Fun things to do in Belgium


There are a lot of things you can do when you decide to have a holiday in Belgium. Belgium weather is pretty steady all year round with almost no regional variations and the climate is pretty moderate all year round. A Belgium vacation can bring you to a lot of museums, restaurants, shops, and pubs. Here is a line up of activities to help you decide on your itinerary:

Grand Place

A lot of tourists find the Grand Place located in Brussels as one of the finest city squares in the globe. It is the main activity center of the capital where festivals and important events are held. It is always colorful and lively any time of the year. You can enjoy it most during winter when they have their Christmas Market.


Visit Costa Rica: Cleanest Nation in the World


Think about the cleanest country in the world, and chances are you will answer “Singapore”. While the city state is praised time and again for being spotlessly clean, the fact remains that Costa Rica has been lauded as one of the most environmentally clean countries in the world. They have pledged to offset all carbon emissions and become fully carbon neutral by the year 2030. A tall order, but it seems that they are well on the way to achieving this status.

Prior to the pledge, Costa Rica’s reputation as an environmentally conscious country is well known across the globe. They gazetted more than a quarter of its total area and make them protected sanctuaries. Translated, this means that more than a quarter of the republic country consists of forests and wildlife parks. Costa Rica is also proud that it generates much needed electricity from renewable sources – at an impressive amount of 96 percent! In fact, they promise to reduce even more emissions from its various industries – something that most countries cannot even begin to promise.

5 Travel Tips for Parents Flying With Young Kids


Traveling with kids, especially younger ones, is not an easy task so it is no wonder that most parents dread the thought of going on vacation with the children in tow. Some opt to put the kids under the care of a reliable babysitter while others decide to bring them along, hoping against hope that nothing goes wrong! If you are one of those parents who won’t deny your kids the pleasure of spending a holiday together, well done! Know that avoiding difficulties such as a cranky child or an anxious sibling while traveling can be avoided easily if you set your mind to it. Here are some tips to help you along the way…

Things to do in Vancouver while taking a break from the 2010 Winter Olympics

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If you are in Vancouver enjoying the 2010 Winter Games but thinking of other things to do, then read on and check out some off beat things you can do away from the excitement of the official games:

Fun Stuff at the O-Zone in Richmond

The Olympic Oval in Richmond is the official venue for the speed skating events but the rest of Richmond has been prepared for the influx of tourists and athletes. Aside from the games, the O-Zone will be hosting several events to make your stay fun. Between February 12 to 28, there will be concerts by top Canadian performers, free outdoor skating, a circus, high def screens to see the games, sports rides, fireworks, and virtual sports games.
Richmond has also prepared a welcome marker in the form of a 7-storey high inukshuk made of shipping containers. Other visual spectacles include an Olympic Committee logo made from about 13 million cranberries, and of course, fireworks!

5 Las Vegas Travel Photography Tips


Las Vegas is a city of lights, entertainment, and action. There are hundreds of thousands of subjects to photograph here, all of which may be flashing or constantly moving. Getting a good snapshot in can be a challenge, and sometimes it isn’t worth the hassle to get a good photo. On the other hand, Las Vegas is a beautiful city that deserves to be in the spot light. Here are 5 tips for taking magnificent travel photos for your memories.

1. Try to avoid view obstructing objects. The farther you are away from people and trees, the better your photos will be. Therefore, rooftops and parking garages make great locations for “certain” photos. If you can get to a parking garage with a good view of something, take advantage of the lack of people and high height. Rooftops are hard to get on top of, but they are the perfect place to take quality photos. Any time you can be higher than the general public, is most likely a good time to get beautiful photos of the nearby buildings.

Winter Storms Causing Travel Chaos

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One of the coldest winters in recent memory is freezing air and rail lines across the globe. All over the world airplanes are sitting on tarmacs and stranding passengers, leaving them sleeping in airports. In Europe trains cannot operate under such unprecedented levels of snow, and rail operations are halted for safety reasons. All of this during one of the busiest travel seasons of the year means misery for many.

The situation is dire in Europe. Thousands of schools are closed due to the weather, which is also causing chaos to the power system leaving many without power for hours at a time. The Eurostar railway, the only railway out of Britain, has been temporarily shut down due to safety concerns. Just recently one Eurostar train stalled inside the tunnel, and passengers were stuck for many hours. The culprit? Excessive snowfall. Even France’s high-speed railways have had to travel at reduced speeds for safety reasons. The entire region is just getting blanketed with snow.

6 Luxury Ski Resorts you can visit in Europe

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With the bite of chill in the air as the Yuletide season approaches, people are also dreaming of going to their best ski holiday. Europe is always a good place to check out for luxury ski resorts. These resorts offer a perfect blend of sports and culture this holiday season.

Saint Moritz, Switzerland
Saint Moritz is the benchmark for luxury ski resort. It is on the top of the list if you are looking forward to the best skiing holiday of your life. Moritz has the best features that it has been chosen to host the Winter Olympics not just once, been featured on James Bond films, and got the spotlight for several TV shows.
St. Moritz is also perfect if you want a holiday without having to ski. If you don’t feel like exploring the 8-kilometer slope you can go to the Segantini Museum or visit the Morteratsch Glacier.

Small Town Traveling – Asheville North Carolina



Asheville is a rapidly growing city in North Carolina that continues to offer unique travel opportunities and beauty to those seeking a “small town” kind of travel. Asheville is a bit offbeat in many ways, and it isn’t what you would expect from a town in the mountain region of NC. At first glance it seems small, but Asheville is actually getting bigger each day due to the beautiful natural scenery.

One of the most notable attractions in Asheville is the United States largest mansion. Biltmore Estate is a regal mansion with 250 rooms and 175,000 square feet of space. Tours are available year round, and the estate has a number of lovely attractions during the winter. The entire estate is decked out in lights and Christmas festivities.