Be Wary of Exotic Foods


One of the worst things that can happen on a vacation is food poisoning. The traveler’s sickness, some call it, can ruin a perfectly good vacation and have laid up for days or even weeks in bed. This is especially common if you are traveling to an underdeveloped country. Here are a few easy steps to help you avoid the most common food mistakes that can make you sick.


Try to stay away from raw vegetables if you are in an area that is not industrialized. This includes lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers and especially mushrooms. Cooked vegetables are fine, but make sure that the food has been cooked properly and hasn’t been sitting out for too long.


Best Things To Do In Sydney

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Sydney is a modern, multicultural city, with an energetic, vibrant atmosphere and some of the best ‘surf, sand and sun’ in Australia. The golden sands of Bondi beach are just a short drive from the fabulous restaurants and shops of the city center, and the harbor is without a doubt one of the most beautiful in the world, with the distinct white peaks of the Sydney Opera House and the stunning Harbor Bridge crowning the seas and cityscapes. Although Sydney is not the administrative capital of Australia it is certainly its cultural and business heart, and the semi tropical summers and mild short winters means that Sydney epitomizes the true heart of the Australian active, outdoors life, from eating and socializing out with friends, to swimming, walking and surfing out on the beautiful beaches.

What’s for dinner tonight? Volume 1: Risotto


Other than traditional Italian pasta, risotto is one of the most recognizable Italian dishes. There really is nothing quite like a perfectly made risotto. The creamy texture of risotto is often times mistaken for a dairy product when in fact it is not. Risotto is a fairly complicated dish to make and can really challenge a chef to make it properly.

The first step in making a risotto is picking a rice to use. Although you can use several different types of rice, Arborio rice is the traditional and best rice to use for risotto. The starch content of Arborio rice is what allows the risotto to thicken as well as stay creamy. Luckily risotto is such a popular dish that Arborio rice can be found at practically every grocery store in the country.

Honolulu attractions

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Honolulu is not only the tourist center of Hawaii, it is also the educational, artistic and political
heart of Hawaii and has a reputation for some of the best restaurants, hotels and theaters in the
country. Honolulu has all the sophistication and cultural of any other big city in the world, along
with the added bonus of year round sunshine and beautiful tropical surroundings.

There are many top attractions in Honolulu, and here are just a few of the best:
* Polynesian Cultural Center – the Polynesian culture once stretched across Hawaii, Tahiti,
Fiji and New Zealand (Maori)
, and you can learn more at the Polynesian Cultural Center
about the fascinating history of the Polynesians and see live demonstrations on hula
dancing, coconut husking and traditional cooking methods. The Center is also known for
its fantastic luaus (feasts).

The Polynesian Cultural Center from Honolulu offers the possibility to meet and know an ancient culture

The Polynesian Cultural Center from Honolulu offers the possibility to meet and know an ancient culture

Paris hot spots

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Paris doesn’t mean only Tour Eiffel or luxury hotels, but much more than that. At your second visit in Paris (or even at your first, if it is longer, or you are a skilled traveler) you must strive yourself to know Paris like a pro. I found myself a few hot spots in Paris, which are not very well renowned, but are definitely worth your visit, if you really want to round your imagine about the Ville Lumiere (The city of light), as the local tenderly nickname their flamboyant residence.

1. La Defence is one of the the newest quarters of Paris. Simultaneously La Defence is very spectacular with its skyscrapers and the underground circulation. You will be amazed first time you see La Defense: it is too silent to be in Paris. You need only to take care to the hurdles of skaters, who simply love this part of the city.

Lazy Jambalaya…in 30 minutes or less


One of my favorite southern dishes is a classic, New Orleans Jambalaya  Unfortunately for a 9-5 mom I rarely get to make it because it takes so long to make. At best I’ll only be able to mix up a pot of Jambalaya once or twice a year because to make it authentic, you’ll practically need all day to cook it…and seriously, who has that kind of time? Recently I’ve began experimenting with adding seasonings and different ingredients to the premade box Jambalaya mixes. Usually I stay as far away from boxed food as possible, but this recipe is probably the closest i’ve come to real Jambalaya that can be cooked in 30 minutes.



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This is a great funny campaign for Sweden.
Enjoy the first episode:)

Eating up Puerto Rico


One of biggest things I love about Puerto Rican cuisine is that it is a very different collection of ingredients, history, and flavors. The indigenous Taíno Indians, the conquering Spanish, and foreign African slaves have all played a role in what has become known as Comida Criolla. Even though the food of Puerto Rico has its history rooted in Island and Spanish flavors, throughout history it has slowly take on a distinct flavor all its own. Here is a short list of 4 of the most popular and historically classic Puerto Rican dishes.


1. Mofongo

Mofongo is by far the most popular and readily found dish in Puerto Rico. The dish is composed of a tasty and filling blend of diced plantains, island herbs spices and a practically unlimited varieties of fillings; shrimp, pork, steak, seafood and even vegetarian… no matter what kind of flavors you prefer, there is a mofongo for you! Mofongo can also be found anywhere on the island. Practically every Puerto Rican restaurant, from roadside dives to some of Puerto Rico’s most refined local restaurants, will all have their own “secret” recipe.

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