Best Things To Do In Sydney

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Sydney is a modern, multicultural city, with an energetic, vibrant atmosphere and some of the best ‘surf, sand and sun’ in Australia. The golden sands of Bondi beach are just a short drive from the fabulous restaurants and shops of the city center, and the harbor is without a doubt one of the most beautiful in the world, with the distinct white peaks of the Sydney Opera House and the stunning Harbor Bridge crowning the seas and cityscapes. Although Sydney is not the administrative capital of Australia it is certainly its cultural and business heart, and the semi tropical summers and mild short winters means that Sydney epitomizes the true heart of the Australian active, outdoors life, from eating and socializing out with friends, to swimming, walking and surfing out on the beautiful beaches.

Top 5 of the Most Rockin’ Beaches to Party on for 2010

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The water breaks on the coastline and the sun’s just about to set. For most beaches, this marks a quiet night with maybe a few bonfires, a group of friends drinking beer from a cooler, and couples stargazing. For these, beaches, however, the party has just begun. If you want to spend your summer at the beach but you’re not quite ready to leave the parties of the city, then these destinations were made for you.

With these beaches, you’ll be partying way into sunrise and probably sleeping all day. They also draw the best crowds from all over the globe, and there’s always an event going on no matter what day of the week it is, especially if you go there during the peak seasons.

Boracay in the Philippines

Rising Airfares Ahead

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Times have been tough for everyone, and airlines have been struggling with their own profitability issues since the terrorist attacks of 2001. With no end in sight, airlines are seeking out every possible revenue stream, and charging fees for “premium” seats are the wave of the future. Premium doesn’t infer first class or business class here; essentially what the airlines have done is further divided coach. And you thought flying coach couldn’t possibly get any worse.

The way it works is not all seats in coach are created equal. The seats in front have increased leg room and exit the plane first, seats near exit roads are a touch wider, some seats don’t recline, seats further back aren’t as desirable, and of course nobody wants to be in the middle. The airlines know this, so what they’ve done is they started charging extra for these premium seats. The madness varies depending on which airline you’re flying on.

Travel tips: How to Avoid the Madding Crowd at the Popular Tourist Spots

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When you travel there are going to be places where the action is packed and where you’ll be doing a lot of bumping and grinding. The bad news about this is that a.) you’ll do it in the daylight b.) you will be in close quarters with somebody in a Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts and c.) the venue is not going to be a club.

Let’s face it. We are not alone in wanting to see the great sights the world has to offer. Most of the time we have to share the Taj Mahal with the hordes coming out of the tourist buses and violate the quiet atmosphere of the Notre Dame with the multitudes of heathens following a guide.

Despite the bustle of the crowds, there are truly some spots worth seeing. However, there are smarter ways of braving tourist traps than merely diving into the sea of bodies. Here are some tips on helping you find ways to enjoy these top tourist destinations without having to go crazy.

5 things to do in Cape Town

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Cape Town is comparable with Mallorca. It is very European, and many Europeans have there a second vacation house. The city is booming. I visited Cape Town two weeks ago and stayed in Cape Heritage Hotel; I was happy there, and I can recommend you this special hotel.

And I am also able to recommend you a few other attractions of Cape Town:

So, here are 5 things to do in Cape Town:

1. The Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. Jan van Riebeck founded Cape Town at 1630 as a supply basis for the dutch ships, and founded also a vegetable garden. Today the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is one of the world largest, and a main attraction of the city. It stretches on 530 ha. , having wide collections of plants, including protea. Protea is growing only in SA and is a national symbol.

Asus Announced New Eee Pc’s under $500 range

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The much expected Asus new netbooks have been announced under code name 1005HA-M and 1005HA-H. Both machines are based on the design of the original 1009HA SeaShell but when you compare these netbooks with SeaShell, they are much thicker, though still light and thin.

The new 1005HA-M and 1005HA-H netbooks adapt the same styling as the 1008HA and are paired with removeable batteries: a 2,200mAh good for 8hrs in the 1005HA-M, and a 2,800mAh good for 10hrs in the 1005-HA-5.


Looking at the specs, the Eee PC 1005HA-M is powered with an Atom N270 1.6GHz processor while on the other hand the 1005HA comes with an N280 1.66Ghz. Other than that both models have almost the same features and includes

  • 1GB Ram
  • 160GB hard drive
  • WiFi
  • 1.3 Megapixel Camera
  • 3 in 1 card reader
  • 10-inch WSVGA 1024 x 600 displays

World’s Most Famous Eco Lodges

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These days, more and more travelers are discovering and enjoying the advantages of booking at eco lodges. Apart from adapting more eco-friendly travel tips, the travelers themselves find interest not just in exploring what Mother Earth has to offer but also helping her out in return.

Here are some of the best eco lodges in the world that offer a more rewarding experience for world travelers.

Misool Eco Resort in Indonesia

Indonesia Destinations

One of the best eco lodges in Asia can be found in Indonesia. Despite its remote setting, which is located in Indonesia’s Raja Ampat archipelago, going to Misool Eco Resort is an adventure in itself. The 13 bungalows at this eco lodge are made from saved driftwood. Each one is as picturesque as the next in this beautiful and strategically located eco lodge.

8 things you can do in Tokyo for free

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Tokyo is among the most expensive places to live in and visit. If you are a budget traveler, you need not worry, there are still things you can do during your Tokyo holiday for free. Here is how you can stretch your travel budget:

Visit the oldest temple in Tokyo

Sensoji is the oldest temple in Tokyo and it was built in the 7th century. Locals believe that the smoke coming from the incense urn right in front for the temple can help help heal one’s body of ailments. Around the temple, you can find street vendors selling cheap quick snacks like bean cakes, rice crackers, and ice cream made of green tea. You can also try the local dishes from the traditional restaurants nearby.

Visit the Meiji Shrine