most people enjoy fishing from time to time, but most people don’t ever experience “real” fishing. In my opinion you haven’t fished until you’ve either been deep-sea fishing or have fished in the true wilderness. So do yourself a favor, and go on a real fishing trip. Probably the best way to do this is to go on a fishing cruise or something similar. There are a lot of companies out there that specialize in fishing vacations, and for the right price, they can give you everything you need to have a great time. If you want to save money, you could just rent a boat and head out to a lake or river, but the experience will not be the same.

A Best Behavior Guide for Travelers Going to Newfoundland

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Newfoundland is the easternmost point of the North American continent and provides travelers with another modern day frontier to adventure in.

The Newfoundlanders are a friendly and welcoming. However, like any other people, Newfoundlanders have their own set of social behavior which needs to be noted in order to get along with them.

This Canadian province has seen its host of travelers from English settlers to Vikings.  Archaeologists believe that Leif Eriksson of the Vinland Sagas had landed in the area. Therefore in order to enjoy your stay in Newfoundland, you must also be willing to go off the beaten track and discover what experience it has to offer you.

Here is a list of tips in order to get around and enjoy Newfoundland and its people.

St. John’s is not all of Newfoundland

5 Movies that can inspire you to travel

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The Oscar’s has just awarded the best of the best in the movie industry and have put spotlight on red carpet stars like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, and a comedian spewing ash to the tuxedo of Ryan Seacrest. The past year has been a good one for films which can inspire people to see new places or visit old ones where memories abound.

Here are some travel films giving you a glimpse of some of the best travel destinations across the globe. Travel ideas, you say? Definitely.

France – Midnight in Paris

This Woody Allen film stars Owen Wilson as Gil who wants to take a retreat and step away from everything. In the process, Gil is transported back in time to the Paris of 1920s and meeting the big names of the arts. Yes, we are talking of Gil meeting the likes of Fitzgerald and Hemingway. Get a glimpse of Sacre-Coeur, Versailles, and Notre Dame.

Best Attractions In San Francisco

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San Francisco, one of the most popular travel destinations in the Western United States. Not only does it have fantastic weather, a glamorous celebrity life, and an active community for Gay Pride, but it is also ripe with entertainment venues, and things to see. There are so many attractions in San Francisco, that it is hard to know where to begin when compiling a list of the best.


But I did my best, and while anyone who has been to this fantastic city in California will have their own locations that they label ‘must see’s’, here are a few of my own all time favorite attractions in San Francisco, and each one is, in my opinion, crucial to any tourist’s itinerary.

8 Tips that you can try to get hotel upgrades


If you are a frequent traveler, you may be one of those people who consider hotels in different corners of the globe as their home away from home. As a loyal client, you can ask hotels for a bigger room or extra amenities which can make your stay more comfortable. Most of the time the hotel will give in to your request.

A room with a better view or maybe a room with some extra space where you do more work is always a great treat from the hotel management.

Do you really need to have a magic hat and pull out a trick so the front desk or the hotel manager will nod to your request? Not really but you just can not call them up and ask for an upgrade. You need to inject a bit of finesse and flexibility so you can negotiate for a better deal, a good room upgrade, and other wonderful extras. | | manual de formulas tecnicas de gieck senha | loans for atvs