Things to do in Venice

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Venice is one of the most outstanding city in Italy. The city harbors several architectural monuments and buildings which have rich historical origin, this has made the city to be an attraction site for tourist visiting Italy.

There are several activities to indulge in, during vacation in this lovely city, there are also numerous places of attraction to visit, the beauty of the city is that there are places and activities to enjoy and at the same time enjoy a wonderful view of the city as well.


For instance, you could decide to take a trip to the Dolomite mountains, this is perhaps the ideal place to have a perfect view of the entire length and breadth of the city. This serene view of the city from the mountain is an experience you will like to enjoy often.

Photo of the day: the Galapagos lizzards

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The Galapagos Islands are very isolated, and that’s why we can find even today some endangered or extincted species elsewhere. Making researches on this remoted island, Charles Darwin put the bases of his revolutionary evolutionist theory.

If you travel there, you can still admire the fantastic Galapagos lizzard!

After the Slopes Close: Aspen Nightlife

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Aspen, Colorado

Nightlife as spectacular as the view?

The incredible skiing and winter sports might be the main draw of Aspen, Colorado, but the nightlife of Aspen won’t disappoint.

The resorts in Aspen usually have lounges, clubs, or bars too, so if a vibrant nighttime scene is important to you, look for a hotel with a reputable bar while making reservations. You can usually visit the club at any hotel, regardless of whether you actually stay there. Check out the Aspen Magazine’s Traveler’s Guide to find a list of Aspen nightclubs and bars, and details about what to expect at each.

If you prefer cultural nightlife, check out the Crystal Palace comedy club. The often political-based satire will have you in stitches, and the delicious food will ensure an empty stomach isn’t distracting you from the entertainment. It’s a popular spot, though, so ensure you make reservations ahead of time.

Handy ATM tips for travelers abroad

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Traveling abroad incurs lots of expenses that we can’t avoid. In today’s modern world, credit cards and traveler’s checks make our vacations easy and worry free, but let’s face it: being armed with cold cash can save you in many a desperate situation and even save a potentially disastrous day. While credit cards are now accepted worldwide from big shopping malls to quaint little coffee houses, not all establishments accept them. For example, street vendors in Hong Kong offer numerous items from handbags to AA batteries to sunglasses and pillow cases, but they only deal with cash; a real silk scarf can be had in the bazaars in Istanbul, but only if you have the money to buy it with. This is precisely the reason why ATMs machines are like a shining beacon of hope to travelers making their way in a foreign country. Ask around among travelers and they’ll probably tell you that one of the first things they look for upon arrival at their destination is and bright, shiny ATMs.

Most Dangerous Cities Of World

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Unfortunately, many of the traditional tourist destinations developed themselves to turning plates of the international crime. It is not your goal to interfere with that, I am sure. You only wish to visit a nice city, its museums, having contact with locals. But you need to stay alert, because the pocket thieves can ruin your vacations! The basic rules to avoid that are very simple and very well known by you, as by any other tourist. But in some places you must take extra care! Most of them are in Europe, as Europe is still the favorite target for many tourists coming from the all world. But some interesting and recommended locations are competing with this fame of the old continent!

So, these are in my opinion some dangerous places:

1.Hanoi. In such an exciting city with a well preserved colonial center and 600 temples there are also some pocket thieves waiting for you.

The Magnificent Okavango Delta

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Well, dear friends, breath deeply and listen to me: The Okavango Delta in Botswana is a place you must see in this life. It is really one of the Earth’s most impressive and most beautiful places.

Swamps and islands in the Okavango Delta

Swamps and islands in the Okavango Delta

But, first of all, let’s make it clear: if you think to a classic delta, you are terribly wrong. Okavango Delta is not a place where the river reaches the ocean. The Okavango River never reaches the ocean! It simply vanishes in the desert, due to the strong transpiration and evaporation. 100 years ago it was totally impossible to admit and understand that, but this is the true: the mighty sandy Kalahari Desert simply swallows the Okavango River! The Okavango Delta is actually Africa’s biggest oasis.

Mokoro is the local cruise boat

Mokoro is the local cruise boat

Asia’s Top Destinations for Honeymooners

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For newly-weds who are looking for the perfect romantic getaway in Asia, here are the top 10 destinations you can choose from to share with your loved one.


It’s one of the happiest places in the world, so they say, and its happiness reeks into its honeymoon packages. The country’s history, culture, and romantic scenery add to the charm of a honeymoon suited for celebrities. Head to the Amankora in Paro, Bhutan that offers beautiful lodges for the couple to enjoy. Tour packages also feature the wonders of the country like the Mount Jhomohari, the valley of Phobjika and the Satkeng Wildlife Sanctuary.

Trekking, Nepal

All about Seoul


Seoul Korea, the real city that never sleeps. Within Seoul you will find countless entertainment venues, beautiful lights and sounds, and food beyond your wildest dreams. Seoul bustles with life after dark, and people fill the streets and shops. This is the city that never sleeps, and one that you will not soon forget.

When To Visit Seoul

You should visit this city when the weather conditions aren’t as severe. While all seasons here are unique and interesting, Autumn is usually the most comfortable. In the fall months you will experience bright colours on the trees, warm but sunny weather, and minimal rain. Winter is usually cold and wet, but it is a good time for winter sports. Summer is wet and extremely hot, but still fun if you would like to participate in some of the summer events.