A Perfect Dual SIM phone for Travelers

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Samsung continues to develop the concept of Duos. They have announced one of the most anticipated Dual SIM phone known as the Samsung B5702. It is Samsung’s latest dual standby mobile phone which allows users to use 2 SIM cards in one mobile phone simultaneously.

Samsung is known as the undisputed leader in this market segment, and to date the model DUOS represented in a wide range for different target audiences. This phone is specially designed for business users who want maximum mobility and reliable communications throughout the world.


The new Samsung GT-B5702 can really come in handy for those whose work involves travel. This phone can prove to be a reliable companion in the first place because it will work anywhere in the world and support for 2 SIM cards will help to optimize the cost.

In Search of Pig

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Bacon makes everything tastes better. Whether or not this statement is true doesn’t change this simple truth: the bacon craze is sweeping the nation. It’s hard to watch ANY food related show without hearing some remark on the glory of pig. However, if you’re real serious about pig then there is only one answer: Spain. A trip to Spain for a pig-lover is the equivalent to a trip to Japan for a sushi lover. They are SERIOUS about their pig!

Cured ham, in particular is one Spanish specialty. Locals have been curing ham for thousands of years, and last year alone Spain sold over 40 million hams. The pride and joy of Spain comes with their Iberian pigs. The secret is in the diet. The Iberian pigs have long feasted on the local acorns, which are known to give the pigs a nutty, unique flavor. The acorns are also filled with oleic acids, a healthy fat which is believed to further intensify the flavors of the Iberian pigs.

Palmyra Atoll

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Palmyra Atoll, called also the ‘Rainforest of the sea’, was made a marine monument last month by ex-President Bush. It is part of the last coral atoll ecosystem humanity haven’t damaged yet, so you can imagine the sight is breathtaking.


But Palmyra Atoll gained her popularity for something that happened 30 years ago. Then a couple ready for their dream vacation came to Palmyra Atoll with an yacht filled with supplies for a whole year. When they came there they were killed by a man that was isolated. Duane (“Buck”) Walker was found guilty and was convicted to 22 years. The story was covered by Vincent Bugliosi in the book “And the Sea Will Tell”.
For now, Palmyra Atoll is opened mainly to scientists and researchers, but the potential is huge and in the future it might open to tourists as well.

Top 8 Picture Perfect Bays across the globe

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A body of water which is enclosed partly by land is considered a bay. It usually functions as a natural harbor for ships when the weather gets a bit rough. Bays are very important to a city or town’s economy as history tells us that great cities were founded near bodies of water.

We list down some of the most beautiful bays in the world. You might find out one or two which could be in your next holiday destination:

Victoria Harbour

This port in Hong Kong may aptly represent what a bay does best. It is the center of trade and is the location of one of the biggest and most complex ports in the globe. Victoria Harbor is also flocked by tourists since it offers the most stunning view of Hong Kong; you will see skyscrapers of the island and the shoreline of Tsim Sha Tsui on the other. Everyday, hundreds of boats, ships, and ferries thread their way along the busy harbor. Get a ferry ride in Hong Kong to fully appreciate the Victoria Harbor.

Enjoying the holidays aboard Christmas Trains


Christmas TrainsFamilies around the world have different traditions in celebrating the Yuletide Season. Some enjoy strolling around the mall. Have you tried celebrating the Christmas cheers while on a train? In the United States a new tradition of celebrating with Santa Claus costumed conductors aboard Christmas trains is starting to gain ground.

The Christmas train ride is a very unique and fun experience for the whole family. Every journey is magical and memorable for every passenger regardless of the age. Here are some of the rides offering cookies, milk, and a big hug from Santa:

Grand Canyon Railway (Wililams, Arizona)

You will take a ride in one of the oldest “Polar Express” in the United States. It has been in service for about 108 years. Passengers will enjoy the great story which comes with a good cup of hot choco. The highlight of the train ride is the arrival at the “North Pole” where you see the northern lights, reindeers, and Santa himself. You can enjoy the ride for $29 (Adults) or $14 (Children).

Amsterdam – Must See Spots

Amsterdam is renowned for many things, including art, architecture, and one of the richest histories of any European cities.  With so many things to do in Amsterdam, where does one start?  Here are some must see spots.

Go to the Red Light District, just to say that you went.  One of the most intriguing that unique experiences that you’ll ever have.  Come with an open mind, but don’t bring you camera – they’re not allowed around here.  If that’s not your cup of tea, you can go to one of Amsterdam’s most famous markets, the Albert Cuyp market, you can buy anything local at a great price.  As a bonus, if you’re a little tired you can wander into one cafes near by; maybe you’ll find their tea a little more…soothing.  Afterwards, you can check out one of Amsterdam’s many clubs and bars.  If you’re into electronic music, Amsterdam has always been on the leading edge.

If you’re more into being cultured, Amsterdam also boasts many world class museums.  One of the most famous is the Van Gogh museum.  Not only does it contain an exhaustive collection of his personal work, it contains his personal Japanese print collection as well as selected 19th century art.  A testament to the past, Anne Frank’s House is also a museum. This is the place that inspired that diary that has touched the hearts of so many.  Putting the horrors of World War 2 in perspective, the museum is a sobering, but rewarding trip.  Finally, the Koninklijk Paleis (aka the Royal Palace) is a stunning architectural masterpiece.  Not is the exterior beautiful, the interior contains a massive collection of beautiful furniture and art.
There are many reasons to travel to Amsterdam, and here’s just a few of them.  No matter what your cup of tea may be, Amsterdam’s got a little something for everyone.

The World’s Best Festivals during June

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Festivals are always an enjoyment of a specific, or even several, cultures. For many travelers, this is the best place – and time – to get to know the heart and soul of a country.

Here are some of the best festivals around the world during June:
Lajkonik Festival in Poland’s Rynek Glowny, Krakow
The festival takes place during the Thursday following the Corpus Christi. Legend has it that when the leader of the defensive raftsmen of Krakow defeated one Tartar marauder during the 13th century, he took on the Mongolian’s robes and victoriously went into the city.
The Dreaming in Australia’s Woodrow, Queensland
In June 8-11, Australia’s very first festival dedicated to its indigenous groups is small, compared to its sibling; the 20-year old Folk Festival in Woodford. However, it quickly became one of the cultural highlights in Queensland. The location itself is marvelous; a quiet valley in the hinterlands of Sunshine Coast, with gorgeous views of the famous Glass House Mountains, which are volcanic plugs.
Feast of St. Anthony in Portugal’s Alfama, Lisbon
Happening during St. Anthony’s feast day in June 12-14, Lisbon’s patron saint is celebrated by houses upon houses of grilled sardines, including local restaurants. The smell is overpowering, along the steep staircases and the meandering streets of Alfama; Lisbon’s oldest quarter.

Paris on a budget

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If you never thought about Paris otherwise as a luxury destination, I tell you it is possible. Many other people would never agree this crazy idea of Paris on a budget, as they are used to the luxury Paris of fashion shows and fancy hotels.

Hotel Hipotel in Paris is unbelievable cheap.

Hotel Hipotel in Paris is unbelievable cheap.

I wish you that God will spare you from being hit by the crisis, but I tell you again: there is possible to see Paris on a budget indeed! Maybe not even the same misery which experienced Edith Piaf by the beginning of his flamboyant career (she didn’t have ruling hot water) or Hemingway while living in Paris. There is a special atmosphere in some corners of Paris, which I would qualify as bohemian and highly spiritual. Living it alive simply makes you forget the hungry or other needs!