As the year ends, it is an inevitable fact that there will always be a question about the latest, coolest, and budget-friendliest place to explore this coming year. Swimming through large piles of updated set of information about airline prices, cultural flourishing, boom of new hotels, charts of currency, and other significant statistical data we were able to stitch the intricate list of the best budget-friendly destinations for the coming fresh year.

They are diverse in their appeal – some are interesting because of the development of unique, new attractions and some are the standard dream holiday targets that have suddenly became more reasonably priced. Its ripeness for exploration is the thing these world wonders possess in common.

The Bahamas


The coming year is the year for the Bahamas because according to the statistics of Travelocity, the airline fares to these wonderful islands, lying just near Cuba, declined 4 percent this year despite the fact that the volume of visitors amplified by 8 percent. Bahamas Hotel Association says that from in a year from 2011, hotel prices cut down a rate of 2.5%.

Aside from the iconic Bay Street and momentous Cable Beach, attractions in the Bahamas start from its northernmost islands, Grand Bahama that boasts more than a couple of national parks, suave nightlife, and underwater caves. To experience the genuine Bahamas cuisine, drop by Twin Brothers to get combination platters of home favorites.

Rainy seasons occur between May and October, the islands are most welcoming and cordial during winter, late fall, and early spring.

With the stunning Cable Beach just nearby, the Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace Casino is a fine base for discovering New Providence Island and Nassau. With four restaurants and three bars in its premises and a fancy casino offering slots and table games, you would be definitely having your luxurious vacation paid for a reasonable price.

Palm Springs in California

Palm Spings

With the competing heights of palm trees and innumerable swimming pools, the Palm Springs has been known as the desert oasis of California, where the famous flee to when they are desperate for R&R. Despite the increases in airfare in other states, it has dropped 6 percent for California thus making itself a retreat for budget-conscious travelers.

With the decline in airfare prices, the Palm Springs International Airport is expecting a peak in visitor traffic. Statistics show that more travelers flew in this year compared to 2011. In addition to this is their fervor to expanding their reach with novel, nonstop routes coming from New York, launching in December via Virgin America.

Red carpet has been rolled out by the town for visitors, making a way to accommodate as many as sun-seeking travelers possible. This caused the surge of brand new 1,600 hotel rooms starting from 2008 by a very hostile tourism encouragement program intended to improve their local economy.

The early spring and the winter are their peak seasons. Crowds flood Palm Springs in January to attend big-ticket events like the Palm Springs International Film Festival and in April for the perennially admired Coachella. Rates for accommodation retain its high rates between the two periods. If you want to thump both the heavy crowd and intense heat, go for a trip in fall.

Boasting of its brand new rooms, the Alcazar Palm Springs, which just opened in 2011, offers a perfect vacation with its soothing interior and wonderful furniture pieces.

Boracay Island, Philippines


As the tourism in the United States and East Asia zooms to the sky higher as years go by, the beaches of the Philippine archipelago, bested with its fine white sand, should be removed from the bucket list and travel there immediately to visit the wonderful area before it is spoiled. Just this October, the Royal Caribbean made negotiations with Boracay and it is not improbable that other travel companies and cruise lines would do just the same to compete for market.

It is only in the 1970s that tourists set their feet on the pristine sand of the island; it has not less than 300 beautiful resorts and cozy hotels for visitors to pick from just in front of the perfect and shiny shore. Last year, more than 900,000 travelers visited the island. Conveniently, local airlines as Airphil Express offer flights from Manila to Boracay which only takes a short hour and only costs 25 US dollars at most for a round-trip.

The best period for you to visit the island is between January to May except during their Holy Week which would happen from March 24 to 31 in 2013, when locals usually spend their vacation. Since it is a tropical country, this makes the latter half of the year not suitable for travel as it is the typhoon season.
Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center offers comfortable and lavish rooms equipped with small kitchens, onsite restaurants, easy access to the beach, and a swimming pool.

Northern Ireland


A bloody, violent religious social conflict, The Troubles, has been troubled the Northern Ireland for more parts in the 1900s. Even though peace has already been restored, Northern Ireland has not yet reached the top in the bucket lists of travelers.

Is there anything to expect this coming 2013? Let us try asking Oaky Dokes, Londonderry’s mascot which happens to be a red squirrel. Londonderry is the second city in Northern Ireland and the first ever United Kingdom City of Culture. This walled city dating back from the 6th century emerged victorious in UK City of Culture and will then spend more or less 25 million US dollars in its new cultural programs specially planned to bring in tourism to the country. The novel program includes performances from the London Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Ballet, a premier of a play by Sam Shepard, and novel punk musical.

It is cheaper and easier nowadays to travel to the country – just started in fall of 2012, Aer Lingus and EasyJet have increased the number of flights between London city and Belfast city, reinforcing competition against British Airways that resulted to lowering airfare prices.

The UK City of Culture program will take place all over 2013, however, a prosperous period will definitely be late March where performances are greatest.

Located on the very fertile woodlands couple of miles away from Londonderry, the Beech Hill Country House, which is a Georgian estate, is packed with authentic antiquity. And definitely a nice place to spend your vacation.

Loire Valley in France

Loire Valley
Data from 2012 Hotel Price Index implies that Loire Valley, a certified UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the abode of the historic chateaux and classic wine, had a big 19 percent of decrease in the hotel rooms’ average price, makes it cost usually 128 US dollars. It is a pretty good deal since visiting France is generally not the best for highly budget-conscious travelers.  
Renting a car provides the best opportunity for you to experience and view the world wonder. Being able to drive through particular vineyards is a major plus point because the lush land is habitat to Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, and Muscadet. Not to mention that along the road are numerous small local inns and chateaux-turned-to-hotels whose prices for accommodation start at a very low price of 70 US dollars. 
Going there in the spring and fall shall prevent you from crowding in months of July to August. The climate is maintained warm in September as the rolling hills reflect gorgeous and elegant golden hue. 
Being a house for the aristocrats in the 17th century, Chinon’s Hotel Diderot exhibits extraordinary charm even though being managed by a family. Despite the fact that its 27 beautiful rooms have faced modernization its interior design still upholds its classic noble past like the 18th century’s spiral staircase and 15th century’s breakfast room fireplace. And to complete the grand classical vibe, add the antique beds, hardwood floors and exposed beams dominating the home. During the months with warmer atmosphere, they serve breakfast, freshly baked breads slathered with a couple of dozen of homemade preserves, in the hotel’s terrace.

Antalya in Turkey

It won’t bother anyone that much if you haven’t heard of Turkish Riviera yet, Americans are quite unfamiliar and infrequently ventured into the coast of Turkey’s southwest Mediterranean region during the holidays. Well that was before; hotels became less pricey from last year’s 193 US Dollars to this year’s 146 US Dollars.

In 2011, New York City was beaten by the Turkey’s region in becoming the third most visited region in the world. The city is a pretty good mixture of equal parts of a beachfront, a metropolis and an ancient town. The resorts which offer a 5-star-all-inclusive promo offer a very low rate of 100 US Dollars per night of your stay.
If you are an extrovert and likes adventure that much, you can feel the city’s architectural ruins. The best preserved Neolithic area to date, Catalhoyuk Mound, existing from year 7500 BC to 5700 BC can be found nearby. 
It is better to visit the city from September to October or from May to June. In the winter months, the place really never gets cold, you wouldn’t want to dare yourself and take a dip in the chill of the Mediterranean either. 
If you’re a history-savvy person and want to immerse yourself in a local culture, go for Kaleici. Kaleici is an old city, known for its charms and glitz filled with institutions like mosques, Turkish baths churches, open-air bazaars and food sale. The 300-year old Puding Suite Hotel is a Roman stone wall-made architecture located in the center of the old town, with a thick drapery of little, cobblestone streets. Rooms have been modernized with some flat screens and Jacuzzi.



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