What’s Keeping You From Taking A Road Trip?

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One of the great vacation ideas that has been around since before the automobile was invented is the taking of a good road trip. There are a great deal of variables that make one road trip very different from the next one. There are really only two essentials when it comes to taking a road trip; the first one is a road or route, and the second one is some kind of vehicle to propel you down the road. The rest is entirely up to you.

Problem: You don’t have a suitable vehicle to take a road trip with.
Solution: If you don’t have a vehicle, or the right vehicle, to take a road trip with, there are options available to you that you may not even think of. In many regions, towns are spaced as close together as two to ten miles, if this is the case then you can take a bike road trip. Ride from one town to the next and then return by the same or different route. Another option is renting a car, or better yet renting an RV.

Looking for Some Paris Hotels?

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If you are planning a Paris vacation, then you will want to pick on of the Paris hotels that suits your trip.

Are you going for romance?

Hotel room at Elysees RegenciaThen you’ll want to check out the Paris hotels that give an air of romance. There are plenty of them, after all, you’re going to Paris. So some of these incredibly romantic hotels include: the Hotel Elysees Regencia Paris, which offers great service, cozy rooms, fantastic view; and then there is the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris which is a quick walk from the Eiffel Tower and situated in what is known as the “Golden Triangle” (which is a very upscale area of shopping). This hotel also boasts great service, large rooms and is one of Paris’ nicer hotels.

Holiday Travel

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If you are intending to travel anywhere on holiday this year, whether at home or abroad, then it is important that you understand a few basic travel guidelines to ensure your holiday runs smoothly.

* Dealing with Illness before or during your holiday – firstly if you are travelling abroad it is advisable for you to check whether you need any preventative injections or treatments before you go, to give you added protection against illnesses like malaria or yellow fever. This is not necessary for most countries in Europe, but if you are travelling anywhere that is remote or tropical, then it is likely some injections will be necessary. Secondly you need to ensure you have adequate health and holiday insurance that will cover you if you fall ill either just before or during your holiday. A good insurance plan will cover your losses if you or a member of your family are too ill to actually go on the booked holiday, and will also cover healthcare costs if you fall ill whilst away and need medical treatment. Most tour operators insist you take out insurance these days as part of the holiday package, and make sure you take the details of the policy and the contact numbers with you when you are away.

Things to do in Madrid

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If you’re wondering what there is to do in Madrid, well, that depends on why you’re going to Madrid. If you’re going on vacation, well, then there’s many things to do in Madrid. Even if you are having to go on vacation, you should really insist on one more day before you come home. After all, why should you go to such a beautiful historic city and not get to see any of the delights the city has to offer?Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain

Some of the things to do in Madrid include artistic tours, theme parks, and ancient ruins. That is such an eclectic array of things to do in Madrid. It really is. It’s like offering all of the wonderful things of home, such as amusement parks and mixing it with the past, hence, the ancient ruins. Madrid is truly where the past meets the present.

Take a Luxembourg Vacation

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Why wait to see this quaint little country that’s situated next to France, Belgium and Germany. It’s such a small country, it only takes you a few hours to get across it by car, but it’s such a great place for a vacation. So you should go. Now.


But maybe you want to know first why it would be so great to take a Luxembourg vacation. For starters, you could cross into France, Belgium or Germany and see the sights in those countries as well. What more fun could you have than a holiday that includes four gorgeous countries?

In fact, for such a small country, it offers so many wonderful things to do. Do you like museums? What about historical sights and the performing arts? Well, if you do then you’re in luck. By going on a Luxembourg vacation, you would get to see Palace of the Grand Dukes, Notre Dame Cathedral, National Museum of Art and History, the Casino Luxembourg and the Philharmonie Luxembourg. And that’s just a few of what a Luxembourg vacation could offer.

See Barcelona in Style

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If you’re going to see Barcelona, you might as well do it in style. And if you’re going to see Barcelona in style, then you might as well sleep in style.

You may not be the kind of person to spend a lot of money on an expensive hotel. And that’s okay if you’re not. But if you’re going to go to the trouble of planning a fabulous trip to Barcelona, you might as well check out the Barcelona luxury hotels while you’re at it. What’s the harm?

Seriously, if you don’t check out the Barcelona luxury hotels, your whole dream vacation could be in jeopardy. From what? Is that what you want to know? Well, if you plan this once in a lifetime vacation and stay in a hotel that is only average, what has that just done to your wonderful, dream-come-true vacation? Ruined it, that’s what. Brought it down a notch on the nice scale. That’s right. But by staying in one of the Barcelona luxury hotels, you are saving your vacation. Saving it from ending up a mediocre vacation than the luxurious, decadent most fabulous vacation that you had wanted it to be.

Win Free FON Routers @ Tripwolf

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Tripwolf is holding a competition that you might find interesting. They’ve partnered with FON to award the users who expand their network on the site the ‘most free’ FON routers.

Have you heard about FON before? If not, they are a European company that have created a global network of free internet access. How it works is, if you use a FON router at home, you gain free access to all FON routers around the world.

So, at tripwolf a competition is running to build up user’s social communities and the prizes are FON routers. The competition mirrors the natural community building experience of the tripwolf site—awarding one point for each friend and ten points for each new member referral. Every two weeks until November 25th, the two tripwolf members who have accumulated the most points win routers. More information about the competition can be found at

San Diego Hotels

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San Diego is a great place to visit. There’s the beach, the famous zoo and even the Disney Land theme park isn’t too far way.

San Diego hotels offer some great amenities for your vacation. You can find San Diego hotels to meet any need, whether you are looking for a suite with plush pillows and a great pool or a family friendly place for the whole group to stay.

Depending on the San Diego hotels you choose, they can make your vacation even more enjoyable. Oh, but what if you’re in San Diego for another reason. Like a business trip. That’s okay. Most San Diego hotels are equipped for business purposes, but you can’t go to San Diego and not have a little fun. Even if it is just at the fitness center offered by many San Diego hotels.