Well, guess what could be the last fashion for Valentine’s  Day. Maybe some new hot spot with spa and luxury resorts? New innovative positions for love making?

Nor the first, neither the second. None of them. We discussed a lot and I made you some propositions for romantic destinations on Valentine’s Day. Now I come with a very environmental friendly way for tourism: the Hay Hotels! Yes, really, and literally. If you think it is a travel back in time with 100 years, you are teribly wrong. It is a trend, emerging from Germany, where many farmers turned out their old cottages and potatoes deposits into dorms for the interested tourists. Don’t be afraid, the livestock is somewhere else!


It is a wonderful sensation sleeping with your beloved others on dried grass, isn’t it? It is also not very expensive, as the host doesn’t need to turn to beds! The prices range between 15 and 20 Euros for a person. No one counted on the huge succes of Hey hotels among lovers! There is nothing more exciting for a couple of lovers than sleeping in the hey!

It is an excelent way to combine green tourism with the honeymoon, and I think you will be not disapointed experiencing it on your own. Maybe you will have not the luxury amenities from the top class hotels, but you will enjoy it for sure. Not many from these hey hotels have bathrooms, and even less are able to offer the breakfast. But this is not the most important things sometimes!

Cheaper can only be camping or sleeping under the sky, but none of these are possible in winter. Sleeping in hay is very cheap and very chic and also challenging for your couple life. You will understand for sure if your love for the other is bigger than your need for comfort. So check following sites: www.salderatzen.de;www.bett-im-Kornfeld.de and have an unique experience.



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