What is a spiritual place? I would try to define it, and I need your help.

First of all, it seems to be easier to define the non spiritual places. A supermarket, or a boutique is all, but a spiritual place. A red light district is not a spiritual place. Spiritual places are mostly the temples. In a spiritual place you feel closer to your God, whatever is his name, and far away from the daily problems. After speaking to a personality, you feel yourself much better, liberated. This means also spirit, and depends very much on the charisma of the man you are talking to.

The holly places of every religion are spiritual for sure. There is something in the air all around, a kind of magic, or an extraterrestrial energy, I think and I mean it, as I experienced it more times.

The following would be in my opinion the most spiritual places:

1. Mount Athos in Greece. Do not try to visit it if you are not orthodox, or if you are a woman. Despite EU pressures, these sexist restrictions are still in power. No female animals allowed, excepting hens!

2. Lhasa in Tibet, the Potala Palace. Unfortunately, the overwhelming presence of Dalai Lama lacks, he fled to India in 1959. But you can still feel his overwhelming spirit.

3. Mecca. If you are not a muslim, do not try to get there. A pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is named the Haji pilgrimage, and lasts only a few days, but the city of Mecca is preparing it all year long and rules a wealthy life based on it.

4. Vatican, the residence of the head of the catholic church.

Dear friends, let me say something very important: I do not want making anyone of you a monk. It is a matter of vocation and charisma, which I personally have not. But sometimes we must remember, that we are something more than animals, having our spirit. Which can facilitate us the understanding of meaning of life. To be more spiritual, visit your favorite temple and talk to charismatic people.

Which are spiritual places you know?



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