When people are thinking of what to do with their annual leave, a big fat vacation is what many have in mind. We usually have this misconception that long breaks should be made during the more temperate seasons of spring and summer, (or in winter to wherever the sun may be). This will then have us forking out for high season prices on flights, accommodation and sometimes popular tourist sites. But it does not need to be this way. Even if it is just for a long weekend, people can still make the most out of the winter months – all you need to do is have an open mind and know where to go!

Skiing trips

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For most who manage to escape to a tropical island or exotic destination in winter, the rest will plan on hitting the ski fields. Planning a skiing trip is always an exciting winter holiday option, especially if you are organised enough to get in early on season passes and packaged deals that include hotel and transport expenses. Also booking early for flight deals like easyJet or Air New Zealand’s grab-a-seat will leave you – and the crew you’re travelling with – with some left over cash to splurge on a hot chocolate or two on the slopes.

City breaks

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Indulging in a shopping spree is also an attractive thing to do during a winter break. Although some larger cities don’t have the same outdoor atmosphere as they do in summer, there are plenty of indoor things to see if the weather starts caving in. Museums, shopping districts, fine dining and theatre shows are all ideas for the winter seasons.

Christmas time in cities like New York or Stuttgart with their traditional Christmas Markets and elaborate shopping window displays make for an exciting city break. Many have idolised staying in accommodation near The Empire State Building like these supplied by Wimdu during Christmas time, where they are just a short walk away from the glitzy Rockefeller Plaza.

There is no better location where visitors can get a real first-hand experience of the festive hype.
Cheap and Cheerful
No matter if you book a skiing trip or a city break for the weekend having to pay for expenses like hiring ski gear or taking shelter from the cold in a café all add up in the end. Those who want cheap and cheerful options can use privately owned accommodation listings and spend a long weekend away snugged up in their very own private cottage in an idyllic lake or beachside town. Plan it with a few mates and you are sure to get plenty of good cheer.
If you can’t afford to make an overseas trip to escape the winter blues, there is no need to fret. No matter where you happen to be, embrace what your country has to offer. Whether you decide to go on holiday by yourself or in a group, there are plenty of R&R options in th colder months from skiing trips to long weekends in small towns.




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