A complete guide to finding the right car rental

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Whether you are travelling for leisure or for business, renting a car gives you a lot of flexibility. Here is how you go about finding the right car rental:

Ask for recommendation from your travel agent

You can always use the internet to find whatever you need for your trip but asking your travel agent can save you all the phone calls and all the shopping. Your travel agent can definitely help you find the right ride for at your destination. Your travel agent may have contacts in different cities and can get you a good rate. Travel agents may also have access to car rental promos which are not advertised to the public and only offered to travel industry insiders.

Dealing with car rental costs

Perfect Vacation in Valencia

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Valencia, is the third largest city in the country of Spain (behind Madrid and Barcelona), and is situated around the Mediterranean Sea. The city was founded in 137 BC.

Valencia is no doubt on the ideal cities in Spain for visitors to have a wonderful vacation.

The city is extremely beautiful, and added to this is that the city has wonderful and conducive climatic conditions that will suite most visitors.


The city is most famous for the cultivation of fruits, such as oranges, Sherry, grapes as well as other varieties of fruit, not forgetting Spanish rice which is grown in abundance.

For a visitor arriving in the city for the first time, you won’t help marveling at the beautiful landscape that the city is blessed with. The fact that the city is situated very close to the Mediterranean Sea, gives it an added beauty and a peaceful place for a sweet vacation.

Travel Tips: How to get travel sponsorhip

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A lot of people have amazing dreams but majority of us stumble in reaching those goals when we meet hardships along the way, such as the lack of funds. It might be your lifelong dream to travel across the globe doing things only a few or no one have done, or going to places no one has ever explored.

If you will be attempting an out of ordinary journey and you need some financial backing up, here are some helpful tips that may lead you to close a good travel sponsorship deal:

What’s in it for the sponsor

No one will just hand you a big sum of money because they just want to. You need to think how potential sponsors think. They need to get something out of your travel, expedition, or exploration. People or companies will sponsor you most likely for publicity. You need to prepare for your presentation well since they need to find out if people or their consumers will talk about you. Are you going to appear in the news, blogs, magazines, or newspapers?

Delicious Places to Eat in L.A. – Pink’s Hot Dog Stand



For 70 years Pink’s has been a family operated hot dog stand in Los Angeles, California. This special hot dog stand began in 1939, when many Americans were struggling and good food was expensive. Pink’s prided themselves on providing fantastic hot dogs that anyone could afford. They have a variety of options to, and special chili that is well known all around the country to day.

In the 1940s Paul Pink bought a small building for his hot dog business, and it stands there today as the place thousands of Americans visit daily. The hot dogs come with any toppings you choose, such as chili, onions, and mustard, and cost only $2.95. Even their massive 10 inch hot dogs cost less than $4! Mostly everything is under $6. Technically from an economic stand point, these amazing chili dogs are a better “value” than they were in the late 30s. Not a lot of mom and pop restaurants can say that they survived 70 years in a growing city, but Pink’s has thanks to the great service.

Picture Perfect: 8 Places to Enjoy the Autumn Season

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What is it about the fall season that makes people fall in love?  Well, not just with another, but also fall in love with the season as well?  It is the crisp, cool air, the bulky sweaters, or the smell of apples freshly picked from the fields? Actually, none of the above compares to the magnificence of the autumn leaves in various shades of orange, red, and gold falling slowly from their branches.  There are so many splendors one can witness just by watching autumn leaves unfold. So here’s a list of the top places that offer the best views of autumn:

Columbia River Gorge: Autumn in Columbia

Gluten-Free Travel


One of the most common digestive problems being diagnosed today is that of gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat and grains. It is found in practically every loaf of bread and every grain of flour. Actually the entire population to some extent is gluten intolerant; however here are some unfortunate people that have serious reactions to it in any sort of substantial portion. Common symptoms of gluten toxin are headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea or other flu-like symptoms. There’s actually a quite serious condition known in America as Celiac disease that actually causes the body to temporarily lower its immunity to several viruses.

Wedding Planning Know How: Creating an Awesome Hen Weekend


fun hen weekendOnce you’ve been named as the maid of honor, there really should be only one thing on your mind – how to throw the most amazing hen weekend in the world for your lovely lady. Ensuring that the weekend fits her style, her interests, and she has all her friends and family around her are the three things that can really make a difference – and that is all down to you.

Rather than diving straight into the deep end, spend the first couple of weeks creating a guest list and ensuring as many people as possible can make your intended event. Look at group bookings through budget hotel companies. Choose an accommodation that allows three adults per standard room, which will cut right down on the price per head for your stay.

Vietnamese Food – More Than Just Pho


Pho is easily the most recognizable Vietnamese dish, reaching cult like status in many major metropolitan areas. However, Vietnamese food has such incredible depth and variety that it’s a shame more people never experience it. Vietnamese food is beloved for many reasons: it’s one of the healthiest asian cuisines, has incredible flavor while being light, and blends spices and textures in a way that attracts wide appeal. So what really makes Vietnamese food so special?

Vietnamese food can be divided into three distinct regional styles. The northern style of cuisine is the most traditional, and uses less ingredients and has a more simple taste and feel. Southern cuisine has much more French and Chinese influence, and southern cuisine has a broader range of flavors. The central part of Vietnam focuses on smaller dishes, and as a whole uses much more spices than the North or the South.