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Lets face it when you work hard everyday, eventually boredom and being tired (both mental and physical) set in. Its at that point that you notice how previous your vacation time is, its also why most people try to make the best use of their limited freedom before joining the rat race again! To help with that goal you have! we wake up every day thinking of better ways to make your free time go even further.
is a travel and lifestyle website that allows you to search and book   exclusive deals on travel, hotels, flights, holidays, restaurants, and theatre attendances anywhere in the world!

With a reach spanning from the exotic islands of the Maldives to the lively hustle & bustle of the UK, aims to help you have an exhilarating experience while brushing off any signs of monotony that you may have collected over time!

Best Travel – Dubai

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Are You Considering Dubai Travel?

Are you the kind of person that always does the same thing when you go on vacation? You go visit relatives or go to the same places over and over again? Well, if you’re looking to break that habit and do something original, you might consider looking into some Dubai travel. While that might seem a little extreme to break up your monotonous vacation habits, it really isn’t. Sure, you could go to France, Spain, Italy, even Greece. And sure, they might offer something a little more familiar to you than Dubai travel would. But would it be as much fun?

Do you even know what you could do during your Dubai travel? Do you know what you’d get to see, the people you’d get to meet, the food you’d eat? Do you know anything about Dubai travel? Maybe you do and maybe you don’t. But you probably don’t know enough to say why you wouldn’t be interested in going there, do you?

So what does Dubai travel have to offer? Well, it’s probably not anything like what you’d expect to find when traveling to the middle east. For instance, have you ever in your life imagined you’d see a camel race? Probably not but wouldn’t that be so cool? Sure, you could go other places and see horses race or dogs, but camels? That is something that most of your friends and family can say they have never seen. Talk about the stories you’d have to share! Okay, so what else besides camel races could you partake in. Also don’t miss my posts about things to do in Dubai and Atlantis Hotel.

Bahamas travel in Style

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Have you ever been to the Bahamas? When you go, where do you stay? Do you stay in one of the decadent hotel resorts that can cost an arm and a leg? Or do you stay in one of the more modestly priced places ?


It doesn’t matter when you travel Bahamas if you stay in an extravagant place or not, what matters is do you have fun.

Do you go in style? Do everything you love to do? When you travel Bahamas, you have access to the surf and sand, casinos and all kinds of other sights. So do you do everything and anything or do you laze around. It doesn’t matter what floats your boat, figuratively and literally, as long as you’re happy.

Rome Vacation

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Rome. Isn’t that the city of lovers? Or maybe that’s Paris. It doesn’t really matter unless you want to go to the city of lovers and end up in the wrong place.

If you could go on a Rome vacation, what would you want to do? Is there any special sights you would want to take in on a Rome vacation? Or maybe stay or eat at someplace special if you went on a Rome vacation? This is something everyone thinks about (maybe). Really. When you ask people where they would love to go on a vacation, most answers are Hawaii, or Paris, or …taking a Rome vacation, that’s right. So if you want to take a Rome vacation, you must have given some thought as what you would want to do on that Rome vacation. Especially if you are only going to get one chance for a Rome vacation in your lifetime.

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Japan

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Think of a holiday in Asia and one of the top travel destinations will be Japan. Now, the spotlight will be on these islands as it is scheduled to host the Olympics 2020. Japan offers a good blend of traditions and the best of technological advancements. Below are some interesting facts about this interesting country:



Do you love a refreshing serving of melon? Well in Japan, melon is like gold and can sell as high as $400!



About 70% of the land consists of mountains. Japan has more than 100 volcanoes classified as active.



Japan has an estimated population of more than 127 million– the 10th biggest population in the world.



Humans have inhabited the islands since 30,000 B.C.



Jamaica imports 85% of its total coffee production to Japan.

The basics about Chiang Mai

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If you are in Thailand, after the capital Bangkok, you can also visit Chiang Mai. If you are really interested to find out more about Chiang Mai, you couldn’t be better.

Chiang Mai is the most significant and largest city in northern Thailand. It lies 700 km north from Bangkok, in the highest mountains of the country, on the Ping River.

Supposing you are an expat wishing to live in Thailand, tell me sincerely what could be your choice between Bangkok(20 millions inhabitants, polution, high prices) and Chiang Mai(170000 inhabitants, mountains, clean air, low prices) ? You find many expats in Chiang Mai, and you can find also many former inhabitants of Bangkok.

Best delights at the Top Gastro Pubs of England

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After outlasting the Roman Empire and surviving the Medieval Ages, the English Pub maybe seeing its last days. Statistics show that 39 of these establishments have been closing down each week since 2009. The challenges to the pubs appear to be plenty: government regulation against binge drinking, the recession, the ban on smoking in public places and the sale of alcohol in supermarkets at lower prices.

But count on the English and the pub owners to keep these establishments open. The pubs are currently adjusting to the situation by transforming how they do business. Some pubs are their own brewers so customers have to keep on coming to taste what is on tap. Other pubs are hundreds of years old and thus they offer their old traditional English atmosphere.

Budget hotels: Best London hotels that will not hurt your pocket

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London travel on a budget is possible, believe it or not. You get to book a room in these cool hotels without sacrificing your taste and style. Here are some of the best budget London hotels where you can book a double room for around £50:

London House Hotel in Bayswater

The London House is just a few minutes by foot from the Notting Hill and Hyde Park and is conveniently located a few hops from the tube station in Bayswater.. With its dining area taking inspiration from minimalist design lines, it gives it a modern hostel vibe. The other features though tell us that it is still pretty much a hotel. The more than 100 rooms have a mini fridge and an ens suite bath. You can book a room for two starting at £67.

Barclay House Hotel in Fulham