When you are in one of these islands on our list, you just have to forget about everything and let go. Each is a paradise with pristine waters, lush green flora and fauna, and the breeze blowing against your face.

These are secret islands which only a few people go to. They are never crowded. They are specks of lands amid vast waters which do no boasts of luxury hotels but pure beauty you can only experience when you take the road less traveled. Every island on our list is a dream destination.

South Water Caye (Belize)

This island is just 14 miles off Dangriga and far from the busy scene of Ambergris. You will be fascinated with the barrier reefs which are considered to be among the longest in the western hemisphere. You will be able to spot dolphins, moray eels, eagle rays, and parrot fish.

For the best accommodations, check out the Pelican Pouch and the Blue Marlin Lodge. Don’t go between July and August when sand flies makes things difficult.

Ile des Deux Cocos (Mauritius)

If you will be exploring the vastness of the Indian Ocean, bypass the more popular Port Louis and the Grand Baie for the 12-acre Ile des Deux Cocos covered by palm trees in filaos. The rent for the only villa, Petite Folie, you can get is a bit steep at $2,869 but it is all worth it. You can literally play castaway in the secluded beaches. But you can always ask your personal butler to serve the succulent lobsters for lunch or the blue marlin or the tandoon chicke. Heaven.

If you are coming with your special someone, call in advance so you can surprise her with a performance of the trio of musicians.

San Andres (Colombia)

The settlers in this Island about 140 miles by the east of Nicaragua are very friendly and are quite fluent in English. San Andres boasts of the beautiful coral reef and diverse wild life thriving in and around the island. Take a catamaran to go to the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve where sea snails and barracudas will fascinate you.

Make sure you will the local dish called rondon at the Miss Celia Taste and checkout the South Asian atmosphere and art collection of the Casa Harb. You can also take a private boat around the island for about $175 before you enjoy the grilled fish for dinner.

Favignana (Italy)

This island shaped like a butterfly is just 5 miles from the western coast of Sicily. Everything is rustic and you will love the smell of jasmine in the air. Locals of Favignana still use spears and large nets to catch their bluefin tuna. You can check out the private balconies of Hotel Tempo Di Mare if you are looking for a decent accommodation. Enjoy a dinner of true Sicilian dishes at the Trattoria Due Colonne.

Go for an Italian picnic while you are in Favignana. Get your supplies from the La Casa del Tonno and go to the Cala Rossa which is an isolated cove surrounded by craggy, white cliffs.

Alonnisos (Greece)

This 14-mile long island is home to two protected marine sanctuaries of Greece. The surrounding waters are the feeding and breeding grounds of the Mediterranean monk seal. Allonisos is painted with the natural colors of red flowers, green groves, and yellowish cliffs. You can also explore pebble beaches, walking trails, and ancient villages. Book at the Atrium Hotel which is just five minutes away from the harbor. Enjoy some lobster and spaghetti at the Tassia Taverna.

If you appreciate some good old architecture, the island hosts 25 old churches with some dating back to the sixteenth century. They have the Alonnisos Walking Club in case you want to explore the place.

Siargao Island (Philippines)

This island just an hour by plane from Cebu is a teardrop shaped paradise famous for its Cloud 9 waves. It wasn’t known as a tourist spot to locals and foreigners until surfers discovered the challenging waters around the island. You can choose from some nice accommodations like the Pansukian Tropical Resort or the Kalinaw Resort. You can also rent a bike if you are not in the mood for riding some foam and just pedal your way to discover the island. The owner of the Pansukian has some nice shell collection.

Little Cranberry Island (Maine)

Just the name of the island makes it sound like from a fairy tale book. The island is home to only 80 residents who are mostly artists and lobstermen. The one square mile island is pretty complete with its post office, small museum, and one restaurant. You can bike your way to the beach through the main road lined with beautiful wild flowers.

Don’t miss the best lobster rolls at the Islesford Dock Restaurant. You can rent a private cottage on the island or you can go back to the main island and rent a room at Kingsleigh Inn. You can get some nice glass jewelry from Island Girl Seaglass.

Lakshadweep Islands (India)

Lakshadweep is a group of coral atolls which serves as paradise for local and tourist beach lovers in India. You can take a plane to go to Agatti from Kochi. You can check out the Agatti Island Beach Resort where you can rent a room for $200. You can use it as base and enjoy some time at the coconut farms and enjoy the local color of life in the village. From Agatti, you can take a ferry to bring you for yoga amid the palm trees in Bangaram Island Beach Resort.

Ask your guide to arrange a night boat excursion to take you to the Tinnakara Island where you can see planktons along the shore giving off a bluish glow.

Iles de la Madeleine (Quebec)

Sans the gusty winds along the coast of the beaches of this dozen-island atoll, this part of Quebec might still be isolated. Today, windsurfing and sailing community reserves way ahead of what we have in our calendar to rent one of the rooms at the former convent facility the Domaine du Vieux Couvent. If you are really in for some adventure, take a ferry ride for less than an hour to the fishing spot called L’Ile d Entrée.

Those who will go to the island for some windsurfing experience should make arrangements with the Aerosport, it is among the most established outfitters in Iles de la Madeleine.



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