6 Luxury Ski Resorts you can visit in Europe

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With the bite of chill in the air as the Yuletide season approaches, people are also dreaming of going to their best ski holiday. Europe is always a good place to check out for luxury ski resorts. These resorts offer a perfect blend of sports and culture this holiday season.

Saint Moritz, Switzerland
Saint Moritz is the benchmark for luxury ski resort. It is on the top of the list if you are looking forward to the best skiing holiday of your life. Moritz has the best features that it has been chosen to host the Winter Olympics not just once, been featured on James Bond films, and got the spotlight for several TV shows.
St. Moritz is also perfect if you want a holiday without having to ski. If you don’t feel like exploring the 8-kilometer slope you can go to the Segantini Museum or visit the Morteratsch Glacier.

To hire or not to hire a tour guide? Tips to help you decide

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Personally, I love traveling on a do-it-alone style. I hit the road armed with my wits, experience, and a credit card. I also do understand the value of hiring a tour guide who can be more knowledgeable and experienced on that point of the map where we are heading.

Tour guides can help with a lot of things but they can also be a bit pricey at times. If you are having a hard time figuring out if you need a tour guide or not, here are some tips that you can use to determine if you need one or you are better off traveling by yourself.


1. if you don’t have much time

Tips for Volunteering and Traveling Abroad



Voluntourism is the act of traveling to another country and volunteering your services for the greater good of the community. It isn’t a new concept, because the Peace Corps have been providing similar services for quite some time. However, widespread voluntourism is gaining speed and becoming more popular with the eco friendly. So what are your options when volunteering abroad?

First you should find a company or group to travel with. Traveling in groups to a 3rd world country is the safest way to volunteer in another country. Going alone is fine if you are experienced or know the local languages, but a group is your best bet. There are plenty of non-profit groups out there to help you decide where you should volunteer.

After coming to a decision you usually need to apply. The application process is free and will detail your skill and abilities. If you have no skills you will not be of any use to the people that desperately need your help!

NYC Hotels: Top Picks for the Budget-conscious

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New York City travel can be about everything. Business, great food, shopping for the best known brands, or simply exploring this urban jungle. Here are some of the best choices of budget hotels in NYC:

NYC Hotels

Close to Central Park’s Wollman skating rink

If you love ice skating, we strongly suggest slipping on one pair and feeling free at Big Apple’s awesome outdoor ice skating rinks. Central Park’s Wollman rink might be the fairest of them all, but Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center do not fall back in the beauty contest too far.

A certified budget saver just around the corner is Wellington Hotel.

Wellington Hotel

Travel Money Tips: Choosing the best travel credit card for you

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Credit cards are used for practically everything nowadays. You use them to pay for your utilities, groceries, gadgets, and even for candies. If you love to travel, you can make most of travel credit cards that let you earn redeemable point for hotels, airfare, or cold cash.

The different credit card companies partner with different travel brands to lure in consumers to sign up with them. They offer a ton of perks ranging from special discounts, loyalty points, or sign up bonuses among others. It is really up to you how you can milk the system of rewards so you can get free hotel rooms, get some extra cash, get free air tickets, or even an entire vacation package.

You might ask though which is the best travel credit card for you when you have a myriad of options out there?Here are some things to consider when looking for a travel credit card:

Ten of the Most Breathtaking Views of the Ocean around the World  

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If you travel mainly to enjoy the most spectacular views on earth, then you certainly shouldn’t miss out on these ocean views. These are quite possibly the best views you’ll see in a lifetime, and even if you’re miles and miles away from these destinations, the long drive is worth it. Consider visiting them one of these days.  

Mexico: Mirador Escenico, San Carlos


This is just four miles away from San Carlos, and is an unrivalled view of the Gulf of California and the volcanic hill of Tetakawi. If you’re close enough, you’ll be able to see the shying coves of Playa Piedras Pintas. Mirador is also the number one spot for viewing wild birds, dolphins, whales, pelicans and other animals. If you visit between November and May, you might also want to take advantage of the perfect weather conditions. Rent a kayak and get to know the Sea of Cortes better. Fishing is also a popular sport at this time of the year.

Holiday in the Philippines: Day Trip in Bohol

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I am currently in the Philippines for some business. Manila is a buzzling place. It is a mix of old buildings and modern structures but the influences of Spanish and American colonizations are very evident. After some meetings and client calls , I scheduled a flight for Bohol island which is among the best destinations in the Philippines. It is one of the 7,107 islands of this archipelago in Southeast Asia and boasts of the Chocolate Hills, the smallest known primate, and a lot more.

Sharing with you my Bohol experience yesterday:

Going to Bohol is very easy. There are several flights you can choose from. I took a flight to Cebu, another historical island in the Visayan region of the Philippines, and from there took a ferry going to the island of Bohol. Summer is almost over but the airport and the port are still pretty crowded. Get to the airport and port a few hours before your ride so you will not have any problem with the long lines for the security checks.

Italy the Most Popular Destination in Europe?

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According to a popular newspaper, the Sunday Times, Italy has been voted the most popular country to visit in the world, thanks to its colorful culture, cuisine and most importantly, fashion.

For many it would seem, Italy is the place to ‘be’ following the economic crisis, and Italy is one of the few countries which has seen economic growth recently.  The tourism industry in Italy has thus been kept afloat because as people are forced to travel nearer to home, a trip to Italy is affordable, convenient and great fun.