There is a lot more to Thailand than just massage parlours and nude beaches. To the traveler who wants to have a taste of life as it is in Thailand, all he has to do is to enquire at the government tourist agency. The tour operators and tourist guides who have been registered will be able to give you a good idea of what life is normally like in Thailand.


In the city of Bangkok there are so many things that seem to contrast with one another. On one side you can see the beautiful palaces and temples with their ornate towers and architecture. You can also see a few places that seem to be alien to our idea of what we think Bangkok is – the living quarters of those who are economically deprived. The third front shows you how the whole city is developing with its incredibly tall skyscrapers and its futuristic buildings. The contrast is quite stark leaving us wondering which one is the actual face of Bangkok.


There are also some very interesting sights that you can come across if you really are the travelling type. If you were to go on one of the many guided tours that are on offer, you would probably see only a part of the city. On the other hand, if you were to go around on your own strolling down and looking at a few residential areas, parks or public places you will find a few interesting things. For instance, most houses and institutions have their own ‘spirit houses’. This is a Thai tradition which involves building a small little house where people believe, good spirits reside. They are built according to the taste of the person who owns the building. There are some that are very deceptively built, making you wonder whether the little door you see at the entrance, leads to some secret chamber.

The nightlife of Bangkok is yet another feature that is very attractive. For instance, if you are the partying kind, you could walk into the one of the many hotels that line the waterways of Bangkok and be a part of the live music band. Though you might not be quite capable of understanding what they are singing about, the lilt in the song is enough for you to start tapping your feet.

When you have got tired of Bangkok, which is not such an easy thing to do, you can move on to one or two of the other cities like Chiangmai or maybe even traipse off to the seaside attraction of Phuket or Pattaya. These are places that are high on every tourist’s itinerary. With the sun kissed beaches and luxury hotels, you are sure to get pampered with all the facilities that are on offer.

Just a note of warning if you are going to be travelling in Bangkok on your own: try to not get taken in by the many touts who abound in all public places. They have all sorts on offer from sleazy sex deals to drug deals. So you need to be careful when you follow the many leads that are on offer.



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