A big city starts its developpment on a river(there are a few exceptions). Then the developpment goes separately on the two banks of the river, until everybody sees: we need bridges. It is impossible to imagine Paris without Seineb and the bridges, London without Thames and its bridges. The Golden Gate bridge is more famous in my opinion than the city of San Francisco. Bridges are not only masterpieces of building art and architecture, but also landmarks of cities and their culture.

In my opinion, the following bridges are world’s most famous.

1. Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco. Build in 1937, this bridge is fascinanting. Most everyone in the world can recognize it.


2. Sydney Harbor Bridge is a landmark of Sydney and all Australia. It was build in 1932 containing 6 millions of hand driven rivets. It has huge hinges due to the hot Sydney sun. The painted surface is equal to 6 football fields.


3. The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan conects Kobe on the mainland with Awaji islands and measures 4300 metres, being the world’s longest of its kind. It is wind and earthquake proofed up to 80 m/s and respectively 8,5 degrees on Richter scale.


4.Tower Bridge of London is so distinctively british, so old, so stylish and no one could think to it in other location than London.


5. Storbaelt bridge between Funen and Zealand in Denmark has a length of 6800 metres and was build in a spectacular way between 1986 and 1998.




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