Peru beaches

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When you are planning a beach holiday you probably don’t immediately think of Peru, but this South American country has a Pacific facing coastline of over 2,500 km, which is dotted with some of the most beautiful and exotic beachfronts in the world.

For those that like the glamorous life there are a number of top class beach resorts, particularly to the south of Lima, which is the capital city. Here you will find long stretches of white sandy beaches, washed by the cool clean waters of the Pacific ocean, which are perfect from peaceful sunbathing, and also a variety of water sports including scuba diving, snorkeling, yachting and jet skiing. Some of the beaches in Peru are not suitable for swimming, as there are some tricky underwater currents and water quality is poor in some areas, so make sure you check each beach out before you jump straight in the water.

Ireland Honeymoon

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Ireland is a wonderful destination for a honeymoon, with its rich, romantic history and stunning, idyllic scenery. Nothing could be more magical than a fairytale get away to one of the majestic Irish castle destinations, such as the Ballynahinch CBallynahinch Castle Hotelastle Hotel in the heart of woodlands in Connemara. This impressive castle has been renovated into an intimate 4 star hotel, and is nestled alongside the famous Ballynahinch River and surrounded by the dramatic Twelve Bens Mountain Range. Better still you could hire your very own castle, such as 15th Century Knappogue Castle near Limerick, which is situated in its own beautiful grounds, and has been meticulously restored to its original neo-gothic style with fine fireplaces, four poster beds and antiques. Knappogue Castle is the perfect destination for a honeymoon if you are planning a medieval themed wedding, as from April through to October medieval banquets with full costumes and entertainments are held in the formal dining rooms for both guests and other visitors to the area.

Canada Cruise Ports

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Canada is a favorite destination for cruises, and there are several port stops that stand out along the many routes available around this fascinating and diverse coastline.

Montreal is one of those fantastic Canadian destinations that has retained its European roots so authentically you will feel as if you have walked straight into a charming Parisian suburb, rather than a sprawling North American city. From quaint cobblestone streets through to pavement caves and leafy sidewalks there is a certain continental vibe to many parts of the city, and this combined with the French streets signs, high fashion boutiques and laid back Gaelic attitude will charm many visitors. Montreal has had a turbulent history and although many Canadian settlements were first founded by the French, the British took over following the French and Indian War. Montreal clung stubbornly to its French beginnings though and this has caused quite a lot of tension over the years, but has meant that this city has retained a very strong and authentic French culture, in fact there were some serious attempts during the 20th Century to have Montreal declared an independent sovereign nation from the rest of Canada, but inhabitants narrowly voted in favor of continuing as a province.

Travel ideas for Fall 2011

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Summer seemed to just fly by and its almost over. Fall for travelers means smaller crowds, cooler weather, and beautiful colors. Here are some of the best fall destinations that you might want to consider if you are planning a trip:

White Mountains in New Hampshire, United States

The fall foliage along the White Mountain Trail deserves nothing but superlatives. The colors are brilliant as September ends and thru the mid of October. New Hampshire offers a lot more even after the colors of the season have faded.

The scene is dominated by picture perfect gorges, granite peaks, rustic farmhouses, and aged covered bridges. The landscape will be different as you drive along this loop. Try the Kancamagus Highway and you will be treated with jaw dropping mountain vistas and you can even spot some moose and birds. Families can also try some rail road trips to go to the top of the highest peak in New England.

Top 6 Most Romantic Places in the World to Propose

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If you find yourself tongue-tied and unable to pop the question, do not worry as there are many beautiful places in the world which can help you loosen your tongue, while at the same time making it easier for your loved one to say yes.

Unique places which will surprise your partner would be ideal. A tropical place would be great, and those with plenty of islands like Fiji can assure you of a private moment. But if you are the adventurous kind, perhaps an African safari would be the key.

The trick is to find what’s perfectly suited to you and your partner’s likes. But keep in mind that while it may be amazing to pop the question in a faraway, exotic island, you might want to save your money for the real thing. There are places that are near and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. As long as you are creative, choose the right moment and create an intimate setting, you will surely hear that sweet yes.

Venice Carnival 2011: 26 February to 8 March

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Another famous  carnival every winter is the Carnevale di Venezia or Venice Carnival. This year’s carnival will be held from February 26 stretching through March 8. The Venice Carnival is among the most famous of all festivals in Europe and there are several factors which adds to the beauty of Venice during the revelry. During the festivities, everyday will be about fantastic music, great Italian food, and the beautiful crowd flocking from all corners of the globe.

Brief History of the Venice Carnival

The carnival is a celebration of all the social classes and the wearing of the mask hid any distinction of the rich and the poor so Venice can celebrate as one. The government of Italy brought the tradition back during the 1970’s. Today more than 30,000 tourists flock to Venice every year for the event.

How to Save Money While Traveling

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Especially in a rough economic time such as the one we are currently in, travel can be very difficult due to the price. Many people have stopped taking vacations regularly, and others have stopped traveling completely. But travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out the tips below if you’re interested in saving some money.

1. Fly from smaller airports

If it’s at all possible, try flying out of smaller airports. Though it may take longer, flights from small airports are almost always cheaper than those from major airports. Plus, there are usually much fewer people, so security goes quickly.

2. Exchange currency beforehand

Whether the location you’re going to accepts your own currency or not, it’s a good idea to have the local currency on you at all times, and to exchange for it before you even leave home. This way you get the best exchange rates, and you’ll always be able to purchase things when you need them.

Caracas vacations

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Caracas is the capital and the largest city of Venezuela. Together with its outskirts Caracas reaches 6 millions inhabitants (they name themselves caracuenos).

Nevertheless its position on the tropics, Caracas enjoys a permanent springlike climate, due to its altitude of average 900 meters. Around there are many mountains, which are the really lungs of this wonderful city. Cerro de Avila separates Caracas from the Atlantic Ocean. On the other side, thes Andes!

Central Park from Varacas and the Twin Towers

Central Park from Varacas and the Twin Towers

Venezuela is a wealthy country due to its oil reserves, and this wealth is special visible in Caracas. Large boulevards (or Avenidas, as the Spanish say), skyscrapers, banks, fine dining restaurants are scattered all over the city, which preserves nevertheless in some neighborhood a colonial flavor. Visit for example the house of Simon Bolivar, the hero and Liberator of all Latin America, and you will be convinced about that. Unfortunately, there are also poor neighborhoods, similar with favelas from Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo. Despite them, the political jackal Hugo Chaves, an autocratic Venezuelan presidents since 10 years, makes impressive propagandistic gesture: Caracas helps commuters of London through special oil prices! Really unbelievable, but true!