Low cost flights

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A few years ago a good friend of mine, a belgian expat living in Romania, used to visit his parents in Belgium via Athens! The reason is easy to guess: besides a visit in the greek islands, the flight offer from Athens was cheaper than from Romania! Low flights and low airfares were practically unknown from Bucharest, he only had expensive choices with prestige companies. Because of these facts, he ordered the airline tickets online and took the plane from Athens.

Meanwhile he can also fly cheap from Bucharest with no name companies, whose secrets are easy to guess and to unveil: less luxury and meals on board, cheaper planes, cheaper airports etc.

The differences are huge, more than three times! It means quite something for an addicted traveler like me, my friend and perhaps all of you. Unfortunately for the big companies, the cheap companies are also reliable and safe. But for the big companies remain the long range flights, there are no cheap alternatives for this market!

Things to do in Bordeaux

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Bordeaux is an ancient city, which lies between the River Garonne and miles of fertile countryside, and is famous for its rich, classic wines and hearty cuisine. Bordeaux is a lovely place to visit, with its relaxed, laid back atmosphere and convivial café culture, and the mild climate is perfect for walks along the river and dining out in the evenings.

A little taste from Bordeaux and its charming architecture

A little taste from Bordeaux and its charming architecture

There are plenty if things to see and do in Bordeaux, and many of the city museums and architectural sights are within walking distance of one another, so you can take it easy and stroll around the city at your own pace, stopping now and again for a strong coffee or a leisurely lunch. Favorite sights include:
* Quartier des Chartrons – this amazing area became rich on the busy wine trade of the 18th Century, and is full of stunning historic buildings and upmarket shops and restaurants. This is also the sight of the popular Musée d’Art Contemporain, which some varied and fascinating exhibits on 20th century experimental art, ‘arte povera’ (1960’s Italian art movement) and excellent temporary displays that showcase contemporary artists.

Eating up Puerto Rico


One of biggest things I love about Puerto Rican cuisine is that it is a very different collection of ingredients, history, and flavors. The indigenous Taíno Indians, the conquering Spanish, and foreign African slaves have all played a role in what has become known as Comida Criolla. Even though the food of Puerto Rico has its history rooted in Island and Spanish flavors, throughout history it has slowly take on a distinct flavor all its own. Here is a short list of 4 of the most popular and historically classic Puerto Rican dishes.


1. Mofongo

Mofongo is by far the most popular and readily found dish in Puerto Rico. The dish is composed of a tasty and filling blend of diced plantains, island herbs spices and a practically unlimited varieties of fillings; shrimp, pork, steak, seafood and even vegetarian… no matter what kind of flavors you prefer, there is a mofongo for you! Mofongo can also be found anywhere on the island. Practically every Puerto Rican restaurant, from roadside dives to some of Puerto Rico’s most refined local restaurants, will all have their own “secret” recipe.

Why Traveling by Rail and Bus May Be More Convenient

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If there is one thing the US is not known for, it’s transit via bus and rail. Travel by busses and railroads is commonplace in many other developed nations, except in the US. This has changed in recent years, however. In fact, ridership for Amtrak, the United States rail system, has increased year by year for the past 7 years. Does rail or bus travel make sense for you? Well, that depends on several factors: where you’re going, how fast you want to get there, and how much you want to spend.

iBuyPower Battalion 101 CZ-10 Gaming Notebook Launched

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iBUYPOWER is one of the largest gaming system manufacturers in the world. They are known for building premium gaming machines with maximum features and specs that makes gaming much more powerful.

They have recently announced the launch of their new Battalion 101 CZ-10 Premium notebook specially designed for gamers. It is powered by Intel Montevina Core 2 Duo Mobile T9550 Dual Core processor that ranges from P8600 2.4GHz to T9800 2.93GHz, 4GB RAM, and a 512MB ATI Radeon 4650 graphics card. It seems to be a great machine that offers outstanding gaming power.

According to the company this will be their first notebook to feature the new accidental damage protection plan that is responsible to insure all new CZ-10 Premium notebooks against damage from accidental spills or drops.


Las Vegas: Five Tips for Newbies


Las Vegas

When you’re new to Sin City, it can be hard to know where to begin! If you’re wisely looking for Las Vegas travel tips to help you get the most of your experience ahead of time, the city can be a great experience with a little planning ahead.

1. Budget trips are possible — and enjoyable!
Don’t feel you have to spend thousands a day, though if you have the cash, doing so can be a fun experience. For most of us, a hundred dollars a day can go a long way with some extra planning and restraint while in the casinos.

2. Limit yourself when you’re gambling.
Make strict limits on how much you’re allowed to spend in the casinos each night and how long you’ll stay. Resist the urge to withdraw “just a little more”, and when you’ve reached your time limit, leave. Even if you’re on a winning streak, it will turn to a losing streak sooner or later, and it’s better to leave while you’re up money than when you’re broke.

The best spa resorts in Bulgaria

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When you talk of geothermal resources, Bulgaria can be considered among the richest in Europe. No wonder Bulgaria holidays are one of Europe’s most popular when it comes to spa resorts and mineral springs that can satisfy anyone’s desire to relax. The country has spa resorts and mineral springs that can satisfy anyone’s desire to relax.

The country by the Black Sea is trying to enliven its balneotherapy traditions which were a bit lost during the reign of communism. Two decades after, travelers from Germany, Scandinavia, Israel, the Balkans and beyond are flocking in to see what Bulgaria’s got to offer.

We list down some of the popular spa resorts in Bulgaria below.


Velingrad is far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and tucked in the Rhodope mountains. This place is known as the Spa Capital of the Balkan region. And why not? It has around eighty mineral springs with the hottest of it flowing some 93 degree Celsius of water.

Cheap hotels in Munich

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Munich is a picturesque city, set along the River Isar and to the north of the Bavarian alps, and is also one of Germany’s most forward thinking places, with cutting edge art and music scenes and trendy bars and nightclubs.

Munich was founded as a city in 1158, and literally means ‘home of the monks’, after the monastery situated on this site dating back from the 8th century. Munich went on to become the seat of the successful the Wittelsbach dynasty, who ruled the kingdom of Bavaria until the end of WWI. Munich has always been an affluent city, and there a number of excellent buildings that reflect a whole range of different design styles through the ages including gothic, Renaissance, Barque and neo-classical. This wealth has also led to a consistently strong patronage of the arts, and there are plenty of excellent museums, galleries, theatres and music halls.