World’s Most Spectacular Bridges

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A spectacular bridge may be not  among famous bridges. Very old bridges could stay on the same list of world’s most spectacular bridges together with hi tec modern bridges. Spectacular bridges are beautiful and good looking, and most of them developped to iconic landmarks of the belonging cities or regions. You could easily recognize a spectacular bridge when you see it: is simply breathtaking!

1. Pont Neuf In Paris is a city icon through the unique way to invite both to visit the city or walk along the Seine piers (or even to go on the Seine on the bateaux mouches ). Its name means The New Bridge, but it is actually Paris oldest, as it was  finished in 1695.

Pont Neuf is an iconic Paris landmark

Pont Neuf is an iconic Paris landmark

2. Bixby Bridge on the California Highway One (Big Sur) is one of the most photographed features in California. It is simply spectacular, isn’t it? It is 218 metres long and lies at a height of 85 meters.

Best Trips For Coffee Addicted

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So, it’s morning. So, you must drink your coffee. But what a kind of coffee? A few decades ago an average coffee drinker would have answer only through weak or strong. Today the choice is huge, and you may wait answers like Robusta or Arabica; beans or roasted; or even Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia etc. The coffee drinkers refined their taste in an unbelievable manner, as this one is one of the most spread and acceptable addiction. Fact is, that drinking coffee helps  to improve brain activity and memory. But only if you stop to 1 or 2 cups daily. If you drink more it can even worse your memory, showing also other side effects.

Sri Lankan Curries, a Unique Twist to a Familiar Dish


When most people think about authentic spiced curry they typically think of Indian food. Sri Lanka probably isn’t the first country that pops into mind. However, Sri Lanka Curry has a distinct flavor and preparation all its own that can only be described in one word. Delicious.

One of the most interesting aspects of Sri Lankan food is how the same dishes can be so different depending on the region that you are in. Curry and rice is a basic staple of the Sri Lankan diet although the combinations you can make with such a dish are endless. A typical Sri Lankan meal consists of dried fish; wild greens and mixed with a variety of vegetable and meat curries. Sweet curries are also common, usually made with coconut milk and honey.

Getting Great Food on the Streets of Thailand Is Easier Than You Think


Just like its other southeastern neighbors, street food is everywhere is Thailand. Just walking down the food district streets can bring smells of grilled meats, sweet spices and exotic fruits. Every small shop is a little different, some with dishes sure to knock your socks off, and others that might possibly make you run in the other direction!

Imagine going to a fair or carnival with food stands and stalls lines up everywhere. This is exactly what it’s like in a Thai street food market. Instead of corndogs and lemon shake-ups, Typical Thai staples that you’ll find on the street include marinated and grilled meat skewers, bowls of hearty soups and stews and even fried local bananas. All of which, by the way, are absolutely delicious.

Filipino Chicken – Adobo Style!


This is a wonderful dish that we picked up in our travels to the islands. The preparation is simple and it doesn’t require strange or indigenous ingredients that you’ll need to go searching for. Will feed 4-6.

½ cup of white vinegar – Red or white wine vinegar will work just as well.
1 pinch of salt
3-4lb of chicken – we suggest bone-in chicken thighs for this recipe although breast meat or drumsticks are fine.
7 cloves of minced garlic
¼ cup of soy sauce
1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
1 T Olive oil
1 Minced Shallot
1 Chili pepper – your choice of mild or spicy, although spicy is more authentic.
2 Bay leaves

10 Best Canada Destinations

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Canada is a big vast country with divers charming landscapes and vibrant cities as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Little cities as Ottawa or Quebec City are also a part of Canada touristic boom with their colonial past relics. But before of any urban life and vibe cities Canada is renowned for its fantastic wildlife and outdoor activities. Canada goes green with the purpose to drag more and more tourists, as this is the first thing for sure when thinking about Canada. If you wanna take a Canada vacations, be sure to combine these two sides of the Canadian tourism, choosing from the following destinations.

1. Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, British Columbia is a well renowned ski resort. There are many slopes in Grouse, and the first of them is 80 years old. Beginners and professionals find in Grouse Mountain a ski paradise. Besides, you can do other many outdoor activities: skating, climbing mountains, walking.

The magic of Beirut

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Beirut is a brilliant glamorous city, with a special identity. It is both Oriental and Occidental, and also the most European among the Arabian cities. It is doubtless right to name it the Paris of the East!

The magic Beirut seen from the Mediteranean

The magic Beirut seen from the Mediteranean

Beirut has been lived for over 5000 years, and thus one of the oldest cities worldwide. Phoenicians, Greeks, Ottomans, Arabians came here and settled, as the ruins are able to prove it. In the first half of the XXth century Beirut was under French protection, and became a very modern and attractive touristic city. Beirut is an incredible mix of different religions and nationalities, and thus by far the most cosmopolitan city of the East, and mixed marriages are still a taboo. Christian and Muslims are the most important confessions, sharing approximately 40 % each. They have lived for decades very peaceful in this magnificent city, until 1976 when a Civil War began. It lasted longer than 10 years, splitting the city and destroying very much of it. The City Center with its many hotels, restaurants, fancy boutiques, elegant avenues and theaters became a devastated  no man’s land. Very sad and very true.

Caribbean Vacations – Martinique

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The Caribbean is a great destination, with tropical climates, beautiful sandy beaches and
sparkling turquoise waters, and there are plenty of beautiful hotels and resorts spread across
the islands. Martinique is one of the most popular of the east Caribbean Islands, and has a
stunning landscape of stunning volcanic mountain ranges, tropical vegetation and pure white
sandy beaches. This was once a French fort, and the glamorous Gallic atmosphere still
prevails, combined harmoniously with the laid back Caribbean vibe. There are many
excellent bistros, coffee shops and cafes dotted along the island, as well as a number of chic
stores, many of which stock French and international brands. Because of the excellent dining
and shopping facilities, Martinique is a popular stop on the busy Caribbean cruise route, and
most of the ships stop off in the main dock Pointe Simon, which is in the islands capital town,

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