You need some time to understand and visit London. Hard to say how much time. Some cities accepted me fast, other much more difficult. I can’t name the reasons.

London accepted and swallowed me very fast, in 4 days (personal record). But for that I filled the following necessary steps, which I am recommending to you now, as you can do them cheap or free:

1. Catch and make photographies of the well known citymarks: Palace of Westminster and Big Ben; Westminster Abbey; St. Margaret’s Church; Tower bridge; Tower of London.

2. Visit the Royal Botanical Garden in Kew, which is superb and huge. Besides very many plants (it is one of the leading Botanical Gardens in the world) you can see many exotic ore old constructions (pagoda, Japanese house, etc)

3. Greenwich Observatory, which sets the time worldwide.

4. Visit one of the London’s famous parks: Hyde Park and Richmond Park

5. Try the London Stock Exchange investing wisely and maybe you will be richer

6. A visit to the British Museum is a must do and it is also one of the free things to do in London (except special collections) and absolutely fascinating. You can find old history artifacts and art masterpieces.

7. Take part in a concert, no matter what or what kind at Royal Albert Hall or O2 Dome.

8. Go to Wembley Stadium, the temple of football, the world’s most expensive stadium, if you are a football fan (as the most of Londoners) , or Twickenham Stadium, if you are a rugby fan.

London Wembley Stadium

London is a great city and I’m sure you will enjoy your stay there 100%.



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