Hotel pools might offer a great view but no one will argue that there is nothing better that swimming in natural bodies of water that nature has to offer. You might have done some laps around the pool but you might want to explore some of the most exotic destinations across te globe where you can take a dip, relax, and splash around:

Jellyfish Lake in Palau

It is not recommended but who will not take the opportunity of swimming with jellyfish, tens of thousands of them. The Jellyfish Lake is home to one kind of jellyfish that has lost its sting because it does not have to deal with predators. They float around and try to find food and you can swim with them without having to worry about getting hurt at all.

Dead Sea in Israel

The Dead Sea is not just a place of myth and history but a big natural spa. The sea is located in the lowest point of the planet and it has a very high salt concentration. Anything that goes in it, just floats because of its saltiness. Take a dip and relax in its healing waters. You can also explore nearby monasteries and enjoy the flavors of the region in one of the hip restaurants.

Bass Lake in Sierra Nevada, California

The mountain views around Bass Lake are captivating and add to that a chance to take a glimpse at bald eagles who might be hovering around these foothills hunting for food. Enjoy the waters in the swimming only area of the Falls Beach recreational point where no boats are allowed.

Sistema Sac Actun, Mexico

If you want to combine exploration while swimming, the Sistema Sac Actun is the ideal summer exotic destination for you. It is among the longest caves in the world located undewater. The channels of caves stretch up to 95 miles and will take you through some of the most complicated networks you can imagine. This was just discovered back in 2007 so there is much to explore in this cave system and limestone caverns.

Devil’s Pool in Zimbabwe

If swimming is your idea of chilling, then one exotic destination has something exciting for you. There is this natural phenomenon that happens every year at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. This occurs particularly at the Devil’s Pool which is literally on the edge of the biggest waterfall on earth where you can swim without being swept off the edge. This is not for the weak heart since the the rocks below, and the mere height, can cause more than a broken bone.



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