LG GD900 Availability Announced

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LG Electronics, Inc is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications, employing more than 82,000 people working in 114 operations including 82 subsidiaries around the world. LG earlier introduced their Crystal Transparent Design Mobile Phone code name “GD900” back in February 2009.

For those of you who were willing to get their hands on it don’t need to wait anymore because LG has announced the launch of its new LG GD900 Crystal slider phone. Unlike any other cell phone it comes with a transparent keypad and according to LG this is the world’s first transparent design mobile phone.


The LG GD900 comes with a 3 inch WQVGA touch screen display, LG’s S class 3D user interface, built in accelerometer and Wifi. Furthermore it offers a 8 Megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, Dolby Mobile audio technology which aims to enhance your mobile experience.

Ten Private Villas You wouldn’t want to Miss Out on while you’re in Asia

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If you have enough cash for the best accommodations in town, you might want to skip the usual hotel room stay. There are private villas across Asia that would have you redefining your idea of luxurious travel. These are still services so you won’t have to worry about using elbow grease. If anything, you would be treated more like royalty because you can actually swim in naked in that private pool, request anything from your private chef, and lounge in that extra space hotels simply can’t give you these days.

Calamian Islands, Palawan, Philippines: Ariara

This is the best villa to stay in if you’re traveling with an all-adult group. There’s a pool in the villa but it’s not really safe for small children. The villa itself is impressively designed, but what make your stay here extra special are the private dive guide and the fact that you’ll have the entire island to yourself. The dishes served are also impressively gourmet. There are eight staff members to wait on you, and eight spacious rooms for you to enjoy.

A Beginner’s Guide to Burma

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Burma has recently opened up to the world, after decades of rule of a military regime. Today, it is relatively easy to travel around by yourself. Like other countries in Southeast Asia, Burma has been visited by a lot of backpackers, but if you plan to see more of the country, some planning is necessary, especially in getting the permits.

As there are still some areas which are closed-off, one must also be flexible enough, lest plans do not go as intended. Here are three itineraries beginner travelers can follow, varying in uncertainty and intensity involved. With proper planning and using your travel smarts, you can have an amazing time in this beautiful country, which not many have ventured into:
First, the practicalities: there is practically no ATMs in Burma, so you need to come prepared with your cash. Also, credit cards are not really accepted beyond some posh places in Yangon. Visas must be applied for, and one can stay for a 28-day maximum period. You must apply for one before leaving your home country.

Travel tips: How to pack for your beach holiday

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Heading out for a few days of beach holiday? So what do you bring? The answer really depends on the mode of transport you will be using. If you are flying to your beach destination, you only want to bring what you really need. You need to know what will be there to purchase or maybe rent so you can pack smart.

If you are driving to your beach getaway, you can consider bring some beach gear. Do not forget to check if your hotel or rent out or let you borrow things like umbrellas, lounge chair, and towels. When traveling with kids, do no forget to bring their inflatable toys. The big cooler with drinks and snacks is also a must.

Beach bags

You might be bringing some stuff near the water so it will be wise to bring a beach tote to hold gadgets, pocketbooks, sun block lotion, among others. Go for the colorful ones that are made of nylon, mesh, canvas, or straw.

Santiago Hotels

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Planning a vacation to Santiago? Too many hotels to choose from? On the internet you can find review after review for great hotels, but really, which one do you pick? All of the Santiago Hotels sound so good. Of course, when you are looking at Santiago hotels, you are going to consider the price, or maybe the accommodations or possibly even the location. Besides Santiago hotels you can probably rent out villas or condominiums.

Well, don’t let that stop you from choosing one of the many Santiago hotels at your disposal. You have your choice of cheap and small, large and ornate or even familiar chain hotels. Santiago hotels boast some of the most beautiful hotels in Chile, with European architecture or the ever present chains of American hotels that are found in most cities. No matter what type of hotel you seek, there are Santiago hotels to accommodate you.

The Healthy Fast Food of Vietnam

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When you think of Vietnamese foods you probably envision lots of spicy chilies, exotic spice blends and percolating pots of fishy soups. Well even across the globe busy people are still eating on the go. One of Vietnam’s most traditional and popular to-go foods is the Banh mi, or Vietnamese sandwich.

With its origins in French cuisine the Banh mi sandwich is made with a traditional French baguette, filled with a variety of fresh and local Vietnamese ingredients. Typically a spread of mayonnaise, garlic and cilantro is used on a sliced, whole-wheat baguette. The most common ingredients used n Banh mi are Vietnamese ham, ground pork, cilantro, pork pate’, daikon, pickled carrots, fish sauce and mayonnaise. A search of Banh mi recipes on the Internet will yield hundreds of traditional recipes and preparations as well as many modern interpretations using more western ingredients.

Top 10 Restaurants in Manhattan that dish out the best grub

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Food can mean many things to different people. It could be a source of nourishment people who are always on the go, or a form of art for food critics and connoisseurs. For some who engage in business, it could be a source of income. But for others who find themselves uprooted from their place of origin and relocated to unfamiliar territories, sometimes it simply takes a spoonful of food bring you that small slice of home. To New Yorkers scattered around the globe, here are a couple of restaurants that are guaranteed to have you yearning to be in the streets of Manhattan.

Tavern on Jane

Greece Travel: Exploring the Beautiful Dodecanese

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There are many things to explore in the beautiful Dodecanese, a beautiful island complex in Greece. Dodecanese is comprised of 12 large islands plus 150 small islands found in the Aegean Sea. Today, 26 of these islands are inhabited, making it perfect for island hopping trips.

Apart from the islands, the magnificent ancient ruins in Dodecanese Islands are totally fascinating. From Byzantine and Medieval monuments to local and unique settlements, there are many things to discover in Dodecanese. You just have to take your pick. Here’s ours.