Please, do not read this article if you hate dark places, as are the caves.

Anyway, in my opinion, you should visit this grotto (Jeita Grotto), it is really a masterpiece.

If you will reply ” what can be so spectacular in a cave?”, I must answer: I can hardly find my words for describing such a beauty! It is simply overwhelming and breathtaking, an unique cave, I would say.

It is a nature wonder, and lies only 20 km north from Beirut, Lebanon. It was rediscovered by the American missionary William Thompson in 1836. But in the good old paleolithic times this was populated by humans! In the 60’s took place here in the grotto a few concerts, but in the 70’s it has been closed to public access due to the Lebanese civil war. Nowadays it is opened again, and you can enjoy an unforgettable escapade in this cave!

The grotto is huge (12 km) and consists from an upper and a lower limestone gallery. Through the lower gallery runs a little river, the main source of the Nahr Al Halb ( The Dog River) . You can walk(only 2 km) and go by boot in this wonderful cave, which is enlighten, and you can admire world’s longest stalactite, hanging 8 meters from the ceiling.

I am deeply sory not to be a poet in order to depict this beauty (the Jeita Grotto), which was made by the unthinkable force of water drops!



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