Horticulture Holidays

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If you are interested in gardening, and want a holiday that is active without being
exhausting, why not try one of the horticulture holidays that are now on offer from
many of the different tour operators. These holidays can be an excellent opportunity
to experience the challenges of gardening in completely different climates and soils,
as well as working with new and exotic plants and pests!

The famous Giverny gardens will animate the gardener from you

The famous Giverny gardens will animate the gardener from you

Some horticulture holidays take in scenic tours of regional gardens and parks, such
as group tours of beautiful gardens of Giverny in France, including the famous
garden of impressionist artist Claude Monet, and the contemporary ‘Chateau de
Miserey’ garden, which features highly original planting themes of heaven, purgatory
and hell, and is open from April through to November. Other holidays can be aimed
at study and research on specific species of plants such as orchids or roses, or even
the many different varieties of salt and fresh water plants.

Things you need to think about if you are going abroad to teach English

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Your proficiency in English can really be your ticket to see the world. Aside from going to different places, you will be able to help others and change lives. Before heading to China or other parts of the globe to share your knowledge, you might want to ponder on the following:

You will be traveling to teach

That is stating the obvious. There are also teaching opportunities that you can do from home, over the internet. These teaching programs are basically for those who may be introverted and do not want to be in front of a whole class listening to them. When you sign up for the English teacher job abroad, you need to be a bit outgoing and have some skills since you need to get the lessons across and make your students understand. You also need to think of the natural language barrier that is quite a challenge you need to conquer everyday.

Top 9 New Zealand Experiences Worth Undertaking

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Circumnavigated in 1769 by Captain James Cook, New Zealand is one of the last uncharted lands. Its colonization by the England formally started around 1840 after the British and the Maori signed the Treaty of Waitangi. Today, the country is still a veritable country of emerald greens and draws tourists largely because of its unspoilt natural wonders.

Since New Zealand is a hotbed for tourism, there are a lot of activities that you can do in the country to unwind. However , in order to have the best experience of New Zealand, you can check on this list of adventures that are worth experiencing.

Hang gliding for two in Queenstown

For a bird’s eye view of Queenstown, tourists can savor the adventure of hang gliding. It’s an amazing bonding experience for couples. However, those new to the thrills of hang gliding opt instead to use the vacant spot for a veteran hang glider.

8 Tips on how you can workout while on a holiday

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When you go on a holiday, it means you will be off your usual fitness rituals for a few days or may be a few weeks. This should not be the case since you will be wasting all your effort if you will drop all your routines while you are on vacation. Here are some useful tips on how you can still have some space for a workout amid a busy itinerary:

Set realistic goals

During your holiday, set a realistic goal when it comes to fitness. You will be untrue to yourself if you say you will do all of your fitness regimen while on a holiday. Accomplishing a part of your regular workout is already a good achievement. You enjoy your holiday but also not forget about burning some calories to be in tip top shape.


Berlin Travel

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There’s Nothing Like Berlin Travel

If you’re thinking about Berlin travel, then you’ve got a lot to look into. Berlin travel can be a great vacation that offers many fun and interesting things to do. But if you’re not really big on history, you may want to think long and hard before going to Berlin. Why? Because most of your Berlin travel will be seeing historical attractions. That is the main draw of Berlin. Not many realize the impact that Berlin has had on much of the world’s history. And there’s a lot to see.

Top Seven Secrets of the Great Barrier Reef

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You might think that it’s difficult to still find a “hidden spot” in the Great Barrier Reef. After all, it’s one of the most-visited destinations in Australia. However, not everything here is known to tourists yet. Enjoy these off-beat but paradisiacal spots in this part of the world.

Middle Percy Island
Are you planning on yachting? You can probably go sailing anywhere in the Great Barrier Reef but the Middle Percy Island is such a gem, you just mustn’t miss out on it. This spot is located just south of Whitsundays and if you’ve read about Robinson Crusoe’s adventures, this spot will make you reminiscent of that book. What is there not to like? Imagine a long stretch of beach which acts as a natural harbor, old ship signs, coconut trees, pine trees, and hammocks you can laze around in. It’s the perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon.

How to escape extreme hotness? Try Helsinki

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Think to Helsinki, and if you agree, read further!

In Helsinki sommer temperature never higher than 25 degrees Celsius. It is very pleasant and attractive. Add to that the simply fact, that finnish are the most friendly Scandinavian, as I personally checked, and you got the perfect mix.

First, the basics: Helsinki lies in the southern of Finland, on a peninsula and many islands. It was founded in the XVIth century, but it remained for hunfreds years only a small fishermen village. During the russian occupation from the XIXth century, the capital was moved here, as the ancient capital of Turku had too close ties to Sweden.

Then started the ascension of Helsinki. The russian builded the city, and even today it looks similar to Moscow or Sankt Petersburg. A citymark is the impressive Lutheran cathedral.

Three Classic Beach Vacations

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If you’re looking for a perfect getaway from the stresses of everyday life, a beach vacation will fit the bill! There’s nothing better than lying in the sand, basking in the sun and hearing the sound of waves gently lapping the shore for hours on end.

It can be hard to decide where exactly to go for your beach vacation, however. Tourists have many choices of beaches to visit and even different regions of the world; here are just three classic destinations for beach vacations to help you make a decision.

Hawaii Beach

1. Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii offer a classic relaxing getaway. Hawaii is so used to tourists now that you can indulge in many activities catered exclusively to visitors, from golf to spa visits. Whether you choose to stay on Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, or elsewhere, you’ll find lots to do — or you can choose to do nothing at all.