10 Best Global Food Markets

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Going to places and exploring their culture is not enough without enjoying the country’s best delicacies. But dining doesn’t have to be fancy all the time. Eating in a kiosk or local market is fun and practical. It won’t take your time choosing the best dress nor finding the perfect shoes to enjoy this nibbles. You can eat it anyway you want, standing up or sitting down without worries on making your clothes dirty. Munch as much as you can with these best global food markets.

La Vucciria, Palermo, Italy

Make sure that you know how to get out of the maze as you enter this smelly and rough market. Their products include pomegranates and Pantelleria capers.

Try this:

If this is your first time, you should try Pane c’a meusa,a yummy spleen sandwhich which can be bought in every stall. Trying this out is part of their ritual.

7 Tips to Plan the Best Vacation of Your Life


Vacation planning can take up to two years, it can be tedious and difficult to choose hotels and car rental services, and it definitely takes a lot of patience. Planning is one of the most important aspects of travel! Without a solid plan you will end up lost, confused, and probably broke. When planning vacations you should always follow these 7 tips to help you plan the most epic vacation of your life!

1. Always plan ahead. This is a given in any instance, but planning ahead saves money, time, and makes the trip that much better. While for many services you have to wait closer to the destination date to plan, buy plane tickets as soon as reservations are available. Book hotels for holiday travel far in advance to ensure your reservation is a solid YES, and always book reservations to popular restaurants if you think you will eat at an upscale restaurant.

Travel Tips: How you can lose weight while enjoying a cruise

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When you go on a cruise, you may hear the cruise director that you can expect some extra pounds when you hit the scales after your journey. During the cruise, there will be tons of eating and drinking.

How about a challenge? How about losing some weight while you are on a holiday cruise? Well you do not really have to deprive yourself of all the fun and all the food. Losing at least three pounds instead of gaining them during a week long cruise is actually possible. Here are some weight loss practical tips while on a cruise:

Visit the gym

You do not have to do your regular workout regimen but you can do some variations of your cardio and strengthening routines. You can also tap the personal trainers on board so they can guide you which will be best while you are on vacation. They might ask you to hit the treadmill, do some rounds on the weight machine, and maybe some sit-ups or aerobics.

The world’s craziest public transports

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Are you the adventurous type or do you always mind the gap? Test your limits and dare to get on the following rides.

When we travel to foreign countries, we like to make sure that we’re always in good hands. Safety is a primary issues for travelers especially those who are visiting a certain country for the first time. Many airlines nowadays earn the trust of their patrons not just because of the cheap flights that they offer, but also because of the safety they can provide their passengers, especially after the 9/11 tragedy. Before you board a plane these days, you have to be ready to subject yourself to various checks and inspections. Sea tragedies have taught ferry operators to be strict in implementing capacity limits for passengers; having the proper rescue gear is also regularly checked in major shipping lines.

5 Forgotten Countries you might have not heard of

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Have you ever been in a situation where you heard of a name of a country and you just cannot remember if you have ever heard of it in geography class? Or your fifth grader encountering an unfamiliar name of a place, asking you where is that country on the map and you just don’t have any idea. Don’t panic, there are just countries that have managed to stay under the radar. Scan our list below for some of these low-profile places.

Comoros in Africa

Back in the olden days when ocean travel was the only means of discovering the world, Comoros was a very important stopover for vessels going to Cape of Good Hope. This changed when the Suez Canal was constructed and opened. Today, there are only less than 30,000 visitors going to this place every year. The Comoros is located near Mauritius and Seychelles. Comoros is a tropical paradise if not only for the twenty coup attempts after its independence from the government of France back in 1975.

Gangnam Style: Exploring the Korean Beverly Hills

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K-Pop is everywhere and thanks to PSY, a chubby, wildly dancing rapper, Gangnam has been put on a global spotlight. The music video of Gangnam is now among the most viewed clip on YouTube in history.

If you are among the curious who have Googled what Gangnam is, you must know then that it actually refers to the classiest district of Seoul in South Korea. It literally translates to south of the water or the river. Gangnam is also a picture of the big disparity of wealth in the country.

Gangnam happens to represent about 7% of the GDP of Korea and banks are very eager to target the super rich and the famous of the area.

Top 6 Treehouse Hotels around the globe

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Whether you’re planning a vacation on a beachfront or in the middle of a rainforest, you’ll find plenty of treehouse hotels that won’t just give you the basic amenities but wow you completely. No longer is the treehouse the realm of Ewoks and little boys alone. Now, they’re also the trendiest lodgings for adventurous travelers. Read on to find out which treehouse hotels around the globe are worth the visit.

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa: Tsala Treetop Lodge

This one of a kind treehouse lodging overlooks the Tsitsikamma Forest and is artfully made from stone and glass. The lodge itself consists of 10 suites, each one built with floor-to-ceiling windows. The living room of each suite has a fire log, and you can also enjoy the privacy of your own deck which opens to an infinity pool. You can get from one point of this lodge to another through wooden walkways.

Becoming a Travel Guide

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Travel is not something that makes everybody jump up and sing. To some, it is a tedious thing that needs to be undertaken. For some, it is something to look forward to once in a way. There are however a select few for whom travel is a passion. They are the kind who would always like to be on the move, seeing different places and meeting different people all the time. These are the kind of people who need to enter the travel industry as guides and tour operators.