Cambodia is the present remaining of the ancient rich khmere culture, which means also a lost world. But the contemporary Cambodia is also a modern tragedy, thinking to the massacres lead by the prince Norodom Sianouk and his red khmeres.

Some people are very elevated in Cambodia, and most of them, even very poor, have some aristocratic behaviours. They greet by smile and by sompiah( a bow with the hands in a prayer position). And every Cambodian can talk for hours about the rich history of his country. Which means first of all Angkor, the big temple, which is 900 years old.

I visited Angkor Wat, it is overwhelming. And overcrowded too. In my opinion, if this visiting program will last, the temples from Angkor will collapse within 20 years. There are many traces of vandalism. The modern people are obviously less educated than our ancestors, for sure!

To get there, I book a flight to Siam Reap International Airport( as big as a four room flat!) and stayed in the Amansara Hotel.

Amansara Hotel is not very big(twenty royal suites) , but is very modern and very luxurious. It was one of the residences of Norodom Sianuk, and still retains the majesty of its former occupants. You will be spoiled there, they try to treat you as a Royal Highness, exciting all your senses. And they start with the strong jasmine scent, followed by professional massages, spa and wellness. The perfect combination!

Wish you to have good times there! It is a strange mix between past and present!



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