What a way to relax with some sea salt of Bajan, brown sugar, and some tamarind oil rubbed down your skin? These are some of the local ingredients used for an intimate spa experience at the Tamarind Hotel in the West Coast of Barbados. The Elegant Hotels announced that this spa offering will be available at the Tamarind Hotel and at The House boutique hotel.

You can opt for the spa treatment and avail of the same for a loved one with 50% off its price. If you are single, you can also keep the half priced deal for some more pampering. The Tamarind will offer this spa promotion from March 1 through June 1 of this year.

The Tamarind Spa offers the unique spa experience in their world class facilities unmatched in Barbados. They boast of relaxing treatment rooms, a tranquil pool, and a very warm and well-trained staff.

Guests can also have their treatments outdoors if they wish too. You can also choose from a mini menu of spa treatments like reflexology, back massage, and sun treatment.

Tamarind is proud of their line of spa treatments which makes use of local ingredients and well known brands from all over the globe. Couples can also enjoy their treatment together. You can even ask the staff to light some candles and scatter rose petals if you want to surprise your partner.

You should try their Sugar + Oil Scrub, Salt+Oil scrub, and Seaweeds wrap. They also have a line of signature massages to treat your jet lag, make use of relaxing aromas, deep tissue kneading, and prenatal massage.

The Tamarind Hotel was formerly known as the Tamarind Cove Hotel. They reopened back in November 2010 after a major renovation.



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