Surprising as it may seem, the city of Bogotá in Columbia is actually a great place to visit. This amazing city is historic, culturally significant and also one of the highest cities in the world!

Being the capital city of Columbia, Bogotá has become a fusion of old and new, with towering skyscrapers gothic cathedrals as well as huge mountains. This makes for some inspiring views and the city of Bogotá really does inspire.

Bogotá is a rapidly changing and constantly developing city. It’s also extremely safe despite what people say and its crime rate is significantly less than for example, the United States. It’s a country where Spanish is the most popular language spoken however, the majority of young city dwellers are bi-lingual in english too.

The city of Bogotá has a lot going for it as a holiday destination, not only because it’s a relaxing place to stay but because there are countless things to do. Want to see a real soccer game? Visit an underground Cathedral, or perhaps visit the hundred-year-old Bogotá Street? It’s all in the capital and just a stone’s throw away.


When it comes to relaxing and having a good night out, there is great food and drink to be had in Bogotá. Everything is affordable in this Columbian city and most importantly, delicious. Local food is great, but be warned that oriental cuisine in Bogotá is nothing like the real thing.

On the subject of food and drink, Bogotá is also home to some of the best water supplies in the world. Its water is clean and safe to drink however tourists should start by mixing it with bottled water until they get used to the differences.


You’ve drank the water, ate the food and you’re ready to party. Where to go in Bogotá? With night clubs in abandoned buildings, rooftop parties and even a brewery that’s open for drinks, you can have unforgettable experiences in Bogotá. Safety is not a major issue when you’re going for a night out, generally the best advice people give is to stay out of poor areas, don’t flaunt wealth and get someone to call you a taxi instead of stopping one on the street.


For a while Columbia has been a tricky subject, but thanks to efforts by the Columbian government, Bogotá and Columbia in general is a relatively safe place to visit. It’s certainly not the war zone of drug runners and paramilitaries that we have been led to believe.


A trip to Bogotá is a trip to remember!



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