You can not possibly thing about taking a trip to Santiago, Chile and not taking one of their tours. You simply can’t.  Santiago has so much to offer. The Santiago tours are some of the best tours around.

If you go to Santiago and not take one of the Santiago tours, you will regret it. It’s that simple. So before you go, you need to plan to take at least one, if not more of the Santiago tours there are. That way you have no regrets when you get home. At least not about taking one of the Santiago Tours.

So the Santiago tours. What do they have to offer? Well, there are plenty to choose from. You can actually find them when you are researching your Santiago hotels and restaurants. Just a thought. But I’ll be happy to help you out by offering up a few ideas to help you out.

One of the Santiago tours that sounds good are the ones covering the wine region. I think some of them include Vina Tarapaca, Concha y Toro Winery and Santa Rita Winery. There are other Santiago tours that cover the wine country if you don’t like these that I’ve mentioned. These Santiago tours that go through the wine country and vineyards are a must do, if you like wine anyway. If not, there are plenty other Santiago tours to choose from.

Like the Santiago Tours that take you on a bike ride through the city. I believe this one is called Paseos en Bicicleta, but there are probably others. However, this one of the Santiago tours takes you through the city at a pace that fits you and gives you the opportunity to see the city through a resident’s passionate eyes. If you want one of the Santiago tours that take you through the city without having to ride a bike, there is always the city tour. This is one of the Santiago tours that offers the tour in a vehicle and some one foot.

If these Santiago tours are still not to your liking, there is always the culinary tour, that is one of the best Santiago tours. The reason this is one of the best Santiago tours is because you get the ambiance and atmosphere of the city and its wonderful culture as well as the great flavor of the food. This tour is guided by a food journalist that will lead you on a merry trail through a market where you will sample the native fruits and buy ingredients for your lunch.

If one of these Santiago tours does not excite you, then there are plenty of ways to find some entertainment that will. There are also Santiago tours that will take you on day trips from Santiago to other regions of Chile, such as skiing, that might offer the excitement or relaxation you are craving on your Santiago vacation. Either way, I’m out of ideas for Santiago tours.



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