Seven Most Mysterious Stone Circles in the United Kingdom

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Stone circles have an undeniable mystique which draw people to wonder about the life in the times these formations where constructed. It is this mystery that draws crowds from the United Kingdom to Stonehenge spend the solstices there. But unknown to many there are at least a thousand more stone formations across Britain.
Archaelogists believe that these circles were made during the Megalithic era. These circles are believed to be centers of ceremonies for the people of that time. They initially believed that the circles involved burials but no such artifacts have proven the idea conclusive.
Travelers can delve into the questions and mysteries that these circles pose by visiting the following sites.

Grey Wethers

America’s Top 8 Pizzas

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If you were anywhere else in the world, a pizza would just be a pizza. That is, of course, unless you’re actually in Italy, which is the pizza capital of the world. Away from its motherland, though, the pizza has also gained quite a following in the United States. If you want more than just another slice of pizza, here is a list of the best pizza places you can find in America.

New York: Co.

If you want authentic pizza, you should visit Jim Lahey’s eatery in Chelsea. The restaurant itself if sparingly decorated, which would lead you to believe that it’s not much of a pizza parlor. That is, of course, you smell their dough. Lahey, who owns the Sullivan Street Bakery as well, cooks his pizza over EarthStone oven. A whole pie might cost a lot, but nothing beats the taste of the pizza’s artisanal (if not scorched) dough.

Bon-a-petit: Doing it how the French does it, in restaurants that is


When in France, do it how French people do things. Without a doubt, you will try out the best French cuisine in some of the highly rated restaurants in France.

If you are accustomed to the dictum that customers are always right, you might want to set that aside because they have their own rules when it comes to dining. You certainly don’t want to get into trouble with the restaurant staff. You will not as long as you know how to behave right.

Knowing the Non and Oui in Substitutions

You may have that notion that you can have your food your way. If you are the type of asking the waiter to add this, don’t put that, or mix this with that, this is a non (no) can do in France. You can not ask the waiter to put the sauce of the dish on something that you think will please your tongue.

Travel Tips: Sleeping in Airports

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People sleeping in airport are not uncommon.  In fact, sleeping in airports is expected.  Unless the airport has an indoor gym, mall, swimming pools, and a casino, you will find people sleeping in airport terminals.  Sometimes, there are people who occupy three chairs and are covered in a thick blanket without a care in the world.  Nowadays, people sleeping in airports are anything but discreet.  Besides, who would care to watch you snore when everyone seems to be rushing from one flight to another, fuming because of a delayed flight, and fighting boredom while, well, sleeping.  Here are some tips for you if you plan to get some shut eye while waiting for your plane.

Top sites to visit along the Sicilian Coast

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Travelers have always been fascinated by Italy through the years. Tourists have walked the streets of Rome, admired the old structures in Florence, and watched the opera at Verona. This time, we’ll be navigating the roads of Sicily by car, which will take us right by the Sicilian coast for a fantastic view and a week’s worth of Italian amusement.


To begin your journey, hop on a plane headed to Palermo. This is not only the largest city in Sicily, but also its capital. From the airport, you can easily rent a car so you can start off on your adventure by driving to Erice, which is about 90 or so kilometers south west from Palermo.

What’s wrong with Mexico?

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Mexico Coast

A recent report has revealed that tourism in Mexico fell by around 16% which has threw the tourism-dependent country of Mexico into uncertainty as to how it will make up the economic shortfall as tourism is the country’s third largest source of income.

Best Cruises in Alaska

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Alaska has a very rugged environment and the best way to experience its best offerings is on a cruise. You can combine the roadways on this state and it will not even cover half the stretch of its coastlines. From the waters, you can have a different perspective of the landscapes, or you can watch bears trying to catch salmons, or simply be amazed with the glaciers.

The cruise lines cater to the different Alaska travel adventures of your liking. Here are some of the best of Alaska cruises you can find:


Traveling Tips for New Parents

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sleeponthegoWhen you’re a new parent, it really is a Herculean task to be away from your newborn baby even for just a few days.

Having spent every single day taking care of your new baby, your own life suddenly becomes not yours alone. In every waking moment, you will find yourself constantly doing normal, everyday chores with your baby’s well-being in mind.

Traveling is often a challenge to most parents with young kids, particularly moms. However, if you really to go on a trip and be away from your newborn child for a few days, weeks, or months, here are some tips on how to survive being a traveling parent.

First of all, you have to accept that it is okay to leave