London hotels: Alternative accommodations for the 2012 Olympics

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A London holiday surely is far from being described as cheap by any measure. The daily rates of hotels especially with the approaching London Olympics are skyrocketing. You will also be lucky if you can get a booking for the dates of the games. The travel money too is hard to stretch if you have to eat out every time. There are alternative London accommodations though if you really want to witness the 2012 Olympics:

Bed & Breakfast Club

You will find The Bed & Breakfast Club houses in the more pleasant neighborhoods of London offering rooms of private residences offered for rent. Since you will be occupying a private room, do not expect luxury hotel like conveniences and pampering. It will have the basics though like entertainment system, phone, and twenty four hour check-in. Add to the simple elements the personal touch of the service.

Interview with Sebastian Heinzel about TripWolf

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Hello Sebastian, can you tell some information about you and the Tripwolf team?

I am originally from Vienna, Austria, but I have been living in New York for 2 years. I’m 30 years old and a passionate traveler: I have visited 70 countries. For the last few years I worked as a journalist and international correspondent for Austrian and German print magazines, covering stories like the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine, the youth scene in Teheran, the hunt for war criminal General Mladic in Serbia or the working conditions in Brazil’s sugar industry.

I am running the company together with my best friend Alexander Trieb who is based in Manhattan. He has lots of start-up experience, both from the US and Europe and he worked in IT and management consulting before we started tripwolf.

Business Travel: Guide to must and must not’s in Dubai

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The business environment is starting to go back to normal in Dubai after ten years following the brief slow down back in 2009. These days the popular city in UAE has been very lucrative and offers all the best that the world has to offer.

There were thirty new hotels with a total of 7, 700 rooms that opened in Dubai in 2010. And despite the unstable economy of the world Emirate opened its door to millions of visitors that surprisingly increases to 10% more following the previous year.

Top 10 Istanbul Attractions

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Istanbul is one of the greatest cities, that the world has ever known. It is easy to cover the major destinations in Istanbul during the first couple of days. But after that, the choice can be overwhelming, as the ancient city is reinventing itself as a modern center of nightlife, food and shopping. The only answer is to come back again and again for more.

Topkapi Palace

A palace, fit for a Sultan, several wives and hundreds of concubines and thousands of retainers. This palace also served as Ottoman Empire’s center of government.

Haghia Sophia

It is one of the greatest icons of the Christian church. It is a miraculous feat of design and architecture and it survived fire, war, and earthquake and has outlived two major empires.

Blue Mosque

The Hudson Bay Adventure

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Hudson Bay, in northern Manitoba, is wilderness at its finest. This huge body of water was discovered by Henry Hudson in the 17th century. Here the Hudson’s Bay Company established its first trading post to trade for furs with the Cree, Inuit and Naskapi who inhabited the area.

Churchill, a town of about 1000 people, a mixture of Dene, Cree Inuit, Metis and Caucasian, nestles on the western shore of the bay. The smaller settlement of York Factory, which encompasses a Reservation and a white settlement, has a population, all told, of under 1000, and is further south along the shores of the bay.

This is a country of contrasts. Summers are short but warm, and, if you visit during July and August, experienced scuba divers can find a real adventure scuba diving with beluga whales. In winter, dog sledding is an excellent pastime. Another great pastime – just sitting at your window watching the brilliant display put on by the aurora borealis – the northern lights as they play across the sky.

During summer, temperatures are mild, often rising to sixty degrees Fahrenheit. In winter, however, it can drop to 40 below zero, and often much colder. Add to that, a strong wind and blowing snow, and it’s a good time to stay indoors beside a roaring fire.

If you are a wildlife connoisseur, the Hudson Bay area is the place for you. Water creatures include seals, walrus and beluga, bowhead and killer whales. Birds include everything from barn owls to ravens to Canada geese. Dozens of species of animals inhabit the area – polar bears, beaver, moose, caribou and wolves.

Food Travel: The best Korean cuisines

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The flavors of Korean food originated from ancient traditions in the Korean peninsula that evolved thru the ages with the interaction of culture, politics, and the environment. The Korean culture is very unique in its approach to food.

In fact their food seems to penetrate every aspect of their lives. Korean food is also more than just filling your stomach because it also provides taste and medicine. Listed here are our top picks of the best Korean restaurants that serve the best of Korean foods that are ‘must-try’.
Yong Su San

Voluntourism – A Vacation with Tax Benefits

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Teaching English in China

You probably know that business travelers can often deduct all or a portion of their travel, even if they are having some fun. But did you know that  you can also get a tax benefit from your vacation? You can  if you are willing to do a bit of work as a volunteer with a non-profit organization.

“Voluntourism” is becoming a popular option for travelers that want to make the most of their vacation.  By volunteering with a non-profit organization a person can travel to almost any global destination, experience the  culture of an area in a whole new way, and have a sense of purpose and of doing good with their vacation time.   And then to top it  off, some or all of their vacation expenses can be deducted on their income tax returns.

The Best Summer Fests in the World

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The first festivals involved celebrations for a bountiful harvest. After the cold of winter has gone, people plant in the springtime. When the summer heats up onwards autumn, people harvest what they’ve sown. It is during this period that people hold ritual gatherings in order to give thanks to a bountiful harvest.

In this day and age, festivities are no longer just centered on crops. People have found that there are a lot of things to celebrate for like music, hobbies, inventions and events.

The fine weather during the summer months are worth celebrating as well and is also one perfect reason to pitch one’s tent on the grass and sooner or later queue up to watch live acts like Green Day, Norah Jones and U2. Here are some of the best festivals to visit during the summer.

Florida: Red Bull FlugTag