Barcelona Shopping

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Who Doesn’t Love Barcelona Shopping?

Ladies, pack extra comfortable shoes and a good pair of walking shorts. Oh, and exercise those arms and legs. You’re off on a good old fashioned shopping spree in none other than one of the best shopping cities in the world: Barcelona. Men, if you’re going, hide your wallets or sigh and make sure those credit cards are paid off, because boy or boy are you in for a ride. And it won’t hurt for you to work out your arms and legs either since you’ll probably be package laden by the end of the day.

Top 10 Christmas gifts for 2012

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The market is stuffed full of excellent ideas for Christmas gifts, but to help you narrow down the field here are 10 of the tops Christmas gifts for 2012:

1. Nintendo 3DS – with impressive graphics, cutting edge game play and bright funky design the 3DS has captured the imagination of the both children and adults, and is certain to become just as popular as the original Nintendo game boy. A definite plus is the Wi Fi connection which allows you to connect to the Nintendo live gaming site so that you can play and interact with other gamers all over the world. The 3DS model also features real 3D graphics, with no need for special glasses. You must try it. The 3DS will definitely be on most people’s gift lists this Christmas.

Top 10 Places to spend Christmas

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Christmas is a special holiday and whether the perfect vacation for you means snow and magical lights or parties and Santa girls, we managed to come up with a list with the top 10 places to spend Christmas.

1. Las Vegas – Christmas is all about indulgence and treating yourself and your family, and what better place for this than the city of over the top luxury and entertainment that is Las Vegas. There are a number of impressive hotels that go all out for the Christmas and New Year period with some visually stunning decorations, and this time of year you can also get some great bargains as there is heavy competition among hotels to secure Christmas bookings. The Mirage is one of the biggest luxury hotels, and the massive aquarium in the lobby will take your breath away. It is also a casino and has its own shows such as the very popular Cirque du Soleil extravaganza, which you will need to book in advance as it can sell out at peak times.

Best Beach Vacations

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Who says that you actually have to do something when you go on vacation? If you want to spend your money to go laze around a beach all day, then it’s your prerogative. It doesn’t matter which beach is your favorite of all time. Maybe you’re a beach connaisseur. Maybe your job in life is to go on the best beach vacations that you can find and see for yourself which one is tops. Or maybe you just want to go on the best beach vacations so you can find the place where you want to go every year.

If you love the beach….really love the crashing waves, hot sun and sticky sand, then there are plenty of places to see. Only you will be able to decide which of the best beach vacations is for you. Why? Because each beach is different. It’s almost like choosing a hotel. The location, the cost of getting there, the view, the other beach goers and, of course, the activities there might be to partake in.

Best Art Museums

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Who says you can’t take a vacation that revolves around art? Who says that it would be boring to wander through art museum after art museum? Well, they’re wrong. If you have a passion for art, then there are so many wonderful art museums out there to see. In fact, your dream vacation probably consists of some of the best art museum vacations that you can find.

Best Spa Vacations

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Feeling Stressed? Visit a Spa

Some of the best spa vacations are taken on the spur of the moment. There’s no reason to go through life being stressed and out of sorts. Not when you can take a vacation and go be pampered at a spa. You know, spa vacations have become more popular. There’s a reason for that. It’s because more and more people are finding out that they really do offer what they say they will. Need some tranquility in your life? Or maybe you just need to rejuvenate? No matter what the reason, being pampered now and again is never a bad thing.

Boston Hotels

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Choosing Boston Hotels

Planning a vacation is always fun, isn’t it? You look at the pictures of the places you want to go and can just imagine how fun and relaxing it’s going to be. So you decide that the destination of this year’s vacation is going to be Boston. It’s a beautiful place and you spend your time planning and dreaming and waiting patiently for the day you finally get to go. The activities are all picked out, the flight is scheduled and you’ve finally chosen your hotel. But did you really put as much thought into the hotel as you should have?

Berlin Travel

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There’s Nothing Like Berlin Travel

If you’re thinking about Berlin travel, then you’ve got a lot to look into. Berlin travel can be a great vacation that offers many fun and interesting things to do. But if you’re not really big on history, you may want to think long and hard before going to Berlin. Why? Because most of your Berlin travel will be seeing historical attractions. That is the main draw of Berlin. Not many realize the impact that Berlin has had on much of the world’s history. And there’s a lot to see.

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