Turin Vacations

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The city of Turin in Italy is a marvelous city to have an ideal vacation experience.

The city’s many top class hotels include le-meridian Lingolto, this hotel is the largest in the city, there is the Boston hotel, located in the elegant residential area of the city, hotel Nazional among many others are located in the heart of the city to add to a fulfilled vacation experience.

The beauty of these hotels is that they close to various attraction sites in the city, this helps reduce the distance to cover in other to reach any of the attractions within the city. Most of these sites are just walking distance from the hotels, some are situated close to railway station, this is also a privilege to good transport facilities to b e able to reach any part of the city, and with ease.

Top 10 Most Dangerous And Coolest Things To Do On Vacation

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When most people think of vacations they think of relaxing days spent on sandy beaches, hikes through a peaceful wood, long nights spent lounging in hotels, or being pampered in spas, and maybe a day or two standing in line at an over priced amusement park to ride a few rides. While that may be the perfect plan for your parents, chances are many of you out there are less then impressed with these tame (and lame) trip itineraries.

Which is why we have compiled a list of some of the most dangerous, exciting, cool, and unique travel experiences that most of us never even consider doing on those all too rare holidays away.

10) African Safaris

OK, so I know what you’re thinking: you have an Uncle Bob and Aunt Midge who just rave about their own safari, and love to show slides of the memorable event with coma-inducing details about their lovely guide, the hungry hippos, the fact that they think they might have seen a lion… Well, that, my friends, is not a real safari.

Top 10 Christmas gifts for geeks

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2008 has been a top year for gadgets, which is going to make is nice and easy to get that special present for the geek in your life! Here is a quick guide to the top 10 Christmas gifts for geeks this year:

1. NINTENDO DS LITE – the DS has lead the market in hand held consoles for some time and the new Lite version has impressive 3D rendered graphics, bright visually stunning screens and cutting-edge games making it a must for any serious gadget lovers. As a major bonus it also includes a Wi Fi connection so that you can log on to the live Nintendo games site and play online with friends from all around the world.

Travel during pregnancy

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Being pregnant does not mean you can’t go on holiday for the whole 9 months of your term, but it does mean that you should take a little extra care when making plans, to ensure both the comfort and protection of you and your unborn baby. Here is a quick guide to the various issues you will need to think about when you are planning any trips, whether it is a holiday abroad or a visit to family or friends.

How to avoid getting sick on a journey

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Travelling could be a joyful experience, till you get sick on the tour. You will then feel like kicking yourself, because you did not take the necessary precautionary medicine to ensure that your journey was a good one.

In many countries today, if you have to leave the country and

enter another one, you need to provide documentary proof to say

Very Sick

that you have undergone a whole series of tests and preventive measures, so that you do not fall ill on the journey that you are about to undertake. There are countries who specify that this medicine or injection needs to be given by a registered medical practitioner and not just your local doctor.

Backpacking Through Spain

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Spain is a wonderful, passionate country and one of the best ways to see all its vibrant scenery and culture is to backpack. Backpacking basically means setting up your own, independent travel plans around the country, booking hotels, hostels and transport as you go along, which gives you an unique insight into the real daily life of the places you are visiting. Backpacking gives you complete control over every aspect of your holiday, and you can set your own agenda and travel when and where you want to.


Here are a few tips for you to consider when you are planning a backpacking tour in Spain:

5 must-buy things from anyplace

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When you go on holiday it is only natural to want to buy a few souvenirs as keepsakes, or gifts for family and friends. However it is easy to go mad and buy lots of expensive knick-knacks, so here is a quick list of some must-buy souvenirs that are small and are low cost and will remind you of your holiday with cluttering up your home:

Basic Italian Phrases

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Learning Basic Italian Phrases

If you’re going to Italy, you might find that you want to brush up a little on your Italian. If you know any Italian, anyway. If not, don’t worry. If you know Spanish or French, it might be easier for you to pick up a few basic Italian phrases. But if you don’t know any other language, don’t despair. It’s definitely not the end of the world.

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