Sony Ericsson’s W205 Walkman Phone Announced

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Sony Ericsson is a top, global industry player with sales of around 97 million phones in 2008. They have just introduced their new Walkman Phone codename W205 Walkman. The new slider mobile phone comes with a complete package of entertainment features and the power to set up playlists to ensure you have the right music no matter the occasion.

It allows you to share tunes with friends via the speaker phone function and comes with a 1.8-inch 128×180 LCD display, a 1.3 Megapixel camera with 2.2x digital zoom, Bluetooth, and FM tuner.


The new W205 lets you record a sample of a song from your favorite radio station so that you can use it as your new ringtone. In addition to that you can also listen to the latest news, music, sport commentary and talk shows. And of course my favorite “TrackID” to name any specific tune and artist.

Tips and Tricks for an Argentina Holiday

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Argentina is a vast and beautiful country with diverse landscapes, which range from tropical rainforests through to sub zero mountain glaciers. As well as its natural beauty, the country is also renowned for its rich and vibrant culture, and its passionate Latin American spirit.


Argentina also has some fantastic city landscapes for visitors to explore, including the bustling capital Buenos Aires, which is a beautiful mix of old colonial architecture and modern design. This is an excellent place to visit during your Argentina holiday, as Buenos Aires has a welcoming cosmopolitan vibe, and there are plenty of places to shop, eat out and relax with friends.

Skyline in buenos Aires

Skyline in Buenos Aires

Here are a few tips that will help your Argentina holiday to run more smoothly:
* Language Spanish is the official language of Argentina, but English is also spoken in many popular tourist destinations. It is helpful if you learn a few basic Spanish words though, especially if you are travelling to any rural or remote parts of the country

Dealing With Seasickness While Traveling

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It’s every first-time seadog’s first worry — seasickness. Some hardy folks take to the ship immediately, striding around perfectly steadily and enjoying themselves, while others are confined to their bunks for days at a time. You might have heard horror stories of friends or relatives who spent an entire day (or even cruise!) seasick in bed.

What can you do to minimize the chance that seasickness will strike?

The larger the ship, the less likely you are to get seasick, but prepare ahead of time if you’re on a small boat. A few days on the ship usually cures even the squeamish, but to help alleviate discomfort for the time before you find your “sea legs”, you can take over-the-counter medications and/or natural remedies.

Dramamine is an over-the-counter medication that will likely make you sleepy, since it has anti-histamines, but should at least settle your stomach while the nerve strands in your inner ears try to adjust to the rocking of the ship.

How to Enjoy Skiing without Breaking your Wallet

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Some people think that skiing is only for the rich because of the steep prices of the world’s most popular ski resorts. Little do people know that it enjoying a ski trip does not have to cost an arm and a leg if you make the right (and often unconventional) choices.

Exploring new places

If you go where everybody goes, chances are you will be shelling more money than you ought to be for the experience. With thousands of tourists pining for their rooms, resorts are bound to raise their rates more than a notch or two because they know that ski-lovers are still going to bite the bait no matter how far they go, just for the prestige.

Restaurant Spotlight: The French Laundry, Yountville, California

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Owned by renowned chef Thomas Keller, the French Laundry is one of the world’s most exclusive and well-respected restaurants. Specializing in American and French foods, French Laundry’s food is, “to die for”, with critics and diners alike agreeing that the food, as well as the service, is virtually unrivaled. In fact, the French Laundry received the #3 spot on Restaurant Magazine’s 2005 list of the Worlds Top Restaurants, and has recieved countless other rewards from critics all around the world.

The French Laundry

Located in the fairly quaint town of Yountvile, the French Laundry is quite secluded and private. Many fine diners enjoy this change of pace, as most quality restaurants are located in large, densely populated towns. The building itself is also something to be admired. Originally built as a saloon in the early 1900’s, this all-stone building is extremely beautiful, and has not seen any major renovations, so its originality is intact.

World’s most extravagant hotels

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What is an excellent hotel these days? It could be a hotel located in a very special exotic place, a hotel with excelent service. Anyway, don’t expect an extravagant hotel to be cheap. Extravagant hotels are not for budget travelers. Extravagant hotels are the  best for honeymoons and romantic adventures. Hard to imagine an extravaganza hotel without a swimming pool, luxury rooms, private beach etc. Shortly, these most extravagant hotel are the best I’ve stepped, but also the best and most expensive ones.

But let’s go to the basic facts for now:

1. Hotel Caruso Belvedere on the Italian Amalfi coast is a peak, an excellent location for your vacation.

Hotel Caruso Belvedere on the Italian Amalfi Coast

Hotel Caruso Belvedere on the Italian Amalfi Coast

You have the blue waters and the blue sky, you have peace and silence. You have first class luxury, excelent service, good meals in a top restaurant and the special taste of the Italian hotel art , as also a preocupation for little details.

Yosemite Park Hotels


If you are visiting the stunning Yosemite National Park then there are a number of hotels located within the park perimeters which offer convenient accommodation for visitors all year round. You will have to remember that the conditions during the winter in this region can get quite severe, so make sure your vehicle is prepared for icy, snowy roads with snow chains and basic survival equipment (such as blankets, water, torch, compass, food). You could be turned away by park officials if your vehicle is not suitably equipped for winter conditions, and this is also an important consideration for your own safety and convenience when traveling through this area.

The Ahwahnee Hotel

9005 Ahwahnee Drive,

Yosemite National Park,

CA 95389

Top 5 Luxury Boutique Hotels of the World

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Cheers to whoever thought of coming up with luxury boutique hotels, travelers today are no longer limited to the cheap motels or big, branded hotels. This boutique hotels offer a different hotel experience, as intimate as giving you a feeling of a home away from home, really comfortable, or eccentric in best of its meanings. They can range from quaint inns to a cozy châteaux.

Here are some of the best luxury boutique hotels today:

The Soho Hotel in London

Under the umbrella of Firmdale hotels, The Soho Hotel in the United Kingdom exemplifies originality in the boutique hotel segment. The little properties highlight classic glamour, stimulating color schemes, and traditional design lines in its collection of apartments, suites, and guest rooms. The boutique hotel might be small but their offerings are far from the definition of its size. Its REFUEL Restaurant is among the best meeting spots in London while the screening rooms guarantee a regular influx of celebrity guest list. It is ideally located along a quiet street in the entertainment district of the city.