Budget travel: Top 5 affordable hotels in San Francisco

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San Franciso has a very unpredictable weather ranging from warm days in January or a dose of fog and cold in July. One thing is for sure though, San Francisco is an expensive travel destination. Finding a good deal though in this beautiful city is not impossible.

You can actually find hotel rooms in some of the best San Francisco hotels for about $200 per night. So if you are on a budget but want a nice hotel in San Francisco, here are our picks:

Orchard Garden Hotel

This very young hotel is among the green hotels in the state. You can find it right between the China Town, business district, and the Union Square. This San Francisco hotel follows a clean simple Zen theme with the best amenities you can ask for.

Finding love on the high seas: Top 10 most romantic cruises in the world


When we say take a romantic cruise, cheesy scenes from the Love Boat or Titanic may enter your mind. A romantic cruise can be a very special experience for a couple and a memorable journey you bring through life.

Romance is not always guaranteed but knowing what romantic cruise to take will be your first step. You can get tickets to explore Antarctica and that will be exciting but something romantic like cruising to explore the islands and the breathtaking views will always be a better choice.

Here are some of the best romantic cruises you can enjoy with your special someone:

Yachts of Seabourn with Seabourn Odyssey

This cruise is designed for those who want the finer things in life especially excellent food and drinks. The ship that can accommodate up to 450 passengers features the service, accommodation, and cuisine that is hard to be at par with while traveling on high seas.

How to have sex in a hostel


You are gone away from home since a long time. You started dreaming about sex, you know,it happens.

And now you live in an overcrowded hostel, are in the middle of a party, drunk something and found a partner which is also in the mood for sex. What comes next is easy to guess, but there are some other questions to be answered: where.

First of all, stay cool and do not forget the condoms, they must be somewhere, dammit! For finding an appropriate place, try the following:

-in any hostel are some secret places, but you may not ask the crew about them, unless your partner is one of the house.

-go away from the hostel, maybe you can find a park, a beach or a bunch of trees not very far

-check the laundry room

-check the bathroom and the shower

Off the Beaten Path in Amsterdam

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If it’s your first time in Amsterdam, it’s always safe to take the classic tours: a stroll around the outdoor flower market, the canal rides, and a visit to all of the city’s popular museums. However, if this is your fourth or fifth time in Amsterdam, you might want to try something new—and there are a lot of other attractions you should see. They’re just not as widely commercialized.

Below are the best offbeat Amsterdam destinations you shouldn’t miss out on.


You might want to steer clear of popular hotels especially if you’re visiting Amsterdam during the peak season. Alternative accommodations include houseboats, hotels, hostels, and renovated houses located along the canals. One hotel in the city, though, offers an offbeat enough experience. The Ambassade Hotel comprises 10 seventeenth century houses built along the canal. This means that you’ll be living at the city’s historical center.

5 Tips on how to travel like a pro

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First time to fly? Avoid getting the ire of those intimidating business people who fly back and forth several cities on a monthly basis. With these helpful tips from travel enthusiast, you too can take to the skies like a seasoned jetsetter.

Air Travel

Avoid excess baggage

Again, how do business travelers manage to fly out with just one briefcase or the smallest carry on fit for normal travel behavior? It’s not even about how short their business vacation is, since most of them do fly out for an entire week. It’s all in the art of professional packing—you bring only the basics and buy what you need when you get to your destination. Moreover, follow airline instructions and restrictions about liquids, baggage size and weight, and other reminders to avoid paying extra at the gates, which causes unnecessary stress not only to you but your fellow boarders as well.

Peter Luger’s Steakhouse – New York’s Most Famous



New York is a popular travel destination for many reasons. There’s the sights, the sounds, and most importantly, the food. New York is a mecca for foodies worldwide, and for good reason: as America’s densest city, you’ll be able to find ANYTHING on the streets of New York. Thai, Italian, French, Japanese, you name it, New York’s got it. Of course, New York is also famous for American classics like hot dogs, pizza, and yes, even steak. When one thinks of steak in New York, only one name comes to mind: Peter Luger. Amazingly enough, Peter Luger has been serving great steaks since it’s inception in 1887! Famous for it’s signature porterhouse, quality is so important that members of the family still personally select the beef every morning – and only the best will do. Peter Luger’s steakhouse has gotten so much press that it’s now a destination steakhouse.

Stockholm Hotels

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If you have been looking for a hotel perfect for your stay in Stockholm, you know that the city is rich with options. From five-star accommodations, to pay per week hostels, you can be sure to find whatever you are looking for when you enter this beautiful Capital city. But how do you know what hotel is really right for you?

There are plenty of websites out there that claim to offer honest reviews, but sometimes it pays to hear from someone who you know has been there often enough to really inform you of the best choices. Which is why I have created a list of my top five hotel choices in Stockholm, Sweden.

Each has been chosen based on price, cleanliness, amenities, customer service, friendliness of staff, location, and common user ratings, and each has offered me a unique, charming, and unforgettable experience each time I have been lucky enough to find myself in a Stockholm hotel.

Five Beautiful Beaches in Bali sans the crowd

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Approximately 2.5 million tourists frequent Bali during the peak season. With that figure alone, someone has to wonder whether or not there’s still room for the traveler who just wants some peace and quiet and a nice strip of white sand to enjoy. Thankfully, there are still beaches in Bali which are not as crowded as Dreamland. Discover these hidden but worthy treasures.

Balangan Beach

The Balangan Beach is very close to Dreamland and its chain restaurants and resorts. For some reason, though, it manages to retain its rustic charm. This means you get to enjoy a quiet weekend with the family or by yourself and still be a stone’s throw away from Bali’s hottest hangout spots. The room rates here are also bound to be cheaper, but don’t expect anything too fancy.