Most Impressive Churches

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I think that almost all of you have a strong believe in a God, however you name it. I am sure that this believe makes us more human, as no other creature on the Earth has such believes. This is for sure one major diference between human and animals.

That’s why I don’t miss any occasion to step in a church. Old or new, big or small, this a very peaceful thing for myself. I  have visited a lot of churches, and I loved them all. Thinking of them, and trying to evaluate them, some of them can seem very spectacular to any viewer. Here are the most spectacular and impressive churches in my opinion, and I hope that this is not a blasphemy making such classification.

1. St Basil Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow has been for centuries a landmark for the Russian capital with its coloured towers and impressive dimensions. No one can imagine Kremlin without the St. Basil Cathedral!

Top 5 Romantic tropical getaways for Valentine’s Day

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1. Bora Bora

Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful islands in the French Polynesia, and its situation in the South Pacific Ocean guarantees year round sunshine and a stunning tropical landscape of sandy beaches and lush vegetation. This island is far away from the hectic pace of modern life, and there is a great feeling of seclusion and privacy which makes it the perfect romantic getaway. There are several top class hotels and resorts, including one or two that provide luxurious thatched bungalows that literally sit out over the balmy lagoon waters. There are also plenty of activities to keep you amused on Bora Bora, including some excellent diving sites, boat cruises and relaxing spas. The average temperature varies from around 70-80 degrees throughout the year, which makes it the perfect romantic winter get away.

2. The Maldives

Best Attractions In Spain

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Spain has long since been considered one of the most fabulous, exciting, romantic countries in Europe. Every year it draws crowds in the millions, each to experience the many attractions in Spain that makes it such an incredible place to visit. All offer a unique view of their particular city, and give an experience that is linked to both the traditional, and the modern, aspects of a land long since considered one of the best in tourism.

Best Hotels In Manila

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One of the greatest services offered in Manila are the hotels. At an extremely cheap price you can find yourself in a lovely room in one of the city’s fantastic hotels, enjoying your accommodation in style, and giving you a pleasant vacation experience. With so many for under $20 USD a night, you can find decent amenities, clean rooms, and friendly service, making it a value beyond saving a few bucks.


Top 5 Casino Hotels in USA

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There are plenty of different sorts of hotels and resorts to stay in during your visit to the USA, but some of the most luxurious and best value for money accommodation can be found in hotel casinos, which have some great amenities on offer as well as some fantastic promotions and deals throughout the year.

Here is a top 5 of the best hotel casinos the United States has to offer, to help you choose the right place to suit you and your needs:

1. Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City

Buenos Aires Vacation

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If you are planning a Buenos Aires vacation then it is important that you learn some basic background information on this beautiful place before you go, as it is a large, busy city with its own unique customs and traditions.


There is no need to tip taxi drivers unless they have been particularly helpful, but it is customary to round the fare up to the nearest peso, especially if the difference is nominal. The standard tipping practice of 10% is the norm in restaurants, as it is generally held that if you can afford to eat out in the city you can afford to leave a good tip. Unlike other countries most restaurants here will not be able to accept tips left on your credit card, so make sure you always carry some change for this purpose. Porters in the larger hotels may expect a tip, but this is not a common practice so don’t worry too much about it unless you feel your porter has been particularly attentive.

Visiting London

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London is an historic city, built on centuries of commerce, culture and politics but foremost amongst all the capital cities in the world it has continual held a reputation for forward thinking and cutting edge, and makes for a wonderful place to visit with the old and new coexisting seamlessly side by side.

One of the best ways to see the sprawling city and surrounding areas is to take a guide tour, and companies like Hospitality Line ( run a number of varied tours that should suit the needs of most visitors.


Puerto Rico Travel Experience

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Step into Puerto Rico, the wonderful Caribbean vacation spot that has become the ultimate mix between the island getaway, and the traditional American holiday. Every year millions of people travel to its shores, looking for a memorable, relaxing vacation, and they are never disappointed. There is nowhere better to find a peaceful, lovely beach experience, and there are plenty of other attractions that will keep you occupied, and entertained, whether you are a young couple looking to spend their honeymoon in romantic bliss, a bustling family wanting to have some fun in the sun, or a student, taking a trip before term begins, and you have to hit the books once again.


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