People Fear another Eyjafjallajokull as One More Volcano Erupts

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Following the Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption is the Shiveluch volcano in Russia. This volcano erupted over the weekend, and could possibly give travelers problems again with the ash it’s emitting. The Shiveluch volcano is already 70,000 years old, and its eruptions began last May 2009. During the last few days after its most recent eruption, the volcano coughed up ash three miles up the atmosphere.

Still, experts say there’s no real danger for the villages surrounding the volcano. They also claim that ash problems caused by the recent eruption would be minimal, if there are any. However, we must take note that no one is really capable of predicting the total damage of volcanic eruptions in general. Because of the experts generalized statements in the past, they’ve even been tagged as extremely bad at these predictions.

Mama Shelter Offers Lodgings for only 99 Euros this Summer

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Despite Mama Shelter’s small rooms, slightly indifferent staff, and the strange location which reviewers have often complained about in the past, it’s still pretty amazing that the diminutive hotel managed to survive the industry’s race. After undergoing a serious makeover, Mama Shelter has much to be proud about. The rooms, though still small, now sports a minimalist and sophisticated Phillippe Starck design.

Now, each room also has an iMac, and there’s an iPhoto booth situated the restaurant—something which the crowd there obviously loves. Probably still the best think about the hotel, though, is how consistently low their accommodation rates are. As if the room rates weren’t enough, Mama Shelter recently announced that its room rates will start at merely 99 euros this coming summer. This is extremely low, considering Paris rates.

Man told that he was Too Big to take the flight

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A very angry Sandy Russell was escorted out by an Air Transat stewardess because he weighed two stones and was told that he was too heavy and fat to fly. Mr. Russell was off to see a dying aunt and was prepared to board the airplane from Gatwick going to Toronto before he was thrown out of the plane by the airplane staff.

After the embarrassing ordeal, he was offered to take another flight but with the condition that he pay for two tickets. Thirty-two-year-old Sandy Russell said that he couldn’t possibly take care of the £928 that the airline was charging him for a flight out of Gatwick. The unfortunate events lead to him not being able to fly out in time. His aunt succumbed to bowel cancer two days before he could get to Canada.

New Routes, Mexico Missions, and Destinations to Watch Out For

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If you’re a professional globetrotter, and paying for plane fares isn’t a big deal, exploring the world should be easier with these new offers. Below is a compilation of the best and newest routes around the globe which should make your passport stamp collection more fulfilling.

Air Berlin

Partnering with Dusseldorf International Airport, Air Berlin is trying to make waves in foreign travel. The airline now has a total of seventy-seven non-stop destinations from the German airport starting this summer. The most popular routes for spring and summer are to Tel Aviv, Skiathos, and San Francisco.

Older routes like Naples are also in high demand. If you’re thinking about booking a trip to Germany and backpacking on sidetrips to other European countries, this year is a good time to do so.

Frontier Airlines

Tories ask for London Driverless Underground Trains

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The Tories, a Conservative group in London, is asking for all underground trains in the city to be driverless (automated). This proposition was sent to the mayor recently, and it claims to help the city save £141 million worth in wages every year. This will also prevent inconveniences caused by strikes.

Transport for London (TfL) begged to differ, though, saying that having staff onboard the London trains reassure passengers that everything will be smooth-sailing. The staff also provide necessary information to the passengers who may not be all that familiar with London rail, and they also help to people get on and off the train more efficiently.

According to the Rail, Maritime, and Transport Union, this proposal can possibly sacrifice the safety of the train passengers. Still, according to a report by BBC London, the Conservatives pointed out the efficiency of a new system. These driverless trains, according to the Tories, will prevent militant unions from holding up the whole of London whenever they have protests.

Eleven People Die in a Flash Flood at a French Tourist Destination

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In a very popular tourist region just southeast of France, a total of eleven people were killed because of a flash flood. Several are still missing, and are feared to be dead as well. This catastrophic event happened when it rained very hard at the mountains just above Cote D’Azur this Tuesday. Because of the heavy rainfall, the rivers of the Var region rose by eight feet, even forcing a lot of homeowners to seek safety on their rooftops.

Those who were on the road when the flash flood happened were trapped inside their vehicles which floated like toys in the raging flash flood. The damage was unimaginable. The flashflood affected quite a number of villages and towns, including Draguignan, a popular tourist attraction in France. People who lived in Muy, Luc, Arcs, and Roquebrune-sur-Argens also suffered from the flash flood.

Lufthansa Hikes Up Fares but Lowers Fuel Surcharges

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The German airline Lufthansa just announced that it will be raising its fares to Germany and other flight markets by June 22. At the same time, reports also have it that the airline is lowering fuel surcharges. Before you stand on top of soapbox and shout about the seemingly unfair turn of events, listen to what the Lufthansa spokesperson has to say first.

According to the airline spokesperson, the two fee adjustments are hardly related. The fare increase had nothing to do with the fuel’s price at all. Apparently, Lufthansa needs to hike up its fares to make up for the huge investments it made on in-flight product upgrades. The spokesperson also pointed out that compared to the hike increase, the reductions on the surcharges are definitely more modest.

Virgin Atlantic Closes Deal for In-flight Emailing with Panasonic

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Most airlines have impressive in-flight entertainment systems, from PSPs to iPad’s. There’s one thing missing, though: internet connection. It has been said before that 2011 is the year when WIFI will be made available for long-haul flights. People nodded and dismissed the idea, thinking that the idea is too far off, but with the recent deal made between Virgin Atlantic and Panasonic, maybe the idea isn’t so crazy after all.

According to Virgin Atlantic, they recently signed a deal with the electronics giant to introduce in-flight internet connectivity to its A330 Airbus. The planes will be delivered to them by next year which means that, lo and behold, the predictions are right. Internet connection will be possible during a flight by 2011. A total of $70 million was spent just for the equipment alone with will be coming from Panasonic.