64 years ago.Dresden,Germany by the end of war. Many germans still believe in Fuhrer and the final Victory. Despite all the difficulties of the daily life, they still fight! Dresden is an old culture city(kulturstadt) and it was the target of a strong bombardment lead by the american and english planes with devastating consequences: thousands of deads, and even worse,the destroy of important cultural sites, including the cathedral of Dresden.

The remainings of this cathedral (two walls) stand for 60 years as a tragic remember! By the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII non-governmental organizations from US and England had the wonderful salvatory idea to rebuild this cathedral, which was reopened on this very special occasion. This means really freedom, peace, friendship, this is really a symbol. A wonder; maybe the same thing if Osama Bin Laden would rebuild the World Trade Center from Ground Zero, New York!

The new Frauenkirche, cathedral of Dresden



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