manatee floridaTravelers love Florida with a passion, and for a good reason too. What’s not to love when there is fun, sun, sea and sand to be had all year round? To make your next vacation in Florida even more interesting, here are 5 hidden spots you visit for a truly unforgettable experience!

1. Stuart/Martin County
Fishing enthusiasts will definitely love this place – More than 800 species of fishes can be caught offshore! For those who are not into sport fishing, they can opt to just enjoy the relaxing scene while basking in the soothing jazz music in downtown Stuart. Watch out for the vibrant Pirate Fest in September all year!

2. Bahia Honda State Park, Florida Keys
Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of frantic city life – but don’t actually want to wander too far from the urban setting? Grab your loved ones and head towards the Bahia Honda State Park where you can truly unwind amidst a wild tropical background. The beaches are too breath-taking for words – and once you get your eyes peeled off the glory of the sea, perhaps you can start thinking about snorkeling underwater, exploring the many bike trails and go hiking. Do note that there are two beaches – one located north and the other, south. The former is good if you want a peaceful setting overlooking a verdant lagoon while the other overlooks the wide ocean.

3. Crystal River
Who says you need an amusement park to keep the kids happy? Just over an hour outside Orlando is a little place called Crystal River brimming over with natural attractions such as manatees, gentle creatures that congregate in Crystal River due to its desired temperature. This is the only place in the entire United States where the public can legally frolic about with the manatees. You can opt to bring your own snorkeling equipment or rent some gear nearby to get an up-close-and-personal experience with these delightful sea cows. Otherwise feel free to explore nearby areas and go bird-watching, swimming, and kayaking. Btw, stay tuned for a post about Florida vacation rentals which make a great option for a place to stay for your time in Florida..

4. Ocala, Marion County
Think horses and chances are the state of Kentucky with all its thoroughbred horses would come to mind. However, you will be surprised to find that Ocala has more horses than other areas in the United States. Horse farms, horse trails and verdant greeneries dot the scenic countryside. The Ocala National Forest is a must-visit with its variety of bird species and hiking trails. The Silver Springs theme park offers a slightly more exciting solution to fun with glass bottom boat rides and live bands.

5. Clewiston
Question: Which town is nicknamed the sweetest town in America? Answer: Clewiston. No, they don’t have the most candy stores, but they do boast a large production volume of sugarcane. Besides agricultural tours, travelers can visit Lake Okeechobee to try their hand at fishing and catching a good sized blue gill, largemouth bass and other varieties of fresh water fishes. Be sure to hire an experienced guide to help you navigate your way through the swamp and waters.



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