Amsterdam is one of the most beautifull cities in Europe and also a heaven for shopping, drug addicts, gays etc. But we are going to stick to shopping for now cause you have to be advised: either get an unlimited credit card or plan your expenses extra carefull.

Amsterdam city tourist attraction photoAmsterdam landscape Holland

In Amsterdam you can anything, from pleasure to tulips. There are numerous malls, some very old like De Bijenlorf, Maison de Bonneterie or Metz & Co (1740), and butiques and, except the gays, all the city is very shiny. All the fun lays in the Red Light District neighbourhood – the namber wanz Amsterdam attraction.

Amsterdam red light district city prostitute bitch girl Amsterdam hooker red light district

If you’re looking for bitches (too bad 90% of them are ex males) that’s the place. Sex shopping is very well developed in Amsterdam, it’s behind the tulip industry tough. These beautifull flowers are always associated with Holland, but they’re origins are in the Middle Orient. A visit to the flower market it’s well worth it…after Red Light District. Then you can go and buy some good stuff from the cafeterias, marijuana I say. For clothes, best deals are at Zara, Bershka, Espirit, Diesel or H&M.

Amsterdam city landscape photo

From my own experience I would advise not to return home without souvenirs, be it wood shoes or traditional cheese.



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