You must have your favorites among the cities you have visited, among islands, among hotels. I also have my favorites in all these fields.

Allow me to start with the cities I love, nevertheless I have not reported (yet) about all. I can recommend them to you, and I will go in details in other posts, if I did not do up to now. New cities, old cities, active megacities or deserted ruins. Maybe I cannot explain exactly my choices, is a matter of fact and affect!

1. Istanbul, Turkey

2.San Francisco, U.S.A.

3.Rome, Italy

4.Cuzco, Peru

5.Florence, Italy

6.Sidney, Australia

7. New York

8. Cape Town, South Africa

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

10. Bangkok, Thailand

London, Paris, Moscow, Petra are waiting. But I should choice only 10 cities.



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