The Healthy Fast Food of Vietnam

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When you think of Vietnamese foods you probably envision lots of spicy chilies, exotic spice blends and percolating pots of fishy soups. Well even across the globe busy people are still eating on the go. One of Vietnam’s most traditional and popular to-go foods is the Banh mi, or Vietnamese sandwich.

With its origins in French cuisine the Banh mi sandwich is made with a traditional French baguette, filled with a variety of fresh and local Vietnamese ingredients. Typically a spread of mayonnaise, garlic and cilantro is used on a sliced, whole-wheat baguette. The most common ingredients used n Banh mi are Vietnamese ham, ground pork, cilantro, pork pate’, daikon, pickled carrots, fish sauce and mayonnaise. A search of Banh mi recipes on the Internet will yield hundreds of traditional recipes and preparations as well as many modern interpretations using more western ingredients.

Find the Best Hotels Online with TravelPost

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Just confronted an excellent website that allows you to view hotel reviews and ratings as they are written by actual visitors. It provides a great deal of information to all users and covers everything from hotel availability to prices.


You can view these hotels by categorizing them by popularity, most recommended or by price to fit in to your budget. You can also compare your needs and the reviewer’s requirements and decide accordingly if the review is from your perspective.


Another big attraction is the powerful search engine that lets you select hotels and city from the auto recommendation from the website. For example if I choose to stay in New York for a while, all I have to do is enter “New York” and it will come up with it’s recommendations. You can then view hotel details or go back to view full listings.

Buenos Aires Hotels

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Buenos Aires is the vibrant capital of Argentina, and is situated on the southern shores of the Río de la Plata. This city was built by Europeans and still has a certain European flavour, which can be seen in some of its beautiful old colonial buildings such as the Teatro Colon, which is the seat of performing arts with opera, ballet, theatre and pop concerts all held within its elegant walls.

Teatro Colon

Teatro Colon

Buenos Aires will interest many different types of visitors as there is plenty to do including shopping, dancing, eating out and visiting the local Mataderos Fair, which is held every week and celebrates the history and culture of the city. The citizens of this city love to party, and you will find that there is a vibrant, friendly atmosphere in the evenings when you go out for a meal or dancing. There are also some wonderful cruises that you can take from the port, which is a lovely, relaxing way to see the beautiful Argentinean coastline.

Out of Africa, right in the magic Nairobi !

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Nairobi is such a young city, and nevertheless so interesting and magnetic for so many tourists. It has a magnificent secret charm which made all the tourists to declare mesmerized how good and comfortable they felt in Nairobi. Despite the major dangers abounding in Kenya: malaria; terorism, crime, lions, crocodile and buffalos. But Nairobi, lieing at 1660 meters above sea level has a too cool climate for the mosquitos. About the crime, it is easy to protect yourself watching your stuff and not going out late at night.


At 1890 here was only an endless swamp, and the city was build as a pit stop on the railway from Mombassa to Kampala(Uganda). After a few years, Nairobi became the most important station on this railway, and shortly after the capital of the english East Africa. When Kenya claimed its independence in 1956, Nairobi was the first choice as the capital of this country. Since then, it grew constantly, being today with its 4 millions inhabitants one of the most important african cities.

Top 10 Hiking Holidays

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The three main requirements for the perfect hiking holiday are comfortable accommodation, good food and most importantly appealing, interesting scenery. One of the main reasons for hiking is so you can see the landscape up close and personal, and really get a chance to explore and enjoy your surroundings. For this reason places of cultural and historic interest and areas of outstanding natural beauty are high on the list of hiking destinations.

Here is are our top 10 hiking holidays around the world:

1. Biebrza National Park, East Poland.

Top 5 Romantic tropical getaways for Valentine’s Day

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1. Bora Bora

Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful islands in the French Polynesia, and its situation in the South Pacific Ocean guarantees year round sunshine and a stunning tropical landscape of sandy beaches and lush vegetation. This island is far away from the hectic pace of modern life, and there is a great feeling of seclusion and privacy which makes it the perfect romantic getaway. There are several top class hotels and resorts, including one or two that provide luxurious thatched bungalows that literally sit out over the balmy lagoon waters. There are also plenty of activities to keep you amused on Bora Bora, including some excellent diving sites, boat cruises and relaxing spas. The average temperature varies from around 70-80 degrees throughout the year, which makes it the perfect romantic winter get away.

2. The Maldives

Best Hotels In Manila

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One of the greatest services offered in Manila are the hotels. At an extremely cheap price you can find yourself in a lovely room in one of the city’s fantastic hotels, enjoying your accommodation in style, and giving you a pleasant vacation experience. With so many for under $20 USD a night, you can find decent amenities, clean rooms, and friendly service, making it a value beyond saving a few bucks.


Buenos Aires Vacation

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If you are planning a Buenos Aires vacation then it is important that you learn some basic background information on this beautiful place before you go, as it is a large, busy city with its own unique customs and traditions.


There is no need to tip taxi drivers unless they have been particularly helpful, but it is customary to round the fare up to the nearest peso, especially if the difference is nominal. The standard tipping practice of 10% is the norm in restaurants, as it is generally held that if you can afford to eat out in the city you can afford to leave a good tip. Unlike other countries most restaurants here will not be able to accept tips left on your credit card, so make sure you always carry some change for this purpose. Porters in the larger hotels may expect a tip, but this is not a common practice so don’t worry too much about it unless you feel your porter has been particularly attentive.

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