JW Marriott – The Best Hotel in Cancun



Cancun is a must-see travel destination for many, and for good reason: great weather, beautiful beaches, and fantastic hotels and resorts. For those traveling without a budget, the fairly new JW Marriott is easily Cancun’s best hotel and resort. In fact, it has earned AAA’s coveted five-star diamond resort status.

The hotel boasts a comfortable 448 rooms and 74 suites; large enough to make it profitable to run with world class amenities, while small enough to provide great personalized service. The quality of the rooms are top notch, as is expected from any hotel baring the name JW Marriott. Each room features an oceanfront view, spacious private balconies, 32″ flat screen TV’s, and some of the more luxurious plush carpet we’ve ever seen. Oh, and world famous Revive bedding helps too.

Cheap Flights Paris

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Paris is one of the greatest cities in the world, where history, culture, art and business collide to create a fascinating and beautiful place that visitors return to year after year. Paris is also known as the ‘city of lovers’, and this is partly because of the many romantic restaurants, parks, coffee houses and hotels, and partly because of the special Parisian ambience, which is both relaxed and laid back, and also full of glamour and joy de vivre.

Eiffel Tower in Paris is still the city highest bulding

Eiffel Tower in Paris is still the city highest bulding

Food Travel: 5 Best food stalls on the streets of London

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The street-food scene has been surging in the major cities around the globe and London does not want to be left behind. All eyes are on this city as the Queen Celebrates her Diamond Jubilee and as the rest of the world awaits the clash of the best of athletes during the Olympics.

There are more sots in London now that are open to food trucks and food vans which serve different specialties from different corners of the globe. The standard of food is very high and so gourmet that people from different corners of Britain and travelers look for them just like any other excellent restaurant in London.

Here are some of the best food stalls you can find in London now:

Anna Mae’s

Travel Tips: Politely dealing with a very annoying seatmate

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If you want your travel time to be a quiet and relaxing time for you, a chatty or worse an annoying seatmate is your worst travel nightmare. Here are some subtle, simple tricks if you want to be exempted from the small chit chats while in transit:

No eye contact

Looking directly into another person’s eye is one to way to promote some bonding, a hint of wanting to communicate or even flirting. So if you want the peace and quiet during your flight or ride, do the exact opposite.

People try to connect with you because it is a social function that we naturally do. Some talk to you because they may be anxious during the flight or cruise.

Turn away slightly from your seatmate

How to Have a Great Family Outing in Las Vegas

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I’ve often heard of families who are eager to visit Las Vegas, City of Neon Lights galore, but are afraid that it offers nothing for their family members. Rest assured that the city is more family oriented now, and it has more to offer than merely jackpot machines and risque showgirls. In 2009, the city drew no less than 35 million visitors of all ages – all looking for a great time in Las Vegas. Doubtless, they found what they were after, and have vowed to return year after year to experience the fun and thrill that one can only experience in the city that never sleeps.

Here are some attractions that you can participate with your family members for a rockin’ good time!

Top 5 Most Secured Safes and Vaults around the globe

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Here are some of the places that only the most insane people will try to break into:

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

It is 2012, and for those who believe Armageddon might come soon, the few who will survive has this big vault in a mountain in Spitsbergen, 390 feet below ground, storing all hope for mankind. This vault houses about half a million samples of the plant species. It is about 620 miles from the North Pole and protected by miles of ocean. It is practically resistant to earthquake and any potential nuclear disaster that can wipe everything off the face of earth. It is also high enough that it is safe from flooding. The vaults are enclosed behind four steel doors and we heard that the keys to these doors are not under the doormat.

Granite Mountain

Top 5 Most Impressive Dude Ranches in the US

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While honeymoon sites are attractive, real men usually look for high quality-guy-time. What better way to spend these moments than in one of America’s homiest dude ranches? Imagine riding on horseback through the damp Colorado meadow. It’s just a little past sunrise and you’re looking at the purple shades of distant mountains. Soon enough, you see the Continental Divide and the vast Western wilderness sits right in front of you.

Later, you ride back to your lodgings and you dismount your steed to a sizzling, wholesome breakfast cooked over charcoal fire. For city slickers such as yourself and the rest of the gang, nothing spells “icon Western” better than that.

The Dude Rancher’s Association lists the best manly-man ranches you can visit across the country. Go ahead and line up fly-fishing, horseback riding, and spa activities to your liking with these top-notch relaxation sites. They’re for real city cowboys, of course.

8 best drinks while enjoying the beach

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If you worship the sun, love the water, and just crazy for all the fun summer brings, then you might also be into the best summer drinks you can get hold of. We list down some of the best beach drinks that we know of while at the best beaches across the globe:

Caipirinha in Brazil

You will find caipirinha in any cafe or bar along the beaches of Brazil. It is made from cachaca (spirit made from sugarcane juice), sugar, and lime. This blend is quite easy to make as vendors along the beach can prepare them in no time. You can also find variations of the caipirinha like the caipifrutas which adds a fruit into the equation like kiwi, mango, passionfruit, or cashew fruit.

Daiquiri in Cuba