Top 10 Things to do in Portugal

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Portugal is an excellent destination for your holiday, and there are plenty of different things to see and do, which should keep any kind of visitor entertained. Here are the best top 10 things to do in Portugal:

1. Visit Belémthere are several excellent sites at Belém that make a trip here more than worthwhile. The Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is one of the most stunning monasteries in Portugal, and has some wonderful examples of Manueline design and architecture. Also there are the Padrão dos Descobrimentos and Torre de Belém which are beautiful architectural monuments which honour the Portuguese explorer spirit and the country’s many overseas discoveries. There are also plenty of lovely walks along the nearby river, and some excellent cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the local speciality pastry treat, Pasteis de Belém.

7 of the Deadliest Mountains across the globe

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Mountain climbers take the treacherous paths of nature’s skyscrapers for the view and for some pumping of the adrenaline. But with the fun comes the danger where people risk and lose their lives.

Here are some of the deadliest mountains to climb:

K2 (Pakistan/China)

28,251 ft.

K2 is the second highest mountain in the globe. It is also considered by expert climbers as among the most difficult climb, technically. Some call it Savage Mountain where the easiest of paths will require you to cross a complex glacier, unstable ice pillars, and steep rocks. This mountain of the Karakoram range takes 1 life of every 4 who tries to reach its top.

Annapurna (Nepal )

26,545 ft.

Annapurna in the local language means Goddess of Crop.  Regrettably, the 10th highest mountain harvest the lives of climbers with a death rate of 41%. This number translates to 53 deaths for around 130 people who tried to conquer its peak.

Nature’s Prettiest Rock Formations

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When it comes to natural rock formations, the world really has more to offer than the Stonehenge. While the Stonehenge is impressive, you mustn’t miss out on these other geographical beauties as well.

Russia’s Man-Pupu-Nyor

This Russian rock formation is actually called “Little Mountain of the Gods”. The formation consists of seven rocks which stand tall and somehow resemble humans. You can find this in the Komi Republic. They’re not as tall as the lime formations of Madagascar, but are still quite magnificent. Each stone stands between 30 and 42 meters tall. There used to be a mountain in this area, but erosion washed away majority of that mountain and only this rock formation was left. This happened over 200 years ago. There is also a legend behind this geographical attraction. It was believed that these rocks were one evil giants who were casted a spell upon, and that’s why they were turned into stone. This is probably one of the most remote rock formations of the world which is why it’s not as popular as the Stonehenge. The sight is worthy of a helicopter ride, though.

Airport Hotel Highs: When Getting Stuck in an Airport is like Having a Vacation in Itself

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There are times when you get stuck in an airport due to inclement weather or to some disturbance at your destination. When bad luck hounds your plans, these airport hotels might change your perception of your situation.

Melt the Stress Away

Of course it gets stressful once you’re landlocked inside an airport when you were just expecting to be done with the business of getting to where you’re going. But when you’re at the Hong Kong International, there’s no need to worry if you get billeted at the Regal Airport Hotel. Watch the other planes zip by while floating on a pool. You can somebody else rub your back at one of Om Spa’s outdoor cabanas. If your feet are feeling a little overused, try the foot massage and perhaps some manicure and pedicure. If there’s some place where you’d be in a matter of time, just tell the staff and they’ll accommodate the treatments that suit your needs.

Ice Cream Parlors You Shouldn’t Miss Out on In the US

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Summer is fast approaching, and if you find yourself in Portmouth, NH, you know that nothing tops the afternoon better than ice cream in one of the city’s famous parlors. Actually, anywhere in America, the staple street food is ice cream come July. Aside from the Independence Day craze, the weather just calls for it. This is why it’s such a good thing that the country is dotted with ice cream parlors which can give you a cool respite from the heat.

Below is a list of the parlors which serve the most to-die-for ice cream fixes. If you’re battling a 97ºF heat from where you’re sitting, you know that there’s no better tour worth taking than an ice cream tour. We invite you to indulge your taste buds with us as we search for the best tasting and coldest ice creams in the land.

9 of the Most Beautiful Islands you must explore around the world

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When you are in one of these islands on our list, you just have to forget about everything and let go. Each is a paradise with pristine waters, lush green flora and fauna, and the breeze blowing against your face.

These are secret islands which only a few people go to. They are never crowded. They are specks of lands amid vast waters which do no boasts of luxury hotels but pure beauty you can only experience when you take the road less traveled. Every island on our list is a dream destination.

South Water Caye (Belize)

This island is just 14 miles off Dangriga and far from the busy scene of Ambergris. You will be fascinated with the barrier reefs which are considered to be among the longest in the western hemisphere. You will be able to spot dolphins, moray eels, eagle rays, and parrot fish.

Travel Bloggers: Interview with Debbie Dubrow

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We continue our series of interviews with travel bloggers. These people make life somehow easier for us, as they share their experiences, provide tips, list the best travel destinations, and warn us of risky places to visit.

For this post, we share with you our short exchange with Debbie Dubrow. She owns that features blogs on making travel fun with the kids. Debbie is a mother of three adorable children and she does a lot of traveling herself. So how genuine can it get?

Her website is considered as among the top family travel blogs by search engines and is considered as among the most influential blogs by travel experts.

Journeyetc: You have a fantastic blog. How long have you been blogging? What made you start this blog and what challenges are you encountering?

Swimming with the Whale Shark in Donsol, Sorsogon (Philippines)

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If you are in search for a big adventure, there is nothing bigger than swimming with a 60 feet long and 40 ton creature like a whale shark. There is a small town in the southern tip of the big island of Luzon in the Philippines. A simple town called Donsol can offer that big adventure you are looking for.
The whale shark, locally known in Donsol as “butanding”, is the biggest fish in the world. The best time to visit the island is from December to May to see the whale sharks feasting on the plankton rich waters.

Getting to know the gentle giant
The Rhincodon Typus or commonly known as whale share is among the most endangered species in the world. Only about 1000 of these creatures have been identified across the globe although their history have been traced by experts way back to the Cretaceous and Jurassic period. The first known whale shark was sighted in 1828.
In due time, studies have pointed to the waters of Donsol, Sorgogon in the Philippines as the area where the most number of whale sharks congregate.