Photo of the day: hotel in Tokyo

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In Tokyo, worlds biggest megacity, is a dramatic lack of hotel beds! One of the necessary solution, nevertheless not acceptable for some tourists is the bellow illustrated capsule hotel!

For some tourists and locals, a wonderful idea!

But other questions are emerging: how is having sex here? May be even worse than in a hostel? Must you book in advance a simple or a double room/capsule? The price is acceptable: 17 $ a night!

Niagara Falls, the pure fascinating force of water

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Niagara Falls is maybe not the world’s biggest, but is no doubt the most visited. I saw it again, and was even more impressive than the first time. If you want to know more about Niagara Falls, than you should read this.

First of all, let the numbers speaking: 110 000 cubic metres fall in every minutes, and

20 000 000 tourists are mesmerized every year by these water falls(they are in fact two falls: one of them measures 53 m in height, and the other 21 m). The total width is almost 1 kilometre, and there are a dozen of skyscrapers build on the shores.

It lies on the border between Canada and U.S., between the lakes originated by the last ice period. The bigger falls is in Canada, not far from Toronto(avoid driving on highway during hot sommer week ends, you might need four hours). If you come from New York City, you need 10 hours bus travel.

How to make canyoning like a pro

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If you heard about canyoning, and want to know more, then you are very good here. Read further!

I recommended you a trip in Mallorca, and it was already canyoning. Introduction, to say.

But what it is canyoning after all? I would define it so: reaching the bottom of a canyon and travelling in it(supposing you should know already what is a canyon). Canyoning, also known as canyonering in the U.S., combines many other sports as walking, trekking, climbing, abseiling, rafting, swimming(but descendings,also abseiling, are usually asociated with canyoning). You must be in the shape and in the mood to make canyoning. Nevertheless, fun, aestethics and beutiful landscapes count more than stretching.

Canyoning can be very simple or extremely difficult, having fans in every age segment. There is special equipment needed.

Best ways to help Burma (Myanmar)

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Burma is a nice land in South East Asia, bordering with China, India and the ocean. It was until 1949 a british colony.

Worse than that, it is ruled since 40 years by a military dictatorship. The neighboring India, the biggest world’s democracy, keeps the eyes shut on the human rights violation, as it it is very interested in controlling the Burma oil reserves.

The worst: a devastating cyclone, called Nagis, hit Burma and caused 100 000 human victims. Other 2 000 000 people lost their houses and live on the streets. There is a dramatic lack of drinking water and basic food, consisting the major risk of outbreaking epidemics as cholera, hepatitis and typhoydis. And the military government did not allow to the foreign aids to enter the country, which is not easy to understand.

In order to help Burma, I would have the following suggestions:

5 best ways to invest in Romania

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I have visited Romania on orthodox Easter, and it was very deep spiritual.

Besides, I met a very interesting expat coming from Belgium, Mr Pascal Brijnaert. He is a computer  engineer, who have worked to the undergrounds from Mexico City and New Delhi. Mr Brijnaert is now 45 and he rules since 15 years a succes business based on woodworking. Mr Brijnaert’s company (Fininvest international, produces wood toys, which exports in western Europe( Belgium and France, where Mr Pascal has excellent contacts).

Mr Pascal Brijnaert sitting at his office

Pascal Brijnaert came first in Romania as a market researcher, working for other company, and ended through developing his own business. I do not earn very much from this little business, says Mr Brijnaert, my wish was to put some romanians to work, as I love this country very much. Indeed, he speaks perfectly Romanian, and is converted to orthodoxy.

Mr Brijnaert\'s business is based on serious marketing studiesFurniture stock waiting for delivery

Most expensive cities

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Moscow and Seul made their way to the top. They managed to get in front of the past lider Tokyo where a Heineken is 12$ and a melon is 13$. Berna, Switzerland should have appeared in this top too. I will get into details later.

Sea World – Giant Sea Spiders


Australian scientists investigating the icy waters of Antarctica said they found new creatures, including Giant Sea Spiders and Giant worms. No one understands why gigantism have manifested on these sea spiders. Expedition leader said he collected many samples of marine life in 20 days, 25% of them previously unknown.

Scientists are planning another expedition after 10 years to observe the effects climate will have. So maybe Monster of Lochness may exist afterall.