Car rental at Alicante Airport


Most of the leading rental car companies operating throughout Spain are represented at Alicante Airport and this makes it quick and easy for arriving visitors to rent a hire car to suit their budget and travel needs. The following hire companies have desks at the airport: Atesa, Auriga, Avis, Centauro, Europcar, Europa, Hertz, Record and Sol-Mar, and these are located just by the exit to the arrival area, and the rental vehicle car park where you can pick up and drop off your hire car is just across the main parking area, a quick three minute walk from the arrivals hall.

Renting a Car at Alicante Airport

Top 7 Places for Food Lovers

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If you’re out to find the best spots for the city’s local culinary delights, here are the top 7 cities that will surely meet every foodie’s great expectations.

Lyon, France

The French’s influence is evident in every part of the globe and what better way to enjoy authentic French cuisine than going to the country itself. France is all about good food but the best of palates are not limited to Paris. Lyon is next to Paris in term of land size and here, you can savor the authentic French cuisine that has made the rest of the world take notice. Fresh local sausages and Bresse poultry are served everyday at various bistros and restaurants that are found in Lyon. La Tassée is famous for the best of the city’s cuisine with its best sellers veal kidney and pike served in matelote sauce. L’Alexandrin is not only famous for its Bresse served in a rich and sinful cream sauce but also for the warm and friendly greetings by the wait staff. If you want to whip up your own French dishes, head to any of the 40 plus food markets in the city for the freshest finds.

Fairy Meadows: Heaven on Earth

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This article may go a little off topic not because it won’t be related to the niche of the website but the limitations of foreigners to visit one of the most beautiful places on this planet. The other day my friends were making plans for going to “Fairy Meadows”. I wasn’t sure of this place until I searched it on Google maps and did a little research.

Fairy Meadows is like a heaven on earth and it is located in the heart of Exotic North Pakistan. It truly is the place of outstanding beauty with breathtaking view of Nanga Parbat, the second highest in Pakistan and the ninth highest in the world.


Planning to Fly British Air? Hopefully Your Plane Has A Crew!

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In a stunning turn of events, crews from British Airways voted to strike during the busiest travel season of the year. Announced today, Monday December 14, the announcement will affect all British Airways flights from December 22 until January 2. Amazingly, over 90% of Unite’s 13,500 union members approved the strike.

The issues at hand are changes to contracts, potential job cuts, and a proposed freeze on pay hikes. The company is quick to mention that 2009 has been one of the most difficult in recent memory for the aviation industry, and will probably remain difficult in the near future. In addition, British Airways employees are quite well paid when compared to one of their main competitors Virgin Air. By comparison, British Air employees earn on average of 25-33% more.

Guide to car rental at Heathrow


Once you have arrived at London Heathrow airport there are a number of ways you can continue your journey on to your destination including public transport, taxis, hotel transfer shuttles and both self drive and chauffeur driven rental vehicles. Hiring a car is a great way to get around the UK, and offers much more freedom for travellers to explore the country and areas of interest at their own convenience.


There are eight car hire outlets based on site at Heathrow airport including Sixt, Europcar, Avis, Budget, Enterprise and Hertz and these offer a wide choice of vehicles from economy cars through to SUVs, so you should find the right car to suit your travel needs.

Rental Requirements

What’s for dinner tonight? Volume 1: Risotto


Other than traditional Italian pasta, risotto is one of the most recognizable Italian dishes. There really is nothing quite like a perfectly made risotto. The creamy texture of risotto is often times mistaken for a dairy product when in fact it is not. Risotto is a fairly complicated dish to make and can really challenge a chef to make it properly.

The first step in making a risotto is picking a rice to use. Although you can use several different types of rice, Arborio rice is the traditional and best rice to use for risotto. The starch content of Arborio rice is what allows the risotto to thicken as well as stay creamy. Luckily risotto is such a popular dish that Arborio rice can be found at practically every grocery store in the country.

Must Do in London

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London Bridge. Big Ben. Buckingham Palace. West End. These are just a few great reasons why it would be so much fun to go to London. A London vacation is the perfect solution for a person in need of a little rejuvenating.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Think about all of the wonderful things London has to offer. It can’t be hard, a list was started up above. But if you’re suffering from burn out on the job, or just plain bored, the sights and attractions that a London vacation can offer you will have you bubbling with excitement in no time.

And it’s not just the attractions that are exciting but what you can see at them. Like Buckingham Palace. Sure it’s big and beautiful and a sight to see. But what would be better than Buckingham Palace? Seeing the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, that’s what. Then there’s also the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Globe Theatre.

Top 10 Great European Cities for the wise spenders

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The struggling economics wherever you are in the world should not stop you from enjoying that European vacation you deserve. Sounds crazy? No it doesn’t. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive if you know just where the most practical places are. Explore these 10 cities in Europe that will give you the most affordable rate without sacrificing the quality of your trip. Walk around the hippest and trendiest streets of fashion; be acquainted with their wonderful culture, stuff your taste bud with their delectable gourmet, swim until your skin is burned and be enticed with their magnificent art without emptying your pockets. Are you still not convenience? Just go on reading.

Antwerp, Belgium

Compared to Paris, Antwerp is not a commonplace for tourist. But you will definitely remember the warm atmosphere that this place can proffer especially every Saturday and Sunday. Stay in the Bed and Breakfast, Boulevard Leopold or at Hotel Matelote that both offer a homey experience.