Five Eco-travel ideas for your holidays

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Try the Green DoorPeople who are interested in protecting the environment may find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to booking holidays, as travelling any distance by conventional transport methods can have a significant impact on the environment. However there are many ways you can have an eco-friendly holiday, and actively help to protect and preserve a variety of beautiful and endangered landscapes.

1. Eco-safari – many tour operators such as Ecotourism Australia are now offering ‘green’ nature trips and safaris, which aim to educate people on the protecting the environment as well as making active contributions to conservation. Group sizes are limited to reduce the impact on the natural habitats in terms of waste and the strain on natural resources, and also local guides are employed and local trade supported wherever possible. Supporting local communities is something you can do wherever you travel, and this helps to encourage local farming and commerce, and reduce carbon emissions through unnecessary food miles.

Sicily Vacation

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love sicilyA Sicily vacation could be just what you need right now. With all the stress over the economy, a break from the worries and fears could be just the answer. And what better choice than a vacation there? I mean, there’s nothing better than a Sicily vacation to take your mind off your troubles. Only a Sicily vacation offers the intrigue of a steamy mountainous region, beautiful golden beaches and different cultures and ancient history that is home to Sicily. And, of course, only a Sicily vacation will bring you closer to the mafia–on a tour, no less!

Could you imagine taking a Sicily Vacation and finding yourself on a tour viewing the grave sites of famous mafia godfathers? Take a Sicily vacation and find out if the version of a Hollywood godfather comes close to the real thing from knowledgeable tour guides. A vacation in Sicily does offer other attractions if mafia intrigue is not your cup of tea.

Top 5 free things to do in Rome

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Rome, the eternal city, is a major touristic destination for millions of tourists every year. Maybe that is why Rome is so expensive when comes to hotels or restaurants.

Nevertheless, there are also free things to do in Rome, and I selected for you 5 of them:

1. The Colosseum is an architectural masterpiece , even reported to our days. But it was build 2000 years before and could host 60000 people, who were delighted by the gladiator fights.

2. The Forum Romanum was the core of the economic, politic and religion life in the ancient Rome. As all these buildings are mainly ruins today and were build at different periods, you are going to need a map to recognize and locate correctly all the items.

3. The Pantheon is the place where the public persons where buried, in order to get eternal remember. Very impressive, even overwhelming, and excellently conserved.

Top Lake Vacation Destinations In The USA

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While many people head to the ocean when the warm weather hits, lake based destinations are also great ways to beat the heat. In some ways there are often more available on-the-water opportunities on a lake as opposed to on the ocean. The swimming can be better, some find the lack of salt water to be a good thing, and often lakes are less crowded than the popular ocean beaches. Recreational pursuits on lakes are many with the most popular being jet skiing, boating, swimming, water skiing, and fishing. Here is a look at some of the top lake vacation destinations in the United States.

Limassol, Cyprus


Limassol, CyprusLimassol is the second biggest resort in Cyprus, and is the perfect destination for those who enjoy a vibrant and bustling nightlife. Lisamassol is situated at the foot of the Troodos Mountains and rivals Ayia Napa in terms of bars, clubs and parties. The port area is busy and boisterous all times of the day as not only are there many bars and restaurants in this area, but it is also one of the busiest ferry ports in Cyprus with daily trips across to the Middle east.

Accommodation in Limassol ranges from luxury seafront apartments and hotels, to villas that can be rented out for large parties. Limassol also has a large town centre with plenty of shops which offer a good range of different merchandise from traditional tourist gifts to modern fashion clothes and accessories.

10 original ideas for your wedding

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holding handsThese days people are getting married much later in life and this means that they have their own money to spend on the big day, instead of relying on their parents to pay for everything. The main benefit of this is that if you are paying, you can call the shots, and this has led to a surge in the popularity of unusual and original weddings, in fact a traditional white wedding is considered rather dull!

The easiest way to plan an exciting and original wedding is to go to totally new and exotic destinations, and with all the wedding package deals available from tour operators it can actually work out to be much cheaper than a traditional church service and reception.

Timbuktu, at the end of Sahara desert

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Nothing can be more exotic than Timbuktu, which is a little town in the southern part (Sahel) of the Sahara Desert.

The town might look empoverished, inhabited by poor people. But Timbuktu is near the Morgana. In my opinion, the existence of this town is a celebration of life in Sahara, and a symbol of the human strength. Some people say, after visiting Timbuktu, that it looks desolant. Must be a joke. it really looks marvelous, as you consider the continous fight with the Sahara Desert.

Timbuktu represents such a miracle and attaction for many people worlwide, that it has even an airport. It is probably the word’s tinniest city having an airport(32 000 inhabitants).

Christmas in Vienna

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Christmas is magic, and Vienna is also magic. Results an extraordinary mix ! Really, a Christmas in Vienna(or Wien, as the locals call their city) is something special and unforgettable.

Vienna has a long history, you can still admire some roman ruins in the city. Up to 1857 the downtown (Innenstadt ) was closed inside a defence wall. On the place of the wall it has been build the Guertel, a wide fancy boulevard.

Quality of life in Vienna is the best worldwide, near Vancouver. There are 100 museums, theaters and opera houses. You may not miss the Christmas Ball at Opera house, as you are in Wien. Important to know: in Vienna are organized more than 200 balls in one year! The locals love parties very much, you can feel it. Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven lived here in Vienna, which was always a cultural city. All these composers live even today in Vienna in a way. They are very present at every step.

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