Shoestring Stockholm: The Best Budget Guide When Visiting Sweden’s Capital

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Sweden is one of the prime destinations in the European Union. Due to their high level of economy and upscale living conditions, it is not cheap to visit the country. However, the pristine beauty of its alps, glacial landscapes punctuated by pine trees and beautiful meadow, are sights that people should not pass up.

This article will guide you on how to enjoy the country on a shoestring budget.

Crash on somebody else’s couch

7 of the Safest Countries to Visit



Being safe while traveling is a #1 priority for many. It’s a sad fact that many beautiful travel destinations (such as Columbia) are simply not safe for most people to travel to. While most places are generally safe, especially in well known “safe” districts, there are 7 countries that are well known for their low crime rates and high safety ratings.

New Zealand is high on the list of safe countries to visit. It has a relatively low population, and it’s an overall peaceful place to be. Many of the residents are natives and have lived there for their entire lives. Not only does this country provide exquisite landscapes, but also plenty of activities and safe fun.

Denmark is a country that is happy overall, and therefore, there are fewer crimes. Like any country this one does have its ups and downs, but overall its stable and minimal murders and robberies take place. You probably won’t get mugged in Denmark unless you are in the wrong part of town.

Viking Century River Cruises in China


viking-river-cruisesThere are many different types of cruises on offer in and around China, but one of the classic trips is sailing down the amazing Yangtze River, which takes in many of China’s greatest sights from the Great Wall through to Forbidden City. Several international cruise operators provide trips up and down this stunning river, and here is the insiders guide to one of the most popular cruises on offer, the 10 day Imperial Jewels of China Tour offered by Viking River Cruises on the Viking Century Sky.

Most Haunted Houses

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Do You Love to Be Scared Out of Your Wits?

Do you love to have the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up? Do you like to have shivers run down your spine? What about heart pounding and fast breathing? If you love to get the adrenaline pumping with a little scare, then maybe just maybe the best haunted houses should be on your list of places to visit on vacation.

Why not? People dive off cliffs, jump out of planes and do all kinds of crazy things to get their blood pumping. Why go to all that trouble when all you have to do is go to a haunted house or two? Seriously. There’s a lot less danger to getting your thrills this way. And there are so many wonderfully scary haunted houses to see all over the world. In fact, there are your real haunted houses and the haunted houses that are not so real…at Halloween. But why waste your time going to a manmade haunted house where you know they are going to purposely scare you when you can go to a real haunted house. Where you never know where or when the ghost might appear and give you a scare.

Travel Photography: Tips for shooting cityscapes

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Today we take countless pictures of our travels. Thanks to digital cameras that have allowed us to point and shoot. Thanks to the memory cards that can store thousands of images as we hop from one destination to another. If you love traveling and taking pictures of the metropolis you are exploring, here are some photography tips for you:

Give attention to details

Most of us try to get a panorama of the urban jungle. You really do not have to do this all the time especially when you do not have the right equipment or the right location to shoot from. Instead, pay attention to details. You can feature a lot of details from door knobs, to road signs, murals, among others. You can pick smaller details to focus on the shape and the texture of an object.

Take pictures of the city at night

Food Trip: Traversing the Cheese Trail through Vermont

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vermont-cheeseYou will find Vermont, the Green Mountain State, on the northeastern tip of the United States. Whenever you try a food sampler from Vermont, you cannot miss the big chunk of cheddar in the basket. You might also have a hard time pronouncing gorgonzola, chevre, feta, and gouda but your taste buds will know that you are in cheese haven.

The Cheese Trail is roughly 280 miles or about 450 kilometers. Aside from cheese, you will definitely enjoy the colors of the foliage. Here’s how you should go about it:

Plymouth Notch
Calvin Coolidge was born in Plymouth Notch in 1872, and this will be your starting point. The whole village is declared a historic site by the state. You can also see the house of John Coolidge where he administered the oath of office to his son who took the presidency after the death of President Harding. You can grab some candy and toys from the general store in the 1920’s home of the Collidge.

Top 12 best bike routes in the world

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If you love exploring places while riding a bicycle,, then read on as we try to take you to the best biking destinations across the globe:

Isle of Wight in England

This island in the United Kingdom is a paradise for bikers. You will have a good variety of terrain and spectacular views. You can take your two wheels thru narrow lanes with manicured hedgerows, deep green gullies, and ridges. Bikers have known the Isle of Wight for sometime now but recently young Londoners have also flocked to the place for romantic escapes over the weekend.

La Route Verte in Canada

The Green Route as it is fondly called traverses Quebec from its east side to the west stretching for around 4,000 kilometers. It passes thru rural roads and selected rights-of-way. La Route Verte will give you no problems as road signs are everywhere and you can easily go to the most interest sites around the area. Along the different terrains you will see great vistas of the St. Lawrence River and the picturesque mountains.

Montreal hotels

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When you take a vacation, you want to stay in the nicest hotel for your money. Who doesn’t want to get a good hotel, with great service and amenities for a great price? Even if you don’t intend to spend a great deal of time in your hotel room you want something that is at least decent making the time you are there a good experience.

How do people find great deals on hotels for their money? Many ways really. They can use the internet or call the hotel to see if they have better rates for certain days. You can even book a vacation deal that covers air travel and hotel.