Discover 3 Most Amazing Islands On Earth

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No man is an island, they say. But I bet the wise men have yet to discover the most amazing islands in the world, or they too would want to live on one! Amazing fact: Did you know that 10 out of 100 humans on Earth live on an island? If you want a change of scenery, or address, check out the list of the top 3 islands to inhabit in…

1. The Pitcairn Islands
Have you heard of the Pitcairn Islands before? Neither have I, until I stumbled across some history books depicting the story of how those aboard the HMS Bounty mutinied and came to live on the island, along with some Tahitian companions. Today their descendants live happily on the island – all 50 of them. They even have their own language – Pitkem, which is a mixture of English and Tahitian. Interestingly, one can still spot the wreck of the HMS Bounty underwater on a clear day.

Affordable Travel Destinations

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For vacationers on a budget, choosing a location to visit can be quite difficult. Most scenic locations have been developed into massive, expensive tourist traps, and it can be hard to have a nice vacation for an affordable price. If you’d like to have a relaxing, fun vacation and don’t want to spend a fortune, check out the affordable travel destinations  below:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is not commonly considered a cheap place to go, hotels there are actually extremely cheap. See most hotels in Vegas make all or most of their money from gambling, so they keep their hotel rates very affordable. Plus, they want you to stay in the area of the hotel, so most of the restaurants and shops near the strip are actually quite cheap. In fact, if you are a regular gambler, you can actually travel to Vegas and stay for free, as many hotels will pay airfare and lodging just to have you come play their tables for a while.

Guide to a Mexican Riviera Cruise

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Mexico has a stunning coastline along the Pacific Ocean, and this is a highly popular tourist destination because of its many wonderful beaches, secluded coves, clear waters and lush jungle landscapes. The entire coastline has been transformed by tourism from sleepy fishing villages into lively towns and resorts full of luxury hotels and grand seaside villas and is known as the Mexican Riviera for its fast paced, high living atmosphere.

Acapulco is a must do during a Mexican Riviera Cruise

Acapulco is a must do during a Mexican Riviera Cruise

The Mexican Riviera is also a popular destination for cruise ships, and is in fact in the top five most popular cruise destinations in the world, and is considered to be a very good alternative to the more traditional (and often more expensive) Caribbean cruises.

Peter Luger’s Steakhouse – New York’s Most Famous



New York is a popular travel destination for many reasons. There’s the sights, the sounds, and most importantly, the food. New York is a mecca for foodies worldwide, and for good reason: as America’s densest city, you’ll be able to find ANYTHING on the streets of New York. Thai, Italian, French, Japanese, you name it, New York’s got it. Of course, New York is also famous for American classics like hot dogs, pizza, and yes, even steak. When one thinks of steak in New York, only one name comes to mind: Peter Luger. Amazingly enough, Peter Luger has been serving great steaks since it’s inception in 1887! Famous for it’s signature porterhouse, quality is so important that members of the family still personally select the beef every morning – and only the best will do. Peter Luger’s steakhouse has gotten so much press that it’s now a destination steakhouse.

Greek Island Cruise

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There are many stunning destinations on offer when you take a cruise of the Greek Islands, and passengers will be able to enjoy not just beautiful scenery and warm, sunny weather, but also a fascinating array of historical and cultural attractions which are on offer all across the regions, from ancient temple ruins through to world famous art galleries and museums.

Here are just a few of the top ports of call that passengers can enjoy whilst on a Greek Island Cruise

Mykonos is one of the more rugged Greek islands and has some beautiful golden beaches and windswept terrains which are very popular with visitors, and there are many excellent hotels, bars and tavernas. Mykonos really comes alive in the summer and this is very much a party island with a good cosmopolitan feel, and a diverse range of people from all ages, cultures and sexualities are made to feel very welcome here.

Myths And Facts About The Fall of Berlin Wall

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Many people celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall. Germany organized in Berlin public meetings, concerts, festivities with participation of prominents who played a role during The Fall of Berlin Wall.

Remainings of the Berlin Wall in Potsdamer Platz

Remainings of the Berlin Wall in Potsdamer Platz

Unfortunately, a few people did not take part to these festivities. First, 10 % of the Germans who still don’t agree with the Fall (Mauerfall). The other normal German people say about them to bear the Wall in their heads (Mauer in der Kopf). This is a major challenge for Angela Merkel and other leading German politicians. Second: the 200 people shooted during their unsuccessfully escapes. But no one forgets them, especially in Germany. The former Checkpoint Charlie is today a museum dedicated to these daring people.

First generation of berlin Wall in 1961

First generation of Berlin Wall in 1961

Japan Capsule Hotel Tips and Tricks

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For the uninitiated, capsule hotels are hotels which resemble well, capsules. They are small, with limited facilities and yet desired by those travelers who are on a shoestring budget when visiting Japans. Also great for otakus, or Japanese fanboys, who are strapped for cash as the night before they attend huge conventions in the heart of Tokyo or any other city in the Land of the Rising Sun. Don’t be intimidated if you are planning to stay in one during your sojourn in Japan, check out some tricks and tips we prepared.

1. Counter your claustrophobia
Capsule hotels are cheap, but it comes with some setbacks and one of the major disadvantages include claustrophobia. Those who suffer from this condition should stay away from capsule hotels and bunk in with their friends in Japan or pay more for a budget hotel. For travelers who are slightly uncomfortable with tight spaces, it pays to focus on the task at hand when you’re in your cabin, and that is by sleeping the night away.

Most Romantic Destinations In Winter

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It is winter, and you have perhaps a deep nostalgy for the snow from your childhood. You would like to feel them again, but unfortunately, due to climate changes, those snows are not falling anymore at your place. The solutions would be to go far away and seeking for the snow, whether in the mountains or toward North Pole.
It is winter and you are in the mood for falling in love. You only need to find the right person and and the right place.
About the person, I can’t be very useful to you, but about the places, I can recommend to you some wonderful ones.

1. Stockholm is always worth for a visit, but specially in winter. It is white, it is magic, it is quite special, and also has those endless nights (think to Aurora Borealis, please). The Swedish girls are quite O.K., they are cultivated, refined and speak foreign languages. What could be nicer? Stockholm really seems to be a paradise on Earth. It is by far one one of the world’s cleanest cities: one third of Stockholm consists on water, and one third on parks and forests.

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