Top 5 destinations in June


1. The european football championships is organized in Austria and Switzerland. A good opportunity to discover two alpine countries and some interesting cities as Vienna, Zurich, Basel, Innsbruck,Berna etc

2. New York. Simply amazing, has always something new!

3.Monte Carlo

4.Disneyland in Paris


Trekking Across Europe on the Cheap


I never thought I’d actually be thanking the crappy economy for anything but when it comes to European travel I can’t help but shout “THANK YOU!” The dollar isn’t faring as poorly against other currencies as it was at this time last year and that combined with sinking air fares, a European vacation isn’t out of the realm of possibility after all. The true trick is keeping things cheap once you arrive. Hotels, transportation, cost of food and shopping all make for an expensive trip, so what is your remedy? How do you travel economically across Europe? By backpacking and camping, of course! Not only will you save money and still have a great time, but you’ll also learn a thing or two about packing light. Now, where do we start? How about with the basics!

What Do I Pack?

A Best Behavior Guide for Travelers Going to Newfoundland

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Newfoundland is the easternmost point of the North American continent and provides travelers with another modern day frontier to adventure in.

The Newfoundlanders are a friendly and welcoming. However, like any other people, Newfoundlanders have their own set of social behavior which needs to be noted in order to get along with them.

This Canadian province has seen its host of travelers from English settlers to Vikings.  Archaeologists believe that Leif Eriksson of the Vinland Sagas had landed in the area. Therefore in order to enjoy your stay in Newfoundland, you must also be willing to go off the beaten track and discover what experience it has to offer you.

Here is a list of tips in order to get around and enjoy Newfoundland and its people.

St. John’s is not all of Newfoundland

Top attractions in Krakow


krakowKrakow is Poland’s fourth largest city and has been a popular tourist destination for many years, as it is has some of the best preserved medieval buildings, churches, abbeys and streets in Europe.

Much of Krakow has barely been changed since 13th Century and this has meant that there are some beautiful, unspoilt medieval areas still almost intact, such as the Rynek Glowny (Main Market Square), which is one of the largest medieval market squares in Europe and Old Town, which has achieved UNESCO world heritage site status.

There are many top attractions in Krakow, both historic and modern and here are just a few of the best:

  • Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) – this is in the beautiful main market square and is an original building dating back to the 16th Century. These days it is filled with market stalls and cafes, and is very popular with both visitors and locals.

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Italian Olive Oil


When you think of olive oil you probably think first of its culinary uses, especially in Italian cuisine. In fact olive oil also has significant medicinal value. While it has only been recently hat modern science has wholly accepted the benefits of holistic supplements and healing medications like olive oil, local Italians have been passed down this information for centuries.

 Ancient Roots

No one quite knows where the first grove of olive trees came from; however, the oldest discovered tree was found in Italy and dates back to 40,000 B.C. Despite its historical roots, the cultivation of olive trees and the making of oil did not immigrate to Italy into Greece until the mid 7th century B.C.  Once it did however, it quickly became one of the largest and most profitable commodity trade industry ever seen.

Top Prague destinations to learn more about architecture

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Prague should be in your bucket list if you love to know more about architecture. The city practically offers a glimpse of different architectural styles ranging from Baroque, Gothic, Art Noveau, Functionalism, Cubism, and the list goes on. Some even joke that you can get a PhD on architecture when you go on a Prague holiday.

We cannot cover all of the important landmarks for the architecture tour of Prague but we pick some of the best examples.

Charles Bridge (Gothic)

The building of the bridge commenced in 1337 commission by Charles IV and was completed during the 15th century.  The bridge was a vital link between the Prague Castle, the Old Town, and the nearby areas. The Charles Bridge is among the most photographed and visited destinations in this part of the Czech Republic.

Nine of the Best Aquariums around the World you shouldn’t miss out on

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Hotels around the world each have their own fair share of grandiose features. One of the most impressive, though, is a giant aquarium. Expectedly enough, you’ll find some of the best looking ones in places which are located close to beaches or the ocean. Amazingly, though, there are also surprising gems to be found as well. If giant aquariums make your vacations complete, you don’t want to miss out on these hotel highlights.

Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin, Germany

While most giant tanks are quadratic, the Radisson Blu’s aquarium is a graceful cylindrical structure and it’s considered to be the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world. It stands at 82 feet tall and has a generous 40 feet diameter. The aquarium also holds 264,172 gallons of water. This aquarium is called the AquaDom and could be found at the lobby of the hotel.

8 Tips that you can try to get hotel upgrades


If you are a frequent traveler, you may be one of those people who consider hotels in different corners of the globe as their home away from home. As a loyal client, you can ask hotels for a bigger room or extra amenities which can make your stay more comfortable. Most of the time the hotel will give in to your request.

A room with a better view or maybe a room with some extra space where you do more work is always a great treat from the hotel management.

Do you really need to have a magic hat and pull out a trick so the front desk or the hotel manager will nod to your request? Not really but you just can not call them up and ask for an upgrade. You need to inject a bit of finesse and flexibility so you can negotiate for a better deal, a good room upgrade, and other wonderful extras.