This is really a remote destination for an european. But our good old Earth is globalising, an european doesnt need anymore to travel by ship up to Montreal, and after by horses or car horses to Vancouver! This is definitely history, we have planes today! And we want to book a flight to Vancouver!


According to statistics and statisticians, this city( 2 000 000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area) is one of the highest life quality worldwide. Ask Pamela Anderson about Vancouver, she lived here a few years.

The city is young, even very young. It was founded in 1860 by George Vancouver during the Gold rush.

In 1986 Vancouver hosted the World Expo, which initiated a big building boom, which is still on. And in 2010 Vancouver will host the winter Olympic games.

Vancouvers population is mixed, very mixed, and the mixture goes on. There are europeans, chinese, Asia indians etc, many nations who learned to live together and which make intercultural mariages at the highest world rate(8 %). After one generation all are practically assimilated.


Vancouver is also a center of movie industry, called by many people as Hollywood North!

Even in Vancouver there are some problems: drogs addicted, homeless( due to building boom and increasing prices). !60 days from a year in this wonderful city is raining!


Nevertheless, no doubts, is nice to live or to visit Vancouver, there is also a heavy night life!




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