7 Wonderful Small European Villages

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Small villages give you a good big picture of the soul of a country. You can appreciate the cobblestoned streets, olive groves, old churches, and the fresh air.

Below we feature some of the most beautiful, small villages you can find when you travel around Europe.

Bolgheri (Italy)

Bolgheri is a small town of 1,000 residents, just 40 miles south of Pisa. A road lined by about 2,500 cypress trees will lead you to the town set around vineyards of the southern portion of Maremma. Make sure you make a stop at the Caffe della Posta and try the redwines of Bolgheri which is said to be competing well with the French Bordeaux.

Check out the Relais Sant ‘Elena where you can have a good night sleep at one of their 15 rooms with canopy beds, relax by the fireplace, and have a blast during a pasta-making crash course.

7 of the highest destinations in the world

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When you get to a very high place, you see things from a different perspective. We are not talking about the high you have in mind but we searched for the most stratospheric spots across the globe. All destinations require some nerve of steel. Some may require a credit card, some special equipment, and some places a dose of whatever so you will not have vertigo.

Burj Khalifa (Dubai)

We have to start our journey from the tallest building in the world. From the Burj Khalifa, you can see the sunset twice. Watch the sun go down while you are on the ground then take one of the super fast elevators to zoom you up 2,625 feet and you will be able to watch the sun as it is swallowed by the horizon.

To hire or not to hire a tour guide? Tips to help you decide

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Personally, I love traveling on a do-it-alone style. I hit the road armed with my wits, experience, and a credit card. I also do understand the value of hiring a tour guide who can be more knowledgeable and experienced on that point of the map where we are heading.

Tour guides can help with a lot of things but they can also be a bit pricey at times. If you are having a hard time figuring out if you need a tour guide or not, here are some tips that you can use to determine if you need one or you are better off traveling by yourself.


1. if you don’t have much time

Icelandic Volcano causes air travel woes in Europe


The skies of northern Europe were empty. That is the picture as ash cloud from the fuming Icelandic volcano near the glacier Eyjafjallajokull drifted over parts of Europe and grounding most if not all flights. This natural calamity has also sent thousands of tourists and travelers in search for rental cars, hotels, and train tickets.

Officials of the Polish government has raised concerns that the volcanic ash cloud may threaten or delay the arrival of some world leaders who are attending the funeral of President Lech Kcynski and his first lady Maria in Krakow this April 18.
Some of notable personalities going to the southern portion of Poland are US President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. None of the leaders have cancelled their flights as of this writing.
According to Eurocontrol, an agency responsible for air traffic, about two-thirds of flights were cancelled last April 16 as the air space in portions of Britain, and big parts of central and north Europe were declared closed for air traffic.

Detroit Westin Hotel Airport


There are a number of hotels for you to choose from when you are staying in the Detroit area, and many are conveniently located close to the airport, so that you do not have too far to travel when you arrive or depart.

Westin Detroit Metro Airport Hotel

This affordable hotel is located right in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport grounds and offers quick access to the arrivals and departure terminals, and a free shuttle service is available to pick you up and drop you off from your flight if you are travelling from the L.C. Smith Terminal (this serves several domestic airlines). You can easily hire a car, order a taxi or take local pubic transport to travel to other parts of Detroit and the downtown area is about 20 miles away and offers a number of attractions including shops, restaurants and bars, and the Henry Ford Museum is around 8 miles from the hotel.

Rock the Boat: Top 10 best cruise group shore excursions

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Passengers of a cruise ship might be happy with seeing the great views, playing at onboard casinos, or pigging out on the buffet but there is a growing trend today as cruise lines organize exciting, extreme, and even outrageous group shore excursions.
Shore excursions are where people can enjoy the wow factor of their cruise and connect with new friends. Below are some of the most adrenaline crazy group shore excursions that we know of.

Riding a Harley in Alaska and the Caribbean

Cruisers who want to feel the wind against their faces while sightseeing can zoom on the road riding cool Harleys in Ketchikan, Alaska and in the Caribbean. You will need a motorcycle permit but you can also go with a licensed rider if you want to watch the Cozumel sunsets or go to the lush Tongass forest. A gang leader in a black leather jacket with tattoos all over will lead your group. Okay, it will be a local tour guide.

Best Places to do something positive about your midlife crisis


We had a post before about the best things you can do when you are suffering from a midlife crisis. This stage of your life can really be frustrating for some. There are places though around the globe which can somehow help you cope with all the frustrations and boredom midlife crisis brings. These places will give you opportunities to reinvent yourself.


Aside from all their tourism expenditures which gives us some of the most wonderful and creative architectures in history, Dubai is a haven for shoppers. If you think you need a makeover, getting your new outfit and your new look will be very easy in Dubai.
You can get everything from your pants, dress, handbags, and jewelries. The bling blings are lining the street of the gold souq of Dubai. It is gold crazy and about 25 tons of gold jewelries are on display. Name it and most likely they have it from necklace, to earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

The Hotel King, Rome


The Hotel King offers affordable accommodation in the heart of Rome’s ‘Spanish Steps’ areas, within walking distance of many of the city’s greatest attractions including the shopping, dining and historical features of Via Veneto, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza di Spagna and the Pantheon. This hotel first opened its doors in 1953, and has been providing comfortable 3 star accommodation for many years now, and one of the highlights is the excellent roof top terrace, where you can experience amazing panoramic views out over the beautiful city of Rome.

The Hotel King Rome offers 72 comfortable rooms, all with air conditioning, private bathrooms, satellite television, Internet access, premium beds (linens changed daily) and inclusive continental breakfast, and facilities include concierge services, meeting rooms and a laid back cocktail bar, where you can relax with friends over a quiet drink and take the weight off your feet after a long day exploring the city.

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