Things to do in Peru

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Peru, a country located in the South America continent, has been much of ancient stories. This country is located in the Cusco valley and  was formerly an ancient empire.

Lima, the capital of Peru, is a wonderful place to spend your vacation. Please, do not think at Adriana Lima!

There are also top class hotels available such as Mira Flores Park Hotel, Imperial Residence hotel, Ariosto hotel among many others are suitable places to have a wonderful comfort.


Peru provides everything and activities to make your vacation experience splendid.

If you decide to spend your vacation in the capital city Lima, you could take the privilege to visit the city’s zoo, the parque de las leyendas zoo, this is located in the heart of Lima. This zoo is home to several species of animals, such as antelopes, wild pigs, hyenas, just to mention a few. You definitely will have a fun filled day watching these animals.

Singapore travel

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Singapore - It is one of the world’s fastest developing commercial and financial centers. Singapore a sun-drenched tropical island – offers duty-free shopping, a variety of exotic cuisine, some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and a fascinating mosaic of Asian people, cultures, customs, festivals, arts and crafts.


Singapore is a shopper’s paradise. You can find excellent bargains at the duty-free prices on cameras and photographic equipment, watches, electronic goods, electrical appliances, carpets, jewelry, toys, perfumes, cosmetic and toiletries. Few countries in the world can match the variety o goods sold in Singapore. Orchard Road, Raffles City, Marina Square, South Bridge Road, Arab Street and Chinatown are some of the major shopping areas.

Some of these shopping streets offer readymade jewelry for every taste as well as the opportunity to make up your own designs at bargain prices.

Golf Vacations

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Anyone that is an avid golfer is going to want to go to all the best golf destinations. And, like anything else, if that’s what your passion is, why shouldn’t you enjoy it? There are probably many fine golf courses around where you live. But if you have the opportunity to play go play at the best golf destinations that the world has to offer, then go for it. If it’s your dream to play on courses that the pros play on, then you should plan your vacations to get to do just that. Other people take vacations to do and see things that are fun and interesting to them. There’s absolutely no difference between that and going to the best golf destinations of your dreams.


Top 10 Travel Destinations of 2011


Every year the travel book supergiant Lonely Planet releases its list of the coming year’s top travel locations, from new trends, to the classic vacation spots that have always been popular with tourists. Their top 10 list of the best destinations of 2011 held some a few surprises, and some great tips that travel nuts have come to expect from their annual release. :)

1). Bay Of Fire, Tasmania

Chances are you have never heard of this little paradise off the coast of St. Helen’s, a small whaling town in the lesser traveled portion of Tasmania. But with crystal clear waters, clean, sandy beaches, and some cozy little cottages for rent right on the shoreline, this known vacation spot it’s sure to give you the perfect island getaway.

2). Basque Country, France and Spain

Holiday Timeshares

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Timeshares can be a cost effective way of owning a holiday home, as you will share all the costs with multiply parties. Each sharer will hold rights to the purchased property, and will be able to use it during certain agreed times throughout the year. Most timeshare parties keep in contact with each other, so it is possible to sometimes swap your times with someone else, and this can be helpful if your job does not allow flexible holidays.


It is not always possible to use a timeshare property fully each year, so many people lease their share out to other holiday makers either on an annual or one off basis, but in this case the person leasing the property would not actually have any ownerships rights, as these would be retained by the leaser.

Victoria Falls

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The Victoria Falls is located between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe in the southern regions of Africa. The fall which was locally named mosi-oa –tunya, translated as the smoke thunder, by natives who inhabits the area few miles from the fall.


Not much was known about the fall until the explorer Dr David Livingstone visited the site and renamed it Victoria Falls, the name which is widely being used today.

The fall is perhaps unarguably the world’s largest waterfall site. The average flow rate is 1088cm/s and stands at a height of 360ft above the ground. The rate of the flow tends to lower during the dry season, and highest during the raining season. These peak periods when the falls is at its highest is the period between the month of February and May, minimum flows are witnessed during the month November.

Las Vegas – New Year 2011

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Las Vegas is one of the biggest party cities in the world, and a perfect destination for a really exciting and special New Years Eve. You will never be bored as there are plenty of things to do, from visiting the casinos and dining out, to going to see one of the big Christmas shows, and there are also lots of special New Years Eve parties including the famous street party which takes place on the main strip, which is closed to traffic for the night. The firework extravaganza that takes place at midnight at New Year is typically over the top and mind blowing, and you can see it from almost anywhere in the city, but whilst you are out and about having fun remember to keep things in line as the Las Vega city police maintain a large visible presence on New Years Eve, and are not known for their sense of humour!

Bahamas travel in Style

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Have you ever been to the Bahamas? When you go, where do you stay? Do you stay in one of the decadent hotel resorts that can cost an arm and a leg? Or do you stay in one of the more modestly priced places ?


It doesn’t matter when you travel Bahamas if you stay in an extravagant place or not, what matters is do you have fun.

Do you go in style? Do everything you love to do? When you travel Bahamas, you have access to the surf and sand, casinos and all kinds of other sights. So do you do everything and anything or do you laze around. It doesn’t matter what floats your boat, figuratively and literally, as long as you’re happy.

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