Travel Tips: 8 Things you have to Do to Book a Flight this Holiday

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Booking flights during the peak season is always a challenge. This is never truer than during the holidays when people from all over the country just fly home despite hikes in ticket prices. Expect a greater number of people squeezing for space this year compared to the last two when the recession seemed to have hit an all time low. This year, people just can’t wait to go home and spend thanksgiving with their families.

While we certainly can’t promise to make booking a piece of cake for you (that’s too tall an order) below are tips which could make things a tad easier.

Include Extra Fees in your Computation

You might be surprised with the “hidden fees” you’ll encounter in the airport if you take a trip this year. While most travelers are pretty used to additional costs padded onto their ticket fares, this year’s extra fees are a bit more pronounced. Paying fees for checked bags are no longer new, but you’ll be surprised with some of the most controversial headliners this year.

Top 10 World’s Nightclubs

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1. Space, Ibiza

If you are into Dance music then you will have heard of Space, not only the best nightclub in Ibiza but also currently the best nightclub in the whole world. Basically it’s all down to the atmosphere, and although the days are gone when the DJ’s used to drag the decks out onto the terrace for an all day outdoor party, the atmosphere is still electric, and its worth arriving early so you can watch the sun go down right from the dance floor as you party, which is a unique and very memorable experience. The top of the range Funktion One soundsystem produces one of the best clubs sounds you can get and all the top DJ’s play the famous Space decks, including Carl Cox who is currently hosting a special Tuesday night techno music marathon. Sunday is generally the biggest night of the week and the opening and closing parties of the season almost have the scale of a mini dance festivals, with as many as 20,000 people passing through the doors during the 22 hour events.

Kensington launches Keyed Lock for Ultra Think Notebook PC

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For all  those people who take their business with them wherever they go definitely want to keep it safe and secure from the world.When I say business, I mean “Laptops” that carries your personal and business information. Some will use theft protection software while others would go for some gadgets to lock their systems.

Recently I have discovered Kensingto which offers MicroSaver DS, a keyed lock for ultra think notebook PC. The lock has a 6 feet steel cable and offers 3 layers of cable strength,carbon tempered steel core, aircraft-grade steel cable, external steel braided sheath. It lets you protect your computer with incomparable security.

It features “T-bar” locking mechanism that attaches to the standard Kensington security slot found in 99% of notebook and computer devices.



  • Advanced, nearly impenetrable disc-lock technology
  • 3 layers of cable strength: carbon tempered steel core, aircraft-grade steel cable, external steel braided sheath

Caribbean Cruises: Finding Love on the Open Water


Cruising has a universal appeal. From grandparents and parents to newlyweds and sulky teenagers, a cruise holiday with Virgin Holidays Cruises caters to a large and diverse demographic. This is why it has become the number one type of holiday in the world. A cruise ship is like a floating microcosm of society, and unless you are taking a safari or some other group tour, there is no other type of holiday like it. In the end, floating on the open water with 3000 people from around the globe is nothing like booking a safari excursion with a small group of twenty. If you are looking to meet new friends, spark a possible romance or even find a future spouse, then the cruise provides you with all sorts of possibilities. It is a far better place to meet people than Soho bars, online chat rooms and tedious office parties.

Best bridges on the pages of the record books

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These bridges are so extraordinarily bold, huge and busy with their own unique feats that men from the past would have deemed them inconceivable. Stylishly functional, they are modern man’s accomplishments in engineering.

The Busiest
George Washington Bridge in New York

The bridge that connects Manhattan to New Jersey accommodated 51 million vehicles across last year. The number may seem high but is easily imaginable as the bridge has a fourteen lanes of traffic (the upper and lower level combined). However, it is important to mention that this only refers to vehicles.

If we are to be strict about it, saying taking into account everything that passes across a bridge, the Howrah Bridge found in the town of Kolkata inIndia will be the winner as about 80,000 cars, a million people and herds of cows cross its eight lanes of traffic.

The Perfect Macau Vacation

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Macau, an ever developing land of mystery and excitement. Over the years this providence of the People’s Republic of China has become one of the hottest tourist spots in the world. Nearly the entire area has been restored to welcome travelers from all countries into a city of lights, entertainment, and action. From shopping, to fine dining, to casinos, this city has taken on a whole new look, giving a fresh destination for anyone who is looking for the ultimate travel experience.


There is a little bit for everyone in a Macau vacation. The city is a treasure trove of history and culture, with restored antique buildings covering every street, showing a mixture of Chinese and Portuguese ingenuity. There are plenty of museums and art exhibits that pay homage to this combination, showing the influences of both cultures from a time long ago, when colonization was still fresh.
If you are looking for a day of sand, surf, and sun, you will love the beaches along Fisherman’s Warf, which offer a chance to participate in numerous watersports, build castles in the sand, or even just lay out in the sun, relaxing amongst the other beach-lovers.

Eating out in Edinburgh

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Edinburgh is an exciting and vibrant city and the perfect place for that special weekend getaway. As well as plenty of shopping and site seeing, Edinburgh also has some excellent restaurants, pubs and cafes to offer, so here is a quick guide to all the best places to eat and drink during your stay.



The Scots love their breakfasts, so you will find plenty of cafes, delicatessens and pubs offering breakfast service from 7am right through to lunchtime and one of if you find yourself in the north of the city in the morning a trip to Porto & Fi is a must. This is a great little café style delicatessen with views over the River Forth, which serves excellent tea, coffee to go with your breakfast or brunch. Some of the most popular dishes include sliced Parma ham and eggs, and a selection of freshly baked pain au chocolat and small pastries served with cups of deep rich coffee. Another great place for breakfast is Urban Angel, which specialises in cooking ethically with fair-trade and organic produce, and a favourite dish in this smart café is the eggs benedict with locally smoked haddock.

Travel Tips: 6 Pocket-friendly ways when going to destination races

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A lot of people today are very conscious when it comes to health issues. We go through weight loss programs to get that six pack abs that we dreamed of or simply improve our overall health. Millions around the globe run on a regular basis to shed off the extra pounds. There are also those who join marathons and travel to destination races to conquer challenges or to help fight for a cause or charity.

Joining destination races involve a lot of planning and also some spending. Here are some useful tips you might want to try so you can stick within your budget:

Early registration

Race organizers often give discounts for those who register early. You can save some money when you sign up early and of course you are assured of a spot before the race hits the maximum number of participants. No matter how small you save, you can definitely use this extra money for your other travel expenses.