Did you hear about it? Addis Abeba sounds so deep and exotic to me, but the city is nice, enjoys wonderful climate ( in the neighborhood there are mountains and forests, this is the secret).

This name means New flower, and the city really deserves it, it is one of the most beautiful African cities.


The founder of the city is the legendary king Menelik II., who succeed to bring together the northern and the southern parts of the country. The foundation of the city took place in 1896. A very young city, and therefore so atractive.Addis Abeba is not only capital, but also the most important economic and touristic center.

You can find in Addis Abeba: many eucalypts, many refugees due to the civil wars ,(many of them mutilated), a lot of baggers(but they are not dangerous. Criminality level in the city is acceptable!), universities, etc


From the city 3 000 000 inhabitants, only 200 000 well situated can enjoy the canalization(the original one, build by Italians)

Here was found in 1958 the OUA( Organization of the United Africa), and therefore Africa consider Addis Abeba an uncoroned capital.

If you want to eat in one of the city restaurants you need to know, that the waiter brings only a bol of food and puts it in the middle of the table. From this bol all the guests of that table must take the tasty food, helping themselves only with the piece of bread(there is no fork or spoon, do not wate them, it is no mistake!). The kitchen is very close to the arabic, and the pig is strictly forbidden! Nevertheless, the city and the country has also many orthodoxes!

Addis Abeba is booming after war, you can surely find a job here, in case you like the city and want to stay more!


Do not drink running water, you are not strong enough for it! And do not miss Mercato, maybe the worlds biggest open air market. Also a must: Hagar Figir theatre, africa oldest! And climbing the mount Entoto for the general sight of the city.

Do not worry about hotels, the prices are affordable. You can even find a Sheraton!




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