Virgin Galactic plans Spaceport America luxury hotel

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Everyone is still awaiting for the details with regard to the Virgin Hotels but the division of the company pushing for space tourism, Virgin Galactic, is planning to enter into the hotel scene. Virgin is looking into the area near Spaceport America just outside Las Cruces in New Mexico.

The company is looking into setting up a luxury hotel near the station where they will be putting their rockets into flight since the small hotels may not be able to live up to the standards of the space tourism patrons who are shelling out more than $200K to go to space. This target segment will need a place to rest before and after their journey in space.

Virgin though will not build their own brand of luxury accomodation, instead they opted to partner with other businesses which are already into luxury hotels.

Ambassador East Hotel in Chicago set to re-open this October

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The Chicago hotel Ambassador East has been transformed by the magic and skills of Ian Schrager and everyone is excited to see the legendary Pump Room where the likes of Judy Garland and Humphrey Bogart dined. The Amabassador East was first set to re-open come September but we got word that it will be officially re-opening its doors by October 11. Previews at its Gold Coast though will start as early as 12 September.

The website of the Ambassador East still does not feature the new looks of the hotel but its officials promise that this will be a pretty sexy property when its done. It will also feature big public spaces. According to some press releases, the hotel will embody a modern classic, simple, and stylish hotel design.

New airline routes for China, Bermuda, and Liberia

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Here is an overview of the latest routes as announced by different airline companies:

Air China

In case you are in Milan, Italy and need a quick ride to Beijing in China, there is no need to worry. Starting mid June Air China will be fielding their Airbus A330s to fly between Milan and Beijing. The move is on queue to bring more tourists from Europe to Asia as summer season approaches. The new route will have the Air China Airbus binging passengers three times a week on Satudays, Mondays, and Wednesdays. The flight will be non-stop so you can expect to have a higher ticket price since they are the only airlines doing it between the two continents.

Air Canada

Air Canada has officially returned to the City Airport of Toronto over the weekend. The flights will bring travellers between Toronto and Montreal. This flight aims to lure business people who are looking for a quick flight.

Timetable for the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011 of Prince William and Kate Middleton

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A day before the much awaited royal wedding in London, more details about the nuptial of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton were released. Browse through the timetable below of the biggest royal event in decades:

8:15 am

The guests will start arriving at the Westminster Abbey. In case you cannot catch it on television, there will be a live stream on the official channel of the British Monarchy on YouTube. The whole route for the royal procession has been dressed up and ready for tomorrow’s wedding.

10:15 am

Prince Harry and his brother, the groom, Prince William will arrive at the Abbey. Prince Willam will wait for his bride at te side chapel and stay there for around 45 minutes. William is expected to wear a military uniform since he is a member of the Royal Airforce as a helicopter pilot.

10:20 am

Revel lifestyle resort set to open in Atlantic City in 2012

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The Atlantic City has faced a severe drought in terms of new properties since the big opening of the Borgota’s Water Tower in 2008. The streak though is about to end as Revel casino is scehduled to open come the middle of 2012.

Revel will boast of pools, restaurants, retail shops, night clubs, and spa which guests can find no where in Atlantic City. There will also be a 2-acre deck that will be give a panoramic view of the ocean. On this manmade roofscape, around 30,00 plants and trees will surround the grove.

The hotel will have around 1090 rooms while the casino dowstairs will have a floor of around 150,000 square foot.

Maldives plans a golf course in the Indian Ocean

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You might really be swinging in the middle of the ocean as Maldives plans to build a floating 18-hole golf course in the waters of the Indian Ocean.

The plans are being developed by the Dutch Docklands Company which proposes constructing a series of golf holes on top of platforms with two to three holes per platform. The platforms will be linked by underwater tunnels.

The whole project is schedule to be completed by 2015 and will cost around $500 million. Troon Golf will be providing their expertise in golf course design and management of the floating golf destination. Another company behind the project is Waterstudio, another Dutch company, that has a vast experience on building canals and other river projects.

The floating golf paradise will be just five minutes away from the Male International Airport.

Anti towel theft chips to be rolled out in the U.K.

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Hotels in the UK will soon be implementing a new technology to lower or eliminate towel theft cases in the hospitality industry.

The system will be using radio-frequency tags that will attached to towels, linen, and bathrobes. This chip will be washable and works just like the anti shoplifting tags you find in malls and boutiques which sounds an alarm when you bring them outside of the premises.

A company in the United States patented the anti-theft technology. They reported that a Hawaii hotel has been using them since last summer and have significantly lowered towel theft from 4,000 cases a month to just around 750 incidents. This saved the said hotel around £ 9,000.

The hotel industry in Britain reports losses of around 5 through 20% of their towels, robes, and linen which can get very expensive considering the increasing price of cotton.

Etihad Airways features Masdar City as a must see Abu Dhabi destination

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Etihad Airways recently announced that it wants to highlight the suistainable Masdar City as part of its online travel guide Essential Abu Dhabi. This online brochure provides people who are travelling for business or pleasure important facts about the emirate as an Abu Dhabi destination.

Masdar represents the vision of Abu Dhabi for a sustainable and renewable future as a must see destination. The CEO of the airline company emphasized the efforts of the government to promote clean energy and diversification of the economy.

Masdar City was formed through the initiatives of the government has made significant progress since its establishment. The site is home to several research facilities, classrooms, and residential spaces. The development in Masdar mirrors how future cities will be and should be developed. Masdar also have restaurants, organic supermarkets, and banking services plus other innovations like the PRT or Personal Rapid Transit which is a preview of how our transportation will be like in the future.