Futuristic Hotels: Atlantis the Palm in Dubai

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Dubai possesses already world’s most luxury hotel, The Burj al Arab.

Very soon another highest class hotel will be added: the amazing Atlantis The Palm Hotel. It is a hotel with 1729 rooms and 17 restaurants, and will be opened to the public on 24th September. The construction lasted 4 years and cost 1,5 billion dollars.

This hotel is dedicated to water: it has a huge water aquarium under the hotel ( more stocks, 11 billions of water ) and a huge water park near the hotel ( the biggest from Dubai and Middle East ).

The big aquarium under is easy accessible from the hotel, and you can take a walk through the aquarium without getting wet!

The hotel is also inside luxury decorated, and you are going to feel spoiled, like in 1001 Nights. The

Enormous Fees that can be added to your Hotel Bill

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Booking at a five-star hotel is fine, that is, until you get your bill while you’re checking out. Suddenly, your $245 a night hotel room is double the price, and why? Because you availed of “services” which you just assumed came with the package. Before you order a room service massage or any use any of the amenities in your hotel, look at the factors which can hike up your hotel bill.

Early Check In

While some people think that checking in early is pretty harmless as long as the room’s already vacant, think again. A lot of hotels actually charge high fees for early check ins. You can add $20 to $50 to your hotel bill just by arriving too early. These are true most especially in very accommodating hotels like the Hyatt Regency and the Hilton.

Credit Card Transactions

Samsung Launched the Perfect Travel Companion for your trips

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2007 consolidated sales of US$105 billion. They have recently announced the launch of their new model of NC10 netbook series.

Just like the previous Model Nc10, the Nc10-12PWBK is powered by Intel’s Atom N270 processor and is integrated with WiMax support. The revolutionary 1.6 GHz processor enables easy internet browsing and compatibility with all your Windows-based applications. It lets you accomplish everything with 1 GB of RAM and enjoy images filled with bold, vibrant colors on an LCD screen with 1024 x 600 resolution.


The NC10 10-inch LCD netbook offers 160GB of hard drive, 1.3 Megapixel webcam, integrated 2W speakers and a 3-in-1 card reader. With WiMAX capability you have another broadband wireless network to connect through using 4G network speeds. According to Samsung the NC10 netbook is an affordable mobile solution ideal for all your online needs.

Top 8 Safest Destinations to travel

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Despite the paranoia caused by terrorist threats around the globe, there are still places that you can visit and feel safe. There are still countries where you can stay for a few days or a few weeks and do not hear of anything about serious crimes and petty offenses. If you are planning for a family vacation, you may want to consider the following places which have the lowest crime rates according to some surveys:


Luxembourg is considered as the safest destination in the globe.  The small country serves home to only 500,000 individuals and somehow explains why it is very easy to keep a good watch. The safest city attributes its near perfect peace and order to its very happy citizens who are very rule-oriented.


5 Most Romantic Places for Valentine’s Day

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The world is full of some really romantic and beautiful places, whether you enjoy the bustle of city life, the drama of coastal scenery or the peaceful sleepiness of rural landscapes. Visiting them on Valentine’s Day is more romantic and more exciting than usual. To help you plan that perfect get away for you and your partner, here are five of the most romantic destinations in the world, scattered on 3 continents. And if this is not enough for you, I will search for more Romantic Places for Valentine’s Day!

1) Winter Ski Chalet – what could be more romantic than snuggling up in front of a roaring fire in a luxurious chalet deep in the beautiful scenery of the French Alps, or maybe the foothills of the Swiss mountains.


Travel Tips: In the economy class and enjoying it (or not)

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TraveTravel tipsling in an economy class is never sensational. But why not – the amount I am ought to pay for a fancy business class seats practically equals my budget for my entire three month trip in Indonesia. Harassed by handful vicious flights and getting stuck in airport has made me learned important things.

The early bird promo

Avoiding middle seats is a must! Being early in the airport early gives you a greater chance of appealing and possibly receiving relatively spacious seats in windows, aisles, and exit rows. Therefore, even if you’re going to sit inside the plane for more than half a day, an extra hour early won’t even cause more pain in the butt.

Bring your home along

The basic things to know about Thailand

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If you need or want to know the necessary things about Thailand, then you really should read this article!

Thailand is not very big with its 513 000 sqkm, only rank 50 worlwide. The same size of France and the state of California, and a little smaller than U.S. state of Texas. I visited Thailand in March, and I was very enthusiastic. Here are the basics.

It is located in south east Asia, and the tourism in Thailand has been booming since decades. It attracts much more tourists than its neighbours due to the geographic variety, low prices and good hotels.

The exotic Thailand was long time associated with sex tourism, which is not fair, because it is not the country’s main attractions. It has mountains, plains, beaches, islands(e.g. the Krabi islands, with its Phi Phi Don Island).

Food Travel


When you think about food and travel we hope you don’t have disturbing memories of reheated frozen airline meals. To some travelers, food is much more than just a means to an end or a simple meal. In fact some people even plan entire vacations around eating alone. There are a variety of choices available to travelers whose love of exciting far off destinations is equaled only by their love of food. You could travel to an exotic city like Paris and take gourmet cooking courses taught by true French chefs. You could also take a tasting tour where you visit a particular region and sample their best cuisine-without the hassle of trying to pick a place to eat. If either of these activities sounds fun here’s some more information you’ll need before buying your ticket.