New Year 2011 in Prague

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I think that Prague is a favorite destination for the New Year 2009. Its old downtown is between the world’s nicest and since 20 years an UNESCO heritage site.

A trip to Prague on New Year 2009 will be the right occasion to discover or rediscover the charm of former centuries and the rich art collectionsof czech Museums.

Prague is not a big city (1 200 000 people), is not overcrowded and very easy to discover walking in the downtown. There are plenty of pubs there where you can taste the delicious Bohemia beer and the tasty cuisine. But these traditional pubs are usually overcrowded, even Bill Gates did not find a free table.

Guards changing in the Hradcany Palace has a special ritual and is a show for any tourist.

Cities That Will Pay You to Live There

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Though some cities are overpopulated and are facing economic and financial problems, there are cities which have declining population, and are inviting people to move to their place.

If you want a change of view, why not consider leaving your hometown and move to one of these places which are more than willing to have you?

10 Best Canada Destinations

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Canada is a big vast country with divers charming landscapes and vibrant cities as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Little cities as Ottawa or Quebec City are also a part of Canada touristic boom with their colonial past relics. But before of any urban life and vibe cities Canada is renowned for its fantastic wildlife and outdoor activities. Canada goes green with the purpose to drag more and more tourists, as this is the first thing for sure when thinking about Canada. If you wanna take a Canada vacations, be sure to combine these two sides of the Canadian tourism, choosing from the following destinations.

1. Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, British Columbia is a well renowned ski resort. There are many slopes in Grouse, and the first of them is 80 years old. Beginners and professionals find in Grouse Mountain a ski paradise. Besides, you can do other many outdoor activities: skating, climbing mountains, walking.

The Fabulous City of Casablanca

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Casablanca is a legend, and even more than a legend. The Hollywood movie with the title Casablanca made it already famous in 1942. Rick’s  Cafe, Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman are very familiar to any human being living on Earth.


And the legend goes further. Casablanca spells its magic to any visitor, which becomes faithful to this magnificent city. I would try to analyse the charm of this city further.  Antoine de Saint Exupery was a famous french writer and pilot which made Casablanca well known to the public during his trip to Dakar. Josephine Baker was also charmed and seduced by the city of Casablanca; Casablanca hosted a summit between Roosevelt and Churchill during the WWII.

One of the major causes for the fame of Casablanca is its colonial past and the many buildings reminding that period. Art Nouveau,Art deco, colonial style, baroc, all are very well represented in Casablanca. In many places the city is very similar to Paris.

Most expensive destinations

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If you want a taste of true luxury and privilege, then you need look no further than the destination club scene, which provides one of the most expensive, top quality vacation services for the very rich and fabulous. Destination clubs charge hefty memberships fees, and deposits on some of their most exclusive vacation packages can top the million-dollar mark, but club members have access to the very best in luxury amenities and prestigious customer service, from gourmet dining to complimentary high class cars.

Exclusive Resorts are currently one of the leading destination clubs and boasts over 3,000 members worldwide. One of the most popular and expensive options is the full Christmas and New Years package. New York Christmas package which can costs as much as $600,000, with 60 nights worth of top class accommodation in a choice of destinations throughout USA and Europe. The is very popular, with a choice of 28 luxury apartments throughout the city, including midtown apartments at Park Avenue Place, and suites in the Trump International Hotel & Tower, which offer stunning views of Central Park and has one of New York‘s top restaurants.

Finding a Great Inexpensive Hotel

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Staying in an unfamiliar city, working on a budget, and trying to find a decent hotel… three factors that seem impossible to fit together. Yet, it is definitely possible to find a good hotel on a budget when you don’t know the area all that well.

The first option is obviously to stay somewhere you’ve been before. If it’s a city you haven’t visited before, try to talk to someone who has either visited or lived in this city and ask them about hotels they have stayed in or heard about. You could find a hidden gem this way!

If nobody you know has been to the city you are visiting, there are still ways of finding out which hotels are reputable and which to avoid at all costs… other than by trial and error.

The Life of an Industry King: Welcome to Hearst Castle

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It takes a special kind of person to command an industry – William Randolph Hearst was that kind of man. Credited with transforming the publishing world, William Hearst not only owned a newspaper publishing empire, he owned one of the most ridiculous homes known to man. Today, his home is a historic house museum and attracts over a million visitors every year.

Located about 250 miles between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Hearst Castle lies in beautiful San Simeon, California. Perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Hearst Castle is truly fit for a king. The property encompasses some 127 acres (500m, squared), and has 56 bedrooms, 41 fireplaces, 61 bathrooms, and 19 sitting rooms. If you feel like swimming, there’s a giant 104ft x 58 foot pool, and a huge 1,665 sq foot indoors pool. If that’s not enough to convince you of his massive wealth and clout, how about the movie theater, airfield, and the world’s largest private zoo? Hearst was a man of excess, and nowhere is this more evident than his castle.

Tips for Your Antigua Cruise

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If you are thinking about going on a Caribbean cruise for this years vacation then a stop to Antigua is one of
the highlights, as this stunning island is packed full of idyllic tropical beaches and warm turquoise waters.

Antigua also has a fascinating history and was once an important colonial base for the British Empire, with
the Royal Navy operating strategic Head Quarters out of English Harbour, and the remains of this impressive
naval past can be seen in the historic Nelson’s Dockyard and the old quarters and forts of Georgian Harbour.
You can also see the remains of the great sugar empire that was once run out of the Caribbean on Antigua,
and old plantations and mills are dotted around the islands.

Antigua beaches are many and are wonderful

Antigua beaches are many and are wonderful