Southwest Airlines and AirTran Merger

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An announcement has been made by Southwest Airlines regarding its buyout of AirTran Holdings for roughly $1.4 billion.  The mutual agreement is now awaiting the approval of the regulatory board and the stockholders.

The merger would employee around 43,000 employees with about 685 planes that would fly to over 100 airports worldwide, but most of which will be in the US.  According to Southwest CEO Gary Kelly, AirTran would be operating under one operation certificate while its corporate activities will be merged.  The headquarters, however, would be retained in Dallas.  Kelly said that the merging plans have been brewing for years now with Bob Fornaro, the CEO of AirTran.  Moreover, he mentioned that today is the right time to go with their well-prepared plans.

Romantic Destinations: Mustique Island’s honeymoon villas

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Located in Grenadine, the 1,400- acre concealed island of Mustique was once became the refuge of Mick Jagger and Prince William. So, if it was approved by the rock and British royalty, for sure a visit to the island will be worth it.

The island is bragging and holding about that fact, so they are trying to persuade newlyweds by means of its latest Honeymoon Villa Collection, cottages and 12 rentable villas with two- bedroom. Every villa contains an air conditioning, broadband access, confidential terrace and wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea.

Staying into one of Mustique’s honeymoon villa, a complimentary in-room massage for you as well as your love one or a dinner at restaurant nearby are offered to make the deal sweeter and to die for. Also, they will provide a personal staff of your own to hang around with you.

Ales and Lagers while on the The Great Alaska Beer Train

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Looking for the right driver? Alaska is the place to be to find one. The Railroad of Alaska, frequently runs trains throughout the picturesque rivers and mountains of Alaska, moreover for the weekend they will be doing the usual thing they do; on the other hand, there’s a twist, more fun will be added into their bar automobile.  That means, anyone who will be heading up north has still an extra time to experience The Great Alaska Beer Train.

A bit expensive, the ticket costs $159 for each person, however it includes lots of adult beverages plus beautiful scenic ride throughout the wilderness. The booze flowing train will leave at 4pm, traveling approximately 80 miles starting Anchorage going to Portage. The train, expected to be back more or less at 8:30pm, means that you should have a taxi waiting to get you back into the hotel.

New Routes for Singapore Airlines, AirTran, Ryanair, Delta, and Alaska Airlines

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Here’s a complication of the latest route announcements.  If you can afford the rates of these fares, then pack your bags and your passport and head to the airport.

Singapore Airlines

So it seems that Singapore Airlines has started tweaking its routes in time for Brazil’s chance to host the summer Olympics.  Said to be the world’s leading airline company, Singapore Airlines is now offering a route from Sao Paulo to Singapore.  The airline planes will also fly to South America through the stopover in Barcerlona.


Since the merger between AirTran and Southwest, we were quiet surprised that AirTran made such a huge announcement with its new destinations and routes.  There will be no more flights from Milwaukee to Tampa.  The same came be said for the flights from Baltimore and San Juan.  But look at these new options:  there are now daily service of flights from Tampa to Key West, Phoenix to Milwaukee, and lastly, a new route from Akron to Orlando.

Flights cancelled by Virgin Blue make travellers angry


Virgin Blue cancelled various flights and even stopped all online bookings for almost three days. The company tries to bring their computer system online again after a meltdown that stranded a large number of passengers.
The airlines report that the technical glitch that took place has now been repaired and the entire system will be operation from later today i.e. 6th of October 2010. The backup system which was expected to work within three hours however did not offer any relief till 21 hours from the problem.

Melissa Thompson, a spokeswoman from Virgin Blue stressed that the flight cancellations were all the part of this switch. It is now hoped that the all the bookings and flights will start working soon in order to offer relief to the travellers. Thompson further confirmed that sixteen flights had been cancelled but the passengers were adjusted on other flights.
Virgin Blue’s telephone booking and online booking services will be not available till 5:00 a.m. Thursday i.e. 7th of October.

US ATA reduces its travel fears now


Officials at Air Transport Association, US have now shifted to reduce their fears and worries over traveling to Europe after the issue of a serious travel alert. ATA, the body that highlights the interests of big US airlines reported that it is business for the carriers that operate transatlantic services even after the issue of such an alert by the US State Department.

An official from the ATA department stressed that it the alert is not telling the Americans to prevent traveling all over the Atlantic. Reports suggest that there might be an al-Qaida affiliated attack on big European city in the days to come. US airlines further stated that there was no instant surge in the ticket cancellations after the statement was released by the State Department.

Agents from the US welcomes warmly by the Jamaicans


About 500 American agents are paying a visit to the Jamaican island as a part of “Wish You Were Here” program that was specially organized by JTB along with other private sector organizations. JTB is popularly known as the Jamaica Tourist Board. Travel agents from the US have descended on the Jamaican grounds as the island bolsters its great universal profile.

Edmund Bartlett, the tourism minister welcomed this familiarizing program and reported that this venture will help people to understand that Jamaica is truly a great destination like it was in the past and will continue to be so. He further added that they established the venture not just in America, Europe and Canada but even wishes to bring other partners to this destination in order to let them be on the beach, in hotels, moving around and interacting with the people of Jamaica.

Travelers in financial lurch as Cruise West terminates cruises abruptly


When the popular Cruise West shut its gates on September 18, it left the travelers as well as travel agents in complete problem. Travelers do not know how to get their money back for the cancelled cruises.

Travelers with good travel insurance can immediately contact their insurers in order to get their money refunded. Even those who made the payments using credit cards can ask the operators to cancel such transactions. But those who paid the amount by check or cash can claim report at 877-371-9700 against Cruise West. Also, people who are not featured with any travel insurance and were to leave from some foreign port can contact

Cruise West abruptly stopped the cruises in September after decades of sailing from Seattle to Alaska along with other destinations like Snake rivers from Portland and even Columbia. The company even has cruises that move to Central America, Mexico and other parts including the months long travel. But these cruises were abruptly terminated in eastern Canada thereby leaving the travelers and others in financial lurch.