World’s Largest Cruise Ship Gives New Meaning to Luxury



The World’s Largest Cruise ship by Royal Caribbean is more than a cruise. This ship blows other cruise lines out of the water (no pun intended) with its 15 different passenger decks, 10 restaurants, and several bars. The cruise boasts tons of activities and fun to be had, whether you are traveling with family, friends, or your significant other.

When you step onto the cruise ship you are whisked away into a fantasy world of bright lights, and things that are typically unimaginable to most of the world. The main area of the ship called the “Royal Promenade” is a vast area loaded with shops, restaurants, bars, dance clubs, and more. The middle of the room has a beautiful lighted bridge where extravagant parades are held at 12am every evening.


Hiring a Private Tour Guide: The Wise Traveler’s Code

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If you’ve been used to traveling alone, being escorted by a guide would sound very unappealing to you. When you see packs of tourists follow a canned itinerary, it’s easy to understand why. However, you’re also missing out on the “insider’s point of view” when you go to a strange place and try to explore it on your own. There’s a solution to this. Just hire a private guide.

Finding them

Most travel brochures also provide a list of private guides who can be trusted. You can contact them through email and get to know them better. Private guides are a mixed bag—you can sign up for a tour led by a university graduate, if you’re interested in the more academic take on your destination; or a former cab driver who knows his way around town and who has had tons of casual conversations with his passengers.

Top 7 Gadgets you must have when traveling with your pets

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During the Global Pet Expo which was held in Orlando, Florida, ingenious entrepreneurs launched a line of products that can actually make traveling more enjoyable for you and your pets. Whether you’re driving the furkids to your hometown or taking the plane for a much-needed summer vacation off a distant pet-friendly island, these pet goodies will surely make the trip easier.

Below is a list of pet travel gadgets you would want to get your hands on.

SnoOzzy Orthoair

If you’re worried about your pet’s joints, the perfect solution is the SnOzzy Orthoair. This therapeutic airbed is inflatable, and you can use it for both outdoor and indoor activities. Some pet owners even use this bed as a lilo for the pool for their small dogs. You don’t have to worry about water accidents. Aside from the fact that dogs can swim, this bed is also made from marine-grade PVC. It’s scratch-resistant.

Vacations in Auckland

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Auckland is the southernmost big city of our Earth hosting more than 1,3 million peoples (Aucklander). And there are still other amazing facts about Auckland making it worth for your visit and vacation : it hosts the highest building from the southern hemisphere ( the renowned Sky Tower); it has the biggest number of yachts worldwide and is also nicknamed as The City of Sails; it also has the biggest polynesian comunity worldwide etc.

Sky line with the Sky Tower

Sky line with the Sky Tower

One third of the New Zealand population lives in Auckland, which is undoubtfully the economic capital of the country (the administrative capital is in Wellington, which has easier acces to the both islands forming New Zealand). Nevertheless, many people say “ Auckland is not New Zealand“, maybe in the same way with Americans claiming ” America is not New York” or the Aussies saying “Australia is not Sydney“.

Hiking in Torres del Paine

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Torres del Paine is a Chilean national park and offers breathtaking landscapes with many marked paths.

The map of Torres del paine national park

The map of Torres del paine national park

Torres del Paine lies in the southernmost part  of Chile, the remote Patagonia. When Magellan succeed to sail through Cape Horn and reported about Patagonia, he took as his biggest achievements. This magic is still today widespread within many people, as Patagonia is such a remote destination.

But today hiking in Torres del Paine is not anymore so impossible and inaccessible. More than 100 000 people hike every year in Torres del Paine, causing already environmental problems, and the Chilean government plans to apply restrictions. May be you should hurry up to visit Torres del Paine !

Astonishing view from Lake Pehoe

Astonishing view from Lake Pehoe

Top 5 Most Famous World Attractions

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Every country has some kind of attraction that gives it it’s claim to fame, some more deserving then others. Even the largest world potato manages to draw a large crowd of people eager to take a look. But there are more interactive, impressive, famous world attractions that can give you something new to experience, and fun to brag about.

Here is a list of 5 of the best world attractions, that you will actually want to see:

5). L’Aquariun de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


Located at the Port Vell, this aquarium is the perfect place to take the family. The many children’s activities that fill this enormous aquarium (the largest in Europe) will have your kids entertained for hours. The 21 tanks are filled with interesting and exotic marine life, which is education, and interesting, so you will be sure to enjoy the sights as well.

Food Trip: Discovering the flavors of Honolulu

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A Hawaii holiday will expose you to a wide spectrum of great sceneries, culture, and flavors. Hawaii is considered a melting pot due to the different peoples from all over the globe that make up its population. Aside from tons of pictures you will bring home, you will also have a ton of memory because of the gastronomic experience after your Hawaii travel.

This article focuses on the great local finds in Honolulu, Hawaii:

Best seafoods

Hawaii offers the freshest of freshest when it comes to seafoods. Try the poke which is usually made from ahi tuna and can be served either spicy or limu. In case you want your fish cooked, you can go for grilled tuna, steamed onaga, or maybe pan-seared name-we-have-it fish. If you are a sushi lover, Honolulu will be heaven! There are a ton of izakayas and sushi bars in town.

Tourist attractions in Mexico

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Mexico is a diverse country and not only does it have a rich historic past with many significant ancient monuments and structures, but it is also one of the fastest developing modern nations in the world with high tech, cutting edge buildings and many luxury hotels and resorts. There is no dearth of attractions in Mexico the country being a colourful and exuberant nation with many festivals and celebrations embraced joyfully throughout the year, so wherever you choose to visit in country, there will always be plenty to see and do.