Paris this December means Christmas, snow, and the new Shangri-La Hotel

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Attention, travelers: If you think you’ve finalized your itinerary to escape to Paris sometime this autumn, better get your pens out or give your travel agent a call.

Earlier this week, the administration for the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris, France has announced that the will be delaying their debut from September until the December this year.

This means that those hoping to spend a colourful fall in France had better pack some thermal underwear instead; but no matter, because their stay in the newest hotel in town will surely make up for the long months of waiting.

The hotel’s building is actually the restored home of Prince Roland Bonaparte, a grandnephew of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. It  can be found in the exclusive 16th arrondissement in Paris, which is home to other famous landmarks in the city. The building, which will house 109 rooms available for its guests, will stand near the Trocadero.

Train crash in India leaves 63 dead, 125 injured

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In India, no less than 60 people are reported to have died during a crash between two trains yesterday in West Bengal, while another 125 people sustained injuries.

The incident occurred when a passenger train travelling at high speed collided with another train in Sainthia station.

Authorities say that around 2am yesterday, a train called the Uttar Banga Express hit the back end of another train called Vanachal Express that was just starting to depart from Sainthia station.

The force of the impact caused one a roof from one of the coaches to hit a footbridge. Many passengers were also trapped inside the train.

Fortunately for some of the passengers, emergency personnel were able to extract them from under the debris with the use of cutters and also other equipment.

Air travel in Europe shows significant improvement from recession

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Two years after the financial crisis that affected countries across the globe, it seems that there are some improvements in business particularly air travel.

According to the AEA, or the Association of European Airlines, data shows that for the month of June this year, the passenger traffic in Europe has returned to its normal rate before the strike of the recession. This means that the number of air travellers in Europe has reached figures similar to that before the financial crisis.

More and more passengers are booking themselves on longer flights this year, thereby increasing passenger kilometres to eight per cent compared to data from June 2009.

Authorities say that the main reason behind this is the surge of bookings to countries that are in the far eastern part of the globe. Instead of travelling to neighbouring countries, Europeans are more and more drawn to the allure of far-flung places such as Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, which offer a more exotic setting.

New coach service offers dynamic experience: leave London by bus, arrive in Dublin by boat

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Before the end of the month, travelers in the United Kingdom will be able to move around and visit nearby cities by bus and ferry through the new service brought by Eurolines.

The popular European coach service, which transports passengers by bus along long-distance routes, has tapped boat operator Irish Ferries to provide transportation for people travelling around the UK.

This will effectively link Holyhead in North Wales to London in England, and even Dublin in Ireland, making trips fairly easy and comfortable.

For those interested in trying the new route, passengers can catch the coach leaving London starting this Friday, or July 16. The coach leaves London at 6:30am and makes the trip to Birmingham where it is scheduled to arrive at 9am. At Birmingham, the coach can pick up more passengers. From there, it makes its way to Holyhead which is a popular port in Anglesey Island. The coach is then scheduled to board the ferry that will set sail for Dublin. Upon arrival at the port, the coach simply rolls off the ferry and once more drives its way to the city’s central station, where it is expected to make its final stop at around 6:10pm, just in time for passengers to catch their dinner.

Express your way to the top of Sydney Harbour’s Bridge

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It is often the case that when an attraction is built, people from all over the world flock like geese to try it out or see it for themselves. Take Disneyland, which can be a melting pot of sorts, especially during the holidays. In Australia, one of the more popular sights is the Harbour Bridge in Sydney. But studies have shown that travelers to the land down under don’t just visit Sydney to ooh and aah at the bridge. Instead, they seem to be more interested in going on the bridge climb to have their breaths taken away by the magnificent view. Interestingly enough, a big number of these travelers who often dare to scale the towering structure, since the climb was first introduced over a decade ago in 1998, are in fact Australians. Roughly 35 per cent of the 2.5 million people who climbed the bridge are locals.

An affordable holiday at Wall Street’s Holiday Inn

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Ah, New York—the city that never sleeps. Every year, this glittering metropolis attracts millions of visitors to its streets. Smell the pizza in the air, descend into its underground world and ride the grimy subway, see the expanse of the grounds from the top of the Empire State Building, get bedazzled by the dancers in Broadway, bite into a steaming hotdog with relish and pickles, get lost in central park, growl at the dinosaurs in the museum, etcetera. Cheap plane tickets can easily be had online, but the trick is to finding affordable accommodation where the carpet doesn’t smell like cheese.

This month, Holiday Inn is opening a new hotel in Manhattan, which caters to people traveling to New York both for leisure and for business.

Smoke in Tunnels Causes Massive Delay of Train Services

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Train passengers got in a bit of a shock last Thursday  when several rail transport operations ferrying them to and from England had been cancelled after a driver in the Channel Tunnel system pulled the alarm. Among the transport services that got hit was Eurostar which handles passengers heading and coming home from Europe.

The Eurostar driver witnessed smoke coming from a tunnel right beneath the Thames before reaching Ebbsfleet, Kent at approximately 5:45pm. He immediately called emergency.

Firefighters by the score arrived from the surrounding counties of Essex and Kent and immediately entered the two ends of the tunnel, prohibiting the operation of the Eurostar line for at least four hours. The firefighters were not able to find fire.

While the search was being concluded, passengers got stranded in the trains that stopped before the tunnel.

Hershey’s Opens Largest Store Outside Pennsylvania in Dubai

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The people in Dubai aren’t flushed in the face these days because of alcohol but because of an overabundance of Hershey’s chocolate.  The chocolate company has just opened its biggest store outside of Pennsylvania and the US in Dubai Mall last June 30.

According to Milton Brice, VP for Finance for Hersheys, Dubai is the perfect market to put up a store because of the region’s economic growth and the doors that it would open for the company in Middle Eastern markets.

The Hershey’s flagship store is stocked with 300 kinds of Hershey’s confections as well as commercial products. These items consists of 80% of all the kinds of products which Hershey’s exports to its foreign markets.

Chocolate lovers from the UAE will be happy to know that the people from Hershey’s considered their preferences with regard to sweets and have stocked the creamier kinds of chocolates in the store’s shelves.