Top 10 Best Places where you can enjoy your retirement

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Every day, we come closer to our retirement. You might still be young and trying to save for it. Or you might have just said goodbye to your colleagues as you spend your last day at work. If you are planning to have a different environment during your retirement, you may be considering spending it in another country. Here are some of the best places to retire:


Although some parts of the Land Down Under have been hit by floods in the past few weeks, Australia has a reputation of being an ideal place. The lifestyle in this country is very laid back while being close to nature. There several languages used in Australia but English remains to be the primary language.

Applying for a retirement visa though may be a bit tough and you need to prove that you have enough income and assets. Most retirees opt to purchase a home in New South Wales or in Victoria. Going through the visa hurdles will be well worth it.

Santiago Restaurants

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Ooh, the flavor. And, oh my, the aroma. The wonderful food fare offered up in Santiago restaurants include so many different cultures. From European and North American to the ocean. Santiago restaurants offer its customers an opportunity to combine the flavor of the city with the flavor of the food. It doesn’t matter that Santiago is just another city in Chile. Not at all. This city is on the verge of something big and it has everything to do with the atmosphere, the friendly residents and the wonderful food that can only be found in Santiago restaurants.

Looking for something nice, Santiago restaurants that are some of the best in the city? Then try Madro Al or Mare Nostrum. Both of these Santiago restaurants offer a South American or Spanish flavor. When in Santiago, you should try a little of everything at the Santiago restaurants. They have restaurants for all budgets and all tastes, but what is the point of going somewhere different if everything you do is going to be the same?

Top 10 luxury safari camps in Africa

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Looking for adventure destinations for the coming year? Read on if you are looking to splurge for some African holiday safari:

Royal Malewane, South Africa

Located in a private reserve within the greater Kruger National Park in South Africa, Royal Malewane offers a perfect balance of magnificent game and wildlife viewing and vast flora. This is perfect for guests who want to experience the true Africa, as the lodge is nestled deep in the African bush. At least a two-day stay in this beautiful place is recommended to make most of all that Royal Malewane has to offer.

5 most famous bridges

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A big city starts its developpment on a river(there are a few exceptions). Then the developpment goes separately on the two banks of the river, until everybody sees: we need bridges. It is impossible to imagine Paris without Seineb and the bridges, London without Thames and its bridges. The Golden Gate bridge is more famous in my opinion than the city of San Francisco. Bridges are not only masterpieces of building art and architecture, but also landmarks of cities and their culture.

In my opinion, the following bridges are world’s most famous.

1. Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco. Build in 1937, this bridge is fascinanting. Most everyone in the world can recognize it.


2. Sydney Harbor Bridge is a landmark of Sydney and all Australia. It was build in 1932 containing 6 millions of hand driven rivets. It has huge hinges due to the hot Sydney sun. The painted surface is equal to 6 football fields.

Acer Announced Aspire AS5536,AS7735Z and AS5739G

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Being a proud owner of Acer’s laptop I’m glad to spread the word that Acer has just added 3 new members to its Gemstone Family code name Aspire AS5536, Aspire AS7735Z and Aspire AS5739G. The company reveals that all notebooks come with a 16:9 widescreen, Dolby surround sound audio and a sapphire design known as Gemstone Blue.


“As part of our highly acclaimed Gemstone Blue family, the latest Aspire notebooks feature excellent price/performance and mainstream entertainment in a mobile PC that delivers significant value for their investment,” said Ray Sawall, senior manager of product marketing for Acer America. “Consumers are increasingly selecting notebooks as their primary device. As proven by our latest Aspire notebooks, we recognize that value-based mobile PCs need to offer appealing aesthetics as well as great performance and multimedia capabilities.”

The Acer Aspire AS5536

The rules of hitchhiking

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You can see the world from a totally different angle, if you are a hitchhiker. You might think that there aren’t many of these people moving around today. All you need to do is to browse the net for just a few minutes to find out how popular hitchhiking is even today. Of course, there are different kinds of people who take to hitchhiking and that too for a variety of reasons. There are some who just feel bitten by the travel bug and want to experience a little bit of adventure and fun on the road. There are some others who are determined to rough it out and see for themselves the country of their choice and be able live among the local people. There are some more who would be interested in doing the rounds of a few places seeking a spiritual peace that has hitherto eluded them.

Luxury vacations in Vina del Mar

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Vina del Mar is Chile‘s most attractive touristic destination. The Chilean are very proud about their Vina, and with a good reason. One month ago Vina del Mar hosted the G20 summit, which was focused on the today global crisis. That means a lot: world’s most powerful leaders joined in a spectacular destination. And they were very happy in Vina del Mar for sure! It remains only to hope  that they met the best decisions for our future.

Exquisite hotels in Vina del Mar

Exquisite hotels in Vina del Mar

Vina del Mar means in Spanish “the vineyard of the coast”. All around there are unending vineyards, and you can taste the result in the many gourmet restaurants of Vina del Mar. Start with the Cabernet and Pinot gris, they are simply fantastic!

Portugal Beaches

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Most of Portugal‘s best beaches are in the Algarve, and typically these are vast, sandy areas with beautiful scenery and fantastic local facilities such as hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants. The Algarve has been a popular destination for tourists for many years, and one criticism of this area is that it is very commercialised and there is little cultural input, and Portugal‘s colourful history is barely represented in many of the bland modern resorts and bars. Still it is a lively area, and good value for money so it does make a great sun and beach destination.