Shanghai is the biggest city in China, and has a population of over 20 million. It is often forgotten when people travel to China, because most think immediately of Beijing. If you are a seasoned traveler, then you probably already know how amazing Shanghai is as a city and cultural wonder. There is an abundance of activities to take part in, as well as tons of museums and locations to see.

  1. The architecture in Shanghai is phenomenal. There are hundreds of buildings with varying styles of innovative design. If you enjoy “pretty buildings”, Shanghai will not disappoint. There are many distinct and unique skyscrapers around the city that will definitely leave you speechless.
  2. The cultural and museums here are flourishing. There are so many different foods, languages, religions, and historically significant structures. If you enjoy learning more than “partying” Shanghai will definitely be most pleasurable. Be sure to check out the marvelous Shanghai museum as well.
  3. The food alone should be tempting enough. Shanghai cuisine is distinctly different from foods you will find in other regions of China.
  4. The City God Temple is a temple in Shanghai that represents the traditional and ancient ways of the city. This temple is likely bigger than any temple you have seen, and well worth a visit. There will be lots of tourists, so get there early.
  5. Jinjiang Amusement Park is a huge amusement park with rides, water amusement rides, midway games, and more. Its a great place to visit if you are adventurous or if you have children. The rides here are innovative and thrilling!
  6. If you visit in 2010 the Expo 2010 Shanghai event will be held from May until October. This is a huge once in a lifetime event to get a good dose of rich culture, fun, and food! The Expo is something you wouldn’t want to miss, so if you are planning to visit China in 2010 then start planning for this event.
  7. The Shanghai Zoo is a massive zoo located in the city. It features tons of plant and animal species as well as creative garden grounds and exhibits. If you are a nature lover this zoo is a must see! The Great Pandas are also a fun exhibit, and well worth seeing if you have never seen a panda in real life. This zoo focuses on being a safe and friendly environment for the animals that live here.
  8. The hotels are most luxurious. They are designed with travelers in mind and it’s easy to find a comfortable yet affordable hotel here. Even if you book a luxury suite, it will probably be cheaper than the hotels you would find in the United STates.
  9. Spring and Autumn weather is perfect for traveling. It isn’t too hot during these times, nor too cold. The landscapes are also beautiful and colorful.
  10. Shanghai is the place where many movies were filmed. You can see the areas where filming took place, and say “Hey I’ve been in the spot where Transformers Revenge of the Fallen was filmed!”


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