6 Picture Perfect Canal Cities

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Canals have helped cities fluorish, serving as main traffic routes or for travelers, a perfect backdrop for capturing their best holiday experiences. Here are some of the most beautiful cities that thrived along waterways.

Annecy, France

Canals of Annecy reflect and refract amazing and stellar wonders as if a sea glass of blue and green when light hits its waters. Palais de l’Isle, a small triangular island in Thiou River, has been transformed its residence with a courthouse, jail, and a museum. Stopover in one of the many bars and restaurants on the canal-side and hear the wonderful stories that is told over a glass of delicious wine and a plate of luscious lake fish.

Bruges, Belgium

Most beautiful cities in the world

Do’s and Don’ts in Bucharest

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Bucharest is the capital of Romania and an ancient city, located on the banks of a tributary to the great Danube, the Dâmbovita River. This attractive city has many restored neoclassical buildings and wide leafy boulevards and there are some wonderful parks and gardens including Cismigiu Gardens and Herastrau Park. Bucharest also has three natural lakes (Floreasca, Tei and Colentina), which are surrounded by excellent recreational facilities.

The Cismigiu Gardens in Bucharest

The Cismigiu Gardens in Bucharest

Bucharest has had a rich and varied history, and there is a wealth of diverse architecture on offer, from to Byzantine chapels right through to dreary communist grey apartment blocks, which were regrettably built over the top of some of Bucharest’s medieval architectural treasures. Fortunately a few buildings from the Middle Ages have survived including the ruins of the Curtea Veche (the Old Court of the King or the Old Princely Court), which was built as a domestic residence for the monarchs during Vlad III Dracula‘s rule in the 15th Century.

Exactly what it says on the tin: Visit Croyde


croyde sunsetVisit Croyde lives up to its name. It’s a great one stop website to help you plan your ideal trip to Croyde. It has a great directory of quality accommodation, a tempting list of local places to eat, and useful suggestions of where to visit. It even has a special section for surfing- after all Croyde is renowned for its excellent surf!

The website goes in to some detail about the area. The idyllic Croyde bay and charming Croyde Village are covered, giving the essential details without all the fluff that normally comes attached with similar websites. Best routes for getting there, where to locate car parks, and recommended attractions are clearly highlighted in this helpfully concise website.

If you want to know where to eat Visit Croyde have got it covered. There is a really useful “places to eat” page that lists the various good quality eateries in the area, including contact information for booking. There are also useful links to the various restaurant websites- so you can take a peek at the menus before you book.

Food Travel: How to eat kaiten-zushi like locals do

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While sushi is amazing to look at, a lot of people are intimidated with the tradition that comes in the creation and consumption of it. If you want to enjoy this Japanese cuisine in a laidback atmosphere, nothing can beat the convenient conveyor belt sushi or kaiten-zushi. As much as you want to scrape off the plates, you still need to know some basic tips to enjoy your Japanese meal:

Japanese Food

You just can’t sit and grab plates

When you go for a conveyor belt sushi, you just cannot eat away as soon as you get to the restaurant. You need to get settled in. Most likely you will see a spigot for some hot water. Near that will be a container of green tea. You will be given a mug to enjoy some hot tea.

More Christmas Gifts for Travelers: Top Notch Gadgets

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After writing the post about top Christmas gifts for road warriors, I thought I’d expand the blog post a little and feature 3 of the best gadgets one can give a frequent traveler for Christmas. If you think this suspiciously looked like my own wishlist, then you are not in the wrong – I DO so want every single item in this list!

1. Netbook
Some travelers prefer to stay away from all nuances of technology but I’m not like that – I’ve been living in the company of technology for so long that I simply cannot do away with them even when I am traveling. For those who share the same sentiments as me, they deserve to buy themselves a nice netbook. For those not in the know, netbooks are like laptops or portable computers, only smaller, lighter and comes with less features. They are also more affordable too, and when one only needs to surf the Internet when they are on the go, they don’t need any other unnecessary feature, do they? If you’ve got cash to spare, the SONY Vaio P Series Lifestyle netbooks are highly desirable but on the high end.

A few things you should know about Damascus

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Damascus is definitely a place to see. Put it on your schedule, please, it worths 100 %! It is the oldest city worldwide continuously inhabitated since the year 10 000 B.C. There is no mistake, I am not kitting, it is not a joke. At those prehistoric times many other old people were migrants and barbarian, while Damascus could show the beginnings of an urban life. Really amazing and impressive.

Night view from Mount Qassioun. Notice the green light, which are minarettes.

Night view from Mount Qassioun. Notice the green lights, which are minarettes.

Nowadays Damascus is not a megacity, but could become. It hosts aproximately 4 000 000 inhabitants, but its population doubled within 20 years, jeopardizing the souks and the Old Town! All the people are very friendly and proud about their city, being totally entitled for that in my opinion. They have a glorious history behind: Alexander The Big was there, Cyrus was there, the holly Prophet Mohamed refused to enter the city souks, as they looked close to paradise. In the Middle Age Damascus was the capital of the Ummayad Empire, stretching from Spain to India , and reached the peak of its glory.

Top Budget Hanoi Hotels You Should Stay At

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Whether you visit Vietnam for the bustling city of Hanoi, the charming Ho Chi Minh City or the scenic Halong Bay, you should definitely consider selecting a top notch accommodation spot. Budget hotels are not as terrible as it sounds, in fact choosing a budget hotel with 5-star services IS possible in Vietnam. Here are several budget hotels in Hanoi you may want to look into before you book your tickets to fly into Vietnam.

Animal Free Circus – Cirque Du Soleil is a Must See for Travelers



Cirque Du Soleil is a must see circus performance. There are thousands of showings around the world each year, at different locations. One of the top locations to see this magnificent circus perform is in Las Vegas. The troop is divided up for different shows around the city. The newest one is called “Viva Elvis” but there are a few other magnificent shows you can see during your visit.

Viva Elvis is the newest Cirque Du Soleil performance. It features music and inspiration drawn from the famous and beloved Elvis. This performance is brand new – with its first showing on December 18th 2009. This acrobatic show is powerful and invigorating. The show will feature a lively cast that is enthusiastic and fun for the whole family. Currently tickets are $144 for premium seating and $123 for other seating areas. Expect the month of December to be sold out since this show will be at the brand new Aria resort.