Five Things You Must Do When Traveling To Washington D.C.

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Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States of America. It has an incredible amount of historical and political landmarks, memorials, and buildings. The nation’s capital is home to a sizable population and is also a large tourist destination, these things contribute to it having a number of attractions that are not political and historical in nature as well. A trip to Washington D.C. will go down as one of the more memorable vacations in most people’s lives.

Here are five things you must do when traveling to Washington D.C.

Top 5 most luxurious hotels

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For most people a holiday is a time to really treat themselves, and this means that there is a huge market for luxury, top quality hotels and resorts around the world. What better way to make a honeymoon or special holiday memorable than staying in a lavish 5 Star hotel, and treating yourself to all the extravagance and opulence that they have to offer.

Santiago Hotels

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Planning a vacation to Santiago? Too many hotels to choose from? On the internet you can find review after review for great hotels, but really, which one do you pick? All of the Santiago Hotels sound so good. Of course, when you are looking at Santiago hotels, you are going to consider the price, or maybe the accommodations or possibly even the location. Besides Santiago hotels you can probably rent out villas or condominiums.

Well, don’t let that stop you from choosing one of the many Santiago hotels at your disposal. You have your choice of cheap and small, large and ornate or even familiar chain hotels. Santiago hotels boast some of the most beautiful hotels in Chile, with European architecture or the ever present chains of American hotels that are found in most cities. No matter what type of hotel you seek, there are Santiago hotels to accommodate you.

Slum Tours: the new trend

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Slum Tourism is a relatively new phenomenon, and has been widely criticised in the media for exploiting those living on and below the poverty line, and has been deemed ‘voyeurism’ rather that tourism. Some media types are calling this form of excursion ‘poorism‘, as it involves taking tours of some of the world’s most poverty stricken communities, and is said to have begun about 15 years ago in Brazil, when the company Favela Tour began to give guided tours around Rio De Janeiro’s largest and poorest shantytown or ‘favela’.

Egyptian Airlines

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EgyptAir is one of the largest and most popular of the Egyptian airlines, and offers a good range of international and domestic flights. EgyptAir flies to 5 continents, including weekly flights to Bahrain, Casablanca, Switzerland, and daily flights to places like Scandinavia.

EgyptAir was established in 1932 and originally carried out commercial flights from Cairo to Alexandria. During the Second World War the Egyptian government took control of the airline and changed the name to Misr Airlines. In 1946 the name was changed again to MisrAir and in 1956 the airline was merged with Syrian Airlines to form “United Arab Airlines, (UAA). By 1968 the UAA had added the Boeing 707 model to its fleet and became the first Middle Eastern airline to operate on the longer international routes. In 1971 UAA split, and formed the new airline EgyptAir.

Seville Vacation

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Home to famous lover, Don Juan and famous operatic voice, Figaro, Seville, Spain is the perfect choice for vacation destination. A Seville vacation offers many vacation choices from romantic getaway to historical haven. You can also find an ambience in the city that will offer a friendly diversion from every day life when you enjoy a Seville vacation.

So what is there to do on a Seville Vacation? Plenty. On a Seville vacation, you get to see the best part of the spanish culture. When you take a Seville vacation you will leave the real word far behind and experience an environment overflowing with passion that can be found only in this spanish heaven.

Paris Tours

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Tour EiffelHmmm….Paris. Who doesn’t want to visit it?

When you go to Paris, there are some great Paris tours you can take part in. If you would like to take Paris tours that take you out of Paris, then you might consider the ones that take you to Versailles. Versailles offers a tour of a musical fountain, or the Hall of Mirrors (state apartments), Versailles Palace and, of course, Chatres, which is the centerpiece of their Christianity.

If you would like to take Paris tours that keep you inside of Paris, you can take Paris tours that include the Paris l’Open Tour which takes you on an exploration of all Paris encompasses, historically, romantically and fashionably. There also tours that go through Champs Elysees, the Grande Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. If these aren’t enough to whet your appetite, then you can always find Paris tours that take you to see the “real” Paris, such as the Paris tours that will take you to the Montmartre and the flea market.

Five Eco-travel ideas for your holidays

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Try the Green DoorPeople who are interested in protecting the environment may find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to booking holidays, as travelling any distance by conventional transport methods can have a significant impact on the environment. However there are many ways you can have an eco-friendly holiday, and actively help to protect and preserve a variety of beautiful and endangered landscapes.

1. Eco-safari – many tour operators such as Ecotourism Australia are now offering ‘green’ nature trips and safaris, which aim to educate people on the protecting the environment as well as making active contributions to conservation. Group sizes are limited to reduce the impact on the natural habitats in terms of waste and the strain on natural resources, and also local guides are employed and local trade supported wherever possible. Supporting local communities is something you can do wherever you travel, and this helps to encourage local farming and commerce, and reduce carbon emissions through unnecessary food miles.

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