Eventi Opens and Invites You to Adopt a Dog

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Although Eventi, the richest Kimpton Hotel in NYC, has already opened its doors to guests this May, they just couldn’t do without the ribbon cutting ceremony. During the official launch of the high end hotel, not only was a ribbon cut but a flower garland. The ribbon, or rather the garland cutting took place at the hotel’s rooftop in Chelsea.

The ceremony was accompanied by traditional dance performances by the students of the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Association. While the dance group was a hit, the one who stole the show was the little doggie that sat on the celebrity suite’s pet bed. Eventi declared itself officially pet-friendly, as most of Kimpton’s hotels are. Eventi is also officially a partner of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals.

At the 50th Kimpton hotel, Eventi’s rates begin at $250 a night. Expect free wifi if you happen to be part of their Intouch Loyalty Program.

Tragic Bus Accident in South Africa

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Dampening the spirit of the 2010 World Cup, a bus accident in Nelspruit, a city in South Africa, was reported by authorities. According to witnesses, the driver of the coach wasn’t able to control the wheel as the bus went by the winding road. The passengers were English fans who were on their way to the Mandela Stadium to witness the biggest soccer game in the world.

Road accidents aren’t the only dangers that tourists traveling to South Africa should be made aware of. If you’re one of them, these are the things you shouldn’t shrug your shoulders on. Make sure that you have your eyes peeled for them while you’re traveling to this destination.


Marriott releases its line for the Luxury Botique Segment

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At least two properties representing the luxury boutique line of Marriott International are slated to open during the last quarter of this year. The luxury boutique brand’s concept is tagged the Edition, and is spearheaded by none other than Ian Schrager. The style icon is known for making the luxury boutique segment more popular compared to the past years.

The Edition concept will be making its proper debut at the Waikiki Beach in Hawaii this October. This will be followed shortly by a second building built in Istanbul by the end of the year.

The brand is created as high-end competitors (which means they’re also more expensive) among hostels built in the same area. Marriott hopes that the luxury brand will keep it from going under the global economic downturns.

Man Stows Away in Landing Gear of UAE Sheik’s Plane

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Surviving the long flight, a 20-year old Romanian managed to sneak into the landing gear of a private plane owned by a Sheikh of the United Arab Emirates only to be caught by officials at the Heathrow Airport. The message was wired by Austrian police to the British officers who caught the stow away in London, shortly after landing.

While surviving the flight is pretty impressive, people need to hear about how he got into the sheik’s plane in the first place. According to the stow away, he was able to crawl under a wide at the Vienna Airport. After that, he managed to climb aboard the undercarriage of the Jumbo airplane belonging to the sheikh. The man said he was only looking for work, that’s why he smuggled himself out of Austria to Britain.

Thompson Beverly Hills Offers a Rooftop Bash MTV Style

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If you’ve always wanted a birthday bash that’s just like the 50Cents video a few years back, you might want to scrap your bar party plans. The real deal is at the Thompson Beverly Hills Hotel which offers a poolside, rooftop birthday bash that’ll leave you feeling nothing short of a VIP guest. You can invite up to 12 friends for this bash and enjoy all the amenities of the hotel’s lounge and rooftop.

Start early, and you and your guests can sunbathe around the swimming pool in the daytime. You’ll be given platters of goodies and the hotel’s signature cocktails all day long. After your fun at the poolside, you can continue the party at your suite (one-bedroom). There’s also a complimentary bottle of sake or champagne waiting for you inside your room.

Hotel development continues globally


Global economic challenges are not an obstacle in the development of global hotel industry. There were made about 432,000 new rooms injected into international supply by both independent hotels and groups. The data of a recent report shows that international hotel supply records of 2.7% increase and have an average of 20 million classified rooms. In general, this growth is fuelled by hotel groups, but only 4.2% growth are recording alone hotels.

This development is the consequence of the projects that were launched before economic crisis and this is still an encouraging sign of the commitment, endurance and possible developers.

Improved enthusiasm in mature market-continents is most evident, with 170,000 innovative rooms in North America and 138,000 in Europe that is a boost of about 3.1% and 2.2%, correspondingly. Asia-Pacific is a bit passive for the duration of this particular period, managing 98,000 rooms, an increase of only 1.9%.

Top 5 Culinary Tours around the World

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If you’re idea of the perfect tour is tasting every dish in sight and packing your own eating utensils because they taste “more special” that way, then you certainly deserve to go on the best culinary tours in the world. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and eat to your heart’s content with these unique food-centered trips around the globe.

Trufflepig’s Tour around France

The Toronto-based travel company Trufflepig offers every foodie’s dream vacation to France. The tour includes dishes as classy and delicate as only royalty would have it, and food adventures that would fit rustic, simple taste buds of the village folk. This tour lasts for eight days, with Paris as its starting point, traversing the southeast regions of Alsace and Burgundy by train.

Records of Posidonia 2010


The largest worldwide sea transportation business affair, Posidonia 2010 that is the 22nd edition, has opened its doors in Athens on Monday June 7 setting a historic contribution record of 1,855 exhibitors from a entire of 87 countries. Over 17,000 Greek and worldwide trade guests representing the international marine community will be present at the five-day event which spreads across 31,000 square meters at the Athena’s  waterfront Hellenikon Exhibition Centre (HEC).

At 2010 event are present a total of 85 industry sectors are with the enormous preponderance coming from the ship construction and ship repair field which is represented by 416 companies.

The incessant attention of the worldwide marine society in Greece is due to a steady flood of innovative structure orders and the country’s most important worldwide place in shipping affairs as it maintains the world’s main merchant fleet which accounts for 15 per cent of total planet tonnage.