How to become a good tour operator

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Becoming a tour operator can be quite difficult, but well worth it when you get to close deals on travel insurance and luxury tours.

As the manager of a tour operations outfit, the journey to success is fraught with a lot of difficulties and strange situations that call for quick thinking and a great deal of resourcefulness. Over a period of time, you will realise that what is important in this business is your reputation of keeping your promises at all costs.

There are so many firms, both small and large today, that run all sorts of tours for various kinds of customers. There are those who cater only to schools and colleges, providing tour packages for students of all ages. There are some others who deal in eco-tourism. Some other operators offer luxury tours and travel to those for whom money is not a constraint. There are some others who might be interested in tying up with hospitals and other medical facilities to provide good medical care and a well planned holiday, all rolled into one.

Top 5 Most Exciting Bungee Jumping Spots in Asia


If you are seeking for some adrenaline rush, bungee jumping can really provide some exhilarating seconds that you will not forget your whole life. Since you have decided to embrace danger, then we are giving five of the best jump spots in case you find yourself in Asia.

Macau Tower – 233 meters

This is the best jump that you can have in Asia if not the best in the world. Why not, it is the highest bungee jumping that you can in anywhere in the globe at 233 meters. Step on the edge of the Macau Tower and you can hear the strong gust of wind spelling danger in every way it can. Bungee jumping from the Macau Tower is a lot more dangerous than betting your house, your car, and your bank account in any casinos you can find in town.

Travel Tips: What’s forbidden in the land of the Forbidden City?

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Planning on visiting China this year?  Perhaps you already have a short list of the places you want to see like the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the world-famous Great Wall of China, and the Beijing Capital Museum.  Well, before you head to the airport and fly to the land of the Forbidden City, here’s a short list of what not to do while you’re vacationing there.

Learn the Language

In some countries, either you speak their language or you back to where you came from.  Now, they’re not really being nosy or stuck-up.  They just respect their language that much.   English might be the universal language but in some places in China, don’t expect them to adjust to your native tongue.  It’s the other way around.

5 Travel Destinations that are not so popular but that should be on your list

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You may have heard of the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids in Egypt, or the Grand Canyon but aside from the very long list of great travel destinations there are still a lot of places that we can add to our list of must go places.

Here is a short list of great destinations which may not be hitting the headlines but you must visit in case you have a chance:

Ajanta Caves (India)

The Ajanta Caves is located in Maharashtra in India. The structure dates back before the time of Christ and houses sculptures and paintings that are considered priceless by the Buddhists. The caves were abandoned in the year 480 AD and was engulfed by the jungle. It remained unvisited until it was rediscovered by a British officer in 1819 while hunting tigers. You can still find the name of Captain Smith etched on the walls of the cave up to this day.

Choosing Bahamas Hotels

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The Bahamas is a great place to go with gorgeous white beaches and vibrant blue water. And it’s definitely fun for a weekend getaway. It’s a great place to go to rejuvenate your system. There’s so much you can do on a quick weekend run to the Bahamas. Like water sports, laying around on the beach, taking in a show or even gambling at the casinos.


If you’re going for a quick getaway, does it matter which of the Bahamas hotels you choose to stay at? That depends on what you want to get out of your stay. If you’re planning on going for just a quick getaway then you might not care which of the Bahamas hotels that you end up in. Of course, there are deals where you can get a great price for both air fare and a hotel stay. That could be right up your alley.

Top destinations for ice cream lovers

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Any world traveller could experience the flavors beyond the ordinary like the strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Try Japan’s eel-flavored ice cream and green tea ice cream of Florence. We list down some of the best places where you can enjoy the best ice creams in the world:

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Helados Scannapieco

From 1938 there seems to be some changes  from this no-frills, tiny shop, when the Scannapieco couple, Andres and Josefina  migrated to Italy and opened its doors. The lineage of Scannapieco family is still making ice cream just like the old times for 70 long years. Their menu has fifty various flavors like vanilla, chocolate, durazno, lemon champagne, canela, and a Brazilian cocktail called caipirinha that is made from lime and cacha’a.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Vaffelbageriet

Experience Siberia and the Famous Trans-Siberian Railway


Siberia is a country of unexplored regions, vast tundra, breathtaking landscapes, and awe inspiring power. Siberia is filled with a lot of nothing, but it makes a perfect travel destination for the true adventurer deep down inside of us. There are a number of unique things to do while visiting Siberia, including taking the famous Trans-Siberian Railway to Moscow. If you plan on visiting this country it’s probably a good idea to start with Moscow, take the train into Siberia, and then go back to Moscow. It is also important to note that the proper identification, passports, and visas are extremely necessary for travel through some of these regions.

The Best Five Museums in New York City Under the Radar

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The book you picked up in the airport bookstore says: These are Paintings and Exhibits You Need To See Before You Die. Travel Guides have everything about what museums to go into for a perfect cultural exposure that New York has to offer. But remember that books themselves are written by people too and are not infallible. They may miss one or two spots worth experiencing. Here are some curated experiences you might be missing that are outside the pages of the mainstream maps:

The Tenement Museum

New York has been the port-of-call for immigrants even way back during the city was established. The convergence point of immigrants are Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Their stay  and stories they have of their days in New York during their specific periods of immigration offer an insight into what values each one brought and transposed into this country. The Tenement Museum can be found in a building in Orchard Street. The establishment is rich in history since it was already around during the Civil War.