Argentina is a great destination for a vacation, because it offers such a diverse range of landscapes from wild tropical forests through to vast open grass plains complete with herds of cattle and modern day cowboys (gauchos). Argentina also has some great cities landscapes as well, that combine the rich heritage of its colonial settlers with the passionate soul of South American culture. If you like dancing, eating out and generally having a good time then the capital of Buenos Aires is perfect for you, with its glamorous promenades, vibrant nightlight and excellent coffee shops and restaurants.


If you fancy adventure then there are also plenty of Argentina vacations to suit you. Here are some of the activities you can choose from during your stay:

* Mountaineering – Argentina has some challenging mountain ranges, and is a firm favourite with serious mountain climbers. The official climbing season is between November and March, and popular sites include Fitzroy Range in Parque, the Sierra de la Fentana and Aconcagua, which has some of the highest peaks in the world and can only be tackled by experience climbers with local guides.
* Hiking – Argentina has a number of different landscapes and climates, and the perfect way to experience this beautiful country up close is on foot. There are a number of hiking trips available, from long routes across the open plains, to wonderful subtropical treks that take you deep into the heart of the lush rainforests.
* Skiing – Argentina has a number of snowy mountain ranges that are perfect for skiing and all sorts of winter sports. Popular resorts include Las Lenas and Bariloche, which have some excellent facilities and wonderful powdery conditions. The Andes are also becoming a popular site for extreme winter sports fans, as it has some challenging slopes and conditions.

* Rafting – white water rafting is an exhilarating sport, and Argentina has some challenging rapids that range from grade 2 through to grade 4. One of the most popular routes is the wild and rocky Rio Mendoza, which cuts through some stunning mountains gorges on its way across the country. This is a fashionable sport at the moment so you will find plenty of competitive day trips on offer from the various white rapid operators, and it is a good idea to book your trip in advance in the busy seasons.

* Fishing – fishing enthusiasts from all round the world visit Argentina, as it has a number of excellent locations including fly-fishing lakes and rivers in Patagonia, and numerous sea fishing spots off the abundant Atlantic coastline. You will need to check out the seasons and regulations for fishing before you go on any trips, and permits are required for most Argentinean regions. You can purchase permits and find out more about the local fishing at tourist offices and tackle shops. Summer is normally the best season for fishing in Argentina as this is when most of the various fish species are active. This is also an excellent time to try your hand at trout and salmon fishing in the various rivers of the Patagonia region.



The country can be enjoyed for its natural wonders alone, but no visit here could be called complete without stepping into its soul, its capital city. The elegant Buenos Aires is home to 40 percent of the population, and is a buzzing metropolis with a rich, passionate and tortured history that is integral to its character. It is Europe and South America contained in one geographical location, with elements of the unknown around each corner. It is familiar and strange at the same time, but at its very core, wonderfully welcoming.

Neither glamour nor passion is in short supply in this cosmopolitan hub where Porteños are equally versed in football, politics and fashion.

There are disparities between the rich and poor, with many people living in near slum conditions in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Since 1992 the economy has teetered near collapse due to corruption and government mismanagement, prompting regular and sometimes violent demonstrations. However it is business-as-usual as far as tourism is concerned; in fact, the resultant devaluation of the peso has made the country much more affordable for travellers.



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