Asus Eee Pcs with Increased Comfort and Style

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I’m always in a need of a PC or a Laptop whenever I’m on a trip. Sometimes it even becomes difficult to carry a Laptop all the time.They’re heavy plus your battery will go down within a few hours. It matters to me because I’m one of those people who makes a living on the Internet. To us No Internet means No Work.

Thanks to Asus for making highly portable mini laptops better known as Eee Pcs. They are not only smaller in size but they offer up to 9-12 hours battery time. Currently they run on Windows and Linux as your operating system.


Being a fan of Microsoft operating systems I’d prefer to buy an Eee PC with Windows. These mini Pcs lets you do everything you did before but this time it will be easy and you will be to able to carry it when you travel.

The Melting Pot of Indian Fare


No cuisine mixes exotic spices, color, texture and aroma better than traditional Indian cuisine. Although there are variations on nearly every dish in the world, there’s nothing quite like a really well made Indian Curry.
Like most cultures throughout history, India’s foods and culture have traveled all across the globe and can be found in nearly every city in the world. Traditional Indian food itself is a melting pot of influences from the many visitors of India. With the country being a kind of a gateway to the east, it has consistently been an area of trade and travel for centuries. Travelers from all over brought their recipes and preparations to add into the countries growing recipe box, and eventually evolved to what we know as modern Indian food.

Proper Sushi Etiquette in Japan


Traveling to Japan can be a wonderful experience. The bright lights and nightlife of Tokyo attract many, while the some enjoy the solitary beaches of the Shiraishi islands. Japan has a multitude of attractions to visit and foods to eat. Eating sushi in Japan is almost a requirement for any traveler to this island. Even the best sushi bars in America aren’t quite the same as eating freshly caught Japanese fish. The experience of a traditional sushi meal can be extremely memorable. Travelers should be aware however, that there is an expectation of respect and professionalism in most traditional Japanese sushi bars. Knowing how to avoid “cultural mishaps” are the key to truly enjoying he sushi experience, as well as your overall vacation in Japan.

First, when ordering at a sushi bar, you will usually still have a waiter or waitress. They are there to take your drink and non-sushi food items. It is considered very rude to order anything but sushi from a sushi chef.

The Most Expensive Junk Food in New York


Even in recent years, when people all over the world are financially strained, some wealthy New York extremists are still indulging in some of the most expensive dishes in the world. What drives these philanthropists to spend up to $10,000.00 on a bottle of wine, 15,000 on a desert? Only they can say. When I’m in the mood for burgers, pizza or ice cream, I usually don’t have to worry about maxing out my credit card or taking out a small loan from my bank. However if you’re in the mood for something a little more upscale and have plenty of cash to blow, New York has just what you’re looking for.

The world’s priciest Hamburger – $175.00
Wall Street Burger Shop – New York, NY

Southeast Asian Cuisine


The lands of Southeastern Asia were once known the world over as the land of the spices. Adventurers from across the globe risked life and honor to set out for these fabled lands.
The wonderful cuisine of Vietnam, Thailand and the Filipino Islands are a melting pot of flavors and sometimes-exotic ingredients local only to the southern part of Asia.

Some of the most common ingredients used in south East Asian cuisine include:
Lemon Grass
Coconut Milk
Thai Basil
Fish paste
Dozens of varieties of local chilies.

The distinctive taste of southeastern Asian cooking comes from the merging of all five of the palatable tastes; sour, salty, sweet, spicy and bitter. Another common aspect of this regions cuisine is its use of many different greens and vegetables. Asian cooking in itself is particularly healthy, with its many uses of rice and regional greens.

The magic of Amazon River

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Amazon River means for many people something fantastic, something over natural. Fact is, Amazon River is magic, irresistible and attractive. One fifth of the total water reserves of the Earth flow through Amazonia. It is by far the river   with the biggest volume worldwide, and its volume is bigger than  the combined volume of the following eight world’s big rivers.

The springs of Amazon River

The springs of Amazon River

Its basin is mostly an unexplored jungle (selva), called Amazonia, which is an important lung of our planet. According last measuring Amazon is also the world’s longest river, with a length 0f 6240 km. It becomes so longer than the Niles, Africa’s representative in this selective club, but there are other measuring needed to prove this thing. There are practically no bridges on the Amazon, as nobody needs them (There are no people and no roads in the jungle).

Amazon River and its tributaries

Amazon River and its tributaries

Caracas vacations

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Caracas is the capital and the largest city of Venezuela. Together with its outskirts Caracas reaches 6 millions inhabitants (they name themselves caracuenos).

Nevertheless its position on the tropics, Caracas enjoys a permanent springlike climate, due to its altitude of average 900 meters. Around there are many mountains, which are the really lungs of this wonderful city. Cerro de Avila separates Caracas from the Atlantic Ocean. On the other side, thes Andes!

Central Park from Varacas and the Twin Towers

Central Park from Varacas and the Twin Towers

Venezuela is a wealthy country due to its oil reserves, and this wealth is special visible in Caracas. Large boulevards (or Avenidas, as the Spanish say), skyscrapers, banks, fine dining restaurants are scattered all over the city, which preserves nevertheless in some neighborhood a colonial flavor. Visit for example the house of Simon Bolivar, the hero and Liberator of all Latin America, and you will be convinced about that. Unfortunately, there are also poor neighborhoods, similar with favelas from Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo. Despite them, the political jackal Hugo Chaves, an autocratic Venezuelan presidents since 10 years, makes impressive propagandistic gesture: Caracas helps commuters of London through special oil prices! Really unbelievable, but true!

Cheap Flights To New York

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The New York State is one of America’s most popular destinations, and has a lot to offer visitors from the vibrant and bustling New York City, to Long Island with its beautiful beaches and boardwalks. New York State also has some fantastic mountainous regions in the upstate Catskill and Adirondack areas, where visitors can go skiing, snowboarding and hiking through the stunning slopes and valleys.


There are plenty of cheap flights available to New York, and both the urban and rural environments are beautiful to visit any time of year, making a perfect summer or winter holiday destination. New York State is in the Mid-Atlantic area, and has very cold, snowy winters and hot humid summers, so whatever season you are visiting make sure you pack appropriate clothing and footwear.

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