Where do People Rent a Car and Why?


AVIS has recently put together infographics providing information about where people hire a car the most in countries like the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The AVIS infographic provides information about why people hire cars and where they travel to in their rented cars. Countries have different reasons for visits. Most people vacationing in a foreign country do so with specific popular attractions in mind. The AVIS infographic lists the top reasons that people rent a car and where they visit within a specific country.

The UK results show that Spain is the most popular destination for AVIS car rental for those traveling abroad. In fact, Spain accounted for more than 14 percent of all car rentals in 2011. The AVIS infographic also lists reasons that people travel and why they rent cars when they land at their chosen destination. The most common reason, of course, is holiday travel. Holidays account for nearly 60 percent of all AVIS car rental scenarios. People also travel to other countries to simply have a vacation and car rentals are a major market during the summer months.

The Land of Smiles – Another Look at Thailand

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The World Famous Floating Market

Hidden away in a corner of Southeast Asia is the wonderful and rather unique country of Thailand.  Often a much over-looked holiday destination, one can be assured of a once in a lifetime experience when visiting this award winning holiday destination. 

The capital of Thailand is a city known as Bangkok and it is the largest Southeast Asia and one of the largest cities in the world. There is nothing like quite like a trip to this amazing metropolis which seems to be a sprawling mass of building after building.

Best places for diving into underwater ruins

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I am sure you like diving, who wouldn’t? More and more people are very fond of diving in all its forms. It is actually an amazing unique experience: you are alone with the water creatures in the middle of the ocean.

A bad movement could be very dangerous for you. Try to remember the path and try to stay away from the shark infested waters. There are some dangers for sure, but even on the Earth are a lot of risks you must take.

The professional and even the hobby divers know already the traditional diving destinations around the world: tropical clear waters with plenty of interestig plants and animals. To mention just a few : The Caribbean, Maldive and other islands in the Indian Ocean; Tahiti and New Zealand, as other many islands of the Pacific Ocean etc.

Best Attractions In Ireland

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There is rarely a place so beautiful that can be found anywhere, then that of Ireland. From the renowned architecture, to the scenic views of the Irish countryside, it draws people from all over the world, who are looking to experience it for themselves, and anyone who has ever set foot on it’s rolling green hills will tell you that it is worth every penny for the trip, and then some.

But if all of this is not enough to get you to book your trip, you may be interested in knowing about the many of incredible attractions in Ireland that offer great sightseeing, history, culture, and entertainment opportunities. Everyone who has been there will have their own recommendations, and I am no different, so here is a list of my favorite attractions in Ireland, and a few of the reasons I find myself going back again, and again.

Top Lake Vacations in the World

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Already dreading the summer heat? Why not go on a lake vacation? Whether in Asia or in Europe, different parts of the world offer great lakes for you to dive into, in order to beat the heat. From top lakes in Canada or in the US, to the best ones in Japan and Europe, whether you plan to camp out beside a lake, or have a beauty rest on sheets using Egyptian-cotton at a top resort, there’s surely a vacation in this list which is sure to have you start packing and dreaming of that cool vacation.

Lake Taupo in New Zealand

Whether you prefer to go golfing, soaking in a mineral spa, sunbathing, or diving off a cliff, New Zealand’s Lake Taupo is their best lake vacation. Beside you are huge volcanoes, snowcapped peaks, and green mountainsides. It’s the southern hemisphere’s biggest lake, and it has plenty of spectacular spots that the trilogy of films, “Lord of the Rings” was mostly staged here.

WordPress Permalink & Rss problems

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If you use wordpress, you should check ASAP your blog’s permalinks/rss feed.
If they are broken and look like this
‘error on line 22 at column 71: xmlParseEntityRef: no name wordpress’ for your feed
then you are the victim of the new hack attempt targeting our blogs.

To fix things:
– go to Setting->Permalinks and delete the above mean code
– go to users, you will notice there are more administrators than usual
Put your mouse over the users and find the one that is last to register like this
Right click and copy the edit url, then paste it into the address bar. Also increase the number by 1.
You should find the hidden admin with a weird code as a first name. Delete the code and make him a subscriber then return to users and delete him.

Basic Spanish Phrases

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Need Some Basic Spanish Phrases?

While Spanish is not a difficult language to learn, there are many forms of Spanish to be used. So learning some basic Spanish phrases can be helpful while vacationing, you need to make sure that you learn phrases according to the Spanish-speaking area that you are visiting. What’s that mean? Are you thoroughly confused?

Well, if you learn basic Spanish phrases for visiting Spain (Madrid, Valencia etc), then you will learn a slightly different form of Spanish than if you visit Mexico. So keep in mind that while you can still take a class or listen to an audio tape to learn Spanish, you might have a variation of the language depending on where you’re going to visit.

The important thing to remember is that if you’re learning some basic Spanish phrases for a little getaway or a full-blown vacation, that you only need some of the basics to get by. Don’t be stressing over whether or not you can communicate fluently. All you need is to know some of the most basic Spanish phrases and that should get you through your trip just fine. And, of course, make sure that you do carry your translation book–just in case. You never know what might happen and if you forget it, you could end up regretting it later.

The biggest question when trying to learn some basic Spanish phrases for a little getaway is which phrases, exactly, might be key to know? Of course, you should always have the basic words like please and thank you. But when you don’t have time to learn the whole language, then how do you choose which phrases might come in the most handy?

World’s best luxury rooms on rails

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You might be avoiding the cramped rush hour train ride but I am pretty sure that without any hesitation you will jump on a train where you own about half of the cart with your own flat-screen television, surround sound, artworks hanging on the wall, and lush tapestries.

Believe it or not there are train rides which can give you that experience. You can even go for two bathrooms if you are not happy with just one. Outside your sleeper car you can enjoy classical music or a relaxing massage offered by the spa.

Although we are experiencing struggling from an economic downturn, luxury trains are still able to find their place in the travel industry and are still plying the routes of the most developed railways. We listed some of the most luxurious sleeper cars.

Danube Express (Hungary)