Travel tips: Things you can do so you can sleep well while abroad

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Whether you are going to a place under the same or different time zone, often times you find it difficult to sleep when you are in a different place. We all hope that we find our travel rhythm and not miss our own bed and pillows.

If you are sharing these sleeping problems while on the road, read on as we have listed travel tips for you so you will have some good night’s rest so you will have a lot of energy to explore your destination.

Keep your room dark

Our body has its own clock and takes signals from its surroundings if it is time to sleep. The usual timing is of course we sleep at night and so it will help a lot if you can keep your hotel room dark if you want to get some rest. If you will be staying in a city, it is for certain that there will be lights and bright signage everywhere so the blinds or the curtains will surely help much.

Top 10 Restaurants with stunning views

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Food is a lot better when you have a good ambiance or a spectacular view that comes with the dining experience. If your travel budget is a bit tight and cannot book a luxury hillside hotels, a good meal at a restaurant with a great view from the dining area is always a good splurge. Here are some great places to enjoy good food and spectacular views:

1-Altitude in Singapore

This three level restaurant crowns the OUB Center which is the Singapore counterpart of the Wall Street in the West. It is a perfect place which offers the spectacular view of the city while enjoying your servings of satay, pizza, or Turkish bread and dips. A good chit chat with your travel mate or business colleague is nice with a few cocktails ranging from mojito to modern creative concoctions.

8 of the Sexiest Hotel Showers in the World

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Usually people book hotel rooms for the comfort and luxury it offers. Today, not only do designers and hotel owners pay attention to the room. They have added something else which entices visitors even more: showers. If you think about this, it is but natural that a room has a wonderful shower waiting for its tired visitors.

However, don’t think it’s just an ordinary shower—something similar to what you have at home. These are extraordinary bathrooms with high-tech features, glass mosaics and even a chandelier. Think the latter is only a posh way to light your path inside? Think again, as a switch turns this chandelier into an incredibly sexy shower.
Gone are the days when hotel rooms offered bathrooms that simply offer a place for you to freshen up from a day’s worth of tours. Today, they have all kinds of perks which include multiple showerheads to a grand view of the city.

The Best 8 Places to Go to When You’re Looking for Affordable Healthcare

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Medical tourism is nothing new, what with the rising rate of hard-to-treat ailments we’re suffering from these days. It’s a good thing that treatment is still possible, and even affordable, as long as you know which part of the world to go to. Take a look at your traveler miles because you might want to make that next stop more life changing (literally) than the next. Below are the top eight destinations for health treatments.

Top 1: Thailand for a lot of medical treatments

First on the list is the pioneer when it comes to Medical Tourism. Thailand has long been known for the high quality of its urban hospitals. While treatment for cancer isn’t the primary niche for this country, you can go here for cheap cosmetic treatments ranging from nose jobs to sex changes. Of course, the medical practitioners here aren’t limited to plastic surgeons.

Top 10 Christmas gifts for geeks

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2008 has been a top year for gadgets, which is going to make is nice and easy to get that special present for the geek in your life! Here is a quick guide to the top 10 Christmas gifts for geeks this year:

1. NINTENDO DS LITE – the DS has lead the market in hand held consoles for some time and the new Lite version has impressive 3D rendered graphics, bright visually stunning screens and cutting-edge games making it a must for any serious gadget lovers. As a major bonus it also includes a Wi Fi connection so that you can log on to the live Nintendo games site and play online with friends from all around the world.

Cheap Flights Madrid


Madrid is a wonderful destination for a holiday with a lot to offer visitors of all ages, and as well as the bustling main city there are some stunning nearby coastal resorts which make fantastic destinations for a summer sun break.

Because this has been one of the top destinations for UK visitors for many years there are lots of cheap flights on offer departing from airports all over the UcheK to Madrid Barajas Airport (AD), and the best deals on airline tickets can often be found online at websites like and You should also check the last minute boards in local travel agents and Teletext, but don’t forget to compare prices as sometimes you can get even cheaper prices on the budget airlines by booking well in advance, rather than leaving it to the last minute

Looking For The Heaven On Earth In Tahiti

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By the end of the XIXth century Paul Gauguin was a very successful painter living in Paris, the capital of artistic world. Many people could think and say, he was at the peak of its glory. But Gauguin leaves Paris and takes a long journey to the Tahiti islands. He was looking for peace and quiet, and these matters are not to find in Paris.

Tahiti island, or the Heaven on Earth

Tahiti island, or the Heaven on Earth

Today for many people aiming to find the Heaven on Earth, Tahiti remains the best option. The Tahiti islands are by far the most beautiful of  the Pacific islands, as they enjoy a wonderful tropical weather and have wonderful beaches. The local beauties are charming, and I’d better stop. It is really too nice to be true!

On Raiatea Island you can get the biggest river in Frenc Polynesia, and you can take part to a river boat journey

On Raiatea Island you can get the biggest river in Frenc Polynesia, and you can take part to a river boat journey

Ever Been to Cuba?

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In the past. Cuba has been viewed as a pretentious and rebellious nation thanks to the countries colorful history.  but did you know it is one of the few countries in the Caribbean which actually saw growth in tourism this year? 

With white sandy beaches and an unmistakable pride, Cuba is a country like no other. As more and more people discover this amazing Latino nation, Cuba’s tourism industry is going from strength to strength.