Attractions in San Antonio

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Of all the cities in the South, there is just something about that gem of Texas’ eye, San Antonio. With some amazing historical spots, a wonderful mix of cowboy values and Mexican cultures, and a tourist market that can’t be beat, it’s not hard to see why so many flock to San Antonio every year to witness the magic of this great travel hot spot.

The Incredible Philippines: Manila Travel

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Located in the heart of the Philippines, the capital city of Manilaa has long since been thought of as one of the most beautiful, culturally rich cities in the world. While it was changes quite a bit after World War II, when it was all but destroyed, this home to over 1.5 million people is still a hidden jewel of the the tourist world, and draws thousands every year to it’s shore to experience the event that is Manila travel.

Weird Travel Superstitions

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Our world is quickly becoming one of logic and science, and superstitions of the past are often mocked, thought to be little more then silly folklore and wives tales. But, whatever your opinion of superstitious rituals, what can’t be denied is that we are all guilty of them. From touching a piece of metal when entering a tunnel, to telling someone ‘bless you‘ when they sneeze, we all have out little rituals that we feel compelled to enact, and this goes for even the most staunchly scientific among us.
Some of the strangest (and widely believed) of superstitions are those related to travel, and it isn’t hard to understand why. We all get a little edgy leaving our comfort zone and traveling to a new place, especially when the culture is substantially different. This anxiety is intensified by stepping onto a plane, or a ship, or even just spending hours in a cramped car as you drive into the unknown.

A Manchester Vacation

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There are a number of places in United Kingdom that you could spend your holiday, and favorites like London, Glasgow, and Dublin often come to mind, which is why they have become such overpopulated tourist spots over the last several decades. Drawing a huge number of visitors every year, it isn’t surprising that so many have begun looking for new holiday areas to enjoy their getaways. One such area that has been becoming increasingly popular, and will good reason, is Manchester.

There are many reasons that this has become a hot spot for tourism, but one of the biggest ones is the number of accommodations that can be found for any price range. From extremely cheap rooms rented over pubs, to high end hotels that cost a hundred pounds or more a night to inhabit, the list is certainly impressive.

A few notables from every price range are:

Stockholm Hotels

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If you have been looking for a hotel perfect for your stay in Stockholm, you know that the city is rich with options. From five-star accommodations, to pay per week hostels, you can be sure to find whatever you are looking for when you enter this beautiful Capital city. But how do you know what hotel is really right for you?

There are plenty of websites out there that claim to offer honest reviews, but sometimes it pays to hear from someone who you know has been there often enough to really inform you of the best choices. Which is why I have created a list of my top five hotel choices in Stockholm, Sweden.

Each has been chosen based on price, cleanliness, amenities, customer service, friendliness of staff, location, and common user ratings, and each has offered me a unique, charming, and unforgettable experience each time I have been lucky enough to find myself in a Stockholm hotel.

Top Class Vienna Hotels

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Vienna in Austria is a city that affords a visitor or tourist with lots of top class hotels to choose from. Most hotels in the city are situated right at the city’s centre and they make access to place of interest very easy. The most interesting part of all these is that most of these hotels have tour buses lined at the premises to convey visitors who wish to tour the city the perfect and adequate comfort of these buses. Hotels such as these would make your stay in the city enjoyable.

MOZART HOTEL VIENNA; this hotel has a warm atmosphere and will probably suite most visitors. It is located within adequate transport site. It offers visitor  easy access to tour the city, and is just view meters away from most of the city’s side attraction. Also, staffs of this hotel are always available to accompany a visitor on a sight seeing tour. The beauty of this hotel is that rates are cheap and affordable and the comfort of the facilities is fantastic and modern to make your stay enjoyable.

Perfect Vacation in Valencia

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Valencia, is the third largest city in the country of Spain (behind Madrid and Barcelona), and is situated around the Mediterranean Sea. The city was founded in 137 BC.

Valencia is no doubt on the ideal cities in Spain for visitors to have a wonderful vacation.

The city is extremely beautiful, and added to this is that the city has wonderful and conducive climatic conditions that will suite most visitors.


The city is most famous for the cultivation of fruits, such as oranges, Sherry, grapes as well as other varieties of fruit, not forgetting Spanish rice which is grown in abundance.

For a visitor arriving in the city for the first time, you won’t help marveling at the beautiful landscape that the city is blessed with. The fact that the city is situated very close to the Mediterranean Sea, gives it an added beauty and a peaceful place for a sweet vacation.

Top 10 World’s Rarest Animals

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In our ever expanding society increasing pollution, torn down forests, and changing terrain are causing serious problems with the environment. But it isn’t just out Ozone that is suffering, and as the years pass more and more animals are being put on the endangered species list, just a few hundred (and sometimes less) away from being completely extinct.

But what about those animals that were rare to begin with? Do they have a chance? Will out children even know what they are? Do we ever know now? Here is a list of the top 10 rarest animals in the world, and some of them you may have never heard of.

The Pinta Island Tortoise – This hard shelled turtle is more then just rare, he is unique. Being the only one remaining alive, he remains the sole survivor of the even diminishing species of Great Galapagos tortoises. Researchers are so desperate to find a female of the species that they are offering $10,000 to anyone who comes forward to offer a chance at saving the Pinta Island tortoise.

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